Construct and manage your own space station and ships either by yourself in singleplayer or with friends online! Fully functioning atmospherics, science, power, engineering, medical, and agricultural systems. Explore to find asteroids and construct elaborate factories to harvest your resources!
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Dec 12, 2017

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Stationeers is an exceptionally complex game. By releasing the game to the community we're able to test our assumptions so far and ensure the focus of the game and our design decisions are in the right direction. This allows us to gain perspective on the game directly from our players, and factor this in as we develop new features, systems, and content.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The game has been a very long time coming, developed after attempts at other games of a roughly similar nature. Basically - we're not in a rush! We have prepared a detailed roadmap of what we have planned so far but after feedback (and a dose of reality!) from our community we will announce a second phase roadmap. This means we're talking at least a year of development in Early Access. If a year seems long, consider that the longer the game is in live development, the bigger the scope of the game can grow, and the more input the community can have.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“During development of Stationeers so far we have deliberately kept the scope quite limited, both in general features, design features, content, and usability. Working with the community we expect to extend both how you play the game (such as dedicated servers, rather than directly hosting), the way you play the game (control revisions, new mechanics and features) and why you play the game (new game loops and content).”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“We've had a great deal of fun at the studio in the development of Stationeers. It's fully playable, and quite well optimized, for you in singleplayer or with a small group of friends in multiplayer. We consider what has been done so far as an entirely complete game loop and experience, and our work from here is about giving the game more depth. Significant work has already been done making the game robust, so even when there are bugs the game should recover reasonably gracefully.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“Our current plan is to increase the price, probably substantially, when the game is fully released. However no firm decisions have been made on pricing, and none will be made without publicly discussing with the community. If you have thoughts on pricing, please get involved here or on social media!”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The community engagement is an integral component of our development. We only want you to buy the game if you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and give us your feedback! We are experimenting with live development through twitch live-streams. You can watch previous broadcasts on the Rocketwerkz Youtube Channel. If you want to discuss the games development directly you can join our Official Discord. Use all these methods to give suggestions, watch the game grow, and find out how we're making the game even better!”
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July 12

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1496.7096

The summer sale is over but the weekly update run continues, with big changes this week to old systems as well as some new ones. Terrain generation got the biggest update, but changes to the ground and jetpack-based movement and gravity will also be the first thing many players notice. Additionally, a lot of back-ground systems have been improved like the settings system (including all key-binding functionality) and much more. The new world screen even has its first new addition in several months.

Attention bilingual Stationeers!
All the translations done for the game thus far have been submitted by members of the community via the #localization channel in Discord. If you would like to participate, check out the pinned post there for instructions. We had some long overdue updates for several languages this month, so a big shout-out to all those already contributing.

Character Movement

NOTE: Significant changes have been made to several aspects of the character movement system to address player's concerns and fix some underlying issues in the back-end. If you only read one thing in this update post, read this!

Previously the game used a unified system for moving the character, simply applying forces. This meant that it took some time for your character to accelerate when you pressed a button. That was fine for jetpack movement, but it was bad for general character control when walking because it meant you felt like you were walking on ice. It also made a number of players get bad motion sickness.

The dragables have also had their mass values changed, such as the crate and the tanks. This should make them more stable when dragging.

The jetpack how gets less efficient when flying higher, effectively limiting the height you can go to. You can bind keys to change the thrust values, and see the current thrust in the top right.

As with much of the game, none of these changes are final and will continue to evolve based on internal testing and user feedback.

Planetary Changes

A number of both visual and significant gameplay changes have occurred for planets. Primarily planets now have temperature curves, meaning their temperatures may be quite different at midday compared to the deep night.

Planets also have varying solar constants, that is how much of the suns energy they get, and this affects growing, solar panels, and so on. They also have varying gravity, and the sun may be offset in its pass over the horizon.


Introducing the latest addition to the Stationeers world lineup, our take on one of Jupiters many moons - Europa! It'll be the one of the toughest challenges yet, as despite an abundance of Oxygen you'll need to get shelter from the cold as soon as possible as your suit battery will be drained in no time trying to keep your suit warm.

This world, unlike the real world counterpart, has a significant atmosphere. Our world has been teraformed slightly by melting some of the ice - and produced abundant (but extremely cold) oxygen gas.


The classic spacesuit has been given an overhaul as we start thinking more about tech progression in the game. The hardsuit absorbs a higher velocity when impacting, and it has significantly better insulation properties than the standard suit - a must for any of the cooler worlds.

Terrain System Refactor

We teased last week that terrain improvements were in the works. While other systems have evolved steadily through early access, one issue that was immediately apparent to new players was it felt like you were on a small island floating in space. Now, not only will the terrain generate further out from the player, but it'll also do it much faster.

Reagent Reader

One of the final pieces of the automated manufacturing puzzle has been filled by the Reagent Reader, allowing logic networks to read the full inventory of a crafting machine, or the requirements of the currently selected recipe.


When placing pipes, cables and chutes you can now hold the Quantity Modifier keybind (default C) and use your mouse wheel to loop through rotations that will match all surrounding valid connections for the variant you're constructing.

User Interface Updates

You'll find several of the game menus have been given significant updates. The new world screen now includes some basic details about the worlds default settings. The settings menu has been reorganized and the key binding process now supports a wider range of input devices, is more intuitive and will inform you of any conflicts.

The audio settings page also now features togglable settings for each of the voice notifications as well.

We are also providing more information on the new world screen before you start your game. All of this has been designed with modding in mind, so the game would automatically pick up any modded worlds in future.

Other Improvements

We've also introduced some new visual features, such as Atmospheric Scattering and the ability to adjust Ambient Occlusion via the settings menu. The mouse interface has continued to evolve with the addition of item dragging between the world and your inventory slots as well. Significant changes to the function of the furnace and dozens of other fixes have also been included and as always, are listed below:

Version 0.1.1496.7096
  • Added recipe for 'hard suit' and 'hard suit helmet' to fabricator
  • Added Suit damage variation. Hardsuit absorbs far more damage on collisions than the normal suit. Uniforms also absorb damage. Players will take brute damage to their whole body after suit and uniform is destroyed
  • Added height efficiency scale for jetpack. Reduces effectiveness of the jetpack at high altitudes on worlds. Does not apply in space worlds. Does not apply in rooms (so rooms built at altitudes, the jetpack will work. This is done to reduce players travelling to extreme altitudes with the jetpack.
  • Added Trilight Ambient lighting settings for each world, scaled based on current solar strength. This means that nights will remain very dark, but during the day, there will be color specific ambient light in shadowed areas.
  • Added Configurable Voice Notifications. You can now enable/disable individual voice notifications in the Audio settings menu. These are saved with the rest of the game settings.
  • Added planet support to skyboxes. Europa now has Jupiter and the Moon has Earth.
  • Added solar energy scale. Different worlds will output different levels of solar energy, affecting the efficiency of solar panels and growing plants using sunlight.
  • Added planetary atmosphere changing depending on time of day. You're now able to define temperature curves in worldsettings.xml
  • Added path-based localization file parsing. This means all translation files no longer have to be located in the same folder, allowing translations to be included with mods or custom scenarios.
  • Added fall-back translations. Previously if the translation library for a particular language was missing an entry, that entry was replaced with an error string. It will now use the English version where the version for the current language setting is unavailable.
  • Added first pass of Hardsuit & Hardsuit Helmet. Exactly the same functions as the Spacesuit for now. Second pass will have more.
  • Added new world first pass, Europa.
  • Refactor Terrain Generation. The majority of the terrain generation system has been significantly re-worked resulting in vastly improved generation times and generation behaviour that makes it less obvious to the player. The range around the player in which 'chunks' are generated has been extended in all directions.
  • Updated the terrain shader to support secularity and set the appropriate values for each world type.
  • Readded allowing both radiative and convective heat transfer at the same time.
  • Refactor Character Movement. Important! Character movement when grounded has been moved from force based, to velocity based. This means that the character will no longer feel floaty when walking. When you push a direction to move, your character will move in that direction at the set speed, rather than applying a force in that direction.
  • Added JetPack Stabilizer on/off, includes optional binding to turn on and off.
  • Added two extra slots to JetPack.
  • Added optional keybindings for Suit pressure/temperature when worn in suit slot, and jetpack thrust up/down when in Backpack slot.
  • Added thrust interactables to Jetpack for changing thrust. Displays in the top status what current thrust is.
  • Added real world gravity settings for worlds. Now the moon and mars are set to their real world gravity settings. Room gravity will still be applied at as earth gravity. You character will "stick" to the world somewhat when moving, so you shouldn't fly off when running around the terrain so long as you are not going too fast.
  • Added Ambient Occlusion setting. This allows users to control the level of ambient occlusion provided by the game, if they are running the game on a lower-end computer they can set it lower. Previously the game has been defaulting to "ultra", the highest setting for ambient occlusion. AO helps make the flat color texturing of objects in stationeers "pop" and look much nicer.
  • Added category headings to controls assignment menu to provide more clarity.
  • Added HUD turning on while hovering over HUD scale, to allow you to better configure what HUD scale you want to set.
  • Added save window placement on exit. Now will reload with the window state when it was saved. Also saves which is the active hand, and what slot was selected with the current highlight.
  • Added support for all device button and key assignments to game controls. This will allow you to bind any buttons on your mouse to any of the controls. This includes gamepad buttons, however no axis support (yet).
  • Added conflict checking to controls scheme, and a window poping up to advise players when a conflict exists. This warning will show in the main menu screen when a conflict exists. Any conflicts in the controls scheme will show in the conflict assignment window itself in red.
  • Added first pass of new window based controls assignment. Now when you click a control assignment, it brings up a new window and prompts you to begin recording the new control. Second pass will include checking for duplicate assignments and prompting the player.
  • Added AtmosAnalyser will report if in a room or in world, to help with debugging.
  • Added hungerRate command to dedicated server RCON
  • Added tooltip information to furnace indicating furnace is not hot enough to melt provided item. Also provides information that activate button can be used to melt ice that is placed inside it.
  • Added first pass of mouse drag and drop from world. With mouse enabled (Left Alt), click and drag an object from the world to a slot. Currently Move, Insert, and Merge are supported. Swap is not supported yet.
  • Added Drag and Drop insert functionality. Able to insert items directly into some items just by dragging over the item. For example, dragging steel sheets directly onto a backpack in the backpack slot will allow you to insert the steel sheets directly into it, without the need to open it up.
  • Added Atmospheric Scattering for Mars world. This adds atmospheric scattered fog to the world, that varies with the daytime. Must be enabled in Video options. Disabled by default until performance impact assessed. Known issue: makes the sun very large.
  • Added Stacker wheel can now be set to a value directly with the labeller.
  • Added Road Flare will ignite Internal Atmosphere of its parent if in a slot, for example in a furnace.
  • Added Reagent Reader. This logic unit is able to read the current recipe, reagent contents, and required reagents for any manufacturing device and report the quantity for that reagent. Buildable off the Logic I/O kit.

  • Updated Localized translations for Spanish, French, German, Russian and Traditional Chinese.
  • Tweaked Insulation and damage factors for spacesuits. The default suit is not as insulating as previous, but the new hardsuit provides excellent insulation.
  • Removed helmets auto-flushing (purging their contents) when closed. Now when closed it will still have some of the current atmosphere in it, and you'll need to auto purge.
  • Changed BatteryCharger placement so that it needs to be placed against a surface.
  • Refactored settings system. Largely the end user will not notice many changes, possibly a little faster. Mostly this new system makes it much easier and less prone to bugs for developers to add new settings.
  • Refactored control saving and loading. Solved unable to assign defaults for controls after previous refactor.
  • Changed Construction Cursor to offset based on bounds of what is being created. This means small objects will be closer to the player and their grid selection will be more consistent.

  • Fixed players able to change direction and velocity while flying through the air without using jetpack.
  • Fixed edge case where respawning while in a loaded world caused an exception which broke the resetting of user interface.
  • Fixed UV seam on the Europa's Jupiter.
  • Fixed Moon not tidally locked to earth.
  • Fixed Atmospheric Scattering not being correctly set in Main Menu.
  • Fixed Draggable objects too easy to move around, flying off easily in low gravity environment and glitching too easy. Was caused by mass being set to same as player. These now have five times the mass of the player. This should make them more stable when run into by player.
  • Fixed powered items would remain powered after their battery was removed. Now check is again correctly applied, was broken due to fixing another bug. This meands portable lights will power off when the battery is removed, as they used too and should - but were not.
  • Fixed nulref when scrolling with mouse wheel (down in particular).
  • Fixed new world menu kept populating worlds each time you visit it.
  • Fixed missing Europa Skybox (only works on new worlds).
  • Fixed new character controller not allowing proper jetpack movement in rooms, not jumping well enough in rooms, jumping too far in low gravity, and walking over objects being too strong.
  • Fixed hunger rate not loading on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed issue with starting conditions not being parsed correctly for scenarios.
  • Fixed Moved Mouse settings from Misc to Controls settings tab.
  • Added setting for toggling Lens Flares on/off. Default is on.
  • Fixed nulref in inventory. Caused by premature destruction of inventory windows. Now tutorial proceeds, and inventory windows are no longer prematurely destroyed on brain assignment to body.
  • Fixed world drag to inventory showing incorrect invalid icons. Now world drag is not initated incorrecly when dragging from inventory to inventory.
  • Fixed chunks updating ore visualizers properly.
  • Fixed error caused when UI tried to set a button as active before any buttons had been created.
  • Fixed top of helmet visible after leaving a slot (chair, sleeper etc).
  • Fixed Possible NullCheckException error when trying to save slot window state, preventing game save.
  • Fixed more InventoryWindowManager references to stop them running on dedicated server
  • Fixed With chunks not loading properly if there is only one player connected to a dedicated server.
  • Fixed stacker setting causing exception when set using Logic. Now correctly allows setting via logic without breaking.
  • Fixed dedicated server issue with InventoryWindowManager being called.
  • Fixed missing reference of InventoryWindowManager in InventoryManager in base scene.
  • Fixed nul ref when changing controls after having played a session and left back to main menu. Was caused by cleanup events being skipped. Now ensured that cleanup events occur, removing old UI windows when players leaves a session.
  • Fixed thrust unusually strong when using jetpack in gravity environment.
  • Fixed nulref on certain devices when loading, thanks to active vent fix.
  • Fixed inability to respawn after loading a game in which you're dead.
  • Fixed Active Vents losing their pipe network, typically when a network they are connected to is merging with a large network (also occurred with engines). Sometimes in a merge their current pipe input network was being nulled when removed was occurring after the add was being processed. Now only nulls if the removed network is their current one.
  • Fixed Logic Motherboard Actions for Activate not able to be changed.
  • Fixed Mouse Button assignment to hotkeys showing badly in the hints, such as on status indicators or slots. Now assignments can show as an image.
  • Fixed invalid drag and drop results were still being actioned, allowing you to put things into slots you should not able to. Now results of drag and drop correctly enforced.
  • Fixed items in hands not updating their status correctly. For example, opening a canister in your hands. Now objects in hands correctly update their status. (Credit: Carlen White via Discord).
  • Fixed chatting or labelling was causing inventory actions (such as InventorySelect, F) to run. Now while chat typing or labelling, Inventory controls are disabled. Mouse control still enabled for typing but only with the mouse - not F key.
  • Fixed closed inventory windows and slots can still be interacted with by pressing InventorySelect. Now when slot is hidden, cannot be interacted with.
  • Fixed player status in the top right not updating while MouseControl activated. Most noticable while changing the pressure using the PressureUp interaction. Now this window runs independently and will continue to animate.
  • Fixed null ref when clicking in world when using drag and drop from world but cursor hasn't cast to anything.
  • Fixed Suit Storage and Pipe Connectors were not mixing, they were just meeting some pressure requirements. Now they will fully mix their atmospheres.
  • Fixed running in DX9 with Volumetric Light enabled causing errors and broken rendering. Now Volumetric Lighting (and Atmospheric Scattering) are automatically disabled when running in DX9, and cannot be turned on.
  • Fixed able to interact with Sorter and Vending machine export slots.
  • Fixed Furnace changes for ice causing ice in hidden slots (like mining belt) to continue to melt in sun. Now no longer allow this as it was before.
  • Fixed Labeller setting directly on non-logic devices was not being applied for non-host clients. Now server correctly processes non-logic setting requests from a client using a Labeller.
  • Fixed Gas Canisters not updating their values. Last time only fixed it for things with showing interactables (the suit) but not for the backpack.
  • Fixed jetpack not hovering properly when in gravity. Now counteracts gravity completely.
  • Fixed furnace producing infinite amounts of gas. Now the ore will only be smelted into its reagents if the furnace is above its flashpoint temperature. There are still some gas exploits remaining that will be fixed later. Note: this will alter how you create ores with a brand new furnace. The ice will eventually cool down the inside of the furnace, so you will need to heat the furnace up with their the sun or another gas or an igniter to get it started.
  • Fixed Ground Penetrating Radar was missing it's blueprint.
  • Fixed interactions sometimes get disabled and are not able to reinitialize until removed. Now get correctly set and reinitialized.
  • Fixed RAND function on Math Unary always returning the same random number for all logic units. Now each logic unit will generate its own randomized seed for each random function.
  • Fixed can paint StellarAnchor kit, and paint applied to Mothership kit will be applied to structure when placed.
  • Fixed could not return to game when the leave session popup shown.

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July 5

Consolidated Patch Notes v0.1.1449.6902

It is a special week for Stationeers this week. Firstly we're coming to the end of our first Summer Sale. A big thanks to especially our veteran community members who have been immensely welcoming, helpful and patient with all the fresh faces playing the game and answering their questions in Discord. We've also decided to move the 'Doomsday Clock' on the store page from Unstable to Expect Bugs after discussing it with the community. I think we've got a long way to go until we can make that next hop to Stable, but instances of hard-crashes to desktop on the main (stable) branch are few and far between, thanks to people sending us their crash logs and bug reports.

Mouse Inventory Control

There has been much discussion and feedback for the entire project about the controls. We have now implemented a hybrid mouse/hotkey control system. This allows you to:
  • Drag and drop between slots, and contents of slots
  • Swap items and equip/unequip
  • Open and close, and interact with objects
This is being expanded even further to include custom window positioning, detailed item tooltips, and much more.

To access the cursor while playing, hold the MouseControl keybind (Default: Left Alt) and use it to open inventory slots, drag items between slots, drop them in the world or equip them.

Please note this is a very early implementation. We have tried to balance the projects needs with (strong) consumer feedback wanting such a system. Nearly all of our negative reviews indicated dissatisfaction with the old system, so we needed to do something.

As always let us know on the forums ideas you have to improve the inventory system further.

Expanded Tutorial

As part of the new mouse inventory controls we have completely redone the tutorial, expanding it greatly in the process. The old favorites of cooking muffins is still in, but you also learn how to use the Arc Furnace and basic logic. Worthwhile even for skilled players to have a go!

Terrain Improvements

While there's no doubt everyone wants a Rover RIGHT AWAY, they'll greatly increase the amount of exploring people want to do and how far they wander from their base. Before this can happen, we wanted to spend some time improving the terrain system to be able to support all the adventures you'll no-doubt want to take when given the tools. This work will be ongoing, but has already had some big wins performance-wise, as well as improving the code-base to make future additions, changes and improvements easier.

Vending Machine

The vending machine can serve many purposes in your base. The 100 slot capacity makes it effectively an extra large, electronic locker. The chute connections and logic compatibility however, make it much more powerful. This will form the backbone of any manufacturing or base inventory dispatch system.

It has special logic commands, allowing you to send a "hash" of the type of object you want, prompting the vending machine to send this out. Connected with chutes, this allows you to build fully automated distribution systems for your factories. It will also work in well with planned expansions to the fabricators being able to signal what they are missing to complete recipes.

Batch Reader

Another much requested delivery, the batch reader allows you to read a variable from all of the same type, and then choose whether you want the average, sum, min, or max.

Slot Reader

Compatibility Notice
Logic Readers will now no longer read slots, you will need to use Slot readers. Old logic systems that rely on the Logic Reader will load, but show an error state.

We previously bundled some slot data in the old logic system, but it was becoming clunky. So now there is a new special slot reader that provides much more data and access all slots on devices.

ImportCount / ExportCount

All import and exporting devices now keep a local count of what they have imported and exported. The numebrs are persistent until they are cleared, via logic, by the ClearMemory flag. This provides an effective way of counting what has progressed through machines.

Other Improvements

Once again, we have another large batch of new toys for the logic system and a whole batch of bug fixes outlined in detail below:

Hotfix 0.1.1451.6907

  • Fixed interactions sometimes get disabled and are not able to reinitialize until removed. Now get correctly set and reinitialized.
  • Fixed RAND function on Math Unary always returning the same random number for all logic units. Now each logic unit will generate its own randomized seed for each random function.

Hotfix 0.1.1449.6902

  • Added RAND and SQRT to LogicMathUnary. RAND returns a random (double precision) number between 0 and whatever you input, even tick. SQRT returns the square root of the provided input.
  • Fixed progression problems with tutorial. Now prompts more for what to hold when welding. Drag task now correctly updates for canister. Prompt to clear hands after cooking task, instead of tablet which is likely already dropped.
  • Fixed error when loading a mod that contained changes to mineral spawn rates.
  • Fixed gas canister inventory text pressure values not updating in player inventory on loading an old world. Now correctly update every frame, even if loaded in before the player.
  • Fixed invalid drag and drop icon missing from animation.
  • Fixed null reference breaking game when exiting tutorial prematurely. Now gracefully resets when player exits Tutorial.
  • Fixed progression bugs when repeating tutorial without restarting game. Now resets progressing each time you start the tutorial.
  • Fixed issue where you wouldn't be able to consume the muffin to complete a tutorial step if your hunger rate was set to 0.
  • Fixed error on load if the currently selected recipe on a crafting machine is for an object that does not have a blueprint wireframe created.
  • Fixed missing blueprint for DynamicGPR.

Hotfix 0.1.1444.6887
  • Fixed nulreference exception with Bioprinter. Credit: GamersCircle.

Version 0.1.1443.6885
  • Added Vending Machine. This structure holds up to 100 items, and can be connected to both import and export to chutes. To dispense items can be selected via buttons, with the currently selected item displayed on a screen. However, you can also request items by setting a Hash reference to the item type. The vending machine will then dispense the first stack it can find that matches that hash, and export it. This allows you to make fully automated factories much easier, as you have a smart storage system.
  • Added all logic processors (compare, math, etc...) now expose setting attribute to logic network for read only access. This reduces the need for additional logic writer + memory to read the results. Credit: Otti via Discord.
  • Added Chute Inlet lock state controls input. If you want to stop a chute inlet from stopping collecting, set its lock state to one. Setting to lock zero resumes it. Credit: Drazuam from twitch for idea.
  • Added ImportCount and ExportCount settings to all devices that Import/Export. These counters increase whenever something is imported or exported. You can clear the value by writing anything greater than one to the ClearMemory flag on the device. This makes keeping count far easier. If you insert a stack of 50 iron ore into the stacker while it has a stack size output set to one, ImportCount will increase by one but once the stack is finished exporting, the ExportCount will have increased by 50.
  • Added Logic Batch Reader. This functions much the same as the Batch Writer. You select a device "type" on the network, the variable you want to read, and then the method you want to read them via (Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum). You could use this to read the Sum of the power output from solars, for example, or find the maximum stack setting across a bunch of stackers. You could combine it with a bunch of slot readers, to reach the total amount of quantity on a bunch of slots. Constructable on the I/O logic kit.
  • Removed logic functionality for import and export on devices. This has been depreciated for the Slot Reader. Note: This will break anything relying on Import or Export variables in the logic system - you will need to replace the Logic Reader with a Logic Slot Reader and configure it.
  • Added Slot Reader. This allows you to configure to read a particular slot in a device. Different slot types will give different options. For example, stacks would allow you to read stack quantity, hash type, damage state, and more. Gas Canister slots allow the reading of Pressure and Temperature, directly. This provides much more power than the previous system. Note: This change will cause Logic Readers that used the old Import/Export variables to be broken, as well as hydroponics stations.

  • Refactored Inventory control for keyboard and mouse. Now features docked windows, use keys to open and close or click with mouse to change. Allows multiple windows to be open, scrolling between all open slots and interactions. Mouse now allows movement between slots within players inventory and onto the ground. Better support for language and keyboard changes, and reduce memory and garbage collection significantly by pooling windows and slots. Unified event-based slot management means that keyboard and mouse control results (should) be unified and (should) reduce the maintenance cost of running dual systems.
  • Added automatic replacement of LEFT ALT to the new bind RIGHT ALT, as LEFT ALT is now used for mouse inventory control. If you want to do small changes, you now by default will use RIGHT ALT.
  • Changed default keybind for QuantityModifier to C from RightAlt based on community feedback. Note: this will not affect existing bindings, so you will have to manually change it yourself. It will only affect new installs or those who reset their controls.
  • Added keybind for ThirdPersonModifier defaulting to LeftShift. This keybind replicates the behaviour previously on Alt (Free-look). When held, player can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, and freely look around without rotating their character in third person.
  • Added temporary icons to let player know what they are doing when they drag with mouse inventory control.
  • Added Hide All Windows key, defaults to Tilde (BackQuote).
  • Added Light state status icon. This will show if you are wearing a helmet with a light. It will show the current light state, and the key required to change it. This helps prompt players for the hotkey to turn their lights on and off.
  • Added Active Hand Power state status icon. This will show if you have something in your hands with a On/Off state. This helps new players learn the hotkey to quickly toggle something on and off - such as a tablet or a mining drill.
  • Added crowbar tooltip message for Area Power Control.

    Terrain Refactor & Optimization
  • Changed ores to use an object pool (Bonus, now ores maintain their rotation between saves!).
  • Refactored some parts of chunks/"crystals" while in the process of more general terrain refactoring.
  • Refactored Asteroid and ChunkObject. Just removing some useless/unused code in preparations for larger changes.
  • Changed some heavily used parts of Chunk Object to use Grid3 instead of Vector3 to gain some performance.
  • Added caching of interactable and slot bounds. Previously, the game was generating them for every object on the objects creation. This could cause delays and problems when loading assets. Now this is cached when the asset is made or changed so running games do not need to generate them.

    Other Changes/Fixes
  • Added 3d printer effect to simple fabricators.
  • Added Kit (Portable Generator) can be made on Electronics Printer.
  • Changed Ingot stacks spawned by the debug menu will now contain the maximum quantity.
  • Increased Pressure Regulator max setting from 100 atm to 200 atm.
  • Fixed Inability to force feed heal/stun pills or split stacks of them. Also added blueprints for precision placement mode. Masoneer Bug List #0001.
  • Fixed missing blueprints for many items.
  • Fixed some furnace strings not localized.
  • Fixed null reference when reverse going through Logic Slot Reader.
  • Fixed unlimited door label text. There's now a 32 character limit on the displayed text on a composite door and each world will be split if longer than 8 characters.
  • Fixed Pipe Analyzer now paintable in kit/item form and will properly perserve its colour when deconstructed.
  • Fixed Wall Arch variant was not set to 'Block Gravity', so a room completed with them would not properly have gravity applied as per other wall types and frames.
  • Fixed 'Large Panel' wall variant not blocking air or sunlight. Masoneer Bug List #0121 (Credit: JawnyCat)
  • Fixed player climbing infinitely after ladder removed. (Masoneer Bug#0152 - Credit Austin5003)
  • Fixed Sorter white-list drop down box was sometimes appearing empty if they had been cleaned up prematurely. (Credit: Risu)
  • Fixed Slot type on CartridgeGuide so it can now be placed correctly into a tablet.
  • Fixed Sleepers kicking humans out when loading a save.
  • Fixed Batch Reader not sending Type change to server, and not changing. Credit: Draz.
  • Fixed thing names not showing up correctly on eReader Cartridges for Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Fixed Error when changing Anti-Aliasing setting via the main menu after leaving a game (Thanks virusek20).
  • Fixed Circuitboard (Hash Display) was not craftable. Now added to Electronics Printer and Fabricator.
  • Fixed hash errors with displaying the hash for an object in a localized tooltip. Credit: Risu via discord for the new Regex line.
  • Fixed Batch Reader displaying wrong type. Credit: Risu via discord.
  • Fixed junk collider left in scene that caused collision issue on new map.
  • Fixed could place Sleeper, Solid Fuel Generator, and Locker without a frame below. Now requires a frame below it.
  • Fixed plants growing in hydroponics trays and stations disappearing too early on clients.
  • Fixed objects were not being scaled correctly when put into slots. Now correctly scale objects that are placed in slots so that they fit if the slot is smaller than they are.
  • Fixed Slot Reader was not serializing the selected slot. Now correctly saves and loads the slot index.
  • Fixed some missing localization strings for Logic Systems (much more to follow).
  • Fixed inconsistent egg shell stacking behaviour. (Credit: jpdoulos on the Steam Bug Board)
  • Fixed portable GPR throwing a null when it reads a bedrock voxel.
  • Fixed occasional bug with Radiator or Pipe Label placement onto a pipe whose rotation includes small floating point precision errors. (Credit: Eearslya, Risu)
  • Changed the tooltip on the solar panel from displaying visibility to displaying the more useful and relevant efficiency.
  • Fixed visibility of solar panel. It was always displaying a minimum of 17%.
  • Updated Language files for German and Spanish (Credit: Bonbon_kocher & socramazibi)

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About This Game

Stationeers puts you in control of the construction and management of a space station either by yourself in single player, or online multiplayer with your friends. Inspired by the beloved Space Station 13, complex atmospheric, electrical, manufacturing, medical, agriculture, and gravitational systems require your thought and management at all times.


  • Detailed construction system rewards well-designed architectural, atmospheric, and electrical plans.
  • Atmospherics system includes: temperature, pressure, combustion, gas mixtures, water, and fire.
  • Full physics on dynamic items in the world, including atmospheric effects such as wall fatigue, and explosive decompression.
  • Various dangerous environments to explore and develop including exotic planets, and asteroid belts.
  • Fully deformable voxel terrain on worlds and asteroids enhances mining and exploration.
  • Build flyable motherships to assist your exploration and resource gathering efforts.
  • Farm livestock and grow plants, not only for food, but also as a integral part of the station’s atmospherics.
  • Construct complex factories in space using machines, conveyors, and computers.
  • Use the medical system to cure ailments faced by other Stationeers.
  • Designed from the ground up for multithreading to ensure great multiplayer performance and scalability.

Stationeers is designed for hardcore players who want a game that is systems oriented. Full utilization and optimization of these complex systems will only come from great knowledge and practice. The game presents a variety of science-based survival problems that you must address. Resource and time pressures will drive your initial designs, but the demands of a thriving station will guide you later.

Space is empty and the planets are unforgiving to human life. You and your friends initially must decide how to meet your basic needs. Longer term, you will need to engineer solutions to power, heat, resource, and atmospheric problems. Build the most efficient systems you can by utilizing machines and programmable computers to develop automated systems.

Whether on a distant lonely planet, or deep inside an asteroid field, you control every aspect of building & running your station or mothership. Harvest nearby resources and use a wide range of tools to construct the ultimate station. Everything your station requires will be built and managed by you and your friends.

What do you do with all that ore you mine? Process it through machines and turn it into goods for more construction of course! There are lots of specialist machines to build and configure such as smelters, sorters, centrifuges, stackers, conveyors, fabricators and more.

Stations are generally safe locations, but motherships are flyable stations which allow you to leave that safety behind. These are excellent platforms for your exploration and resource gathering efforts. They are constructed in the same way as stations, but require complex machinery to manage their engines, life support, and combat systems.

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 7+
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB dedicated video RAM, Shader Model 4.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Voice control requires Windows 10
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 8 or 10
    • Processor: Intel i7
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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