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2. Dez. 2016

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“Da es sich hierbei um ein Online-PvP-Spiel handelt, möchten wir gern vor der Veröffentlichung das Gleichgewicht testen und Rückmeldungen von Spielern bekommen.”

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“Wir planen eine vollständige Veröffentlichung Mitte 2018.”

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“Hier ist eine Liste der Dinge, die wir uns gern mit dir anschauen würden, bevor wir Early Access verlassen:
  • Viele neue Diener, Zauber und Gebäude
  • Ausgeglichenheit
  • Tolle neue Meister
  • Mehr soziale Funktionsweisen
  • Draft-Modus
  • Bestenlisten
  • Mehr Fortschrittssysteme
  • Gilden
  • 2 gegen 2 – Mannschaftskampf
  • Verfeinerung insgesamt

Was ist der derzeitige Stand der Early Access-Version?

“Das Spiel kann vollständig gespielt werden, mit vielen Dienern und Meistern, mit denen du kreativ sein kannst. Es gibt Fortschrittssysteme, Draft-Erstellung, Spielersuche-Ligen, Arenen zum Freischalten, einen globalen Chat, Freundesliste, Profilzusammenfassungen, Errungenschaften, Wiederholungen, ein Herausforderungssystem und noch viel mehr.
Dein Fortschritt wird beim Verlassen von Early Access nicht gelöscht, du kannst ihn behalten.”

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“Lieber Spieler, wir möchten dir gern mitteilen, dass Minion Masters in Zukunft kostenlos gespielt werden kann. Wenn du die Version Early Access kaufst, erhältst du eine exklusive Arena und ein tolles Geschenk, wenn das Spiel veröffentlicht wird!”

Wie werden Sie versuchen, die Community in den Entwicklungsprozess mit einzubeziehen?

“Wir sind immer sehr aktiv in den Foren der Steam-Gemeinschaft, in denen wir deine Rückmeldungen sammeln und uns an den Diskussionen beteiligen. Wir werden auch viel spielen und uns im spielinternen Chat mit dir unterhalten.
Außerdem haben wir ein Vorschlägesystem.”

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Kürzliche Updates Alle anzeigen (76)

15. August

Update 74 - Season of Raging Heat

Minion Masters!

The time has come for season 2! A new Battle Pass is coming, and with it, 8 new Season cards! This time, it’s all about Rage, and the summer heat! Those new cards should spice up your games quite a bit. Feel free to enjoy the summer by trying out all of these new really angry cards, and make your own new combinations. We have even made a video for you to discover the changes!
This update also comes with its share of balance changes. Enjoy the new changes, and as always, let us know what you think on STOMT, Discord, Reddit, and the Steam forums!

  • Soul Stealer
    • Attack Speed 1.6 > 1.5
    • Attack Speed per stack reduced by 0.1 > Attack Speed per stack increased by 20%
    --- Developer comments ---
    Soul Stealer is one of those cards that seems really cool in your mind, but in reality is so hard to pull off that it very rarely works out. We believe one of the reasons can be found in the way he stacks up. His slow attack speed makes it hard for him to capitalize on swarm and collect souls. This change to percentage based increase should mean that his early stacks have a bigger impact, combine that with the small starting attack speed buff should allow him to more reliably be able to stack up on souls and become the threat he is supposed to be.
  • Mordar
    --- Developer comments ---
    Tombstones can now only resurrect one unit at a time.
--- Developer comments ---
Mordar has been a bit of a terror for 2v2 for quite some time, and we’ve been pondering solutions for a while. We find Mordar to be in a really good spot in general so we’re a little cautious about doing too much to him as most of the problem seems to be derived from double Mordar in 2v2. We believe this change targets that issue as it removes the situation where you, as the opponent, are forced to kill a high value target that will then be duplicated 4 times. We don’t believe that it’s a problem that you can duplicate 4 times as you are using the entire value of your perks to do so, but it is a problem that you can collect all of that value into one giant push. This does affect the way Mordar normally plays a bit, for the better and for the worse. It means you can’t get a double resurrection of course, but that also means that when that pesky scrat dies, it’ll only cost you one tombstone.

Season of the Raging Heat
  • This content season will last for 2 months
  • 8 new cards have been released! These are:
    • Cheese Date - 3 mana Common Spell
      Outside of being a great way to bring more Scrats to your decks this is also a great way to bring reliable rage triggers for some of the other cards in this pack, like Empowered Soul Stealer and Rabid Prowler.
    • Propeller Horde - 4 mana Common Flying Minion
      This card will fit very well into any decks that plan to use Rage as a tool. The sheer body count helps this card be an absolute menace against high health targets such as Living Statue or Blue Golem.
    • Rabid Prowler - 6 mana Rare Minion
      Another Rage condition card. This is an alternative to the regular prowler or the cleaver in decks that plan to bring Rage. The Frenzy makes the prowler into a scary killing machine, the added movement speed combined with his leap ability makes him a very immediate threat.
    • Tantrum Throwers - 3 mana Rare Minion
      Much like the original Spear Throwers card this offers a bit of anti air potential to help remove prime targets such as Xiao Long or Dragon Whelps. The extra body that comes with not owning bridges makes this a great opener and a card that might help you come back into a game that looks bleak. This card also works well as a board control suppleant in a deck where reliable Rage is key, if you for instance combine it with the next card, Empower Soul Stealer.
    • Empowered Soul Stealer - 7 mana Supreme Flying Minion
      Marksmanship helps the Soul Stealer win certain trades with other ranged minions without losing too much of his valuable health in the process. Combine him with a raged card and he will start with a few souls. This means he is already a threat as he hits the board, and it helps him gain even more stacks faster.
    • Sun Burn - 4 mana Supreme Spell
      This spell is the second damage over time spell in the game (not counting Master Cards) and with the recent influx of shields this might become a great tool to handle those pesky weak shielded Minions. Other than it’s damage the card also gives targets Rage, which enables it to be a solid clear and buff combo. For instance it is able to remove the Dragon Whelp from your Blue Golem and give your Golem rage. It does deal damage to ALL minions, so there is a bit of a health trade off.
    • Screaming Scrat - 2 mana Legendary Minion
      Only a few things in the game allow you to make opponent units retarget which can be helpful to get the pressure off a value target. We wanted to experiment a bit more with that, and with this cards ability to taunt combined with it’s speed makes it perfect for kiting enemy Minions. We believe this will bring rich opportunities to get creative and turn fights into your favor.
    • Clear Skies - 4 mana Legendary Spell
      This card has a lot of different usages. It is a mass heal card that can be used to win certain trades, but it is also the very first Master burst heal card. It does heal opponent Minions and Masters as well so the timing of the card has to be right to gain any significant value. On the other side the card also acts as the first purge effect in the game, removing Rage and Shields from all Minions. This can also be very helpful in turning certain fights to your favor.
  • The new cards are available in Season Tokens found in the Battle Pass (see above)
  • They can also be Recruited for 3x the normal shard value of other cards
  • After 2 months, the cards will be part of the normal set, get their crafting costs set back to normal, and appear in normal Power Tokens

  • The Master selection menu will now display the skin description.
  • Reworked the Battle Pass rewards for them to be less confusing and more usable.
  • Many sounds have been reworked. We are in the process of replacing most of them, so be on the lookout for changes in the coming weeks!
  • It is now possible to search the collection for Season cards specifically. Use “Season” or “Battle Pass” to list all season cards, add a number or a title (Season of the Demon, Season of Raging Heat or Season 2) to search for a specific season. Lastly you can use “current” which will always show the cards in the current battle pass.

  • Fixed occasional timeout errors during expedition matches - thanks Zgriptor!
  • Fixed a bug that would render one or more card slots unusable during a battle - thanks truteo!
  • Fixed a bug where the glory for a card would always been shown as 400 when hovering them in the collection - thanks eps!
  • Fixed issues that would make queuing stop randomly in 1v1 and Draft - thanks FFA!
  • Fixed an issue where the timer for time remaining until next battle chest would display a negative number - thanks Jamez28!
  • Fixed an issue where the view when spectating would be slightly different from the view when playing.
  • Fixed an issue where you had to claim Extended Battle Pass tiers despite there being no reward - thanks Neo!
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a player to stop queuing when finishing a match with the queue master.
  • Fixed an issue that would make screenshake effects affect the camera angle.
  • Fixed an issue where Divine Warrior would take damage on spawn - thanks wurmfury!
Cheers from Betadwarf
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8. August

Update 73 - Demons & Dragons

Minion Masters!

While we get ready for the release of Season 2, we’ve decided to tune some of the balance of both this season’s cards and some common requests from the community. Enjoy the balance changes, and let us know what you think!

  • Stormbringer
    • Base Damage 30 > 40
    --- Developer comments ---
    Ever since the visual rework in Update 60, Stormbringer took a hefty hit to his overall effectiveness that he hasn’t quite been able to recover from since. Due to the decreased arena size and increased minion speed, he had far less time to get value out of his first perk in particular, and his third perk would ultimately make little difference in many matchups. With this change we hope to make Stormbringer on par with other masters by increasing the power of what he does best, while keeping his weaknesses so that he can be kept in check.
  • Flightless Dragons
    • Unit Count 2 > 3
    --- Developer comments ---
    Flightless Dragons was intended to be a defensive card with a high DPS for its mana cost, yet the value provided wasn’t enough for the card to see play. With this change, Flightless Dragons will have an extremely high DPS for its cost (The highest of any card, excluding Blood Imps), yet remain easy to kill for them to not be an oppressive threat when on the offensive.
  • Lost Legionnaires / Legionnaires / Last Stand
    • Legionnaire Health 150 > 160
    --- Developer comments ---
    Legionnaires have felt rather outdated for a while in terms of the high-cost cards they are involved with. They were too susceptible to removal which meant their efficient DPS would often get answered very quickly by cards like Fireball. At the same time, Lost Legionnaires by itself was by no means a bad card, so when buffing the base unit we took care to ensure that we would not be pushing that card over the line.
  • Wall
    • Mana Cost 3 > 2
    • Health 1500 > 600
    • Duration 30 > 20
    --- Developer comments ---
    Wall was considered by many to be the end-all of an enemy push, providing a consistent 1500 HP buffer to whatever was played behind it at a low mana cost. Understandably, many players found this unfun to play against, with a familiar choice quote being that “your twitch audience can interact with it as much as you can”. With this rework we aim to make Wall a card that requires more calculated usage in order to gain the maximum effectiveness of, as well as remove its ability to stop any push without consequence.
  • Beam of DOOM!
    • Mana Cost 6 > 7
    --- Developer comments ---
    Beam of DOOM! has always been a flexible card despite its cost, and its strength would often massively overshadow other spells, as well as the card being too oppressive towards certain strategies. With this change we want to make the card less of an auto-include in decks yet retain its effectiveness as a consistent Minion removal.
  • Brutish Betrayer
    • Now also spawns with Rage (+50% Damage)
    --- Developer comments ---
    Brutish Betrayer was originally designed to be a risk-reward card that put the original player in control of its effectiveness. Unfortunately the value that could be achieved from the card was considered not worth either the card slot or the damage that could be taken in return. By giving the card Rage, we hope to make the card far more interesting to play with, and more efficient to combo into your existing push strategies.
  • Gor’Rakk Sacrifice
    • Mana Cost 4 > 3
    --- Developer comments ---
    Gor’Rakk Sacrifice was struggling to see use at its current mana cost. It was often deemed too high for the risk involved and would restrict popular combos, with the card being too easy to answer for the Mana Advantage gained in response. This change should make comboing Gor’Rakk Sacrifice with other cards far easier, as well as making the loss less severe if it is countered by your opponent.
  • Gor’Rakk Brutes
    • Spell Card required to Activate Mana Cost 4 > 3
    --- Developer comments ---
    Similarly, the combined mana cost required to utilise Gor’Rakk Brutes was considered too high for the card to regularly see play. Hopefully, combined with the Gor’Rakk Sacrifice change, the card should be easier to implement in a variety of strategies.

  • Hovering over a card in your deck will now show its Glory.
  • Updated maximum number of shards to 500,000
  • Fixed a grammar error when telling a player there are no featured streamers - Thanks Zgriptor
  • Fixed a minor grammar error in World Cleaver Volco’s description.

  • Fixed the visual timer on 6+ mana cost cards jumping up and resetting at the start of a game.
  • Fixed Incubus jumping towards a stunned Turret - Thanks videogamer77
  • Fixed an instance where Hypnotise would not return all units to their original team
  • Fixed Status Effect text appearing above invisible units - Thanks Sinilil
  • Fixed Lightbringer and Storm Ranger skins not having the lightning bowstring - Thanks Greywolf
  • Fixed Walking Blind Date having nothing in it - Thanks to everyone who reported it
  • Fixed an instance where matches could freeze up, and no inputs could be made - Thanks Burning Scrat Tournament and King Puff Cup
  • Fixed Incubus targeting its own master after being ghosted - Thanks Neo
  • Fixed an instance where Incubus would jump to its own master after being hypnotised - Thanks HyperHobbit
  • Fixed Azali granting you a shield if you possessed her while already controlling a bridge.
  • Fixed an issue where Infested Settsu’s spells would come flying down from the heavens - Thanks Neo & truteo
  • Fixed an instance where Incubus would jump to a master and then turn around to target a different unit
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy master tower could become highlighted red for the rest of the match - Thanks Zgriptor & FFA
  • Fixed Netherstep visuals and actual teleportation not matching up.
  • Fixed an issue where there would be no Free rotation master available - Thanks truteo

Cheers from Betadwarf
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2 vs 2 Added!

The Team Battle mode has been added to the game!
In 2 vs 2, you can play with friends or strangers and finally try out that ridiculous combo you came up with but needed 16 cards to make work.

There are now three ladders:

See the full update here


  • "It’s pretty fun. Ultimately it’s a pretty damn good version of the Clash Royale model."
  • "Is this by those Forced Showdown guys?! Is this the greatest game of all time?"
  • "Pick Up and Play PvP at its finest"
  • "If you’re familiar with things like Nexus Wars and Castle Attack, or just Clash Royale, you’re immediately gonna be able to pick this game up very very quickly. Obviously there is quite a lot of learning involved with the different troop types and cards available. But it's really slick. It’s plays really really well. It’s a good version of that game type, for PC."

Über dieses Spiel

Über die Preisgestaltung

Lieber Spieler, wir möchten dir gern mitteilen, dass Minion Masters in Zukunft kostenlos gespielt werden kann. Momentan kostet es etwas, da wir das Spiel gern mit einer kleineren Anzahl engagierter Spieler gestalten und formen möchten, bevor wir es für ein breiteres Publikum zur Verfügung stellen. Es gibt zwei Zugangsmöglichkeiten:

Kaufe das Premium-Upgrade und erhalte jetzt sofortigen Zugang:
Das Premium-Upgrade ist sehr wertvoll und verschafft dir sofortigen Zugang zum Spiel. Dieses Upgrade wird auch nach dem Start verfügbar sein, aber während Early Access gewinnt es an Wert.

Registriere dich und erhalte kostenlosen Zugang ohne das Premium-Upgrade:
Gelegentlich versenden wir Steam-Einladungen über die Registrierungsseite unserer Gemeinschaft. Hinweis: Es gibt keine Garantie und keinen Zeitplan für das Versenden dieser Einladungsschlüssel, es kann also zwischen 1 und 40+ Tagen dauern.

Schnelle Mann-gegen-Mann-Duelle

Tritt ein in die Welt der Dienerkämpfe!
Beschwöre deine Diener und schau zu, wie sie ihre Gegner blindlings angreifen. Du hast es in der Hand, ihren Kurs zu bestimmen, es kommt alles darauf an, wo du sie platzierst.
Diener können die Brücken einnehmen und den gegnerischen Meister zerstören.
Das Einnehmen von Brücken bringt dir Erfahrung und ermöglicht dir die Levelerhöhungen, du verdienst dadurch einzigartige Vorteile je nach dem von dir ausgewählten Meister.
Außerdem kannst du mächtige Zauber einsetzen, um den Verlauf des Kampfes zu kippen, beispielsweise mit einem gut gezielten Heilenden Feuerball (ja, den gibt es) mitten in deine verwundeten Truppen hinein.

Schalte mächtige Diener und spektakuläre Zauber frei und erschaffe sie!

  • Wie der Dämonenkrieger, der mit jedem Mal, bei dem du ihn spielst, stärker wird – Zeit zum Überfallen des Endgegners!
  • Oder der friedliebende Manahauch, der dir zusätzliches Mana gibt, wenn er glücklich ist – und das ist er immer.
  • Natürlich könntest du auch den Troubadour bekommen, einen großen, freundlichen Herren, der seinen Dudelsack mehr liebt als seine Gegner das tun.

Online-Kämpfe in Echtzeit – von Holzliga bis zum Großmeister

  • Spiele online gegen ebenbürtige Gegner, die glauben, dich überlisten zu können.
  • Erschaffe aufregende neue Decks in unserem Draft-Modus und spiele sie gegen andere aus.
  • Mit den blitzschnellen Wettkämpfen kannst du immer „nur noch einen“ spielen.
  • Oder du kannst deine Freunde einladen und sie mit deinem selbstgemachten Deck schlagen, das nur so sprüht vor Kreativität!

„Was noch?“

Wirklich, das reicht noch nicht? Na gut, wie wäre es hiermit
  • Wiederholungen!
  • Schnelle Spielupdates!
  • Sammle deine eigenen Arenen!
  • Saison-Ranglisten!
  • Tolle 3-D-Grafik!
  • Wähle eine von einer Fantastilliarde Strategien aus
  • Haben wir die Hauche erwähnt? Es gibt sogar einen Königshauch!

Wir sehen uns in der Welt der fantastischen Dienerduelle!


    • Betriebssystem: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Prozessor: Intel Core i3, 2.4 Ghz or equivalent
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Nvidia Geforce GT 240 or equivalent, minimum 512 MB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Netzwerk: Breitband-Internetverbindung
    • Speicherplatz: 6 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz

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