Deuterium Wars is a rapid 2D shooter. Create your own aircraft and plunge into heated battle with other players. What awaits you: an extensive role-playing system, craft, trading, and much more on a single server for all platforms.
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16. maj 2019

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Hvorfor tidlig adgang?

“We’ve been testing our game mechanics and server quality for quite a while. Even in Early Access, Deuterium Wars demonstrates maximum playability. The project exists for its players. We want to do this for our community, for those who enjoy Deuterium Wars and enjoy spending time in the game. In fact, our players are part of the development team.”

Hvor lang tid vil dette spil være i tidlig adgang?

“According to our estimates, Deuterium Wars will be awesome enough for release within a year. Although for us, this means that we have to work even harder on it. The game will be continuously improving.”

Hvorledes kommer den fulde version til at være anderledes end produktet i tidlig adgang?

“We’re planning to completely redesign the graphics. Content quantity will increase: cannons, armor, gadgets for battle vehicles, as will quality: a faction and clan system, various modes like PvP and PvE. And, of course, the game will be released on other platforms.”

Hvad er den nuværende tilstand for versionen med tidlig adgang?

“Right now you can choose from almost a thousand vehicle parts and get a burst of adrenaline in battle. A fair market system, multi-level craft, and customization has been implemented. Role-playing system is almost completely ready and partially integrated in the game.”

Ændrer spillets pris sig under og efter tidlig adgang?

“The game has been, currently is, and will remain free-to-play with fair monetization and affordable prices. We don’t sell supremacy. Monetization is directed at all possible forms of customization and speeding up development within reason.”

Hvordan har I tænkt jer at involvere fællesskabet i jeres udviklingsproces?

“Deuterium Wars is more than just a game. It’s a community of like-minded people. There are no “greedy devs” or “trolls”. Unique in its form, the relationship between developers and gamers makes us a united, friendly community of fans of the business and the project! You can easily communicate not only with tech support or a community manager, but also with the studio’s leading specialists. (Join the project on social networks and our forum on the”
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19. maj

Game Server is temporary offline

Commanders, we noticed some interruptions in the game servers. Now they will be rebooted, and we expect that everything will return to normal.

Thank you for understanding.

Update: There are problems on the side of the trunk provider. As soon as the problem is resolved, we will report it immediately.
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17. maj

Legendary tournament with Razer

Hello, commanders! Take part in The Legendary Tournament in honor of the Early Access Release of Deuterium Wars. Fight valiantly at Arena from now till June 2 and earn as many points as possible. All active participants will receive a guaranteed reward, and the best of the best will receive valuable prizes from Razer!

1st Place - Razer Ornata Chroma USB
Preserving the common design features of the Razer Ornata Chroma line, she also gained her own style, so that it will become not only a tool for games and work, but also a real decoration of any table. The keyboard uses a hybrid key mechanism that combines mechanical membrane switches. On the one hand, this allows you to get a high accuracy of key response and preserve comfort and silence. Razer Ornata Chroma has a stand under the brush, which increases comfort during long gaming sessions, as well as work.

2nd place - Razer Death Adder Elite USB Black Mouse
This gaming mouse is designed specifically to satisfy the most demanding gamers. It combines cutting-edge technology, together with incredible ergonomics and greater reliability.

3rd place - Razer Kraken Pro V2 Black Oval
Selection of the most successful cyber sportsmen. The headband and ear cushions are made of pleasant and high-quality materials, which allows them to stay in them for a long time. The microphone which is built in the left bowl of earphones, allows to give the order in time or to report the location of the opponent.

1st place - the legendary grenade launcher "Armageddon"
This powerful cluster grenade launcher is capable of putting an entire enemy detachment in one gulp. The main thing is not to shoot yourself "under your feet."

2 place - Epic flamethrower "Warfire"
There is no better way to light in Deuterium Wars than with a flamethrower.

3rd place - Epic energy "Luchemet"
The queue of this experimental weapon can disable the enemy's hovercraft system.

4-5 place - 500 deuterium
The most valuable resource of Altanara, for which you can buy yourself something especially valuable.

6-10 place - 250 deuterium
Still a good amount of deuterium, with which you will be happy to see in the market.

Guaranteed prizes
Absolutely all tournament participants will receive credits, experience and valuable game items for each stage of the tournament.

  1. Duration: till 21:59 CET on June 2, 2019.
  2. By participating in the "Legendary Tournament" in the game Deuterium Wars, you agree to its rules.
  3. The tournament takes place as an in-game competitive event in the game Deuterium Wars.
  4. To take part in the tournament you need to download and install the game for free:
  5. Prizes in the Tournament are determined by points accrued under the terms of the competition.
  6. Persons who have reached 1, 2 and 3 position in the rating will be given a special in-game subject "Cup".
  7. Cup winners must contact the tournament organizer within 30 calendar days of the publication of tournament results in the official communities of the Deuterium Wars game through the official Discord server or write to
  8. Delivery of prizes to the winners at the expense of the organizer.
  9. The winners of the “Legendary Tournament” cannot receive the cash equivalent of prizes.
  10. Participants undertake to play fair. The use of third-party software to get the gaming advantage is strictly prohibited.
  11. The winner has the right to refuse his prize.
  12. The winner cannot replace his prize with another one from the list of prizes.
  13. Players must behave with dignity and not have conflicts with other players.
  14. In case of violation of these rules, the participant may be fined a certain amount of tournament points or completely disqualified.
  15. Employees of the organizing company and their closest relatives can take part in the tournament, but cannot win prizes. In this case, their result will not be counted.
  16. The tournament may be suspended or canceled in the event of force majeure.
  17. During the tournament, game servers may be temporarily unavailable due to planned or unscheduled tech maintenance. All players will be promptly notified about them in the official communities of the game in social networks.
  18. Disputes, if necessary, will be considered by the representative of the organizer within three days from the moment of their occurrence, guided by these rules and common sense.

Let the battle begins!
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Om dette spil

Deuterium Wars is a multiplayer cross-platform breakneck-paced shooter that combines high dynamic fights with an extensive role-playing system. Work your way up from rookie in a “rust bucket” to experienced pilot in a high-tech combat aircraft that’s equipped with lots of deadly gadgets. With a variety of combat modes, futuristic arenas, multi-level craft, developed trading, and a social eco-system, you’ll never have time to be bored!


    High dynamic fights keep the player engaged throughout the battle. In order to win, reaction and tactical thinking are equally important, as well as team play and the right priorities, depending on the battle mode. A fierce soundtrack and special effects reinforce the sensation of being fully immersed in battle.
    Combat vehicles are made from components that the player acquires in various ways. A trustworthy machine gun, a powerful cannon, or an experimental beam gun: the choice is yours. The same goes for armor, engine, and hundreds of additional gadgets and their modifiers.
    As usual in this genre, you can outfit your ship before flight. The system of craft and trading allows you to even convert junk into a valuable part that can be sold for profit! Players will enjoy all the possibilities for customization; ship parts can be painted or patterned and decorative elements can be added.
    Apart from the PC version, a version for mobile platforms and consoles are still in development. At home, on the road, or at work: the game will always be with you.
    Thirty years ago, a massive asteroid almost destroyed Altanar. A high-tech Dome absorbed most of the strike and now keeps the planet from total destruction. Although part of Altanar is a post-apocalyptic desert, some areas still have megalopolises, military bases, and even wilderness. Now, a serious battle for power and control of rare deuterium resources has begun. Deuterium lies at the heart of most technologies, including fueling the Dome.


    • Styresystem: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Processor: Two and more physical cores 1.8 GHz
    • Hukommelse: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Video card that supports OpenGL 3.0 1024 VRAM
    • Netværk: Bredbåndsinternetforbindelse
    • Diskplads: 800 MB tilgængelig plads
    • Styresystem: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Hukommelse: 4 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Video card that supports OpenGL 3.0 1024 VRAM
    • Netværk: Bredbåndsinternetforbindelse
    • Diskplads: 800 MB tilgængelig plads

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