Book of Demons ist ein Hack & Slay Deckbau Hybrid, in welchem DU die Länge deiner Quests bestimmst. Führe magische Karten anstatt von Waffen in den Kampf gegen die Armeen der Dunkelheit in den Verliesen unterhalb der alten Kathedrale und rette das Paperverse!
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13. Dez. 2018

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13. Mai

Book of Demons' prototype added to Collectors' Content DLC!

Game developers don't share their early working concepts of games - the prototypes - often. When they do it's usually super interesting to see how the game changed and get a glimpse into the creation process. That's why we would like to share the earliest prototype with collectors.

In game development, prototypes serve many purposes but most importantly they are used to test if the core gameplay is fun. Usually, the first prototypes are not even computer games but rather tabletop games quickly put together with pieces of paper and a set of dice. Prototypes don't have to look good either - it's even better if they are not great looking as you can focus on how fun they are that way.

Book of Demons' prototype

Our prototype took a month to put together. When compared to years it took to make the finished and polished game it gives a good idea of how much work separates an idea from the finished game.

We wanted to be very thorough when making a prototype so we made sure it's as complete experience as possible. That's why you will find that the prototype plays almost until the Archdemon. As a neat bonus, you can get a glimpse into how we initially imagined the cards. You will find some of them echo similarly to what ended in the finished game, while others will be... different.

Important note: only Warrior has cards in the prototype. Both other classes are present and playable but without cards. Warrior's set was all we needed to prove the concept.

The Flexiscope is present in its basic form. Balance is *very* rudimentary so don't expect the prototype to hold your hand. While the rng gods might time at you there is a considerable chance you will get killed. A lot.

Unless you like to experiment that is. There are developer shortcuts in the prototype that grant superpowers.

There are possibly also bugs, some of them exploitable, waiting to be discovered. The boss fight at the end of the game is metaphorical: the game crashes. We like to think it conveys the futility of eternal fight of light versus darkness. Also, we had no use for the boss fight in the demo :archduck:

Ah, and one more thing. There is no duck in the prototype. Really, can you believe it wasn't a core character in the beginning? A poignant realization, it would be a sad world without it :archduck:

How can I access the prototype?

All of you who own Collector's Content or Supporters' Bundle will gain access to the prototype immediately. For those of you who would like to check it out but don't own the Collector's Content pack, we are putting it on a 50% sale now so you can grab it on the cheap.

To run the prototype just go to the Book of Demons' files where you can now find a new folder called Prototype. Just enter it and double click the executable file.

Here is a short step by step guide how to get to the Book of Demons' files:
  • Go to your Steam Library (list of your games)
  • Select Book of Demos and make sure Steam uploaded the Collector's Content DLC (see the image)

  • RMB-click on the Book of Demons
  • Select Properties
  • In the window that pops-up select Local Files tab
  • Press Browse Local Files button
  • Go to Prototype folder and double click Prototype.exe

Where can I find more info about the game development?

Some time ago Matthew wrote a couple of blog posts and did interviews about Book of Demons' creation process. If you are interested in how the game was made, get a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable:

Official Discord Channel

And if you would like to know more we are on Discord and we are running Ask Us Anything channel for the curious :archduck:

Here is the invite link:

Stay safe in the almost-paper-like-prototype dungeons! :archduck:

Margaret :paperheart:
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15. April

Speedrun to the Cook!

Those of you who have been waiting for more opportunities to compete with other players will be happy to read that today's update introduces Speedrun to the Cook!

Sounds great, how can I participate?

Everyone is invited. All of you who will start a new game in the Normal mode are now eligible to enter speedrun leaderboards. The clock starts right after you enter the Town for the first time and stops when you defeat the Cook. But be warned - the timer does not stop during the visits in the Town so cut your shopping sprees short!

All you have to do is find the optimal card build per class, decide the best length of the quests and fight your way down as fast as you can!

What the future holds

If you remember the Book of Demons' roadmap update, we mentioned that we would like to show you the Book of Demons original prototype. It was left for quite long and grow some mold on it so first we will have to dust it off a bit. However once ready, it will be added to Collectors' Content pack.

Digital Dragons 2018

We are also thrilled to announce that Book of Demons got nominated for a prestigious Digital Dragons 2018 award not in one but in three categories! Including "The best Polish game of 2018" alongside Frostpunk and Thronebreaker! Whaaaat!

:rarestone: Best Polish Game
:rarestone: Best Polish Game Design
:rarestone: Best Polish Game Art

We will know the winner at the end of May, but even being nominated is an awesome honor! Fingers crossed!

In the other news

As we mentioned in previous posts we are preparing to move to larger offices since our old building is being demolished sometime soon. Our search was fruitful. As you can see in the picture above, the new space is aaaalmost ready :archduck:

As usual, the update brings a bunch of fixes and changes, and here is the full list:

Changelog for Version 1.01.18203 (15th April 2019)
  • Speedrun to Cook
  • Fixed portal still being active after closing a game
  • Made the achievement "Tis' but a scratch" unlock automatically for players who have had already met requirements before they changed in the previous update
  • Added more supporters to credits
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed a few typos

Official Discord Channel

If you don't feel like posting on the steam community but would still get in touch with us or other players we have an official Disord channel for you. We are trying to hang out in there as often as possible :archduck:

Anyway, without a further ado, here is the invite link:

Speedrun safe through the paper dungeons! :archduck:
Margaret :paperheart:
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“Nostalgia without disappointments, frustrations and huge time investments - that’s the ambitious goal of Book of Demons, at once a parody and a tribute to the original Diablo, made in cute paper cut-out graphics.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Book of Demons aims to fuse the strategy and depth of Diablo with the style and charm of Paper Mario by using a unique movement and combat system, more accessible action-RPG mechanics, and a fair dose of humor intertwined with its dark theme.”
Game Informer

“Book of Demons is bound to entice newcomers to the genre as well as a long time action RPG fans who have been longing for a different kind of dungeon crawler.”


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Über dieses Spiel

Book of Demons ist ein Hack & Slay Deckbau Hybrid, in dem DU die Länge deiner Quests bestimmst. Führe magische Karten anstatt von Waffen in den Kampf gegen die Armeen der Dunkelheit in den Verliesen unterhalb der alten Kathedrale. Rette das vom Schrecken heimgesuchte Paperverse aus den Fängen des Erzdämons höchstselbst!

Prozedural generierte Dungeons
Roguelike Modus für Freunde extremer Herausforderungen
70+ verschiedene Monstertypen mit einzigartigen Eigenschaften und Fähigkeiten
Xbox and Steam Controller Support
3 unterirdische Reiche und epische Bosskämpfe
Monatliche und gesamte Ranglisten, 200+ Errungenschaften

Book of Demons ist der erste Teil von Return 2 Games - eine Serie einzigartiger Spiele, inspiriert von der früheren goldenen Zeit des PC-Gamings.

Karten und Deckbau

Es handelt sich nicht um ein Kartenspiel, aber Gegenstände, Zauber und Fähigkeiten exisitieren alle in Form von Karten. Die Strategie liegt in der Anpassung deiner Hand an die jeweilige Situation. Es gibt unzählige Arten von Karten mit verschiedensten Boni zu finden, außerdem können sie mit Hilfe von Runen noch weiter aufgewertet werden. Legendäre Karten sind am mächtigsten, allerdings auch schwer zu ergattern.

Angepasste Spiellänge mit Flexiscope

Book of Demons respektiert deine Zeit. Flexiscope ermöglicht es, dein Spiel in Runden beliebiger Länge einzuteilen. Es lernt sogar von deinem Spielstil und berechnet die Zeit deiner nächsten Runden voraus.

Einzigartige Mechaniken

Vereinfachte Bewegungsmöglichkeiten und Kampfmechaniken unterscheidet Book of Demons von den meisten anderen Hack & Slay Spielen. Es ist meist nicht genügend Zeit, um Monsterschilden, feindlichen Zaubern, Giften oder deaktivierten Karten entgegen zu wirken, weshalb Timing, Kartenauswahl und strategisches Vorgehen essentiell sind.

Hack & Slay in der Welt des Paperverse

Book of Demons findet im Paperverse statt, einer Welt, die einzig und allein in Aufklappbüchern existiert.
Es ist eine Geschichte vom Kampf zwischen Gut und Böse und der Rettung der Welt vor ewiger Verdammnis. Klingt bekannt? Inspiriert von der düsteren und bedrückenden Atmosphäre des ersten Diablo, ist Book of Demons zum Teil Tribut, zum Teil Parodie des Hack & Slay Klassikers.


Viele Inhalte von Book of Demons wurden mit dem Gedanken an einen hohen Spielkomfort entwickelt. Besondere Ziele werden am oberen Bildschirmrand angezeigt und aufgedeckt, sobald du dich ihnen näherst. Dein Charakter hinterlässt Fußspuren, mit denen du deinen Weg zurück finden oder bereits besuchte Orte ausmachen kannst, ohne die Karte öffnen zu müssen.

Herausforderndes Endgame

Im Durchschnitt dauert es 10 Stunden, um mit einer Klasse die Kampagne durchzuspielen. Das Erreichen des maximalen Levels und Meistern der höheren Schwierigkeitsgrade im Freispiel nimmt allerdings noch viel mehr Zeit in Anspruch. Der Roguelike Modus erhöht den Schwierigkeitsgrad zusätzlich und bietet permanenten Tod, eingeschränkte Heilung sowie weitere Hürden.

Dungeons & Streamers


Mac OS X
    • Betriebssystem: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Prozessor: 1.7 GHz Dual Core or Greater
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Speicherplatz: 1 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
    • Soundkarte: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Betriebssystem: OSX 10.12+
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Open GL 3.3+ Compliant
    • Speicherplatz: 1 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz

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