Zombasite is a zombie apocalypse action RPG set in a dynamic, evolving, fantasy world for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
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Aug 23, 2016

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December 20, 2018

Zombasite patch 1.022

This huge patch (well over 200 changes) fixes several crashes, improves performance, adds autosizing inventory, and fixes tons of minor issues.

1.022 change list:

  • inventory now autosizes to prevent overlapping
  • fixed Trigger::unlock starting an infinite loop if 2 unlocking triggers near each other
  • fixed crashes when creating/destroying fake player
  • fixed some radar stuff still being applied in some cases
  • fixed always dark in coop player towns (=TEF= Alpha-9 the Ratman)
  • fixed a rare infinite loop in trap activation
  • fixed a crash when a level 100 npc goes renegade in a level 200 world - might happen any time an NPC goes renegade and is below the min level of that world (Buttermilk)
  • fixed possible crashes in World::getLeftMainPathHorizontalPosition and World::getRightMainPathHorizontalPosition
  • fixed buildTempData running before reading in database data needed - fixes crashes, also fixes bad tile blocks on opening screen
  • fixed a rare infinite loop in generateCaveLevel
  • sped up Level::finishGenerateOutdoorLevel a little
  • fixed a slow down with inventory up, my test case went from 37.4 fps to 50.8 (Dragonface/Etto)
  • fixed a leak of resource handles if added, then removed, before actually loading
    now cache footstep handles so don't load, free, reload, etc, test scenario old=70-90fps, new=100ish
  • fixed a crash on load when trying to fix up loaded pointers but entity had been purged, clearEntityReferences not being called in correct place
  • fixed an entity leak with status effects never getting cleaned up on inactive actors - might also be causing slow downs and crashes
  • now monster promotions are slower once than hit unique level
  • fixed a really rare crash in GraphicsSystem::drawTiles
  • now get clan destroyed reward chest if kill clan members (not healthstone) (Dragonface/Mandark/twitch.tv/ninja/Destro*)
  • fixed a possible infinite loop in tryWeakenGround (Cthulhu Fhtagn!/Boink)
  • now free shader indexes so after a long game session a high shader index doesn't corrupt the sort integer, which can lead to random crashes (Mandark)
  • quest monsters can no longer be converted over to follow player (twitch.tv/ninja)
  • fixed an angles issue that might have be generating a NAN and then starting a infinite loop
  • made networking handle low framerate situations better
  • now world saves use basic network compression (saves about 40%)
  • now when holding down right click and kill target it will move to next target easier
  • fixed a crash when sometimes shader sorting could have an accidental collision (which can cause lots of problems)
  • fixed addObject in spawnAreaBlock to not reference modelResource so much less likely to pause waiting for resource to load
  • fixed other players in multiplayer getting XP multiple times when a player's pet got a kill (Ninjakillzu)
  • now traps can do explosions (can cause cave ins)
  • now on hit skill projectile starts at enemy killed
  • fixed on kill ring projectiles with cones not hurting anyone
  • fixed orc shaman weakness skill now based on monster skill
  • status effects now skip loading stat changes that can't happen
  • changed to a better hash algorithm
  • only partially build status effects on skill definitions until needed
  • magic modifiers now skip loading stat changes that can't happen
  • now skip loading unused stat changes
  • fixed reported relation change not getting to player sometimes
  • fixed 2 caves having unusable braziers
  • water can now spread
  • water now stays around for 30 seconds instead of 10
  • hazards can now apply status effects directly (instead of needing to be a trap or actor)
  • hazards can now apply multiple status effects
  • wet status effect now lasts 10 seconds
  • now outside in rain gives you wet status effect
  • now inside a house prevents rain/wet
  • now full level fog adds fog status effect to sentients
  • wet status effect now debuffs cold resistance also
  • fixed a case when scale could be wrong if a shadow being drawn was using vbo but model not using a normal map
  • unique monster and renegade quests that can be on any level now try to sync more times (now 200, was 20)
  • fixed liquids getting destroyed, not removed, and then no longer working correctly
  • projectiles no longer cause explosion effect on something that wasn't damaged
  • caveins should now be immune from damage from other caveins
  • now need to stand still to throw ice bombs and other similar things
  • fixed some issues when wielding a broken bow
  • ghost now counts as flying
  • now add colored @ symbols to show which clan(s) are in a level
  • auto extra projectiles now are homing
  • now get fog status effect from fog from the weather
  • fixed a state issue in RenderingState::setAlphaTestMode
  • now grab maxTextureSize from openGL
  • now check maxTextureUnits
  • whirlwind now repeats correctly when using right click (Mortac)
  • fixed a few things so that immortal clan members would work (treborx555)
  • can now have multiple BlockTypeIndex/BlockTypeMult for the same index (now multiple together instead of replacing)
  • now when spawning guards tries to find a valid position
  • fixed sometimes monster getting double promoted or saying player ran away when the player died
  • now inventory takes advantage of widescreen monitor if available
  • changed changeling 5 to use dark orc berserker instead of orc (Orc Schism)
  • fixed forest rock2a & rock2b collision
  • fixed sounds in editor (might have also fixed some issues where sounds at player shift back and forth from left to right speakers)
  • now projectiles explode when they hit world objects
  • now goodPositionToSpawnThings checks if block is from a fake level
  • now some dungeon sconces marked as CantPurge
  • player dying can't solve plague/curse quests any more
  • now when fixing an entities position, if can't find a valid location in the same level, will allow to move to a different level (a different level is better than invalid location) (Fulano)
  • fixed split projectiles not working with many skills it was meant to (Mandark)
  • fixed some spells not repeating correctly when used from a hotkey (Nyithra/Fulano)
  • decreased tower spell range from 1000.0 to 800.0 (Boink)
  • non ring projectiles no longer hit liquids & ground traps (vantil)
  • fixed not getting NPCs at high level worlds (>100) (Destro*)
  • non-moving monsters can no longer be converted over to follow player
  • fixed some old damage mults no longer supposed to be used (will increase physical damage, and decrease poison & lightning damage)
  • fixed crushing blow actually lowering damage in some cases
  • fixed things like a firesword changing left/right speaker as player turns around
  • Defy Death now has some inflation so higher levels are more useful (twitch.tv/ninja)
  • fixed constant has plans to raid quests popping up (Mithur)
  • fixed possibility of _eventChance increasing over time when not supposed to
  • fixed a way that NPCs could get stuck in activity if path failed in a certain way
  • now elite weapons and armor vendors skew their items towards the player
  • added Happy Chest (Patreon reward)
  • decreased PlayerRanFromMonsterUpgradeChance from 0.1 to 0.05 (Boink)
  • sped up GameShared::getSkillIndex some (decreased debug load time 4 seconds)
  • sped up getPerLevelSkillDefinition some (decreased debug load time 6 seconds)
  • sped up finding skill StatusEffect some (decreased debug load time 3 seconds)
  • sped up MagicModifier::processDatabaseEntry by ignoring stats if has some kind of skill (decreased debug load time 125 seconds) (Fulano)
  • increased chain lightning chain distance from 150.0 to 200.0
  • fixed projectile chaining using start position instead of end position (Romløk)
  • can now get more than 1 center print so less likely to miss important messages
  • increased center print base time a little and moved to database
  • now center prints stay around longer the longer they are (text wise)
  • increased center print size and get rid of the background (unless fullscreen menu)
  • added money sound when searching for an enemy from quest screen to show money changed (Boink)
  • fixed getting a critical error when loading a game when currently using Spirit Evasion
  • fixed item text not being able to get smaller on primary highlight text
  • now show full info on item skills
  • now client handles sending too much data up to the server much better
  • can now target skills towards another player by highlighting their name/health bar on side of screen (Etto)
  • fixed crafting items bought from a crafting vendor not adding to your inventory correctly (Destro/Fulano)
  • server should now handle a rejoin after a crash better (Mandark)
  • now if you have a selected target arcane swarm will select random targets near your intended target instead of near the player (Mandark)
  • items inside of reward chests can no longer break (Mandark/Fulano)
  • fixed orc ego enemy on items not being Dark Orcs (Orc Schism)
  • fixed Slaughter skill not repeating correctly when on left/right mouse
  • fixed first level sometimes not calling levelBuilt correctly because it got built before worldSetup finished (this can cause various issues like objects stuck in inaccessible locations) (Fulano)
  • now cache monster combat sounds
  • now precache weapon sounds
  • now precache turnedToZombie.mdl if monster is a zombie
  • now precache ground items
  • increased speed of escorted NPCs so they keep up a bit better
  • now cache texture of status effects on entity client
  • now keep old music handle to prevent reloading it if played again soon
  • sped up finding music datatbase entry
  • now don't let music load without hard pause before playing it
  • optimized ResourceSystem::findResource a little
  • now if try to load a resource and already have correct handle, just returns
  • can now precache textures
  • sped up StatusEffectBase::processDatabaseEntry (test went from 23 to 12 seconds)
  • now gameShared->getPackedDatabaseEntry uses database hints - should speed up loading some
  • no longer calculate hash multiple times for DatabaseEntry::getAllValues type calls (overrides/addsTo/base)
  • now when looking up each database entry base, uses the hint from the current subdatabase to speed up search
  • now static models (1 animation with 1 frame) always go down static vbo path (test went from 50.8 to 60.8 fps)
  • now all dead monsters of the same type shares the same vbo (test went from 66.2 to 71.0 fps)
  • fixed infinite loop if change SERVER_FRAME_TIME
  • can now change the server frame time with serverFrameTime user var (default is 50)
  • fixed explosion precaching not working correctly
  • improved projectile precaching
  • now make sure don't get in an infinite loop when precaching (don't think it has even happened yet, but as it gets more complex it would happen without protection)
  • now precache hazards
  • now precache objects
  • precached a bunch of small things better
  • now precache swipes better
  • now precache money sound and soulstone model
  • now precache footstep sounds
  • now precache basic elemental effects
  • precached status effect assets better
  • now precache level ambient objects
  • sped up skill & magic modifier build times
  • traps are no longer triggered by a dead player
  • now play monster pain sounds on dots and death
  • added effect to cripple status effect
  • made skill name draw larger
  • added on kill chance print on skills
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 76
  • changed save version to 226
  • increased volume of monster pain sounds
  • fixed orc and zombielord sounds in bestiary
  • no longer show cost of next point when at max
  • can now specify that effect is attached to a tag on an item model instead of parent model
  • changed bloom clamping from GL_CLAMP to GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE
  • some short desert plants no longer fade out when "in way"
  • updated donation lists from Patreon
  • pets no longer trigger town attack sound/icon
  • fixed 1 DarkLord texture capitalization issue (Linux is case sensitive)
  • fixed 9 PlagueLord texture capitalization issues (Linux is case sensitive)
  • no longer show @ on level name for clans not met
  • fixed effects on items not always carrying over after a world win/loss
  • now highlighting a slider shows you current value (minimum - maximum)
  • now open bag circle blinks when you have the cursor over slots in the bag
  • fixed small gap in minimap
  • fixed a parsing error in UIWidget::parseTextSources
  • now can right click on inventory button to open bags only
  • cleaned up some widescreen handling code
  • fixed trap FirstThinkTime
  • hitting a statue no longer shows effect
  • statues no longer do dying animation
  • fixed a bunch of blocks in opening screen area being marked as has house
  • changed wampir blood to a green effect
  • now cache canSee checks for Actors if it is their current enemy
  • ENTITY_STATE_HAS_ENEMIES now only gets updated every 1/2 second or so
  • added Patreon page to credits page
  • fixed some skills not automatically getting added to use slots
  • torches can now be purged if already reseting the level spawn
  • fixed raid gate sometimes spawning inside collision
  • fixed clan guards sometimes spawning inside collision
  • fixed block and energizing block not animating correctly
  • now hide time on fog and darkness icons since so short and gets redone constantly
  • no longer move when typing 'a' in multiplayer chat (Fulano)
  • fixed an adding follower issue with no parent (Nick)
  • blinding flash no longer works on inanimate objects
  • can no longer use the lock pick skill on spider webs :) (Karol13)
  • fixed resurrect UI blinking away sometimes
  • made so center prints have to be unique to add another one
  • fixed wrapping when going down to a smaller font to fit highlight text on screen
  • text wrapping now keeps initial indentation
  • now an item can specify no random modifier power (crafting items now use this)
  • fixed NPCs not starting out with full health (Etto/Fulano)
  • Blixt and Mortus avatars no longer use a weapon
  • player can now walk through their gate, stashes, healthstone, bulletin board, and crafting station (DrJoeFitz)
  • auto targeting stuff will no longer target crystals (you still can if you highlight them directly)
  • can no longer use ice bombs and other throwable items when you're dead :)
  • turned off most of the effects on an unactivated gate so it looks more distinct from an activated one
  • moved spider web effect up so more noticable
  • fixed on old whirlwind effect being referenced
  • fixed god altar blessing prints (Orc Schism)
  • changed god altar text to gold instead of white/green (Orc Schism)
  • fixed whirlwind text no longer being up to date on number of enemies
  • fixed missing SkillTime translation
  • fixed missing GoodAvatars translation
  • item name in item highlight text is now in larger font
  • changed item description color
  • made item bonuses more noticable (different color and shifted over a bit)
  • added empty line before at current skill level info
  • added empty line before next skill level cost info
  • changed skill level info text color to stand out more
  • changed next skill level info text color to grey
  • got rid of a several places could get an extra blank line in skill text
  • simplified current/next skill level text
  • now hide current skill level/next skill level if no per level info
  • no longer show mana needed for basic attack skills
  • added empty line before max skill level line
  • moved extra enemies to target section
  • now status effect text on skill text is much more clear
  • now show skill icon in highlight text box
  • got rid of a couple more empty lines in quests
  • fixed skill prints on item to be indented and colored
  • fixed +durability prints on item to be indented and colored
  • fixed aura/status effect text indentation
  • reworded RightClickMainSlot slightly
  • added "and only one can effect a person at a time." to protection skills text (Thunt_Cunder)
  • added a splitter graphic to status effect text to make it a bit easier to read
  • changed Game Options to UI Options
  • fixed DarkOrcBerserkerUnique1-3 translation (Orc Schism)
  • added a splitter to skill text
  • fixed PlayersListDesc
  • improved CultDesc (Boink)
  • improved AggressivePetsDesc
  • improved clan destroyed reward chest print
  • quick tips are no longer numbered (Dragonface)
  • removed a \n from Fire Strike description that messes up formating
  • improved removeNewLinesAtEnd to handle color/font codes
  • fixed typo on 3 leech skill descriptions
  • fixed Redemption description (Orc Schism)
  • added ui_allConditionsTrue so I could see all widgets at once (easier to rearrange)
  • added support to log stuff without translating
  • no longer build ctx files in debug build (faster debug loading)
  • added printResourceName debug command
  • detail models in longer hide in model editor
  • detail models always drawn in editor now
  • improved "Could not find widget" warning
  • made all center print stuff go through same code path (less code, more consistent location & length)
  • fixed a crash in GraphicsSystem::drawString (probably only happens in developer build)
  • now d_printFilesWaitingOn and profile debugging tools print frame number
  • added profileSuppressBelow so can make profile tool print less non-interesting info
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About This Game

Zombasite is a zombie apocalypse action RPG set in a dynamic, evolving, fantasy world for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The dark elves have always played god by creating and enhancing underworld slave creatures. As they watched a horde of zombies destroy the huge demon city Kraval, the dark elves were tantalized by the devastating power of uncontrolled zombies, and desired to control and increase it. When they wove their dominating magic into a few captive zombies something went horribly wrong!

They hadn't known the powerful necromancer, Ciglio, had created these zombies. To control his huge armies of undead, Ciglio permanently bound his zombies and their infected victims to him. This binding was so powerful, their loyalty surpassed his untimely death. In the dark elves' pride and lust, their magic twisted into Ciglio's binding, fusing into a new, uncontrollable creation, the Zombasite.

Zombasite is a nasty, voracious, all-consuming Zombie Parasite. It doesn't just reanimate the dead into mindless zombies. It is intelligent, insatiable, and unstoppable---infecting and killing the living, spreading faster and in more ways, helping the dead utilize many of their original skills, and mutating the dead with new powers. Dark elf zombies are terrifying!

So what does this have to do with you? You are the leader of a clan trying to survive the apocalypse. This is easier said than done. When a follower dies, they can't be saved by any means. The Zombasite is highly contagious and zombies are quickly ravaging the world's surface. Food is a critical resource that must be obtained. Vendors are rare and have limited supplies. Some of the stronger monsters have survived and are as dangerous as ever. Clans of humans and monsters are fighting over what few supplies are left. Even within your own clan it isn't safe. Humans living on the edge are even more unstable than usual. So yeah, survival isn't easy.

  • Survive the zombie apocalypse in a fantasy world
  • Experience uniquely created worlds for every game, with different areas, monsters, items, and quests
  • Explore a dynamic, evolving, living world
  • Lead a clan of followers who have their own personalities and skills
  • Navigate relationships with rival clans using diplomacy, trade, war, and raids
  • Adventure with your friends with co-op multiplayer
  • Your choices truly impact the game!
  • Customize your experience with many character and world options including turning off zombies and clans.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: XP or newer
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core Duo (or other equivalent)
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 2 or better
    • Storage: 350 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.4 (Tiger) to 10.14 (Mojave)
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core Duo (or other equivalent)
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 2 or better
    • Storage: 350 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: OS must support 32 bit applications!
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core Duo (or other equivalent)
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 2 or better
    • Storage: 350 MB available space

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