Ymir is a 4X multiplayer strategy game combined with a city builder where each player develops a civilization of pigmen starting at the stone age.
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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“This is a one-man project that i have been developing on my own for many years now. The game is quite complex for one person to manage and has a very large scope combining things like multi-player, city building, procedural worlds, battles and 4X elements...
I now feel the game has enough content to be enjoyable to play, but it still has too many issues and lacks polishing to consider it a 'finished' game: this is why i decided to make it an Early Access.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The Early Access will only focus on debugging, optimization, UIs, balancing and fixing issues on the existing gameplay mechanics. No new major 'content updates' are planned before reaching the first 'Full version' release.
The goal is to end the Early Access as soon as possible. Its duration will depend on feedback from the community and the amount of bugs and issues to fix: once the majority of the community agrees the game has reached a decent enough quality standard , i will move out of Early Access.
This however will not mean the end of development!”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The first 'Full version' will be a more polished, balanced, debugged and optimized version of the Early Access one.
Please note that this being a one-man game, it is unlikely it will ever reach the quality standards of most other 'indie' games being developed by teams of several people, let alone of professional games.
The first official full version will probably still have many issues.

If the game encounters enough success to gather a community and sustain myself, i plan to continue its development even after ending the 'Early Access' and to work on currently planned 'major updates' adding new content and gameplay such as: factions, religion, culture, immigration, multi-architectural styles, naval, waterworks, additional ages, AI players and modding support.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“All the core gameplay mechanics are functional ( construction, diplomacy, events, techs, economy, battles, worldmap, multiplayer... ).
The game currently covers roughly periods from the Stone Age to the Classical/early medieval Age.
It includes about 200 buildings, 130 unique resources, 170 technologies, 7 'biomes' and 60 different units.
The client and server lack compatibility, debugging and optimization and many UIs lack polishing and more detailed informations to make the game more intuitive.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?


How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“I will be using the Ymir Discord to gather and discuss feedback.”
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Available: TBA


Recent updates View all (18)

September 12

The multi-servers update

This update makes it easier to run multiple server instances on a same device, by making config and log files specific to every game thus avoiding the problems of conflicts when running multiple servers on a same PC.
Thanks to this i’ll be able to run multiple official games to accommodate more players.

Besides that, this update focuses on various re-balancing to fix gameplay flaws and exploits.
As with previous updates, this is still monopolizing most of my time and sadly it keeps delaying new features and more interesting updates.

The multi-servers update
– modified logs and config files to allow running multiple server instances on the same machine: each game server now has its own sub-config file and logs folder, to avoid them colliding with each other.
– resistance is no longer fully cancelled when dismantling a territory, but its not generated either: it remains unaffected.
– storage policies are now resetted when a region changes ownership.
– colonies now count as a friendly city for AP recovery.
– state ownership is reset to 0 if in gift economy.
– fixed bug causing pillage loot to be doubled.
– fixed retro-compatibility patches applied by mistake on new games.
– claiming and unclaiming territories is now performed by formations as an Action and it costs Action Points.
– unclaiming a territory now costs 2 of Honor.
– it is now possible to reclaim territories claimed by enemies when at war.
– going back to gift economy now costs a penalty of loyalty.
– territories of inactive nation members can’t be dismantled anymore if the territory joined the nation recently.
– honor is no longer capped at 100 and -100.
– players with negative legitimacy now suffer desertion of their troops (effect similar to over-draft but faster the more illegitimate you are).
– max tax and state power transfer in nations lowered to 25%.
– “leader superiority” legitimacy from the leader’s wealth is no longer linear -> it’s now tends to a max of 160 around 300 of wealth.
– increasing taxes (when above 25%) now causes an immediate loyalty penalty when passing the reform (-2 per %).
– increased high taxes loyalty penalty. now starts gradually at 25% taxation instead of 50.
– reduced peat tiles productivity & work by 2.
– increased range of mudcamps and clay exploitations.
– reduced cost of taxation policy from 10 to 5 state power.
– removed the “seize materials” policy.
– underwater tiles are no longer exploitable by production buildings.
– fixed bug where encamping and moving actions where missing in enemy territory.
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August 26

The Partisans update

This update adds Partisans, a different type of rebellion now specific to “resistance” from invaded cities. Partisans uprisings can happen regardless of the loyalty level of the city, as long as there is resistance.
Each uprising however lowers the level of resistance.

This update also adds limited ammo for ranged units in battle, and increases the cover provided by defensive walls and battlements.
This should fix the problem of range units being the best offensive unit as they could wipe out entire defenses not matter the fortifications, provided they had the highest range. Now, range units will deal much less damage, and once their ammo is depleted they will retreat and leave the battle.

Lastly, Nations now provide automatic right of passage, trading agreement, and defensive pact: if a member is attacked, all other members will automatically declare war as well, with the breaking closes being on the side of the initial aggressor.
This will help national armies to become relevant as they’ll be immediately usable in case of attack, unlike before where each nation member would have to declare war manually once online, so that his national armies could be used.

The Partisans update
– reduced home distance malus of AP recovery from 5 to 3% per tile.
– changing home of a formation now depletes all its AP and auto-encamps it.
– it is no longer possible to renounce control of a region that has an active resistance mouvement
– removed honor penalty when renouncing control of a region
– removed honor penalty when losing a region to rebels
– added a different event for rebellions caused by resistance: partisans uprisings. They can happen independtly of the region’s loyalty and tend to be better equiped than rebels.
– partisan uprising events lower the level of resistance in the city proportionnally to the strength of the uprising.
– losing a city to partisans has an honor penalty proportionnal to the amount of resistance in the city
– removed auto-encampment when ordering a movement or actions with insufficient AP for it
– removed AP cost of disbanding troops
– doubled AP cost of transfering troops
– fixed an error causing battles to be invisible in the region view (and potentially other battle related bugs).
– increased coal output of coal terrain tiles
– rebel regions rejoining their legitimate owner now get a free restauration bonus
– added ‘ammo’ to units in battle -> attacking range units with depleted ammo will retreat from the battle, defensive units will idle.
– defending armies in cities get a x5 ammo boost.
– increased cover from palissades and defensive battlements.
– cover (when >0) is now displayed next to troop banner flags, when deploying them and during battles.
– fixed palissades not providing cover for the tile on the other side of the wall.
– It’s no longer possible to abandon buildings in resistant cities.
– It’s no longer possible to respawn on a character/city you were the last player to control.
– fixed issue with missing events of “crushed” battle resolutions
– nation members now get automatic right of passage and trade agreement
– nation members now get automatic defensive pact (if one member is attacked, all others auto-declare war legally)
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About This Game

Ymir is a 4X multiplayer strategy game combined with a city builder where each player develops a civilization of Pigmen starting at the stone age.
The game is divided in 2 main interfaces : a worldmap view and a regional view. Each world tile matches a unique procedurally generated isometric zone that can be explored, settled and built on by players. In each one players can find random resources such as ores , animals or plants depending on the climate, relief and vegetation of the region.

* Pigs with clothes.
* Multiplayer on local or persistent servers.
* Complex socio-economic simulator for a challenging city-building experience on its own.
* Fully procedural worlds where each region is random and unique.
* 7 biomes, each one with its own specific resources to encourage player-trading.
* Advanced diplomatic and economic tools to setup treaties ( right of passage, taxes, payments, trade agreements... ) and trade routes between players.
* Real-time battles.
* WILL remain free of any pay-to-win .

* No direct control over population and economy: They breed, age, work and buy things according to the simulation.
* Population divided in social classes with specific incomes, purchasing power and revenues.
* Dynamic resources prices based on supply/demand, rarity and production costs.
* Even player consumed resources are taken into account: materials for buildings have to be bough at their market prices, generating incomes to the producers and affecting the economy.
* A simulator instead of a set of independent game rules : all variables and actions influence each other in sometimes unpredictable ways that makes things frustratingly challenging.
* Producing too much of something can be as damaging as not enough making the logic of the game quite different from classic management games. ( ex: instead of having positive effects, distributing a new resource can actually destabilize your economy if you're not careful )

* Real-time battles are not instantiated and actually take place in your cities.
* Build and customize your fortifications with walls, bridges, gates, stairs, towers and battlements.
* With the terrain tools, modify the terrain heights to take maximum advantage of natural defenses like cliffs and hill tops.
* Water forces troops to embark and cross with slow vulnerable rafts: dig canals around your forts, secure your bridges or build a citadel on a river-island with fortified bridges.
* A Strategic-tool allows players to design their local defensive strategy in each one of their cities in case of attack: creating defensive zones, setting troops initial deployment positions and setting their behavior in battle.
* Battles are not instantaneous and belligerents can send reinforcements while a battle is still in progress.
* Battles can include unlimited 'teams' at the same time, each one fighting according to its allegiances.
* Battle troops during a battle are all AI controlled ( so that battles can happen independently of the player's presence ).
* Dozens of unit types including mounted camels, elephants and mammoths.

2 game modes:
* Real-time mode : a 'classical' mode to be played alone or with a few friends, meant to be played with the permanent presence of all players and to be stopped/continued over several playing sessions.
* Permanent mode : a more "MMO" mode where the game server is to be left running 24/7 at all times even when players are offline and where actions take much more time than in the real-time mode. Meant to be played with the maximum number of players on a day-to-day basis, with games lasting several weeks.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7800, screen resolution 1920x1080
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space

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