An action/infiltration game where the story changes every time you play. In the 1970s, extremist religious sect the Collective Justice Mission moves to South America to isolate themselves. You infiltrate the compound to check on a relative but soon learn that things may not be what they seem.
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Available: 2018


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May 15

The One Shot One Life Challenge, Talking Difficulty Levels, PAX East Wrap-Up

Hello all,

It's been a little bit since our last update, but we've been very hard at work putting a few more pieces of content into the game and polishing and tuning and some other technical pieces we're still putting together to make this game complete.

PAX East was a great show for us. It was nice to see our demo and the latest incarnation of our unique booth drew folks into our jungle.

We tried something at PAX East for the first time - we had a gameplay contest for players. We called it the "One Shot, One Life" challenge. We really liked how it worked out - we probably had 20-30 people take the challenge and all in all 6 people were successful.

The challenge was this - play the game on our hardest difficulty in one attempt, while we watch. Make it to the end of our short demo without dying, and you would win our collector's set of pins.

He have four difficulty levels in the game, which are Interloper, Infiltrator, Spy, and the hardest, Mole. On Mole players do not have the benefit of being able to see enemy sight cones. There's also more guards. And perhaps trickiest of all, only one shot from an enemy will kill you (though depending on how you play they may still capture you instead of executing you immediately).

Difficulty levels have been an important part of the design from early on because, since it's a game that's designed to be replayed, it's important to give players who need more challenge a way to get that challenge. We want players to replay to see all the different scenarios and ways the narrative can play out, yes, but we also want them to engage with the gameplay challenge each time. Having watched the game at so many shows, we know some players find the game challenging as it is, while some really get it and need to be pushed more. And truth be told, the harder difficulties are how we originally thought of the game, and its how we play it when playtesting.

And for PAX East we wanted to see how well players would do when pushed to try our hardest. We encouraged people to practice ahead of time before doing their challenge run. And those skilled six players managed to pull it off. And once we launch, we'll be curious how people take to it. We may even add another difficulty, if people show they need it.

How do you feel about difficulty levels in your favorite Steam games? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Beyond that, here’s a quick roundup of what the press thought of us:

Game Informer put us on their “Best Indie Games of PAX East” list with some lovely company.

Mike Futter named us one of his Hidden Gems of PAX East in this panel (now-podcast) - take a listen to hear all the interesting games - we come up toward the end.

Waypoint did a nice write up that was quite thoughtful on their experiences checking out the game.

All in all a great show - and mega thanks to the Indie Megabooth for having us. But now we’re happy to back to work nailing the final boards into place in our Freedom Town.

And if you've read this far, I'm sure you're waiting for that moment where I tell you when we are shipping. For now, we are sticking with "2018" along with "as soon as we feel it's really, really done" (except for post-launch support of course). We are getting in serious talks with people about our launch, so it is at the top of our minds. Because we've worked on this game long enough, we don't want to get anything wrong as we get so close to the end, and we really can't wait for everyone to play it.

- Richard

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March 16

See Us at PAX East and GDC!

Wanted to let everyone know of a few opportunities coming up very soon (very soon, in fact) to try out our latest demo for The Church in the Darkness.

Game Developer's Conference

The annual Game Developer's Conference is next week in San Francisco and we will be showing a new build featuring some characters you haven't met before. There's two primary places you can check out the game.


If you're in San Francisco we'll be showing the game at the MIX event, held Monday March 19th from 7:30PM-11PM. Note that you don't need a GDC badge to attend, and it's free. Find more information right here:

GDC - Intel Indie Game Lounge

If you're at the GDC Expo itself, we'll also be showing the game on the Expo Floor inside Intel's booth, called their Indie Game Lounge. We'll be there Thursday March 22nd from 10 to 2. Come join our following!

PAX East - Indie Megabooth

And then, only a few weeks later, way on the other US coast, come find us at the east coast's largest game show PAX East. This time we're in Boston, April 5th-8th.

Last year we met a lot of cool folks at PAX East when we just had a little kiosk in the back of the hall. But this year we'll have a full booth and we're super glad to have been selected by the Indie Megabooth to be featured in their unique curated space. Thanks to those good people for welcoming our little jungle cult into their fold for this show.

And if you want to see all the other games in the Indie MEGABOOTH this year, here's a amazingly long trailer to give you a taste of each one. Look for us at the 9:25 mark

I realize not everyone can make it to these events, and after we'll be posting some good wrap ups afterword.

And two final things...

We passed a large internal milestone recently - with our full game playable, we have started getting a few trusted developer comrades to play the full game. This is essential for some expert feedback and for us to identify which parts are most in need of polish and clarification, so the narrative works as well as we want it to when you finally get your hands on the game.

I try to explain our shipping situation as often as possible, because it's the question we still get the most: we're working hard to ship this year, with a game we feel good about, and we want to announce the exact date only when it is completely locked in. But yes, we know everyone's ready to play the game. No one more than us.

And for now, it keeps getting hotter in the jungle...

- Richard
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“Games to Watch - 2018”

“We've never seen this type of setting seriously tackled in a video game, where we're more accustomed to fighting black-and-white wars against caricatured manifestations of evil. Rouse chose this approach because he thinks the medium is capable of reaching beyond that scope.”
Game Informer

“It's a creative form of narrative direction that I hope will influence how players choose to go about infiltrating camp. If they're a nice crew, the moral impetus might be to get in and out without harming a fly. If they're bloodthirsty zealots, well, a few flies won't matter.”
PC Gamer

About This Game

No one is forced to join a cult. It welcomes you. It understands you. It envelops you until the words become more than truth - they make you whole.

In the late 1970s, the charismatic Isaac and Rebecca Walker lead the Collective Justice Mission. Labeled radicals and feeling persecuted by the US government, they relocate their followers to the one place they believe they can create a socialist utopia: the jungles of South America. There they build Freedom Town. But relatives left behind in the US become worried: what exactly is going on at this compound in the jungle?

  • Combines unique narrative with tight top-down action-infiltration gameplay in an open-ended environment.
  • Play how you want - you can avoid detection completely, take on the guards using non-lethal methods, or kill anyone who gets in your way.
  • Fully voiced game, starring Ellen McLain (best known as GLaDOS in Portal) and John Patrick Lowrie (the Sniper from Team Fortress 2) as the intense Rebecca and Isaac Walker.
  • Soak up the story through the town PA system, where the preachers share their dogma and beliefs.
  • Find more than 100 documents and letters scattered around camp which clue you into the true nature of Freedom Town in this particular game.
  • Every playthrough offers changing gameplay scenarios and story elements, with different character personalities and a shifting narrative told through investigation and action.
  • Live with the consequences of your choices through many possible endings.

How dangerous are the Walkers? Who are your allies and enemies? How far will you go to uncover the truth and save these people?

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.8+
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 500 MB available space

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