You are the captain of a starship venturing through a massive open universe. Customize your crew and take command at the helm of your very own ship as you explore a galaxy torn apart by internal strife, alien threats, and political intrigue.
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31 юли 2018

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Скорошни обновления Всички (174)

17 юни

Update #159: Extended Wear-and-Tear

Let's start the week off with a bang! Update #159 comes straight from the community -- requests for quality of life improvements, suggestions for missing Talents, improved balance, improvements to the mission generation system -- and more, all directly dialed in by our players. So, this one goes out to you, captains! Thanks for posting, writing, joining our Discord and leaving reviews!

+2 New Talents
We've added a new blade attack Talent for Zealots at rank 1 -- "Incensed Strikes." This new ability pushes Zealot's possibilities, making it more valuable as a combat class and enables crew Zealots to have more fighting options, especially early on. Incensed Strikes costs 1.5X your weapon's Initiative, but it has a rare debuff to enemy Initiative as well as clearing their buffs!

We've also added a new Doctor rank 5 Talent "Healer's Intuition." With the constant care of the crew's health, it is only natural that a Doctor comes to know his or her crew very well. This insight can reveal a Trait when the crew is paid and has a moment to truly relax.

Based on player feedback, we've also improved the handling of Talents when paying crew to ensure that Talents with a % chance to activate don't block other Talents from firing. And finally, in this area we've fixed a bug with the Diplomat Talent "Hand that Feeds" which was prevent the Talent from activating correctly.

Mission Focus
We've adjusted the system that helps a Contact pick the mission they request to increase the focus of Contact's on their core areas. Those Contacts giving Merchant missions are going to be more likely to dish out cargo missions, stash missions and the like while Prison Wardens are far more likely to send you on capture bounties and prisoner transports. This extra level of focus will increase your captain's ability to cleave to a type of career by cleaving to a type of Contact.

Beyond the mission-giver type, we've also strengthened the effect of Conflicts upon mission selection. Those Contacts who respond to certain types of Conflicts are going to be even *more* likely to give missions focused on the core Conflict. For example, those Contacts giving Spy missions are going to go all in on spying during an Info War while Duel of Assassins is going to turn up more Edict and death warrant missions than before.

Boarding Victory Talents
Two Talents have come up in player feedback often -- the Mechanic's "Thrown Wrench" and Gunner's "Disarming Sabotage" where neither provided enough specifics in their description or in the details after they were used to let captains make an informed decision about their value. In both cases, we have adjusted their rules to be more powerful as these are rarer Talents -- in both cases you need to be either boarding at range 1 or have a unique Job combination on an Officer to make these available at longer range. In addition to buffing their power level, we've made their exact rules clear in their description as well as improving their in-game feedback upon use so that it is clear exactly what components or weapons were damaged and for how much.

Explorer Ratings
The on-map tooltip over wild zones now displays Richness, Danger and Explore ratings giving those adventurous and brave explorers faster access to critical data as they browse a quadrant, looking for the best targets to set down and go hunting.

Good luck and avoid those xeno cards! Unless ... you're looking for them!

Experience Spread
For a time, in ship combat victory there has been an unfair disparity between the XP granted to those taking a more peaceful route Ransoming a ship and those taking a destructive route to destroy and then salvage a ship. In order to help balance this out, we've added a minor XP bonus to the Ransom action as well as making it clear with all 3 action types -- Ransom, Destroy, Salvage -- exactly how much XP is gained for taking the action.

v2.5.49 - 6/16/2019
- Added new rank 1 Zealot Talent "Incensed Strikes" as additional blade attack option
- Added new rank 5 Doctor Talent "Healer's Intuition" which can reveal a crew members Trait on payday
- Improved rules for Talents running while paying crew -- Talents with a % to fire that do not no longer block other Talents from running
- Fixed issue with Diplomat "Hand that Feeds" Talent that was not activating while paying crew
- Added Richness, Explore and Danger rating to map hover for wild zones
- Improved rules for Mechanic's boarding Talent "Thrown Wrench" and added result that explains exact ship damage dealt
- Improved rules for Gunner's boarding Talent "Disarming Sabotage" and improved result to include full detail of what weapons are damaged
- Now gain minor Experience bonus when you Ransom a ship, exact Experience gain for destroying a ship is now displayed
- Adjusted weights for all Contact mission giver types to be more focused on their core area (Merchants > Cargo missions, Wardens > Capture bounties)
- Adjusted weights of mission givers during Conflicts to be more focused on the core Conflict (Info War > Spy missions, Duel of Assassins > Edict missions)
- Improved details of Intel sale to be clear when maximum Personal or Faction Rep has been achieved
- Slightly increased the maximum caps for Personal Rep when selling Intel
- Clarified text for all Flight Plan Talents as 4 turns such as "(launch, close, bomb, land)"
- Fixed bug with Wing Commando's "Grandiose Arrival" Talent always granting a $0 bonus
- Fixed bug allowing too much gain of Personal Rep through sale of Intel
- Fixed bug with Talent "Redemption Purge" that was allowing it to repair 5 components instead of 2-4
- Fixed text description of "Exposed Shot" to indicate you are causing a self-debuff that can be purged
- Fixed bug that could place High Prince Contacts "on vacation" on indie worlds
- Improved some screens when using UI scaling to increase visual size of elements
- Clarified rules for Exo-Scout "Keen Senses" Talent -- only rerolls risk cards
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12 юни

Update #158: Talented Folk

Update #158 sees 4 new Talents slot into spots across 3 Jobs, a new De Valtos only Luxury Suite, some rebalance to the new Sig Dampeners and Xeno crew combat defense as well as a big sweep of fixes based on community feedback. As always, new Talents expand the already expansive field of possible builds and make some crew build outs more possible.

If you're enjoying the pace of updates please be sure to leave a review and tell a friend.

A huge thanks goes out to the community members posting suggestions, bug reports and feedback.

Highly Trained Pistoleer
The Pistoleer combat Job has gained 2 new useful, high rank Talents with Update #158.

With "Exposed Shot" you can now take aim at a target in any slot in the enemy's line up granting all new flexibility for a Pistoleer. The shot requires deadly aim but may not do as much damage, but its value is in the sheer flexibility. However, for stepping so into the open you'll suffer a small Defense and Dodge bonus for the next few turns.

With "Confounding Gunplay" you have an immediately available attack that can drop 50% Stun and a small Accuracy debuff on an enemy at only 1.5X the Initiative cost of your pistol. This rank 15 Talent comes with some nice punching power and will be a foundation of high-end Pistoleer builds for centuries to come.

Ship Bounties
Bounty Hunters are finally getting into the prize ship game with "Realm's Justice", capable of claiming a ship during a Conflict for a faction. As the edict-carrying enforces of a faction, they take the ship for 50% of the cost and one of the higher Rep damages in the set. You may be making enemies but you've gained a ship and struck a might blow in the Conflict. Be the hand of "Realm's Justice" and capture a ship today.

Diplomatic Force
Diplomats have gained a new rank 8 Talent "Unyielding Force" granting an Intimidation save to match their rank 1 Negotiation save. As a non-combat class, this utility is especially key and it can help narrow the required build of a ship crew. Where you may have needed more specialists to cover Intimidation -- such as a Pirate -- now your diplomatic corp can keep that on the lock.

Component Rebalance and Fixes
With this update, we've tweaked the stats for the new Sig Dampeners to ensure that they are fairly in line with other competitive long range and escape focused components. We've also fixed a bug that was introduced where a list of components gained different bonuses like +8 Void Resist accidentally. These have now been removed.

All Luxury Suites and Cabins now have minimum economy ratings in order to install.

And, if you're looking for your Ship Encounter reduction rate you can see it now on the ship status screen.

v2.5.47 - 6/12/2019
- Added new rank 15 Bounty Hunter Talent "Realm's Justice" allows the BH to capture a prize ship under standard rules
- Added new rank 11 Pistoleer Talent "Exposed Shot" which allows targeting backline enemies at a penalty
- Added new rank 15 Pistoleer Talent "Confounding Gunplay" which debuffs with 50% Stun
- Added new rank 8 Diplomat Talent "Unyielding Force" saves against Intimidate skill failures
- Added new De Valtos only ship component "Grand Luxury Suites" which grants a +22% bonus per passenger
- Reduced crew combat evasion for Terrox Xeno by 10-20% based on type
- Rebalanced bonuses from slightly overpowered set of Sig Dampener Components
- Ship Encounter rate reduction now shown on main ship status screen
- Fixed bug with Reinforced Medical Chamber, Sensor Array 1, Storage Cache, Reinforced Officer Cabin, M2400 Void Engine: Traveler all accidentally getting incorrect extra bonuses
- Added minimum Economy requirements for all Luxury Cabin types
- Fixed issue allowing Wing Bomber's Talent "Intimidating Fly Over" to take effect in wild zones
- Switched names for Elo Tech Talents "Hunt and Seek" and "ECCM Surge"
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“Star Traders: Frontiers is the best space game I’ve played in ages”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Относно тази игра

Command your ship and crew as a space pirate, merchant, bounty hunter, and more in Star Traders: Frontiers – an epic space RPG from Trese Brothers Games. Venture forth into a massive open universe, rich with adventure and the lore of the Star Traders. Choose your path by assembling and commanding your custom crew and spaceship in a constantly evolving galaxy torn by internal strife, political intrigue, and alien threats. Will you fly as a pirate terrorizing shipping lanes, join the solar wars as a military captain, or track targets across the stars as a fearsome bounty hunter?

  • Explore a rich, open universe: Discover endless procedurally-generated galactic maps, meet unique characters, and take on enemies to conquer the galaxy!
  • Become an intergalactic captain: Take on the role of a spy, smuggler, explorer, pirate, merchant, bounty hunter, and more (33 jobs total)!
  • Customize your own spaceship: Choose from more than 350 upgrades and 45 ship hulls to build your very own vessel to venture across the vast reaches of space.
  • Assemble your wing fleet: Outfit your capital ship as a carrier and launch interdictors, bombers and shuttles into space combat against your enemy
  • Assemble and tailor a loyal crew: Assign talents and equip specialized gear for every spaceship crew member.
  • Experience an ever-changing narrative: Decide to make friends or foes with other factions and influence political, economic, and personal vendettas.
  • Mold the crew by your choices: As you make decisions and set the tone for your ship, your crew will grow and change to match. Destroy enemy ships with all hands on deck and your crew will become more bloodthirsty and savage. Explore distant worlds and loot dangerous wastelands and your crew will become intrepid and clever ... or scarred and half-mad.
  • Varied Difficulty Options! play with save slots to try out different builds or storylines or turn on character permadeath and enjoy classic roguelike experience
  • Achievement Unlocks: accomplish story and challenge goals to unlock additional optional (but not better) content like new starting ships and new starting contacts

First there was the Exodus – when survivors of a great war left the ruins of the Galactic Core behind in search of a new home in the stars. Scattered worlds were claimed on the fringe of the galaxy. Each pocket of survivors held on to an isolated set of worlds while trying to rebuild under the great law of Shalun. Three centuries later, technology has brought them back together again. Discovery of the hyperwarp has bridged what was once an unimaginable distance between far-flung colonies, long-lost families, and political factions.

With that reunification has come great economic prosperity. The hyperwarp reestablished the transportation of cargo, goods, and technologies between the quadrants – but it has also brought great strife. Political rivalries have been rekindled, blood has been shed in age-old feuds, and the fires of war have been stoked. Amidst the political infighting, a ruthless revolution is rising – and the fervent explorers of the hyperwarp have awoken something that was better left asleep.

Our very first game, Star Traders RPG, took hundreds of thousands of gamers on an interstellar adventure. Star Traders’ success and overwhelmingly positive reception helped to launch Trese Brothers Games. It was the adventures of our community’s star-crossed captains that put us on a trajectory to share more of our worlds, ideas, and dreams.

We set out to capture the loneliness, bravery, and camaraderie of people living together in a spaceship sailing across the stars. It is with great pride that after releasing four other games in the Star Traders universe, we’ve created a sequel to the original Star Traders RPG.

Step onto the bridge of your starship, take to the stars, and create your own story in Star Traders: Frontiers.

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    • Пространство за съхранение: 250 MB достъпно пространство
    • ОС: OSX 10.10, 10.11
    • Процесор: 2.0+ Ghz
    • Памет: 2048 MB памет
    • Видеокарта: OpenGL 2.0 or higher
    • Пространство за съхранение: 500 MB достъпно пространство
    • ОС: Ubuntu 14+
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    • ОС: Ubuntu 16
    • Процесор: 2.0 Ghz (32 or 64-bit)
    • Памет: 2048 MB памет
    • Видеокарта: OpenGL 2.0 or higher
    • Пространство за съхранение: 500 MB достъпно пространство

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