Imagine Earth è una simulazione planetaria in tempo reale e un gioco di strategia. Il tuo compito, quale manager di una colonia spaziale, è quello di esplorare e popolare lontani pianeti. Costruisci colonie fiorenti e redditizie, commerciando risorse e beni nello spazio, stringendo nuove alleanze e affrontando temibili minacce.
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20 mag 2014

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Cosa dicono gli sviluppatori:

Perché l'accesso è anticipato?

“Siamo un piccolo studio indie e abbiamo bisogno di tutti i feedback possibili. L'aggiunta di nuove meccaniche e il bilanciamento delle dinamiche di gioco sono procedimenti molto complessi. Inoltre, le entrate dovute all'Early Access ci aiutano a rimanere indipendenti. Vogliamo avere il tempo di sviluppare questo gioco seguendo le nostre idee, realizzando qualcosa di completamente nuovo: il primo gioco di colonizzazione planetaria e sopravvivenza climatica.”

Per quanto tempo questo gioco rimarrà in accesso anticipato?

“Intendiamo rilasciare Imagine Earth a fine 2017.

L'alpha sarà aggiornata ogni mese!”

Quali saranno le differenze fra la versione completa e quella ad accesso anticipato?

“Al momento ci sono quattro cose importanti da fare:
- Aumentare l'interazione con le colonie dell'I.A: sabotaggio, acquisizione, ecc...
- Migliorare il sistema di commercio e aggiungere un sistema di crafting per le risorse raccolte
- Diversificare il gameplay
- Insistere finché il tutto funzionerà alla perfezione ;-)”

Qual è lo stato attuale della versione in accesso anticipato?

“Prova a dare un'occhiata alla lista delle caratteristiche nella descrizione più in basso.”

Il prezzo del gioco varierà durante e dopo l'accesso anticipato?

“No, il prezzo rimarrà lo stesso.”

Come pensi di coinvolgere la Comunità durante il processo di sviluppo?

“Abbiamo bisogno delle vostre idee, dei vostri pareri e soprattutto dei vostri feedback riguardanti il gameplay. Per tenervi informati, ogni venerdì aggiorniamo il report inerente lo sviluppo. Pubblicheremo inoltre un aggiornamento importante una volta al mese.”
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26 giugno

#44 "Individual Corporations"

Wow, this feels like the biggest game system update since ever. It comes with a Simplified Chinese translation ( many thanks to deloquac! ) and so many other changes. Good timing to invite friends: Imagine Earth is 20% off during the steam summer sale.

Please check out our brand new Discord channel for Imagine Earth where we'd love to discuss the latest features with you. But first of all check out what we got for you this time:
  • Items for special buildings
  • New rare resource: Artifacts
  • Special abilities in research
  • Individual corporations
  • New faction: Nootilas
  • New faction: Privateers
  • New UI for build ring
  • Global warehouse storage
  • Translation for Simplified Chinese
  • New savegame menu
  • New frontier visualization
  • Fixes und Mission Improvements

Items for Special Buildings
You can now craft construction kits and landing controls for special buildings like the temple, pyramid, assimilator, Midras digger and the extractor and then place these units where and when ever you need them.

The extractor can only be build on an asteroid of course. Assimilator and digger can only be build outside the base. In rare cases traders will ship these items.

New Rare Resource: Artifacts
These artifacts are parts of ancient alien technology which enable you to use the Gaian energy force fields of the planet. They are used to craft all the special constructions mentioned above.

To gain artifacts you can now plunder temple ruins and wracked assimilators using drones. In addition they are produced by natives and can by bought from them (as long as you have a friendly relationship).

Special Abilities in Research
We have thrown the standard tools like claim and clean out of the research panel ( they're all available by default now ) to make place for eleven new research options. They are very powerful general improvements for your colony management system.

Options vary from "-10% construct costs" or "-20% percent emissions" to lower consumption of food or goods and so on. Only difficulty: You need to research a whole research sector line to unlock them on the end.

Individual Corporations
There are now eight different corporations in the game with individual setup of technologies, startup icons and special abilities. In free play and competition mode you can choose one of these parties. The unlocked technologies of each faction also includes research of the upgrades. So each company has its own preset of research points to start with in the research system.

New Faction: Nootilas
Check out the two totally new factions to get a sense of how their individual possibilities are set up! We are actually still working on this and try to balance the factions. Please tell us what you experience throughout the gameplay ..

New Faction: Privateers
These corporations come with an individual background story as well which will be reflected in a kind of personal agenda as developments continues. This agenda will define how the company operates when they are you're AI controlled opponents if you chose them for a colonization match.

New Frontier Visualization
To get rid of these edgy triangle borders we made the visualization of the borders much more discreet and subtile.

New UI for Build Ring
Last update we integrated infos about a working construct into its ring so you can understand in detail what influences production and mood.

Now we have also added all the general values and information on buildings into the build ring to make the different constructs comparable. In this context the descriptions of all buildings have been revised.

Global Warehouse Storage
There is a global storage system now. The resources will be shared between all your warehouses. Whenever a warehouse gets lost, broken or taken over by an opponent, your precious resources will be shipped to other facilities through an underground tunnel system to ensure nothing gets lost.

Each warehouse now also has two slots for energy, food and goods each by default.

Translation to Simplified Chinese
Well yeah, Imagine Earth is available in Simplified Chinese now. All of a sudden deloquac popped up with a complete translation of our game. Thank you so much deloquac, this really helps us out and we'll mention you in the games credits! If anyone of you could imagine pushing this project forward with a translation into your native language please let us know:

New Savegame Menu
We have implemented a new approach to the savegame menu as well. You can now see more structured information and a small close up screenshot to pick the right savegame.

UI & Graphics
  • Load campaign planets directly from campaign screen
  • When placing a building show icons on fields that positively influence the building
  • Xrathul particle effects working again
  • Replaced € icon with the games currency symbol (
  • Show claim tool option on all unowned fields (as a hint that it exists)
  • Increase visibility of tooltip window arrow
  • Improved store visualization of not available resources and items
  • Improved speaker voice quality
  • Jump to other faction city by clicking the according goals panel icon (free play)
  • Rotate and tilt camera with pressed middle mouse or G key
  • Don't show harvest dust for forests before harvesting has started
  • Improved quality of small icons in the world and UI
  • New player profile icon
  • Construction site is no longer displayed with transparency

Fixes & Improvements
  • AI now uses cannons and ideon bomb to defend against assimilators
  • Population should always slowly grow when capacity is free and they aren't starving
  • Chemical plants are now available in all later campaign missions
  • Clean tool didn't show on the correct field when occupied by a multi-field building
  • Share trading should always be allowed
  • Increased likelyhood of incidents for intact buildings
  • Renamed Saw mill to Wood factory
  • Harvesting any forest type now will always "produce" timber
  • Forests shrink slower when negative factors reduce their maximum size
  • Temples charge with Gaia twice as fast

Lorian Mission
  • Oil pests now take much longer before they disperse
  • Reduced fertility and starting area
  • Increased likelyhood of meteor showes
  • Fixed unclear and wrong parts in space market quest

Rounos Mission
  • Joe race goal didn't properly show population count
  • Native quest explains in more details how treaties are working
  • Decreased Joe's expansion speed a bit

Magni Mission
  • Xrathul no longer leave without you doing anything. They no loner harvest rocks and forests and only take very few fossil resources.
  • You can use rare resources now to "donate" them to the Xrathul

Thanks for your interest in the Imagine Earth Project, tell us what you think about the latest developments or get engaged in any of the games social platforms. For example you can engage in our new Imagine Earth wiki on gamepedia.
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15 maggio

#43 "Ocean Districts & Trade Discounts"

Dear Colony Managers,
prepare yourselves to build some beautiful ocean districts for your people! In addition there are loads of detail improvements that give the overall playability a huge boost! Mostly based on testing and your highly appreciated feedback. Special thanks to Johannes for improving our german translation!

  • Display info icons during colony placement
  • Trade discounts and surcharges
  • Ocean district
  • UI improvements for research, colony shares and workshop
  • List of gameplay improvements
  • New rendering system for buildings and world objects

Colony Placement

Placing a new colony or frontier building now displays icons on the surrounding fields. The represent the quality of the area by highlighting deserts, fields with high fertility, fossil or rare resources and more.

Trade Discounts
The price of resources and items always depends on who you are trading with. Space merchants and tech traders will charge a fee that makes buying more expensive and selling less lucrative. Natives and midras on the other side don't know a lot about space market prices and often sell stuff very cheap.

Other colonists, finally, link their pricing to your diplomatic relation. This means it can be very powerful to have a good relation towards another company.

Ocean District
This new district is now made available in the Lorian mission.

The ocean district can be built on coast fields and the open sea. Districts have to be linked to others who connect with the shore.

Microplastic collectors clean the seas and recover goods by filtering floating plastic, other waste and impurities from the water.

Ocean thermal energy conversion uses the temperature difference between cooler deep sea and warmer surface water to meet part of the energy demand.

UI Improvements
  • Only display elements of buildings that are already available (the buildings don't have to be licensed, though)
  • Highlight research options by improved category: energy, food, goods, income, emissions

Colony Share Trading
  • Take-over of a city no longer needs at least 50% of shares
  • Clearly display the player's stake in another colony
  • Tooltip with transaction fee and expected dividend

  • Unite different item categories in single panel with scroll bars

Other UI Stuff
  • Added "mission failed" dialog to competitions
  • Highlight when an opposing faction is almost winning the competition
  • "Back" buttons in game are now called "resume game" to make it more clear
  • Infrastructure buildings now have gray icons

  • In competition and free play other factions will no longer wait until you have placed your first city center
  • Forests and other plants regrow much faster now after being harvested or burning
  • Nitroskirlid-pumpkins grow bigger in most areas now
  • Increased number of default tech licenses in competition and free play

Graphics & Tech
We have completely rewritten our rendering system for buildings and other world objects:
  • Improved render performance
  • Much nicer animations
  • More powerful particle effects
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“The demo is quite charming... There's already evidence of a decent game”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Imagine Earth is a refreshingly streamlined and charming apporach to civilization sims - and one with plenty of room to grow as it wades through Early Access.”

“This environmentally-conscious title may very well prove to generate news in the months to come.”

Informazioni sul gioco

Colonizzazione planetaria

Imagine Earth è una simulazione planetaria in tempo reale e un gioco di strategia. Il tuo compito, quale manager di una colonia spaziale, è quello di esplorare e popolare lontani pianeti. Costruisci colonie fiorenti e redditizie, commerciando risorse e beni nello spazio.

Espansione e ricerca

Costruisci immense città e soddisfa i loro bisogni costruendo centrali elettriche, fattorie e fabbriche. Scava alla ricerca di cristalli ideon, pacifica le rivolte, ricerca tecnologie o nuovi edifici e massimizza la tua crescita mantenendo l'ecosistema in buona salute.

Alleati, minacce e nemici

Preparati ad avere a che fare con minacce come piogge di asteroidi, tornado, incendi, vulcani e disastri ambientali. Respingi i predoni spaziali e gli speculatori alieni. Coesisti e commercia con nativi, mercanti e colonie ostili.

L'età del capitalismo spaziale

Nel 2048 delle immense corporazioni si sono spartite la Terra, sfruttandone ogni risorsa naturale. Ora, grazie alla scoperta dei cristalli ideon, i viaggi nello spazio sono all'ordine del giorno, anche se dal punto di vista tecnologico e culturale quasi ogni cosa è rimasta invariata, in un universo dominato dalle leggi del mercato.

Competizione e guerra economica

Su ogni pianeta scoperto è iniziata la competizione per il dominio economico. Per espandere la tua colonia il più in fretta possibile e superare i tuoi avversari dovrai sfruttare le risorse fossili e i minerali a disposizione. Potrai ottenere più denaro vendendo le tue azioni, oppure prendere il controllo delle altre città acquistando le loro.

Commercio di risorse e tecnologie

I signori del commercio interplanetario, veri dominatori dello spazio, saranno lieti di acquistare i minerali e le risorse che estrarrai, e di scambiare con te molte tecnologie interessanti. Lo stesso vale per le colonie alleate e per le tribù autoctone che vivono su alcuni pianeti.

Profitto vs ecocidio

Sperimenta il grande conflitto tra gli obiettivi delle corporazioni interstellari e la necessità di preservare le condizioni di vita della tua gente. Gas di scarico e inquinamento del suolo hanno un impatto sul clima globale e sulla crescita della tua colonia, mentre l'innalzamento delle temperature provoca lo scioglimento delle calotte polari, con conseguenze potenzialmente disastrose.


  • Un'esperienza globale, in tempo reale, senza le solite mappe "quadrate".
  • Modalità Campagna completamente giocabile. Una storia che vi porterà a esplorare 7 diversi pianeti.
  • Modalità Libera con creazione procedurale dei pianeti, per un numero illimitato di mondi e sfide.
  • Modalità Competizione per partite contro un massimo di 4 corporazioni (IA) per pianeta.
  • Editor per pianeti, con possibilità di terraformare, costruire e modificare mondi che possono poi essere salvati e condivisi.
  • Oltre 30 edifici per le tue colonie, con l'aggiunta di upgrade dedicati.
  • Una simulazione globale dell'inquinamento e delle emissioni planetarie.
  • Catastrofi: fuoriuscite di sostanze chimiche e di petrolio, contaminazioni radioattive, incendi, tornado, vulcani, disboscamento e desertificazione, invasori alieni e robotici.
  • In caso di riscaldamento globale lo scioglimento delle calotte polari provocherà l'innalzamento del livello del mare, causando inondazioni.[/list]

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processore: 2 GHz or multiple cores with 1,5 GHz
    • Memoria: 2 GB di RAM
    • Scheda video: DirectX 11 compliant graphics card with 1GB dedicated memory
    • DirectX: Versione 11
    • Memoria: 500 MB di spazio disponibile
    • Note aggiuntive: Windows Vista and XP might work, but are not officially supported
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