Imagine Earth ist eine Echtzeit-Planeten-Simulation und ein Aufbau-Strategie-Spiel. Ihr Job als Space-Kolonie-Manager ist es, weit entfernte Planeten zu erkunden und zu bevölkern. Bauen Sie profitable Kolonien im globalem Maßstab auf und verkaufen Sie Ressourcen und Güter in den Weltraum.
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20. Mai 2014

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Early Access-Spiel

Erhalten Sie sofortigen Zugang und bringen Sie sich in die Entwicklung ein.

Hinweis: Dieses Early Access-Spiel ist noch nicht fertig und könnte sich in Zukunft verändern. Wenn Ihnen das Spiel im aktuellen Zustand nicht gefällt, sollten Sie abwarten und sehen, ob sich das Spiel weiterentwickelt. Mehr erfahren

Was die Entwickler zu sagen haben:

Wozu Early Access?

“As a small indie studio we need all the feedback we can get. Adding new features and balancing the game dynamics is a quite complex task within the global simulation of our planets. Additionally the income of early access helps us to stay independent. We want to take the time to evolve this game into a little sensation. Something that has never been played this way before. The first planet colonization climate survival game.”

Wie lange wird dieses Spiel ungefähr den Early Access-Status haben?

“We plan to release Imagine Earth early 2019.

There is a new update release every month!”

Wie soll sich die Vollversion von der Early Access-Version unterscheiden?

“Currently there are four big things to do:
- Add more interaction with other (AI) colonies: taking over, sabotage, ...
- Improve trading system and add crafting with the gathered resources
- Make the general gameplay more diverse.
- Iterate until the whole thing is perfect ;-)”

Was ist der derzeitige Stand der Early Access-Version?

“Please read the feature list in the description below.”

Wird dieses Spiel während und nach Early Access unterschiedlich viel kosten?

“No, the release price will be the same.”

Wie werden Sie versuchen, die Community in den Entwicklungsprozess mit einzubeziehen?

“We need your thoughts, ideas and direct feedback on what you experience during gameplay. To keep you updated about the actual development process we are writing a friday report every week and there's a major update release once a month. The complex interconnections between the buildings are a hell of a balancing job on which your opinion is highly appreciated. Name the features you would be most excited about and let's make this thing a unique experience together.”

Imagine Earth kaufen


Kürzliche Updates Alle anzeigen (81)

4. August

#45 "Space Pirates and Special Vendors"

Dear Colony Managers, space is getting more frightening by now as a new threat is arising. Read about space pirates, special vendors, unique landing ships for all eight corporations and much more in our latest update release #45. Here's what we got for you this time:
  • Beware the Space Pirates
  • New Item: Resource Piracy
  • Unique Landing Ships
  • Three Specialized Traders
  • Resource Trading Partners and Auto-Trade
  • Emission Trade and Visualization
  • More New Features & Fixes

Beware the Space Pirates
These nasty creatures land a strange kind of unknown flying object right over your warehouse to plunder it with their tractor beam. Simultaneously they start firing their board cannon to vandalize your base.

You can helplessly sit back and relax until they have stolen enough and loose interest. Or, you can choose to pay a ransom or install an energy shield onto a tower to block the guys off from your warehouses. In later missions you might as well develop lasers or pulse canons to give them a warm welcome if they ever return...

New Item: Resource Piracy
These pirates are not only a threat that randomly happens. You can also craft a landing control to send them upon one of your opponents. Sweet addition: You get half of what their ship can steal.

Unique Landing Ships
We are proudly presenting individual colony landing ships for all eight corporations.

After having introduced the individual factions last update now you can tell the difference between them by looking at their landing ship, which is automatically expanded into the main city tower after landing.

Three Specialized Traders
They come around with awesome looking new space ships amazing landing animations ;-). And they are specialized to trade either wares, items and tech, or rare resources.

Resource Trading Partners and Auto-Trade
The resource panel has been split into a money and a resources part. This helps to put the four basic resource classes and their storing and trading issues directly into the middle of your attention.

It now also shows you if there is another colony or trader able and willing to sell a certain resource to you when you need it (e.g for crafting).

You can also activate the automatic purchase and sale of resources. Note that this involves trading with every potential trading partner - regardless of whether the price is fair or not.

Emission Trade and Visualization
The emission levy now always must be payed as soon, as a company on the planet has a negative emission balance. Environmentally friendly corporations get emission trade payouts if there is a company that pays in.
The global emission balance is now visualized with positive values when the world's climate is OK. It's represented with negative red numbers when climate balance is going bad. Much more intuitive isn't it?

More New Features
  • Now you get written info on all construct upgrades left to the tool ring.
  • The field info panel with details on deposits, pollution and other values of a single field is now also visible in navigation mode.
  • The probability of occurrence of riots and epidemics was too low. it has been increased by about 40%.
  • When using the seed bomb or nitro-skirlide seeds you can now see how well the plants will grow in that area.
  • There's now a countdown for competitors coming down and landing their capsules. This puts you a bit under time pressure to find the best place for the base.
  • You can buy landing permits in missions as soon as you got the second city center. Good news in case a city is burning down.
  • Temples can now be repaired.
  • Trading panel improvements

  • Rewritten - Hypergate Ideon Objective - the vendor states out more clearly have to find and also sell the ideon crystal to him to open hyperspace gate into Udoxia Galaxy.
  • Rebalanced - Higher runtime costs for remediation centers
  • Fixed - Temples are no longer charging themselves apparently by surrounding nature or stuff
  • Fixed - Rocks had a shimmering on the surface as if they where rare resources
  • Fixed - A city center landing is now final - no more abort and vanishing of the landing capsule
  • Fixed - Background of colony value
  • Changed - Loading screens animations
  • Fixed - Many particle emitter problems
  • Fixed - Warehouse Upgrades couldn't be activated in the tech-panel
  • Fixed - Cure goal bar looked finished after half of the task
  • Fixed - Savegame buttons in sandbox mode or messed up
  • Highscore background bar is reworked
  • Fixes for Rounos mission: Joe story plot does not wait for clicking the quest icons anymore.
  • Tornado fix - still visible in navigation when multiple tornados in one field.
  • Midras Extractor Temple has model and animation fixes
  • Midras Digger fixed model and particle system. Dust when drilling.
  • Spaceport fixes
Thanks for your attention once again! We hope you enjoy playing Imagine Earth and share with us your ideas on development.
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26. Juni

#44 "Individual Corporations"

Wow, this feels like the biggest game system update since ever. It comes with a Simplified Chinese translation ( many thanks to deloquac! ) and so many other changes. Good timing to invite friends: Imagine Earth is 20% off during the steam summer sale.

Please check out our brand new Discord channel for Imagine Earth where we'd love to discuss the latest features with you. But first of all check out what we got for you this time:
  • Items for special buildings
  • New rare resource: Artifacts
  • Special abilities in research
  • Individual corporations
  • New faction: Nootilas
  • New faction: Privateers
  • New UI for build ring
  • Global warehouse storage
  • Translation for Simplified Chinese
  • New savegame menu
  • New frontier visualization
  • Fixes und Mission Improvements

Items for Special Buildings
You can now craft construction kits and landing controls for special buildings like the temple, pyramid, assimilator, Midras digger and the extractor and then place these units where and when ever you need them.

The extractor can only be build on an asteroid of course. Assimilator and digger can only be build outside the base. In rare cases traders will ship these items.

New Rare Resource: Artifacts
These artifacts are parts of ancient alien technology which enable you to use the Gaian energy force fields of the planet. They are used to craft all the special constructions mentioned above.

To gain artifacts you can now plunder temple ruins and wracked assimilators using drones. In addition they are produced by natives and can by bought from them (as long as you have a friendly relationship).

Special Abilities in Research
We have thrown the standard tools like claim and clean out of the research panel ( they're all available by default now ) to make place for eleven new research options. They are very powerful general improvements for your colony management system.

Options vary from "-10% construct costs" or "-20% percent emissions" to lower consumption of food or goods and so on. Only difficulty: You need to research a whole research sector line to unlock them on the end.

Individual Corporations
There are now eight different corporations in the game with individual setup of technologies, startup icons and special abilities. In free play and competition mode you can choose one of these parties. The unlocked technologies of each faction also includes research of the upgrades. So each company has its own preset of research points to start with in the research system.

New Faction: Nootilas
Check out the two totally new factions to get a sense of how their individual possibilities are set up! We are actually still working on this and try to balance the factions. Please tell us what you experience throughout the gameplay ..

New Faction: Privateers
These corporations come with an individual background story as well which will be reflected in a kind of personal agenda as developments continues. This agenda will define how the company operates when they are you're AI controlled opponents if you chose them for a colonization match.

New Frontier Visualization
To get rid of these edgy triangle borders we made the visualization of the borders much more discreet and subtile.

New UI for Build Ring
Last update we integrated infos about a working construct into its ring so you can understand in detail what influences production and mood.

Now we have also added all the general values and information on buildings into the build ring to make the different constructs comparable. In this context the descriptions of all buildings have been revised.

Global Warehouse Storage
There is a global storage system now. The resources will be shared between all your warehouses. Whenever a warehouse gets lost, broken or taken over by an opponent, your precious resources will be shipped to other facilities through an underground tunnel system to ensure nothing gets lost.

Each warehouse now also has two slots for energy, food and goods each by default.

Translation to Simplified Chinese
Well yeah, Imagine Earth is available in Simplified Chinese now. All of a sudden deloquac popped up with a complete translation of our game. Thank you so much deloquac, this really helps us out and we'll mention you in the games credits! If anyone of you could imagine pushing this project forward with a translation into your native language please let us know:

New Savegame Menu
We have implemented a new approach to the savegame menu as well. You can now see more structured information and a small close up screenshot to pick the right savegame.

UI & Graphics
  • Load campaign planets directly from campaign screen
  • When placing a building show icons on fields that positively influence the building
  • Xrathul particle effects working again
  • Replaced € icon with the games currency symbol (
  • Show claim tool option on all unowned fields (as a hint that it exists)
  • Increase visibility of tooltip window arrow
  • Improved store visualization of not available resources and items
  • Improved speaker voice quality
  • Jump to other faction city by clicking the according goals panel icon (free play)
  • Rotate and tilt camera with pressed middle mouse or G key
  • Don't show harvest dust for forests before harvesting has started
  • Improved quality of small icons in the world and UI
  • New player profile icon
  • Construction site is no longer displayed with transparency

Fixes & Improvements
  • AI now uses cannons and ideon bomb to defend against assimilators
  • Population should always slowly grow when capacity is free and they aren't starving
  • Chemical plants are now available in all later campaign missions
  • Clean tool didn't show on the correct field when occupied by a multi-field building
  • Share trading should always be allowed
  • Increased likelyhood of incidents for intact buildings
  • Renamed Saw mill to Wood factory
  • Harvesting any forest type now will always "produce" timber
  • Forests shrink slower when negative factors reduce their maximum size
  • Temples charge with Gaia twice as fast

Lorian Mission
  • Oil pests now take much longer before they disperse
  • Reduced fertility and starting area
  • Increased likelyhood of meteor showes
  • Fixed unclear and wrong parts in space market quest

Rounos Mission
  • Joe race goal didn't properly show population count
  • Native quest explains in more details how treaties are working
  • Decreased Joe's expansion speed a bit

Magni Mission
  • Xrathul no longer leave without you doing anything. They no loner harvest rocks and forests and only take very few fossil resources.
  • You can use rare resources now to "donate" them to the Xrathul

Thanks for your interest in the Imagine Earth Project, tell us what you think about the latest developments or get engaged in any of the games social platforms. For example you can engage in our new Imagine Earth wiki on gamepedia.
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“The demo is quite charming... There's already evidence of a decent game”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Imagine Earth is a refreshingly streamlined and charming apporach to civilization sims - and one with plenty of room to grow as it wades through Early Access.”

“This environmentally-conscious title may very well prove to generate news in the months to come.”

Über dieses Spiel

Planetare Kolonisierung

Imagine Earth ist eine Echtzeit-Planeten-Simulation und ein Aufbau-Strategie-Spiel.Ihr Job als Space-Kolonie-Manager ist es, entfernte Planeten zu erforschen und zu bevölkern.Bauen Sie gedeihende und rentable Kolonien im globalem Maßstab auf und verkaufen Sie Ressourcen und Güter in den Weltraum.

Expansion und Forschung

Errichten Sie riesige Städte und stillen deren wachsenden Hunger nach Ressourcen durch den Bau von Kraftwerken, Farmen und Fabriken. Buddeln Sie nach Ideon Kristallen, befrieden Sie Aufstände, erforschen Sie Technologien und Einheiten und maximieren Sie Ihre Wachstumsrate unter ohne das Ökosystem zu gefährden.

Alliierte, Bedrohungen und Feinde

Rechnen Sie mit Bedrohungen wie Asteroiden, Wirbelstürmen, Waldbränden, Vulkanen und steigenden MeeresspiegelnVerteigen Sie sich gegen Raumräuber und Alien Investoren. Koexistieren und handeln Sie mit Eingeborenen, Kaufleuten und feindlichen Kolonien.

Kapitalistisches Raumzeitalter

Im Jahr 2048 haben riesige Konzerne die Erde unter sich aufgeteilt und die natürlichen Ressourcen des Planeten weitgehend ausgebeutet. Die Entdeckung von Ideon Kristallen ermöglicht nun Reisen in den Weltraum, während technologisch und ideologisch fast alles gleich geblieben ist. Die Gesetze des Marktes breiten sich in den letzten Winkel des Universums aus.

Wettbewerb und Wirtschaftskrieg

Auf jedem entdeckten Planeten bricht aufs neue Konkurrenz um die wirtschaftliche Vorherrschaft aus. Um Ihre Kolonie so schnell wie möglich zu erweitern und Ihre Gegner zu überwinden, müssen sie die frei verfügbaren fossilen Ressourcen und Mineralien nutzen. Benötigtes Kapital lässt sich durch den Verkauf von Aktien Ihrer Kolonie reinholen. Übernehmen Sie gegnerische Kolonien durch den Kauf ihrer Aktien.

Handelsressourcen und Technologien

Händler und Technikdealer organisieren den interplanetaren Handel und kaufen gerne Güter, die Sie in Ihrem Territorium herstellen und versorgen Sie mit Spezial-Technik und Ausrüstung. Das gleiche gilt für kooperative Kolonien, Lebewesen und Stämme, die auf den Planeten leben.

Profite vs. Klimakollaps

Sie werden in den massiven Konflikt geraten, zwischen den Gewinnzielen interstellarer Konzerne und der Notwendigkeit, die Lebensbedingungen für Ihre Bevölkerung zu bewahren. Abgasemissionen und Bodenbelastungen beeinflussen das globale Klima, wenn Ihre Kolonie wächst. Steigende Temperaturen schmelzen Polarkappen und Ihre Kolonien werden durch steigenden Meeresspiegel zerstört.


  • Spiele auf einem gesamten Globus statt auf begrenzten viereckigen Karten.
  • Eine voll spielbare und Story basierte Einzelspieler Kampagne mit 7 Planeten / Missionen.
  • Freies Spiel bietet einen Generator für endlos viele prozedurale Planeten und Herausforderungen.
  • Wettbewerbsmodus kann gegen bis zu 4 KI-Fraktionen gespielt werden.
  • Ein Planeteneditor bietet Terraforming und ermöglicht die Erstellung individueller Planeten, ebenso das speichern und teilen.
  • Entwickle über 30 Koloniegebäude mit individuellen Upgrades.
  • Globale Simulation von lokaler Verschmutzung und globalen Emissionen.
  • Katastrophen: z.B. Meteoriten, Ölteppiche, radioaktive Verseuchung, Waldbrände, Tornados, Vulkane, Sterbende Wälder und wachsende Wüsten.
  • Abschmelzendes Eis der Polarkappen erhöht den Meeresspiegel und beginnt deine Küsten zu fluten, wenn du es zur globalen Erwärmung kommen lässt.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows 7/8/10
    • Prozessor: 2 GHz or multiple cores with 1,5 GHz
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: DirectX 11 compliant graphics card with 1GB dedicated memory
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Speicherplatz: 500 MB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
    • Zusätzliche Anmerkungen: Windows Vista and XP might work, but are not officially supported

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