Set sail in the open seas and plunder solo, PvE or PvP. Trade goods for ship upgrades or equipments to hunt the Kraken, all in the same Server. Dominate by yourself or with maties. Arrrr for free!
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Q4 2023

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Planned Release Date: Q4 2023

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About This Game

Embark on an epic action-adventure RPG in this open-world sandbox pirate game for 1-128 players. Explore a procedurally-generated world inspired by One Piece, as you customize your ship, crew, and cove to battle mythical monsters and conquer the seven seas!

  • Explore unique biomes in a procedurally-generated world
  • Start your own sandbox server instance and cooperate (or battle)
  • Play cross-server in Pirate clans, raids, auctions, and PvP arenas
  • Select your ship class and playstyle
  • Collect and craft powerful gear and weaponry
  • Take down mythical sea creatures in dungeons or the open sea
  • Ally (or war) with different world Factions and uncover humorous quest lines
  • Recruit crew with unique buffs and skills

Based on the cult Steam game with over 200,000 downloads, you won’t be sailing alone in Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay. Come on board and feel the breeze in your beards* as we sail into a new chapter together!
*for the unbearded, hook-ons are available for a modest fee.

The Ships

All hands on deck to hit the stretch goals and unlock more classes!
In Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay, you can collect a fleet but you may only captain 1 ship at a time. Each has different traits and can be further customized with Gear and Weapons (see later sections).

Stretch Goals:

Frigate - High Capacity (cargo), every merchant's favorite
Galley - Supply Ship, every fleet needs a good support
Corvette - A balanced multi-tasker; Jack's favorite ship

Master their unique playstyles and skills, and make the seas your…old salty dog.


You’ll encounter a plethora of "recruitable" and powerful NPCs as you explore the world! Convince these legendary sea rogues to accept you as their captain and join your motley crew to conquer the oceans together.

Equip up to 3 NPCs on your ship and level them to unlock or upgrade active skills and passive buffs (or debuffs). Design your own lethal combination of crew + ship for custom encounters!


Go up against different enemies, all intent on rooting out piracy - aka YOU.

  • Dungeon and raid mobs and bosses in each biome
  • Naval fleets that patrol the open seas
  • Naval elites that hunt you down as your notoriety goes up
  • Pesky sea creatures that disrupt your adventures
  • Mythical open-world sea horrors that you have to take down together

You can score rare and important relics and materials when you take down more dangerous enemies!

Size of open-world bosses vs Dreadnought

Procedurally-Generated Worlds

In the grand tradition of some of our favorite games like Valheim, V Rising, Project Zomboid, and more, you can start your own game instances in Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay:
  • Open/Public: open it up to 128 players and see who comes to cooperate (or battle)
  • Private: invite only your mates or simply play solo in your own private world
  • Bring your ships and the inventory onboard to any other server


No matter what the map seed is, the Imperial Navy and other world factions in Piratopia will offer friendly parties different trade options and access to unique materials, quests, and crew (check out the next section).
Go against them and they will hunt you down whenever you are sighted. It's up to you to be a friend or foe with them!

Player Modding

Help us hit our stretch goals to unlock player-modded dungeons!
We'll give you the tools to be your own game designers and dungeon masters in Piratopia. Create and share your own brilliant and insane encounters, and make it as fun - or brutal - as you like!

The Lore

Before his death, "Bloodhound" Addicus left pages of his journal scattered across the Seven Seas of Astillia, detailing several ancient monuments lost beneath the waves. Legend has it that anyone who manages to retrieve these monuments will be granted untold riches and mastery of the oceans.

Gears & Weapons

From extra armor plating to hyper propellers, it's up to you to farm and equip parts so you can have the right build for the right encounters. Each ship class can be leveled to unlock:
Up to 5 Gear slots - Choose between moving faster, being more durable, or having more firepower.

Up to 3 Weapon slots - Choose your flavor of destruction:

  • Basic cannonballs - always a classic...
  • Long cannons - a bit more fun than the basic kind.
  • Missiles - yes, you heard right.
  • Flamethrowers - crude and short-range, but effective.
  • Thunderbolt (AoE) - aim, drop, watch it zap!
  • Chainsaws - cos we like melee action.
  • Lasers - bet you'd like to see THAT.
  • Naval mines (AoE) - sneaky and deadly.
  • And more!

(Welcome to Piratopia, cake or death?)


A crafty boy (or girl), eh? Through gear crafting, you tweak and balance your stats to:

  • Strengthen gear and weapons
  • Craft new gear and weapons from scratch
  • Break down unwanted items for resources
  • Unlock set bonuses (3, 5, and 8-piece sets)

Enchantment System (Stretch Goal)

Loot pretty sparkly gems from exploration, quests, and boss drops., then socket them into your gear to diversify builds by:
  • Socketing unique skills
  • Applying stat multipliers


Rally your mates to trade, raid and battle together as the mightiest flotilla ever seen on Astillia. In Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay, you will be able to create your own Pirate Clans and enjoy perks such as:

  • Cross-server clan banks
  • Clan buffs
  • Clan quests and rewards

Auction House

Wheel and deal with other enterprising players in a cross-server auction house, where you have the chance to score rare loot or become the mightiest trader of them all.

Player Vs Player

Ready to show off your mastery? Bloodthirsty pirates can enjoy:

  • 1v1 to 4v4 arenas
  • Free-for-all battle royale
  • Server leader boards
  • Cross-server leader boards
By battling in PVP activities, you will unlock new skins and titles exclusive to only those most skilled in naval skirmishes.
Will yours be the name that strikes fear in the hearts of a generation of seamen?


With a vast array of biomes for open exploration, each zone brings its own unique climate and denizens to the world of Astillia.
Biome-specific enemies

  • Whirlpools pull you to another plane to take on special challenges and bosses
  • Encounter Environmental hazards (Cold climate, Sirens, Storms, Whirlpools, and more)
  • Hidden secret quests that tie into the game's story and lore
  • Treasures scattered around the world

Piratopia's Creator

The brainchild of Adi Zhavo, Game Director at Popcore and creator of cult PvP arena brawler Gladio & Glory, Piratopia began its life as a one-man project developed during off-work hours while Adi juggled full-time work as a Game Producer.

Now, in collaboration with Project 99, Piratopia is getting a major upgrade from an addictive IO-style sea brawler to a brand new multiplayer game with a graphic overhaul, a bigger world, and tons of new features!

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System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 100 MB available space

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