Take on 56 brutal minigames, compete in daily challenges, get achievements and destroy hi scores in SUPER 56. Outlandish, genre-bending fun awaits you!
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About This Game

Welcome to Hell!

You'll be staying with KRONOS and BRONES who saved up their meagre wages to buy the ultra rare retro game SUPER 56, a compilation of fifty-six ludicrous minigames. KRONOS and BRONES dream of reaching Rank S and "rubbing it in everyone's faces", but sadly they suck, so your job is to do it for them.

What is SUPER 56?

Eons ago SUPER 56 was banned by the Government of Pain, it is rumoured that all copies were buried in the Samsara desert. Now, SUPER 56 catroids have been spotted in independent gaming stores throughout Hell.

Each run challenges players to get through as many minigame stages as possible before running out of lives, each stage is timed and as you pass each stage the game-speed will get dialled up until all Hell is unleashed. You'll earn medals for high scores on each stage and your best run goes onto the worldwide leaderboard.


Daily and Weekly challenges keep the action fresh and there's even rumours of free updates being added regularly to the game.

JRPG in 25 seconds!!

2D and 3D Retro Gaming

Each minigame stage comes from a different era of gaming, from the 8-bit era onwards featuring 2D handheld styles to fully 3D fantasy RPGs, to pseudo 3D hedgehog inspired stages and tons more:

  • Karting, fishing, archery
  • Typing, photography, courtroom drama
  • Refuelling a car, presenting the news, extreme skiing
  • Puzzles, retro 3D mazes, CATS
  • FPS, RPG, PPE(!)
  • ... and so many more!

A montage of levels. Even Rocky had a montage

Inclusive Gamplay

The denizens of Hell aka Hellspawn come in all shapes and sizes, KRONOS' mum has four legs and only one face. DAVE the local poet is a possessed Grateful Dead t-shirt that floats around aimlessly, that's why the developers designed SUPER 56's gameplay around a single button.

More Amazing Features

and that's not all, here's some more stuff to wrap your brain around:

  • Unlock Mod Stones to change the rules of each playthrough
  • Get bronze, silver or aim for gold on each stage
  • Collect coins and gift-bags to change up your profile which is visible on the leaderboard
  • Found a secret achievement? Leave hints for other players or if you're a big meanie try to confuse them with misinformation.
  • Can't find an achievement? Buy hints from other players (note, they may be trolling you lol)
  • Climb the leaderboard, it's totally worth it!
  • Compare your score, achievements and Mod Stones with friends and players worldwide

Achievements galore!

  • Every stage has an achievement
  • Unlock even more achievements by gaining XP and levelling up
  • Think outside the box to find secret achievements hidden throughout the stages
  • Track your career and achievement progress in the career menu

Gotta run fast to collect 20 apples

Choose your character

Customise your experience with unlockable characters, profile items, voice-packs, colours, patterns and ludicrous phrases. Be a fish, a bear, Nishibori, an ugly baby. Whatever you be, just be yourself. Open gift bags full of fun stuff or buy that item you've always wanted using coins collected from the in-game action.

Live your best cameraman fantasy as Abe reads the news

Hold on to your trousers

Here's 6 more reasons you'll love SUPER 56:

  • Full of references, homages and ridiculous humour
  • Easy to learn and hard to master
  • Fast, funny and occasionally flatulent
  • Experience the thrill of victory by completing a stage at the last possible nanosecond
  • Get medals for each stage, beat your personal best, be the best YOU that YOU can be
  • Tap your feet to the killer dynamic soundtrack

No lies here, all of this is included in SUPER 56!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Core i3 (or equivalent)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated graphics card with 4GB memory
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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