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title="Permanent Link to Call of Duty: Ghosts patch adds Chaos mode to Extinction">COD GHOSTS

The Call of Duty series has become somewhat infamous for hiding the bulk of its additional content inside paid-for DLC. A new PC patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts contains the rare bonus of a new, and entirely free, game mode. Chaos has been added to Extinction co-op multiplayer, providing a variation of the game type last seen as part of Modern Warfare 3's Spec-Ops mode.

In it, players battle never-ending waves of enemies. So far, so every co-op mode released since Gears of War, but the twist comes in the additional bonuses. By chaining together kills, players unlock power-ups to help them battle on. It certainly sounds like a chaotic variant of Extinction. As opposed to the orderly, subdued extinctions we're so used to.

Want to see a big ol' dump of patch notes? You're in luck:

Weapon Balance

MTAR-X: Reduced head-shot damage multiplier.


Restrict DLC weapons for clan v clan & esports mode.


Fixes dock exploit area in Whiteout.

Fixed map exploit on Freight so deployable boxes no longer stick to the gate.

Fixed map exploit on Warhawk so deployables no longer stick to the fence.

Overall anti-cheat improvements.

Additional Fixes

Adjusted Domination spawn logic to make it less likely for defenders to spawn near a flag if it is being captured.

Fix for 4096 error.

Fix for wiretap perk to work properly in Hardcore modes.

Fixed issue that classified non-sliding kills as sliding kills if the user died mid-slide.

Fix to default killstreak highlight to last one selected.

Fixed issue that allowed the user to navigate menus while accepting a clan invite.

Fixed flare audio after player leaves helo gunner.

Fixed hardcore audio alias for kill confirmed.

Added proper friendly alias for blitz friendly scoring.

Fix to properly show a popup dialog if a user tries to join on someone from the recently met player list that is a blocked user.

Added killcam for Night Owl deaths.

Fixed character scene offset causing misalignment of some characters.

New Features

"Chaos Mode" for Extinction.


Stability and performance improvements.

Fixed challenges that were providing more than one skill point.

Casual mode does not write to leaderboards.

Fixed issue where player models could appear stuck when taking large amounts of damage at once.

Improvements to drill placement logic.

Armor is now invulnerable when the Tank Class skill is active.


Late joining, spectating and players in Last Stand will now be teleported to the final Breeder fight if triggered without them.

Fixed case where players could prevent the Breeder from spawning on Nightfall.


Improved alien navigation and pathing.

Improved wall and ceiling navigation for aliens.

Updated Kraken smash and cool down logic.

Fixed ingredient issue where some combinations prevented creation.

Fixed cases where players could not turn a Rhino into a pet when using a Relic.

Improvements to clipping to prevent players from getting to undesirable locations.

Improvements to the Tesla Traps behavior.

Improved clipping to prevent players from placing the drill in undesirable locations.

MAAWS stability and tracking improvements.

Drill cannot be removed from the Drillbot after being placed.

Replaced the Drill waypoint icon after completing the defend from afar sequence.

Late joining, spectating players and players in Last Stand will now be teleported to the Kraken fight if triggered without them.

Improvements to pillage locations.

Deployed items in the lower portion of the ship are removed allowing for new item placement on the top deck of Mayday.

Friendly Seeder Turrets no longer prevent the gas sequence from triggering.

Intel audio snippets now play in game after being collected.

EMP effect from the Kraken no longer impacts skill point menu access.

Fixed crafting scoring exploit where players would mistakenly receive funds when canceling crafting.

PC Specific Update

Fixed rare crash.

Fixed invites not being processed properly during a loading screen in Multiplayer.

Fix to return user to the barracks after leaving clan through clan details.

The patch is out now for PC, and will download automatically through Steam.

Ta, CVG.
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title="Permanent Link to Red Orchestra 2 one-day deal will let you download and keep the game for free">Red Orchestra 2

Steam has a peculiar history with the word "free", thanks to its regular Free Weekends. Through them, you can get a free trial of the entirety of a game across a limited two-day period. Red Orchestra 2 will soon have one of these weekends, and an overall discount to go along with it. Even freer, though, is a deal that will go live for the multiplayer shooter later today. For a 24-hour period, you'll be able to download (and keep) the game forever, for free.

"Yes, Free!" confirms the enthusiastic Jared Creasy, Tripwire's community manager. "By navigating to http://store.steampowered.com/app/35450/ and downloading the game tomorrow after the promotion starts and before it ends (the promotion will last 24 hours), the game will be free to keep forever!"

It's not entirely clear when the deal will go live, but I suspect it'll be at the start of the new Steam-day around 10am PDT, or 6pm BST.

While it is a great deal, it's worth remembering that through Red Orchestra 2 you only get limited "rifle only" access to the Pacific-set follow up, Rising Storm. Owners of Rising Storm which recently updated with a free Game of the Year edition get full access to RO2's multiplayer.
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title="Permanent Link to Survarium opens its doors for one-day beta access this Friday">Survarium

Survarium the Stalker-ish free-to-play online shooter is preparing for "Doors Open Day" this Friday. Think of it like the opening of Pandora's box, only instead of all the world's evil, it's letting loose limited access to the game. And instead of a slow descent into guilt and madness, you've got a gun.

For 24-hours only, the game will be available to try in open beta, after which, its doors again slam shut. As early warning for what to expect, creators Vostok have created a video preview of the game's progress.

The 25th has been earmarked for the open access event. After that, potential players will have to wait for the full open beta; something Vostok say isn't too far away.

Currently the MMO shooter consists of just a PvP mode. In time, Vostok want the game to be a full online survival experience, in which mutants roam the lands, and humans fight over valuable anomalies.

To participate, head to the Survarium website on the 25th to download the game's latest client.

Thanks, PCGamesN.
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title="Permanent Link to Diary of a Droid Jedi – Star Wars Conquest, part 4">droid-jedi-4

This is a chronicle of our absurd, canon-destroying playthrough of Star Wars Conquest, a mod for sandbox RPG Mount & Blade. Our campaign to ruin Star Wars appears each Tuesday.

It s always embarrassing to be defeated by the elderly. Last week Emperor Palpatine gave me a lightsaber-whipping on the wooded arena of Endor, gutting my army with his formidable gang of gutless thugs and fascists: Stormtroopers, Imperial Navy Troopers, and Imperial Pilots.

But I d learned an important lesson: to gain renown in this war-torn universe, to survive, to bring glory and liberty to the Rebel forces, I was going to need my own formidable gang of gutless thugs and villains: Mandalorians, assassin droids, Wookiee warriors, and baby Rancors.

With recruitment as my goal, I get to work looting smaller civilian planets, which aren t typically defended in Star Wars Conquest. After a few hours of stealing melons and precious metal from helpless villagers (a menu action--I don t even have to get my hands dirty with in-game combat), I amass enough of a war chest to hire some A-grade space marauders.

Now 120-strong, I notice for the first time that Imperial ships in the galaxy are fleeing from me rather than chasing me down at every opportunity. I want to use this force to put a dent in the Empire.

I ve never sieged before, so it s probably smart to start somewhere modest, and undefended. Somewhere remote, a vulnerable weak point in the otherwise broad, durable armor of the Empire, guarded by fewer and less experienced Imperial forces.

That ll do.

I elect to siege the Death Star. What can possibly go wrong? It s guarded by 278 troops.

Oh god does it get bloody.

ENDLESS TROOPER CARNAGE. For the first time, reinforcements (presumably from my ship) join the battle mid-way to counter the enemy s own waves of reinforcements. My army and I kill an unprecedented 124 enemies, leaving only the commander alive--some doofus named High General Cassio Tagge, who I take captive.

I lose just seven of my warriors in the first fight--a Defiler, two Mandalorian Crusaders, three Power Droids, and a brave Baby Rancor.

Yes! And whoa, I might get to own the Death Star? Holy shit. I'd love to say something encouraging to my troops along the lines of "Great shot, that was one in a million," but the reality is that my untiring, undiscriminating lightsaber swinging was what turned the tide. My success in battle is directly proportionate to my ability to spam the left mouse button.

The battle won, I allow myself a moment of celebration. I walk the bridge of the Death Star, now sentried by friendly Rebel guards.

My power is endless. I upgrade my troops, give them a bit of time to heal, then move on to neighboring planet Endor, which is actually even more heavily defended than the Death Star. Luckily, I find some help on the surface.

I take Endor in a similar rout. It isn't easy, but finally having competent, durable troops makes a massive difference. Endor flips to Rebel colors, and a bit later I get a message from Mon Mothma.

Hmmph. I get a similar message about the Death Star, which is gifted to Biggs. Well fine, then. I see how this organization works. At least I know the value of capturing the Empire s spherical mega-weapon you've all been plotting tirelessly to destroy.

Feeling under-appreciated, I stroll away from that corner of the system, and stumble into the biggest formation of group ships I ve ever seen in Star Wars Conquest. Nine Rebel ships roll in formation from an outpost, including Mon Mothma s flagship. They seem to be crawling the galaxy, knocking over planets. I join the mob, wondering where this massive war party will take me.
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title="Permanent Link to H1Z1 money-making strategy will focus on player customization, won’t be pay-to-win">H1Z1

H1Z1, SOE s upcoming zombie MMO, continues to draw ideas and feedback from the growing community and new subreddit. In a new post, SOE s John Smedley has shared some notes from a recent meeting on monetization that is, how the free-to-play H1Z1 will make money for its developers. The short version: character customization and wearable items will be up for sale.

We will be selling wearables. We felt like this will be a good, fair revenue generator, Smedley wrote in a post to the H1Z1 subreddit. However we recognize how important finding wearables in the world is so you'll be able to find and craft a lot of stuff. We agree that's something important. In a free-to-play game, what s not being sold is more important than what is. Anything that gives players an edge, from extra-large backpacks to weapons, medicine, and food, gives paying customers an unfair advantage over unpaid, usually newer, players. Smedley confirmed that We will NOT be selling Guns, Ammo, Food, Water... i.e. That's kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that.

The most encouraging thing about Smedley s posts is his deep involvement with the community and his frank answers. In a previous story, we praised Smedley for tackling head-on the game s resemblance to DayZ (which, let s be honest, is pretty stark). Smedley praised forum posters for their involvement in a thread brainstorming monetization ideas, which he says turned out to be a terrific source of ideas.

H1Z1 is still quite a way off, but so often we blast developers for being tone-deaf to the needs and feedback of their communities. Continuing to keep a community happy while you develop a game is a challenging tight-rope to walk, but Smedley s tone and engagement gives me some cautious optimism for the game s future.
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title="Permanent Link to BlizzCon 2014 dates and prices announced">blizzcon

Time to dust off that Kerrigan cosplay custom and maybe save some money. Blizzard just announced the dates and location for BlizzCon 2014, when tickets will go on sale, and for how much.

Tickets will go on sale in two batches, the first on Wednesday, May 7 at 7pm PT, and the second on Saturday, May 10 at 10am PT. You ll be able to buy them through the online event ticketing service Eventbrite at $199 a pop, not including applicable taxes and fees. If you really want to break the bank, there are also a limited number of tickets to an exclusive pre-BlizzCon Benefit Dinner, which will go on sale Wednesday, May 14 at 7pm PT for $750 (also not including taxes and fees). These include admission to BlizzCon, and will benefit Children s Hospital of Orange County.

You can find more information on the BlizzCon Ticket webpage.

The convention will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California on November 7-8. As usual, if you go, you ll be able to get hand-on time with the latest version of Blizzard s games, attend the StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals, attend various panels with Blizzard developers, and take home all the convention swag you can carry.

If you re unable to attend, Blizzard also said that it will announce an option for a Virtual Ticket at a later date, which will give you access to a multichannel internet stream of the event.
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title="Permanent Link to Rise of Incarnates announced, a free-to-play fighter for PC">RoI

With both the Tekken and SoulCalibur series to it s name, Bandai Namco clearly knows how to make a fighting game. It s not a genre that gets a lot of traction on PC, which is why the announcement of Rise of Incarnates, a free-to-play fighting game exclusive to the PC, is so intriguing.

Bandai Namco boasts that the game is from the creators of the Tekken and SoulCalibur franchises, but it doesn t at all look like a traditional fighting game. It will feature unfettered 3D combat, where teams of two run, fly, and battle through destroyed cities. From watching the trailer, you get the feeling that players aren t locked into the same 2D plane, but free to roam around big environments. If anything, it looks more like Namco Bandai s Naruto and Gundam fighting games, or the GunZ games, which are also free-to-play.

If you re interested, you can sign up for the Rise of Incarnates Alpha on the game s official site. It s also where you ll find more background on its delightfully ridiculous post-apocalyptic setting and characters. There s even a short comic book about it packed with ka-booms, pows, whumps, and other onomatopoeias you d expect from a story consisting mostly of violence.

Bandai Namco says Rise of Incarnates is set to release in the latter part of 2014.
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title="Permanent Link to Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars makes the jump to Steam Early Access">Infinite_Space_3

Indie developer Digital Eel has released the third of its roguelike space adventure Infinite Space series, Sea of Stars, to Steam Early Access. A single-player strategy game with turn-based movement but real-time combat, the move to Steam follows the developer's developer successful Kickstarter funding campaign from 2013.

"The current Early Access build allows you to have short free-form adventures in the sandbox-like Infinite Space universe that is randomized each time you play, with a simple scoring system," reports the developer on its Steam page. "You can also set up combat scenarios with any of the existing ships and weapons in the Combat Simulator."

As we can see in the latest trailer above, IS3's approach to its science fiction universe isn't lacking in a certain kind of charm, as long as the risk of permadeath doesn't scare you off. The developer contrasts IS3 with previous Infinite Space games by pointing out the interactivity it's building into the roguelike:

"Locations like star bases will be real places with more to do than just trade items, and you may have to attack or defend one in combat," according to Digital Eel's website. "Individual NPCs as well as alien war fleets will go about their business that may or may not be aligned with your interests, and you will have to pick sides. Technology available to you as well as others will advance as time passes, including larger ships showing up."

Digital Eel is planning to have the game finished by the end of 2014 and will set the launch price at $10 the same as Early Access, according to Steam. There are even a few more videos documenting the game's progress, if you're interested.
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title="Permanent Link to 2K migrates Civilization games and Borderlands from GameSpy to Steamworks">Borderlands 2

Online matchmaking client GameSpy is shutting down on May 31, which means that the games that still rely on it will have to either transition to a new solution or go offline. It looked pretty grim for a long list of games when we first heard the news, but since then most of the popular games announced that they will not go silently into the night. Today, we got the great news from 2K that there might be bit of downtime, but that Borderlands and the Civilization series will be transitioning to Steamworks.

Beginning May 31, 2014, select legacy titles from the Borderlands and Civilization catalogs will temporarily go offline while service is transitioned to Steamworks, 2K said on its website. During the transition, players will experience interruption of several features, including online play, matchmaking and voice over Internet protocol (VOIP). Players will not experience interruptions to offline play.

Here s 2K s full list of games that are switching to Steamworks:


Civilization III

Civilization III: Conquests

Civilization III: Play the World

Civilization IV

Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

Civilization IV: Colonization

Civilization IV: Warlords

As we ve previously reported, Electronic Arts, Activision, Epic Games, and Bohemia Interactive all announced that some or all of their games will survive the GameSpy shutdown.

So far, the biggest casualties seem to be the online multiplayer modes for Crysis and Crysis 2. If you re really upset by that, there s even an online petition you can sign.
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title="Permanent Link to 4K Screenshot Showcase: Broken Age">4k screenshot showcase - broken age

Every week, keen screen-grabber Ben Griffin brings you a sumptuous 4K resolution gallery to celebrate PC gaming's prettiest places.

We've featured a lot of highly detailed 3D worlds in the screenshot showcase, now it's time to give some excellent 2D art the 4K treatment. Broken Age looks fantastic at ordinary resolutions, but now you can see Double Fine's finest work at crisp, detailed 4K res. Click on the links to see the full-size versions, and be sure to zooooom, unless you have a 4K monitor, in which case, just sit back and bask.

See the full version here.

See the full version here.

See the full version here.

See the full version here.

See the full version here.

See the full version here.

See the full version here.

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

See the full version here

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