Robbants utat magadnak ellenséges vonalakon át Inferno, egy világuralomra törő őrült legyőzéséhez. Most igazi a rombolás.
Felhasználói értékelések: Nagyon pozitív (572 értékelés)
Megjelenés dátuma: 2011. okt. 26.

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Megjegyzés: Renegade Ops does not support Windows XP

Renegade Ops vásárlása

Renegade Ops - Four Pack vásárlása

A játék négy példányát tartalmazza - A plusz példányokat küldd el barátaidnak.


Kurátorok által ajánlott

"A four-player Co-op twin stick shooter with cutscenes actually worth watching. Grab three friends and pick this up next seasonal sale, it's worth it."

Steam Exclusive Offer

Vezesd a Half-Life 2 sportkocsiját és engedd szabadjára a hangyalesőket az ellenséggel küzdő Renegade Ops megsegítésére.

A játékról

Most lett igazi a rombolás.
A Renegade Ops-ban egy Inferno nevű, világuralomra törő őrültet kell legyőznöd. Pusztítsd az ellenséget bámulatos környezetek során át, járművek széles választékával. A játékos harcolhat egyedül egyjátékos módban, csapatot szervezhet offline kétjátékos osztott képernyős játékban, vagy csatlakozhat a dinamikus négy résztvevős online együttműködő élményhez. Robbantsatok utat magatoknak az ellenséges vonalakon át összedolgozva, vagy versengjetek a teljesítményekért, ahogy te és barátaid célba veszitek az online ranglisták csúcsát.


  • Egyjátékos hadjárat változatos, buja pályákon át
  • Négy játszható jármű egyedi speciális fegyverekkel
  • Két résztvevős osztott képernyős együttműködő játék
  • Online versengés legfeljebb négy játékosnak
  • Növeld karaktered szintjét fegyverzeted bővítéséhez
  • Küzdj az online ranglisták első helyéért


    • Operációs rendszer: Microsoft Windows Vista (Windows XP nem támogatott)
    • Processzor: Intel Core® 2 Duo 2.6 GHz vagy AMD Phenom X3 2.4GHz vagy hasonló
    • Memória: 2GB rendszermemória
    • Grafika: DX10.1 kompatibilis videokártya 256 MB memóriával
    • DirectX®: Microsoft DirectX 10
    • Merevlemez: 10 GB szabad terület
    • Hang: 100% DirectX 10.1 kompatibilis hangkártya
    • Operációs rendszer: Windows 7
    • Processzor: Intel Core® i5 M540 vagy hasonló
    • Memória: 3 GB rendszermemória
    • Grafika: DX10.1 kompatibilis videokártya 512 MB memóriával (Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 sorozat / ATI Radeon HD 5750 sorozat)
    • DirectX®: Microsoft DirectX 10.1
    • Merevlemez: 10 GB szabad terület
    • Hang: 100% DirectX 10.1 kompatibilis Dolby Digital 5.1 hangkártya
Hasznos vásárlói értékelések
10 emberből 9 (90%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
20.1 óra a nyilvántartásban
Renegade Ops is a unique piece, a truly rare gem.
Initially, skepticism is justified, because controlling a car and shoot requires exceptional maneuverability, but that's the beauty of the game: everything is blended to perfection. For the type of game, the physics of the vehicle is made very well and besides shoot must be careful to "drive" as well as possible in order to best avoid the enemy's shots.
Everything is rich in details, the attention to detail is obsessive and makes the game a delight for the eyes, especially if carried at maximum graphics options and full-hd.
But what makes the game great is the wonderful experience to play online in 4 co-op. You must try, because it is just great!
Recommended for sessions on the hard difficulty setting.
I really appreciated the character of Gordon (Half Life 2) and his antlions tricks.

To note that, unfortunately, the game does not have achievements for online play.

I would absolutely recommend it to everyone, because it really deserves to be in your library. Can give you many hours of fun! :))


Renegade Ops è un pezzo unico, un gioiello veramente raro.
Inizialmente, lo scetticismo è giustificato, perchè controllare un auto e sparare richiede una manovrabilità eccezionale, ma è proprio questo il bello del gioco: tutto è amalgamato alla perfezione. Per il tipo di gioco, la fisica del veicolo è realizzata benissimo e oltre a sparare bisogna stare attenti a "guidare" meglio possibile per poter evitare al meglio i colpi dei nemici.
Tutto è ricchissimo di particolari, la cura nei dettagli è maniacale e rende il gioco una gioia per gli occhi, specialmente se portato al massimo delle opzioni grafiche e in full-hd.
Ma quello che lo rende grandioso, è la possibilità di giocare online in 4 co-op. Da provare assolutamente, perchè è semplicemente fantastico!
Consigliato per le sessioni a livello di difficoltà difficile.
Ho molto apprezzato il personaggio di Gordon (Half Life 2) and e le sue formicaleone.

Da annotare, purtroppo, che il gioco non ha achievements per l'online.

Lo consiglio assolutamente a tutti, perchè merita veramente un posto nella vostra libreria. Può regalare diverse ore di puro divertimento! :))

Közzétéve: július 12.
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9 emberből 7 (78%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
2.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
Amazing piece of art!
I love this game, it feels like old arcade games, just better and newer.
Graphics are pretty good for x360/ps3 port, but gameplay is where this games shine.
I've finished it on ps3 already and i'm in half of game on pc. This has to be the best recommendation for it.
Score: 9/10
Közzétéve: május 23.
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6 emberből 4 (67%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
6.1 óra a nyilvántartásban
Renegade Ops; A name that explains itself and explains the game at the same time, an underrated little masterpiece that’s jam-packed full of chaos, anarchy, weapons of mass destruction and all in the form of cars and trucks.

To call this old-school or retro would do it something of disservice, it’s essentially more original than that. Renegade Ops takes the old classic, then moves them to a modern level with co-op, persistent character and tremendous graphics. The camera angle is familiar with a style of zooming around a large map in a distinctive style to Desert Strike, but a little more intense.

The campaign has an interesting climax to it with a dry sense of clichéd humour and cheesy one-liners as you complete primary and secondary objectives. As you play, it is liberating and anger relieving to blow-up tanks and cars, run yourself through building, and turn infantry units into road-kill.

Renegade Ops offers various ways of controlling your car through a game-pad or keyboard, whatever suits your style of gaming. Overall, it’s a great example of a really enjoyable game based on a simple idea that is executed with care and attention to detail.

Altogether, a great single player and co-op game you can play with your friends.
Közzétéve: május 18.
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3 emberből 2 (67%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
18.0 óra a nyilvántartásban
Love it, wish we could have more DLC! Or at least a level creator. Steam Workshop support maybe? Fun mechanics, great graphics, redeeming replay value, and simple progression/interface system makes this game a solid pick.

If it's ever on sale, PICK IT UP! you won't regret it.
Közzétéve: június 22.
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2 emberből 1 (50%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
2.5 óra a nyilvántartásban
Very pleasantly surprised by this game. This game DOES NOT make me dizzy the way Zombie Driver HD did. This is how to make a top-down driving shooter. Different cars - with different special abilities and a good number of upgrades for customization. Handles wonderfully and VERY challenging on Hardcore, was definitely made for co-op. Controller supported which is required for a game like this. I need a friend to co-op with - i dont think i can beat it alone on Hardcore mode lol. I have not gotten out of the 1st level - but i am already very impressed and can tell - This is a good game - will definitely continue to play it - even if i keep losing the 1st level - i will beat it eventually!!! hehe
Közzétéve: április 1.
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37 emberből 32 (86%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
7.6 óra a nyilvántartásban
Remember when you were a kid, you'd drag out all of your G.I. Joe's, set them up all over the living room, get out all the vehicles, man them up and get them set just right. Then, your dad would walk in, step on Junkyard in his bare feet, swear at 'all these god damn toys!' then mumble as he kicked the Viper copter under the coffee table and kicking over the hovercraft as exited down the hall.

Then you'd set everything back up, just as it was before and you were READY. The mission was READY. You had to infiltrate Cobra, take out the Cobra Commander, convince The Baroness to come home with you and be your girlfriend since you were being such a badass Joe, all while you were slamming your VAMP Jeep through the gears, manuevering like Michael Knight through the chaos and onslaught of Cobra's defense!

Your machine gun lit up the living room as it chewed up land scape, vehicles and Cobra Casulties left and right, leaving nothing but smoking ruins in it's wake!

That's what Renegade Ops is like. You drive a badass Jeep, you shoot ♥♥♥♥, ♥♥♥♥ blows up. You are a bonafide badass. It looks fantastic too, with big bright and beautiul explosions, driving through buildings just to see them collapse and blowing ♥♥♥♥ up, even if it doesn't give you points.

Too bad the Baroness isn't in this, cause she'd totally be woo'd into being your girlfriend after you got done being such kick ♥♥♥ Joe.


Közzétéve: február 14.
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