In Star Trek Online, the Star Trek universe appears for the first time on a truly massive scale. Players take the captain's chair as they command their own starship and crew. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.
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Date de parution : 2 fév 2010

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12 avril

Season 11.5 Now Live!

Nearly a year ago, the Alliance began to investigate the possibilities of using time travel as a tool to change the past in order to save the future. With the successful construction and deployment of the Annorax-class Science Dreadnought, the first steps were made into a new future of exploration and conflict mitigation. 

Unfortunately, the recent theft of that same ship has potentially planted the seeds of our destruction, and those seeds begin to bear fruit in the episode “Temporal Front”. There will be political intrigue, an enemy plot, and a massive fleet engagement while the past and future of the Alliance hangs in the balance. This Featured Episode will be an escalation point in this budding conflict that you definitely don’t want to miss!

On top of another amazing episode, we have a great collection of features and updates for everyone to enjoy. First and foremost, we have a complete revamp of the Skill System. This revamp will make creating any build you want clearer, simpler, and easier across the board. Everything in the Skill System has been laid out, rethought, continually tested, and iterated on with you on our test shard for nearly two months. I couldn’t be more excited for this change, and I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it. 

In addition to the skill revamp we have the brand new Strategist Secondary Specialization, the Romulan Admiralty Campaign, a new and exciting Na’kuhl-themed Red Alert, and last but certainly not least, the ability to slot ship visuals independent from your starship stats.

All in all, this is one of the largest mid-season updates in the history of Star Trek Online, and I can’t wait to see everyone enjoying it in game.

Stephen Ricossa
Executive Producer
Star Trek Online

To learn more about our Season 11.5 update, check out our overview blog here.

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23 mars

Season 11.5 Coming April 12th!

Red Alert, Captains! We’re pleased to announce Season 11.5 our mid-season update will launch on April 12, 2016. The latest update begins with a brand-new featured episode titled “Temporal Front,” where players must prevent Na’Kuhl Temporal Agents from destroying the Federation. Season 11.5 also brings a complete overhaul to the Skill System, plus other new gameplay updates including the Strategist Secondary Specialization, Romulan Admiralty Campaign and Na’Kuhl Red Alerts.

Learn more about it in our announcement blog here!

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À propos de ce jeu

Dans Star Trek Online, l'univers Star Trek nous est présenté à une toute nouvelle échelle. Les joueurs vont pouvoir s'asseoir dans le fauteuil du commandant et diriger l'équipage. Explorez des mondes étranges, partez à la recherche de nouvelles civilisations, de nouvelles formes de vie et allez au delà des frontière des zones connues.

Comprend :

  • Jeu gratuit - Participez à cette expérience d'un jeu massivement multijoueur "triple A" gratuitement. Allez du niveau 1 au niveau 50. Jeu gratuit sans souscription. Jouez quand vous le souhaitez.
  • Faites partie de l'expérience Star Trek - Dans Star Trek Online, l'univers de Star Trek est totalement recréé à une échelle sans précédent. Dans ce jeu massivement multijoueur en ligne de Cryptic Studios, les joueurs peuvent prendre le rôle capitaine des vaisseaux de la fédération ou devenir chef de guerre Klingon et étendre leur empire aux confins de la galaxie.
  • L'aventure de la frontière ultime -Visitez les endroits qui ont fait la légende de Star Trek et explorez les systèmes solaires. Prenez contact avec les aliens. Plongez dans le futur et partez pour le 25ème siècle découvrir de nouvelles ressources et à la découverte des mystères qui vont influencer le futur de Star Trek.
  • Vous êtes le capitaine - Les missions vont vous plongez dans les profondeurs de l'espace et vous faire parcourir des planètes exotiques. Parcourez également votre propre vaisseau. Dans l'espace vous dirigez les manœuvres et vous aurez accès à un vaste ensemble d'armes. Sur le terrain interagissez avec les alliés et combattez les ennemis.
  • Officiers de quart - Déléguez des tâches. Recrutez et échangez des officiers pour bâtir une équipe de légende. Remportez des prix spéciaux et progressez dans la hiérarchie.
  • Personnalisation total - Vos vaisseaux sont totalement personnalisables : couleurs et construction. Laissez votre empreinte dans l'univers de Star Trek !
  • Concevez vos propres mondes - Avec la forge (Foundry), les joueurs peuvent créer de nouvelles missions et de nouvelles histoires pour partager avec les amis et la communauté Star Trek Online. Utilisez les outils fournis pour concevoir des missions !
Rejoignez-nous sur Star Trek Online et repoussez les frontières de l'inconnu !

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processeur : Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz ou AMD Athlon X2 +3800
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : NVIDIA GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800 / Intel HD Graphics
    • DirectX® : Version 9.0c ou supérieure
    • Disque dur : 10 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Réseau : Connexion internet haut débit requise
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Posté le : 29 juin
Good Game , Decent FTP model, bout it.
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( 1.2 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
$349.96 worth of DLC's and you think that the game is small, then you find a patch basically as big as Ark: Survival Evolved. (13gbs)

11/10 Would Cry again.
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( 10.4 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
This game takes a really long time to load or something then there is no way to finish this one quest where you have to fight some bogies on your ship and it takes forever for some of those other things blah blah blah...anywayse ya
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( 70.2 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
So I've been playing the STO game for 2 years now, and I like it. Some parts are buggy, like going through random walls in the game, and the graphics aren't the best. You can run it on a potatoe, and it really captures the Star Trek universe. Overall rating: 7.3 out of 10
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( 95.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
It's STO....what more could any green-blooded fan be seeking?
So poke up your pointy-ears and give heed to it!
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[AAF, SCO] elmocreed
( 8.1 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
9/10. i highly reccomend this game.
pros:so much to do.
can alter ship appearance
can buy ships (the ones that require zen or etc, it takes a while but it is possible) earn dilthium and use that to get zen)
intresting stories
nice character progression
combat is brilliant
new bits of the campaign are added every now and then
yearly events, summer at rizas, the christmas one too.( you can get a ship in both events)
when you finished the game inside out it leaves you empty inside.
pvp is pretty much dead. (nobody does it, well from where im from anyway)
if you cant run the game correctly (laggy or etc) it will be very....eye hurty or other.
takes forever to download update.

in conclusion give it a go! theres so much to do, and so much to collect! so much to trade so much to destroy. have fun!! hope you enjoy!
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Mr Sinister
( 4,402.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin

The game has turned into a grinding nightmare for players like me, who used to enjoy leveling up characters, buying individual ships i had "ground it out" for. Each new character seemed to get better and better as i learned how to make those insane DPS builds.
However, they have trashed the value of all the ingame currency and even though i am a life time subscriber, i would not recommend it to anyone wanting to go all that deep with it.
If you want to solo play and just enjoy the story line, why not, its perfectly good for that.

But, for people like myself, the game killed itself with monolithic greed.
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( 1.9 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
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Judge Dredd
( 388.8 heures en tout )
Posté le : 28 juin
Fun for a few months when you get bored with it, just don't bother.
The gameplay is rubbish and boring. If you want to be disconnected to the server 24/7 buy this game!
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( 17.4 heures en tout )
Posté le : 27 juin
♥♥♥♥ WoW, now THIS is an MMO
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Posté le : 2 juin
Salut je suis un grand fan de star trek , je recommande ce jeux a tous le monde qui aime la SF et les voyage dans l'espace .Ce jeux est très facile à jouer .Le seul défaut c'est que la traduction n'est pas très au point dommage mais il font tous leur possible pour ça .Sinon le jeux en lui même est très bien conçu .
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Non recommandé
88.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 5 juin
Once upon a time (~2010-ish), there were two Sci-Fi MMORPGs. One merely had a "rough" start - that was Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Star Trek Online is an MMO with a few very interesting ideas, that could be so much more than it is. First, it's the only MMO I've seen with a level editor. Second, it takes the idea of character customization to its logical extreme. Lastly, it's set within a very rich universe.

Why am I not thumbs-upping this game?

What Works
First, customization. Your ship can be absolutely yours, from the outer hull to the bridge itself. You can be yours, in that you have 'a few' customization options for your Captain. Lastly, your bridge bunnies have the same degree of customization that you do. Want a 2410-version of a battlecruiser with bridge bunnies in TOS miniskirts? Doable!

This game has combat at two levels - ship-to-ship combat and ground combat. This is something that, again, I've never seen in an MMORPG, and combat at both levels feels reasonably good. It's a shame the downsides so outweigh this.

While the writing is questionable (this is Star Trek, after all), the missions are more than manageable, and are usually set up to be about the length of a TV episode (and, the official quests more or less fit the TV episode format in some ways.) In this way, you *can* just set aside 45m-1h for a mission, and walk away satisfied. Time-boxing in an MMO is something I've - again - never seen before, and like.

What Doesn't Work
Microtransaction. God, oh God, the microtransactions. This is the poster child of an Allegedly Free Game. Sure, you cna download it for free, patch for free, but to have anything resembling the ability to be competitive, you'd better be willing to shell out real money. Certain buy-only ships have special consoles (sort of like Trinkets in World of Warcraft) that can be equipped on other ships, but have to be de-equipped from the bought ship, first.

' can make Zen in-game by exchanging refined dilithium!'

You can't make Zen in a reasonable amount of time. On 4 June, 1 Zen exchanged for 380 Refined Dilithium. Lowbie ships are 500 Zen, better ships can be 1500 or 3000. Using that rate, 380 * 500 = 190,000 Refined Dilithium. Now, sounds good, right? Just a lot of grinding? ...That would be too easy. There's an artificial limit on the amount of dilithium you can refine - 8,000 Dilithium per day. 190,000 (for our lowbie ship) / 8,000 = 23.75 days. For that newbie ship. I would define 3 days to 1 week as reasonable for a low end ship, 1 week to 2 weeks as reasonable for a high end ship, and a bleeding-edge ship as being able to be sorted within 2 weeks to one month.

Missions. This game tries to make you feel like you're free to explore, and you (sort of) are...but your freedom only goes so far. There's a number of missions where you cannot see through obvious deceptions (yes, the Ambassador really is an Undine infiltrator, and it's not subtle) or make otherwise reasonable decisions. "But Thou Must!" is very much in play in this game. If you want to be a Dangerously Genre Savvy Captain, look elsewhere.

Ship selection is another sticking point for me. If you're Federation, you're fine. If you're KDF, you're sort of OK for ship selection. Romulans can just go screw themselves, unless you want to pay out to buy a Federation or KDF ship instead. The balance of selections is pretty lopsided to the point where I can only conclude you're intended to actually play Federation, regardless of Empire choices.

This game is all about the grinding. If you absolutely must play, join during an XP boosted weekend, to rocket through as much of the early grind as possible. It won't save you from the mid-to-late game grind, or worse, the Admiralty grinds...but it's something.

I love PvP and more or less stopped when it became apparent that the developers share neither my love, nor the interest in keeping PvP interesting. The game is set up so that there's only really one PvP build per ship, and even then that exists within a very strictly controlled overall strategy.

No. Just no. Not recommended, I award Cryptic/Perfect World no points, and may God have mercy on their souls.

This could be an awesome game...but it's just not. I once compared StarMade, a game with some seriously bad design decisions, to this one, but I wound up taking it back and apologizing, because comparing nearly anything else to this is unnecessarily harsh, and not at all different from saying highly unflattering things about all of a persons' female relations.

I would like to not only decry this game, but call upon the indie community to give us a game based loosely on Star Trek, maybe an MMO, that does what this game sets out to do, better than this. This game is the example of how not to do a game set in space, whatever good points it has.
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365.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 18 juin
In my experience, a solid 7/10.

Star Trek Online is a pretty damn solid MMO, especially if you're a Sci-Fi fan like me. Its combat is pretty good (especially the space combat which is fantastic and could almost be counted as one of the game's best features, in my opinion), the character customization options are also pretty good (especially for Federation players who get a metric ton of playable races to choose from ranging from Vulcans and Humans to the parasitic Trill and the warlike Andorians and telepathic Betazoid). You can even customize your star ships! Many (if not most) of the available ships have alternate parts you can use to replace the default stock parts (ex. all the Federation ships I can think of have alternate engines and saucer sections you can choose from) and different paint-jobs you can apply to further differentiate yourself from other players. You also custom-name every ship you acquire (Federation players can even give their ships their own custom-made registry numbers [ex. the Enterprise's registry number is NCC 1701]).

A lot of reviews will highlight the number of microtransactions in the game, but I think they blow it way out of proportion. Does STO contain microtransactions? Yes. A few of the cooler ships available in-game are behind a microtransaction paywall (ex. the Federation Constitution-class is a replica of the original Enterprise and is available for a fee), however, the vast majority of the most powerful vessels in STO cannot be purchased via microtransaction.

Are there better MMOs out there? Certainly. But this is, by far, the best Sci-Fi MMO I've ever played. STO's free-to-play model is fair to those who pass on microtransactions but accomodates players who don't mind shelling-out some cash to gain access to some of the ritzier playable races, outfits, ships, and bridge layouts.

I highly recommend Star Trek Online to any fellow Trekkies out there who're looking for a decent Sci-Fi MMO since you get to rub-shoulders with awesome characters like Spock, Worf, Sela, Seven-of-Nine, and Tasha Yarr. There are even a few instances where you'll fight allongside iconic ships like Voyager, Defiant, and at least three different Enterprises!
If you're a Trekkie, give it a whirl and I don't think you'll be dissapointed.
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78.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 23 juin
I don't play MMos much. I now play this one.

It's Free to Play, so it's definitely worth a try if you're looking at getting into it. It's also fairly easy to level up. You essentially gain a level each mission, but don't expect it to be a walk in a park.

I have yet to pay a cent, and I still love it.
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2,712.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 25 juin
Game has been out for 6 years now with constant updates, so you're sure to get at least a few hours out of it. The community still exists and you won't have any problem finding an active fleet/clan to join. Even if you don't want to spend real money for a top tier ship, you're likely to get a free one at some point from one of the large events they have several times a year.

Worth the price of admission.
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142.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 19 juin
Spent many hours on this great game. Just came back to it after leaving it for several years. For a free to play game, it offers a fine storyline, and a lot of replayability as different Role Play Moddels, as well as playing for Star Fleet, the Klingons or the Romulans. Spending money on this game is optional, as it does not interferre in any way with the main story line. But when searching for the strongest items, you can choose either to earn in game Dilithium (which might take you a long while) and transfer that into ZEN, or just straight up buy ZEN coins.
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1,047.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 25 juin
BEST MMO EVER!! It has it's "issues" BUT over ALL, BEST GAME!! I have played SOLID for FOUR Years now, I have the Life Time Membership :o)
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59.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 24 juin
wanna be a starship captain? play this
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1,247.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 22 juin
I like this game. It is an MMO so there are elements of grinding at end game but there is so much to do at the end game.
It's a lot better to play with friends than by yourself (Most of my hours were by myself) and be sure to read! Read the story, listen to the characters don't just run through everything you won't have a reason to care and it'll just be mission after mission and fight after fight and that gets real boring real fast.
It can be a fun game if you get some friends, or anybody who wants to play it, and go in together. Don't bring someone who isn't really interested. It'll ruin it for you too.
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95.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 28 juin
It's STO....what more could any green-blooded fan be seeking?
So poke up your pointy-ears and give heed to it!
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