En Star Trek Online, el universo de Star Trek aparecerá por primera vez en una escala verdaderamente abrumadora. Los jugadores ocuparán la silla del capitán y dirigirán su propia nave estelar y a su tripulación.
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25 abril

Star Trek Online: Season 13 - Escalation is Live!

The war against the Tzenkethi rages on with the arrival of Season 13 – Escalation. The Lukari are on a journey to rediscover their ancient home world and the secrets it contains, though an unexpected intervention by the Tzenkethi may put a damper on their homecoming. Political intrigue, exploring a bustling city and fantastic action set pieces all take place in the latest featured episode, “Mirrors and Smoke,” which is available now with today’s PC update.

Season 13 – Escalation also marks the debut of War Games. This new system offers Star Trek Online captains new ways to compete with one another by pitting two teams of five players against each other in competitive PvE scenarios. Players join forces to solve puzzles and race through the galaxy earning valuable rewards, including class-specific ships. To optimize this new type of queue, a new Player Potential System has also been introduced to match players of similar skill. Learn more about these features and other content introduced with Season 13 below:

  • New Featured Episode – In the new episode, “Mirrors and Smoke,” captains will travel with the Lukari to New Kentar and defend the planet from the Tzenkethi.

  • War Games System – Season 13 marks the debut of War Games, new competitive PvE scenarios which pit two teams of five players against each other for rewards.

  • “Core Assault” – A space-based 5v5 Convergence-class scenario, where two flights of captains compete to cross the finish line in a space station based in the Adelphous System.

  • “Binary Circuit” – A ground-based 5v5 Gauntlet-class scenario where captains will solve puzzles and complete various challenges in a Borg Co-operative Cube.

  • Rebalance Pass – A full rebalance pass has been made to ground and space combat to ensure that no matter what choice captains make when outfitting their skills or ship, it isn’t a wrong one.

  • Player Potential System – Matchmaking for Star Trek Online has been improved with the new Player Potential System, which evaluates players based on various factors, such as their characters’ equipment, specialization and participation in competitive matches.

  • New Reputation – Captains who participate in Season 13’s War Games queues will be rewarded with new Competitive Marks and Assessed Stratagems. The marquee rewards from this set feature class-specific set gear for the first time ever in Star Trek Online. Captains can choose to equip any of these three sets for their starships, and mix and match the individual sets as they see fit.

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3 marzo

Star Trek Online

The newest chapter to the 100% free-to-play MMORPG based on the classic Star Trek franchise is now available on PC! Season 12 celebrates Star Trek Online’s upcoming anniversary with giveaways and mini-games, plus two new space queues, a new Research and Development System category and a featured episode titled “Of Signs and Portents.”

This year’s anniversary event for Star Trek Online offers captains the opportunity to complete in-game missions to earn exciting rewards, including the new Tier 6 Lukari Science Vessel, which the community selected the design for last fall. Players can also participate in two daily missions (Omega Molecule Stabilization Daily and Party Patrol) to earn special rewards and play the Omega Molecule Stabilization mini-game with Q to earn materials to construct crafting kits. Festivities also include server-wide giveaways for in-game items, which will take place soon on a daily basis leading up to the anniversary event release.

Season 12 – Reckoning continues the mission from Star Trek Online’s latest update, Agents of Yesterday: Artifacts. Under the leadership of Captain Kuumaarke, the Lukari have set out on a journey to investigate some unusual activity in an unexplored region of the Alpha Quadrant. Upon further inspection, they discover data that suggests weaponized use of protomatter. Fearing the Tzenkethi are behind this, they put out a call for help to the Alliance, who tasks captains from across the galaxy to help the Lukari prevent a looming cataclysmic attack.

Mission details for Season 12 – Reckoning will be revealed in the new featured episode, “Of Signs and Portents,” which will also feature the game’s first appearance of General Rodek, voiced by actor Tony Todd. The update also unlocks an expansive amount of content for captains to explore, including a new reputation, a new crafting school in the R&D System to create kits and modules, two brand-new space queues (“Gravity Kills” and “The Tzenkethi Front”) and a full space battlezone that has the Alliance pitting itself against the Tzenkethi in a desperate bid to stop the production and deployment of protomatter weapons.

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game where players can pioneer their own destiny as Captain of a Federation starship, become a Klingon Warrior and champion the Empire through the far reaches of the galaxy, or rebuild the Romulan legacy as the commander of a Romulan Republic Warbird. In Star Trek Online, players have the opportunity to visit iconic locations from the popular Star Trek universe, reach out to unexplored star systems and make contact with new alien species. Star Trek Online is currently available on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit Star Trek Online .
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“…one of the largest Trek-things around in terms of scale.”
US Gamer

“This game is definitely a must play for any Star Trek fan.”
Nerd Reactor

“STO has the best space combat of any sci-fi mmo on the market.”
MMO Play

Acerca de este juego

En Star Trek Online, el universo de Star Trek aparecerá por primera vez en una escala verdaderamente abrumadora. Los jugadores ocuparán la silla del capitán y dirigirán su propia nave estelar y a su tripulación. Explora extraños mundos nuevos, busca nuevas formas de vida y civilizaciones y aventúrate a donde nadie ha llegado jamás en este universo online en constante expansión.

Características Principales:

  • Free to Play - Juega a un MMO triple A sin coste alguno. ¡Juega desde el nivel 1 hasta el 50 de forma gratuita! No hay pago inicial ni suscripción obligatoria. Disfruta de Star Trek como quieras y cuando quieras.
  • Forma parte de Star Trek - En Star Trek Online, el universo de Star Trek aparecerá por primera vez en una escala verdaderamente abrumadora. Visita lugares emblemáticos de la ficción popular de Star Trek, llega a sistemas solares inexplorados y contacta con nuevas especies alienígenas. Con las Episode Missions, cada minuto que pases jugando a Star Trek Online será como un nuevo capítulo de Star Trek.
  • Aventura en la Frontera Final - Explora nuevos y extraños mundos, busca nuevas formas de vida y civilizaciones en un vasto universo en expansión. Establece contacto con nuevas razas, descubre recursos y desvela los misterios que influirán en el futuro de Star Trek.
  • Tú eres el Capitán - Viaja a los confines del espacio, a través de planetas exóticos e incluso ¡dentro de naves espaciales! Forma parte de épicas batallas espaciales y lidera a tu equipo por mundos desconocidos, interactuando con tus aliados y luchando con tus enemigos.
  • Oficiales de Servicio - Administra a los héroes olvidados de una nave estelar y delega las tareas. Recoge e intercambia oficiales con otros capitanes para formar una tripulación legendaria. ¡Obtén recompensas especiales, reconocimientos e incluso sube de rango!
  • Personalización Total - Usando la tecnología Total Customization de Cryptic, toda nave que comandes puede ser personalizada por ti, desde su color hasta su diseño. Es más, cualquiera puede crear sus propias especies alienígenas en Star Trek Online. ¡Deja tu huella en el universo Star Trek!
  • Forja tus propios mundos extraños - Con The Foundry, los jugadores pueden crear y construir nuevas misiones e historias para compartir con los amigos y con toda la comunidad de Star Trek Online. Utiliza las herramientas especializadas para crear misiones en el espacio o en tierra. ¡Crea misiones personalizadas o lleva tu creatividad a un nuevo nivel diseñando episodios completos partiendo de cero!
¡Únete a nosotros en Star Trek Online y aventúrate a llegar donde nadie ha llegado antes!

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Procesador: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz o AMD Athlon X2
    • Memoria: 1GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800 /
      Intel HD Graphics
    • DirectX®: Version 9.0c o Superior
    • Disco Duro: 10GB de espacio libres
    • Red: Conexión de banda ancha requerida
    OS: Windows® 10
    Processor: Core i5-2xxx Quad Core or better
    Memory: 4GB RAM or better
    Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 4xx, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5xxx, or Intel HD Graphics 4xxx (Direct3D Hardware Feature Level 11.0) or better
    DirectX: Version 11.0 or better
    Network: Broadband Internet Connection
    Storage: 21GB
    Audio: DirectX 10 compatible sound chip or onboard audio capability with the latest sound drivers
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Mayormente positivos (81 análisis)
Mayormente positivos (8,386 análisis)
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