Los jugadores medirán su resistencia con una corriente interminable de verdes criaturas dentro de los límites de una misión militar especial.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 19 de Ago, 2011
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Acerca de este juego

Alien Hallway es un nuevo shooter de acción y estrategia para PC desarrollado por la compañía Sigma Team, creadores de la saga Alien Shooter.
En este juego cargado de adrenalina, los jugadores miden su capacidad frente a un sinfín de oleadas de criaturas verdes en los límites de una instalación militar especial. Las reglas son estrictas y el destino de la humanidad está sobre la mesa.
Controla a todo un ejército durante la desafiante campaña para un jugador con tan solo un clic del ratón. Con una interfaz fácil de manejar, los jugadores pueden atravesar campos de batalla tridimensionales, destruir enemigos con armas superpoderosas, lanzar diversos tipos de granadas o utilizar la habilidad de ataque aéreo a la vez que implementan mejoras en sus bases y unidades. Los jugadores toman decisiones importantes salvando a sus soldados y obteniendo bonificaciones de oro que son de vital importancia en esta intensa lucha.
Escenarios que cambian de forma constante y efectos de brillo mezclados con música heavy y rítmica dan vida al juego y te mantienen cautivado. ¡Estarás enganchado durante horas!

Características principales:

  • Campaña dinámica en solitario: ¡Una atmósfera cautivadora de planetas desconocidos y llenos de tensión y suspense cumplen la función de arena para batallas sin fin entre humanos y alienígenas!
  • Control con ratón simple: Controles fáciles de aprender hacen el juego atractivo para toda clase de jugadores: Ataca, mejora y compra objetos con solo un clic del ratón.
  • Navegación simple: Explora el campo de batalla sin esfuerzos moviendo simplemente el ratón hacia los lados. Haz girar la rueda del ratón para acercar el zoom.
  • Habilidad ilimitada de mejorar habilidades y armas: Los jugadores tienen la posibilidad de intensificar el efecto de sus habilidades al mejorar su base y sus unidades en la tienda: desbloquea espacios vacíos, incrementa la habilidad de ataque aéreo, añade bonificaciones de oro, disminuye los tiempos de recarga, mejora torretas y amplía la capacidad de tus células de energía.
  • Personajes únicos: ¿Qué es único? Observa a los clásicos alienígenas de cabeza verde. Todo el crecimiento, desde larva hasta adulto, está reproducido aquí.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
    • Procesador: 1.6 GHz
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 100 MB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Gráfica con 128 MB de VRAM, compatible con DirectX 9.0c y con Pixel Shader 2.0
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX 9.0c
    • Adicional: Microsoft XNA Framework 3.1
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Publicado: 13 de Octubre
I actually really enjoyed this game,

My only gripe is that it seems impossible to complete the game on extreme.

Otherwise a fun little time killer..!
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10.9 h registradas
Publicado: 25 de Junio
100% Completion Review

A fairly simple, yet fun game. Reminds me of those flash games where you send waves of troops to each others base where troops battle in the middle. The game has a very decent upgrade system, although sometimes you may need to grind a few levels for upgrades to progress in the further levels/difficulties. There can be some strategy to the game; chosing the correct units, when to send to support one another and you have to defend your droids as they go out to harvest resources. The game is fairly short, but if you want to 100% it it's a great little time waster and challanging to beat on hardest difficulty.
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1.8 h registradas
Publicado: 26 de Octubre
If you got it in a bundle or you got it for a dollar, then its a nice short game. You just send troops to the "hallway" to fight npc troops and then destroy their base. Remember starcraft 1 custom maps? Something like that :) 7/10
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19.8 h registradas
Publicado: 19 de Junio
Fun game. Worth the price. Would like to play more like this!
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4.0 h registradas
Publicado: 24 de Julio
(CATEGORY) "Poor/Sub-Par/Average/Great/Superb" 1-5/5 (Score out of five)

(OVERALL)- Personal rating VS Average Score – My personal rating for this, based mainly/heavily on price, is 80% (Five dollars does not go very far in America right now, so this is a pretty fair deal). My Average Score is 3/5 (60%)

(GAMEPLAY) "Great" 4/5 – If you have played Plants VS Zombies (PvZ), you will be very familiar with many of the mechanics of Alien Hallway. You have a single unit who produces Energy (much like the Sunflowers in PvZ) and you use other units as offense/defense. However in Alien Hallway, instead of staying still like PvZ, your units are constantly moving to the right, while the “Aliens” constantly are moving to the left. The goal is to repel the aliens and get to their “Transporter” device, which is the Alien home-base for that level. There are eight (8) battle units (+1 Energy maker) that each have a different weapon and play-style, ranging from: Flamethrower, Sniper, Shotgun, Rifle, Missiles, Grenadier, Heavy Lasers, and Machine Gun. Units are unlocked as levels are completed, and can be used in levels that they were not previously available in. In addition you can use a “Airstrike” ability, that will destroy enemies after a short delay. This ability and all of the units (and more) can be upgraded in a shop. You earn gold for completing missions, the amount of gold depending on how well you did in a level. You can re-do a level over and over again, and acquire more gold. Upgrading units will upgrade their health, damage, etc or enhance their abilities (Like the ability to throw a grenade). You can also upgrade how much gold you get for beating a level, the cool down on abilities, the defensive-capability of your base (which if you have aliens swarm your base, you would lose) and an extra slot upgrade. The slot is used much like Plants VS Zombies (easy comparison!) as in- you have so many slots to use different units, so you have to pick and choose wisely. The game plays out like a serious match of tug-of-war between “Little Green Men” (the style of the Aliens) VS Warhammer 40K Unit (see GRAPHICS). The game flows along easily, though I've heard of other people having minor issues. The matches last only a few minutes.

(STORY) "Poor" 1/5 – There are some small blurbs that accompany the missions/levels (“Will they ever stop?! Cover me! Never-ending green stream! To the battle!” Example of “mission info”) , but if anything they are hints, and not a true Story. Otherwise, this game has no story to it. In fact, I still am wondering why the “Good” guys have socks on their heads (with a piece of black duck tape on their eyes) and wished that they explained if these are even humans. The fact that this game does not have a Story does not actually detract from the game at all. So this rating will only reflect the Average Score, not my Personal Rating. On the Flip Side, the hint section also shows what types of Aliens you will be facing in a level.

(GRAPHICS) "Sub-Par" 2/5 – There is nothing truly wrong with the graphics of Alien Hallway, but they aren't up to the standards of a modern PC game. That being said, just like the story, it doesn't detract from the gameplay too much. The character designs aren't horrible, but they aren't all that creative. The “Good” side usually has a set of heavy looking armor, similar to something from Warhammer 40k. The Aliens are “Little Green Men”, the first ones being baby-looking things that crawl on the ground, and only get... weirder... from there. If the Titular “Aliens” in this title were more original I would have given this a 3/5. After all, it's a game about killing Aliens (and Reverse-Tug-of-War). Each planet in the game (three in total) has a different look to it. This is an upside, but they aren't ultra-creative (lack of creativity is the main reason Graphics is a 2/5).

(SOUND) "Sub-Par" 2/5 – The music can be a bit repetitive. It does sound like Aliens created it, too. However it didn't make me want to cover my ears. The sound effects when choosing a level are a F- because there is no music when choosing (I believe) and the sound effects do not sound very good / high quality. The in-game battle sound effects aren't terrible, but they don't sound impressive either.

(ONLINE) "Sub-Par" 3/5 – This is a Single-Player game only. It does not have (AFAIK) any DRM. This is what I would give an Average rating. The single-player campaign consists of three “Worlds” to defend. Each planet has a different look (as far as graphics) and increases with difficulty as you go.

(RE-PLAYABILITY) "Great" 4/5 – I personally like re-starting games that allow me to pick-and-choose what upgrades I get, for a customized play experience. This game allows you to (through the easy difficulty) beat the game with the units you want to focus on, instead of needing to focus on every single unit. The reason why this is a 4/5, despite being not very deep, is because the nature of the game is that you want to re-play missions over and over, so you can supe up your units for the next battle, destroying alien after alien. This game has a lot of mindless fun. If you take it too seriously, or think you'll be spending 100+ hours on it, then you might want to look else where (see (COST)). Replaying missions is actually fun; comparing how well I did when I first got the mission to how fast I can do it with upgraded units (or units not available at that time, unlocked later)

(COST) "Superb" 5/5 – The best part of this game; it's cost is only 4.99 (USD). I personally feel that for any game you should get about or around one and a half (1.5) hours per one dollar (1$) you spend. This is not to say that Console games and “Triple AAA” titles that cost 60$ are worth it, because generally you wont be getting 60 hour games. In this game, you should easily get your 5 hours if you re-play it once on a harder difficulty. This is also a cheap reverse version of Plants VS Zombies, set in space, fighting against aliens... for 5$. Not too bad, in my book.

(DIFFICULTY) Easy – You are able to choose a difficulty (Easy/Medium/Hard) like most games, but even on Normal the game is quite easy to beat. You can earn up gold quickly and make your units/etc strong (or stronger than you necessarily need for a level, making the game Easy). On the Flip Side, you could purposely try to not “Grind” out gold to increase the difficulty. I say “Grind” because the game doesn't take much time to get gold. Upgrades are of a maximum of around 10, which doesn't take long at all to acquire (Maybe 10-15 minutes at maximum if you upgrade 'Gold Increase' first).
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11.9 h registradas
Publicado: 11 de Julio
I can't believe that they had the nerve to charge money for this.
Sigma team have produced some simple fun and mindless games in the past.
They also made this piece of drek.
From the somewhat lost in translation "Story" which makes little enough sense to the awful execution of the game this was just bad.
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3.9 h registradas
Publicado: 8 de Agosto
Theres this hallway and the aliens won't let the janitor clean it. So you gots to tell them to leave so Scruffy can sweep good.
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2.4 h registradas
Publicado: 4 de Septiembre
Its like Alien hallway...but its Maplestory!
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5.4 h registradas
Publicado: 12 de Octubre
Técnicamente correcto pero muy adictivo. Uno más del montón, pero a mí me ha enganchado hasta que me lo he pasado.
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0.4 h registradas
Publicado: 7 de Octubre
a mi parecer, este juego no es tan malo, pero sin duda es un juego mediocre, su modo de juego es adictivo y a la vez un asco, te causa repulsiones pero es entretenido, es muy curioso.


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0.8 h registradas
Publicado: 11 de Junio
I cannot possibly WAIT to start this review, it's like I'm burning with excitement!

Not really, this was by far the most frustrating game to play, well, because it only started once! The loading screen is the most painful, even when the game does decide to work. I was literally waiting for over two minutes to play the game. I ended up minimizing the game and it completely disappeared from my taskbar. Thinking the game ended, I tried to start the game again only to be welcomed with a "game is already running" warning from Steam. I check the task manager and I see it running, so I decide to end the process.

Why the new paragraph? Oh, this is where it gets LOVELY. This game is so amazing that when you try to end the process via task manager, it DOES NOT END. I tried multiple times to end the task, and even the process tree for Alien Hallway. NOTHING HAPPENED. The process stayed there and the game kept running. The only way to end the process is to reboot your computer. After two reboots, and trying to delete a settings file (as suggested by someone), I was greeted by the familiar start up screen for Five minutes and 6 seconds (I counted every second). After getting frustrated, I tried again to end the process and of course it didn't end. I ended up downloading two advanced task killer applications, and NONE of them worked. Alien Hallway requires csc.exe, which amazingly you cannot end that process either! I suspended both processes, lowered the priority of both, restarted both of them.. NOTHING helped.

On my fourth reboot of my computer, I give up. This game is NOT worth it at all. The few minutes I got to play the game was basically a click based game, which I could see being fun but I guess the fun required for this game is trying to kill the process first. I didn't even attempt a file check on this game, I don't even want to.

Uninstalling and putting under the "never play this game" category.
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12.8 h registradas
Publicado: 1 de Julio
I was about to write a WALL OF TEXT for this SIGMA studios piece of repetitiveness but(t) fudge it.

This game is brought to you by the same guys who made Alien Shooter and Zombie Shooter. If you like mediocre uninspired top down boredom you can now enjoy the same boredom without having to mash mouse buttons. Just wait till cool down and press the button for a unit to spawn and move from left to right killing stupid green men and blowing up their teleporter.

You could play this game without looking at the action going on just tap respawn after cool down and wait until game displays your performance rating.

Like other people said: It is a dumb kids game with no replayability whatsoever.

Luckily I got this with a cheap as ♥♥♥♥ bundle - nowhere near above 1$ territory. Wasted 3 hours of my live on this garbage.
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6.5 h registradas
Publicado: 11 de Julio
Fun Game with RTS elements. Rather than an open map, consider it a tug-of-war. You will need to produce different army units and army composition to deal with the incoming waves. Capture checkpoints to increase income. Kept me entertained for several hours actually (~6hr), which is far longer than I expected. Pleasant surpise. Thumbs up!
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2.0 h registradas
Publicado: 24 de Septiembre
Just buy units as soon as you have money. No skill required for this game. The only thing you can do is throw grenades from your units (which you should do as soon as they are up) and cast your ONE AND ONLY spell which is a simple aoe damage spell. Boring, boring, excruciatingly boring game, There are plenty of games like this one that you can play for free on sites like Kongregate or Armor games.

Do your wallet a favor and give this game a wide berth
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2.0 h registradas
Publicado: 22 de Septiembre
Although this game is one of the better games from Sigma Team it still is a lemon!

The game is a simplified TD style game in which you have to defend a corridor from alien hordes.

IF you like Tower Defense games, there are far better games to play. And buying it only because it has achievements is a not well thought justification for buying it.

It's a mindless little game for maybe one or two breaks to waste away, but don't put too much time into it. It's very fast routine, and after it got routine, it grows painfully boring.

If you still want to try out, wait for some bundle that has this game, or try to get a gifted version from somebody who has a rather sadistic mindset ... and actually enjoys gifting away this kind of games...

Oh, by the way... I do still have a gift coupon for Bad-Rats... which has at least some more unintended humor in it...
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0.3 h registradas
Publicado: 22 de Agosto
Did not enjoy.
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6.3 h registradas
Publicado: 1 de Noviembre, 2013
Basura desde cualquier punto en donde se mire. Fácil, aburrido, consume muchos recursos. No vale la pena ni seguir describiendo esta bazofia
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0.2 h registradas
Publicado: 1 de Diciembre, 2013
Pues simplemente trata de repeler oleadas de aliens con soldados. Es bastante monotono y aburrido, aparte de que la camara esta limitada y solo te deja moverte a derecha y izquierda.
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25.5 h registradas
Publicado: 3 de Noviembre, 2012
Alien Hallway is very aptly named. It takes place entirely in hallways and it has aliens in it.

The game is a simplistic tug-of-war. And when I say simplistic, I don't mean it's been dumbed down, I mean whack-a-mole has more complexities than this. You spawn soldiers and they automatically walk down the hallway towards the endless alien spawner. The only decision you have is when your soldiers should use their grenades but even those are on a cooldown so it's no big thing if you waste a few.

In between missions you get to spend the money you earn on upgrades in a small metagame and as the game progresses more soldiers and aliens unlock. The gameplay however, never changes.

Because everything is on a tiered cooldown so you will never have any choices to make beyond which soldier to build first. Everything after that is simply bought when the cooldown ends, not when you need or want it.

Alien Hallway is a perversion of the genre and so easy even a child could play it and win.
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5.8 h registradas
Publicado: 16 de Diciembre, 2011
Simple and fun!
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