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Spieler messen ihre Ausdauer anhand eines unendlichen Stroms grüner Kreaturen innerhalb einer besonderen Militärmission.
Veröffentlichung: 19 Aug. 2011
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Über das Spiel

Alien Hallway ist ein komplett neues Action-Strategie-Shooter Spiel für den PC, das von den Machern der Alien Shooter Serie, dem Sigma Team, entwickelt wurde.
Hier, in Sigmas mit Adrenalin gefülltem Spiel, messen Spieler ihre Ausdauer anhand eines unendlichen Stroms grüner Kreaturen innerhalb einer besonderen Militärmission. Die Regeln sind strikt und das Schicksal der Menschheit steht auf dem Spiel.
Kontrollieren Sie eine Armee in einer herausfordernden Einzelspieler-Kampagne mithilfe eines simplen Klicks mit der Maus. Aufgrund des zugänglichen Interface ist es Spielern möglich, dreidimensionale Schlachtfelder zu durchqueren und die Feinde mit äußerst mächtigen Waffen und verschiedenen Granaten auszuschalten, indem sie Bombardements klug einsetzen und sowohl Basis als auch Einheiten verbessern. Spieler müssen ernsthafte Entscheidungen treffen und Soldaten schützen sowie Goldboni verdienen, die in dieser intensiven Konfrontation überlebenswichtig sind.
Das Spiel bietet sich stetig ändernde Einstellungen und Leuchteffekte mit starker, rhythmischer Musik, die Leben ins Spiel bringt – sie werden süchtig danach werden!

Besondere Eigenschaften:

  • Dynamische Einzelspielerkampagne - Eine fesselnde Atmosphäre gefüllt mit unbekannten Planeten voller Spannung, die als Arena für endlose Kämpfe zwischen Menschen und Aliens dienen!
  • Einfache Maussteuerung - Einfach erlernbare Steuerung, wodurch das Spiel für alle Arten von Spielern attraktiv wird – mit nur einem einfachen Mausklick können Sie Angreifen, Upgraden und Gegenstände kaufen.
  • Einfache Navigation - Erkunden Sie das Schlachtfeld mühelos, indem Sie die Maus an den Rand des Bildschirms bewegen. Scrollen Sie mit dem Mausrad um zu zoomen.
  • Unlimitierte Fähigkeit Ihre Skills und Waffen zu verbessern - Spieler können ihre Eigenschaften verbessern, indem sie Basis und Einheiten im Shop upgraden: Schalten Sie blockierte Slots frei, erhöhen Sie Bombardement-Skills, fügen Sie Goldboni hinzu, verringern Sie Abklingzeiten, upgraden Sie Ihre Geschütztürme und vergrößern Sie die Kapazität Ihrer Energiezelle.
  • Einzigartige Charaktere - Was genau einzigartig ist? Beobachten Sie klassische grünköpfige Aliens. Die ganze Rasse von Larve bis Endstadium wurde reproduziert.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows 7/Vista/XP
    • Prozessor: 1.6 GHz
    • Speicher: 1 GB
    • Festplatte: 100 MB frei
    • Grafikkarte: 128 MB DirectX 9.0c kompatibel oder besser Grafikkarte mit Pixelshader 2.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c kompatible Soundkarte
    • Additional: Microsoft XNA Framework 3.1
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Alien Hallway is a real time strategy game played out like a tug of war between you and the aliens. If you've played Swords and Soldiers, you get the idea.

You gather resources with engineers to produce more and more, we'll call them Space Marines of various types to push back the alien onslaught and eventually destroy their teleporter and prevent the aliens doing the same to you. Units come in various types from the cheapest Flame-throwers who stand toe to toe with the aliens to the more expensive longe range, fragile but high damage units like Snipers and Missile Launchers. The basic jist of the games is to produce lines of various units to not only do damage but to protect the high value, high production time units at the back. Flame-throwers and riflemen are cheap don't do a lot of damage, but die well to protect the better units.

Completing a hallway earns you gold that can be used to upgrade you units and improve various other aspects like earning more gold when you complete a level, decrease the time it takes to produce units and have the engineers collect more energy. The mechanic is similar to Defender's Quest where at higher difficulty levels you will need to grind levels multiple times to be strong enough to move on. At normal you can just do one level after another without too much trouble.

The graphics are serviceable at best and the game could use some usability improvements. You can't use key-binds to produce units and the default mouse pointer is mostly black against a black background and can be hard to see. Also don't try to take a screenshot, it crashes the game to desktop.

All in all, if you can get the game for cheap, it's decent fun for a few hours. Don't think about paying full price.
Verfasst: 19 Februar 2014
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11.9 Std. insgesamt
I can't believe that they had the nerve to charge money for this.
Sigma team have produced some simple fun and mindless games in the past.
They also made this piece of drek.
From the somewhat lost in translation "Story" which makes little enough sense to the awful execution of the game this was just bad.
Verfasst: 11 Juli 2014
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5 von 7 Personen (71%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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It may seem like a mindless strategy game contradiction, but that's exactly what Alien Hallway is; an RTS with all the difficult decisions removed to make room for way more explosions and rag doll death scenes - and it's a perfectly satisfactory experience, although, you are unlikely to ever want to return to it once you've finished the campaign, there doesn't seem to be any replay-ability
Verfasst: 13 April 2014
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7 von 12 Personen (58%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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Gameplay is repetitive, not challenging, and gets boring quick, click, click, click. Graphics are meh and I would not recommend this pile to anyone. 1/10
Verfasst: 7 Mai 2014
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(CATEGORY) "Poor/Sub-Par/Average/Great/Superb" 1-5/5 (Score out of five)

(OVERALL)- Personal rating VS Average Score – My personal rating for this, based mainly/heavily on price, is 80% (Five dollars does not go very far in America right now, so this is a pretty fair deal). My Average Score is 3/5 (60%)

(GAMEPLAY) "Great" 4/5 – If you have played Plants VS Zombies (PvZ), you will be very familiar with many of the mechanics of Alien Hallway. You have a single unit who produces Energy (much like the Sunflowers in PvZ) and you use other units as offense/defense. However in Alien Hallway, instead of staying still like PvZ, your units are constantly moving to the right, while the “Aliens” constantly are moving to the left. The goal is to repel the aliens and get to their “Transporter” device, which is the Alien home-base for that level. There are eight (8) battle units (+1 Energy maker) that each have a different weapon and play-style, ranging from: Flamethrower, Sniper, Shotgun, Rifle, Missiles, Grenadier, Heavy Lasers, and Machine Gun. Units are unlocked as levels are completed, and can be used in levels that they were not previously available in. In addition you can use a “Airstrike” ability, that will destroy enemies after a short delay. This ability and all of the units (and more) can be upgraded in a shop. You earn gold for completing missions, the amount of gold depending on how well you did in a level. You can re-do a level over and over again, and acquire more gold. Upgrading units will upgrade their health, damage, etc or enhance their abilities (Like the ability to throw a grenade). You can also upgrade how much gold you get for beating a level, the cool down on abilities, the defensive-capability of your base (which if you have aliens swarm your base, you would lose) and an extra slot upgrade. The slot is used much like Plants VS Zombies (easy comparison!) as in- you have so many slots to use different units, so you have to pick and choose wisely. The game plays out like a serious match of tug-of-war between “Little Green Men” (the style of the Aliens) VS Warhammer 40K Unit (see GRAPHICS). The game flows along easily, though I've heard of other people having minor issues. The matches last only a few minutes.

(STORY) "Poor" 1/5 – There are some small blurbs that accompany the missions/levels (“Will they ever stop?! Cover me! Never-ending green stream! To the battle!” Example of “mission info”) , but if anything they are hints, and not a true Story. Otherwise, this game has no story to it. In fact, I still am wondering why the “Good” guys have socks on their heads (with a piece of black duck tape on their eyes) and wished that they explained if these are even humans. The fact that this game does not have a Story does not actually detract from the game at all. So this rating will only reflect the Average Score, not my Personal Rating. On the Flip Side, the hint section also shows what types of Aliens you will be facing in a level.

(GRAPHICS) "Sub-Par" 2/5 – There is nothing truly wrong with the graphics of Alien Hallway, but they aren't up to the standards of a modern PC game. That being said, just like the story, it doesn't detract from the gameplay too much. The character designs aren't horrible, but they aren't all that creative. The “Good” side usually has a set of heavy looking armor, similar to something from Warhammer 40k. The Aliens are “Little Green Men”, the first ones being baby-looking things that crawl on the ground, and only get... weirder... from there. If the Titular “Aliens” in this title were more original I would have given this a 3/5. After all, it's a game about killing Aliens (and Reverse-Tug-of-War). Each planet in the game (three in total) has a different look to it. This is an upside, but they aren't ultra-creative (lack of creativity is the main reason Graphics is a 2/5).

(SOUND) "Sub-Par" 2/5 – The music can be a bit repetitive. It does sound like Aliens created it, too. However it didn't make me want to cover my ears. The sound effects when choosing a level are a F- because there is no music when choosing (I believe) and the sound effects do not sound very good / high quality. The in-game battle sound effects aren't terrible, but they don't sound impressive either.

(ONLINE) "Sub-Par" 3/5 – This is a Single-Player game only. It does not have (AFAIK) any DRM. This is what I would give an Average rating. The single-player campaign consists of three “Worlds” to defend. Each planet has a different look (as far as graphics) and increases with difficulty as you go.

(RE-PLAYABILITY) "Great" 4/5 – I personally like re-starting games that allow me to pick-and-choose what upgrades I get, for a customized play experience. This game allows you to (through the easy difficulty) beat the game with the units you want to focus on, instead of needing to focus on every single unit. The reason why this is a 4/5, despite being not very deep, is because the nature of the game is that you want to re-play missions over and over, so you can supe up your units for the next battle, destroying alien after alien. This game has a lot of mindless fun. If you take it too seriously, or think you'll be spending 100+ hours on it, then you might want to look else where (see (COST)). Replaying missions is actually fun; comparing how well I did when I first got the mission to how fast I can do it with upgraded units (or units not available at that time, unlocked later)

(COST) "Superb" 5/5 – The best part of this game; it's cost is only 4.99 (USD). I personally feel that for any game you should get about or around one and a half (1.5) hours per one dollar (1$) you spend. This is not to say that Console games and “Triple AAA” titles that cost 60$ are worth it, because generally you wont be getting 60 hour games. In this game, you should easily get your 5 hours if you re-play it once on a harder difficulty. This is also a cheap reverse version of Plants VS Zombies, set in space, fighting against aliens... for 5$. Not too bad, in my book.

(DIFFICULTY) Easy – You are able to choose a difficulty (Easy/Medium/Hard) like most games, but even on Normal the game is quite easy to beat. You can earn up gold quickly and make your units/etc strong (or stronger than you necessarily need for a level, making the game Easy). On the Flip Side, you could purposely try to not “Grind” out gold to increase the difficulty. I say “Grind” because the game doesn't take much time to get gold. Upgrades are of a maximum of around 10, which doesn't take long at all to acquire (Maybe 10-15 minutes at maximum if you upgrade 'Gold Increase' first).
Verfasst: 24 Juli 2014
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Ueberarbeitete Empfehlung:
Nicht sonderlich komplexes TD aber dieses Spiel gehoert eindeutig wohl zu den besseren Spielen von Sigma Team. Dennoch hat das Spiel genug Bugs und man muss nur die ersten paar Level immer wieder durchgrinden um besser zu werden. Zudem ist das Spiel viel zu kurz! Wenn man ein Spiel haben moechte wo man alle Achievements hat sollte man hier zugreifen (aber evtl. erst wenn es fuer etwa 1€ gibt).
Verfasst: 8 Juli 2013
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