El agente Nelson Tethers acaba de resolver el caso más importante de su carrera. Entonces, ¿por qué no está satisfecho? ¡Aventúrate de nuevo en Scoggins, Minnesota, para resolver el misterio de "la Gente Oculta" de una vez por todas!
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 30 de Jun, 2011

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Acerca de este juego

El agente Nelson Tethers acaba de resolver el caso más importante de su carrera. Entonces, ¿por qué no está satisfecho? Todavía queda el caso de un capataz de una fábrica de borradores desaparecido, una susurrante locura que aún sigue pasando de una mente a otra y una preocupante reaparición de... criaturas acecha por el pueblo.
El Departamento de Investigación de Puzles del FBI ha declarado el caso como cerrado... ¿lo están barriendo bajo la alfombra? O aún peor, ¿no les importa? Preocupado porque el caso quede sin resolver para siempre, Tethers deberá ir por su cuenta y aventurarse de nuevo en el misterioso pueblo de Scoggins, Minnesota, para resolver el misterio de "la Gente Oculta" de una vez por todas.

Características principales:

  • La secuela del galardonado Puzzle Agent (Juego del Año por PC Gamer, Mejor del E3 por IGN, etc.)
  • Escalofriante aventura gráfica llena de misterios y humor negro
  • Una amplia variedad de intuitivos y desafiantes puzles

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: XP Service Pack 3 / Vista / Windows 7
    • Procesador: Pentium 4 a 1.8 GHz o equivalente (Recomendado: Pentium 4 a 2.0 GHz o equivalente)
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM (Recomendado: 3 GB de RAM)
    • Disco Duro: 500 MB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Gráfica ATI o nVidia con 256 MB de VRAM (Recomendado: Gráfica ATI o nVidia con 512 MB de VRAM)
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con Direct X 9.0
    • SO: OS X versión Snow Leopard 10.6.3 o posterior
    • Procesador: Intel a 2.3 GHz o equivalente
    • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 500 MB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Gráfica nVidia o ATI con 512 MB de VRAM
    • Adicional: No recomendado para MAC Minis o MacBooks de primera generación
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3.7 h registradas
Puzzle Agent 2 “concludes” its mysterious story. While many puzzles seem to be a tad easier than the ones in its predecessor, there are still very challenging ones left. And the King’s Challenge deserves its name!
Publicado: 23 de Octubre
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3.9 h registradas
Solid puzzle game with an interesting story. It's a lot of fun to play with someone else at the same computer. Make sure you play the first game first!
Publicado: 8 de Octubre
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3.4 h registradas
More of the same. but the story gets really freaking weird. If you liked the original and were not satisfied with how it ended, then go ahead and play this. It's about the same length and has around the same amount of puzzles to solve.

But it gets really freaking weird.
Publicado: 19 de Octubre
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4.0 h registradas
Silly game, but loads of fun. Played together with my wife, and we were sad when we ran out of game.

Hope they release some more like this!
Publicado: 28 de Septiembre
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8.6 h registradas
This is more of the same as Puzzle Agent 1. A good puzzle game with a corny but nice story line to tie it together that works. Can't say I want to see a 3 in the series but I wouldn't mind this team to create a new puzzle series with another story arc.
Publicado: 1 de Octubre
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3.0 h registradas
Just as good as the 2'nd with a more in-depth look at some of the old characters and Scoggins.
A "complete" vision of this weird gnome tale.

Puzzles are easier with hints this time it seems.
Publicado: 1 de Mayo
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A 3 de 3 personas (100%) les ha sido útil este análisis
3.6 h registradas
Overall I enjoyed the first game more, but this one was still fun in it's own right. I got it on sale for $2.50 so for that price I definitely recommend it. Just wait for it to go on sale before buying it. Oh, and I 100% it in about 2 hours, puzzles included. Take that for what you will.
I'm just going to bullet point the things I have to say.

- Excellent tone and theming, very reminiscent of Fargo
- Story is not too interesting but it works for what it is, dialogue can be funny at times
- Interesting characters and a fairly engaging world
- Playing the first game isn't required, there's enough exposition to keep you up to speed

-Art style is really cool, some of the composition and art direction is phenominal
-Looks fairly low resolution

-Music is awesome, main theme is great and all songs compliment scenes well

- Gameplay is very linear, no reward for exploring, game solves mystery for you and you're just along for the ride
- Absolutely no difficulty curve, the last puzzles in the game are just as easy if not easier than ones at the beginning
- Difficulty all over the place, some puzzles are ridiculously easy and some seem like they make no sense at all
- That being said, average puzzle is pretty fun. Not too hard that it's stupid but not too easy. Just the right difficulty to give you that 'aha!' feeling
- Ton of sliding puzzles for some reason
Publicado: 11 de Julio
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A 1 de 1 personas (100%) les ha sido útil este análisis
3.6 h registradas
Just as funny as Puzzle agent 1. And a must if you want to see where the story goes.
Publicado: 24 de Junio
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12.0 h registradas
Total supernicy!
Publicado: 6 de Junio
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A 3 de 5 personas (60%) les ha sido útil este análisis
3.8 h registradas
I liked the first Puzzle Agent, but Puzzle Agent 2 felt shorter and a lot easier with no obvious reason behind it. There's an overabundance of chewing gum to use for hints if you find yourself clueless, and the story feels like it ends abruptly, when it finally gets a little interesting. The charm of the first one is still mostly intact but none of the difficulty is there.
Publicado: 4 de Junio
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2.8 h registradas
La continuación del primero, que es igual que el primero, pero con el final total. De nuevo los puzzles salvarán a la aldea.
Publicado: 4 de Junio
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5.2 h registradas
Muuuy recomendado, el 1 muuy chulo y el 2 mas de lo mismo, puzzles muy buenos y algunos dificiles, pero salen. de vuelta a Scoggins y la historia continua con mas misterios.
Publicado: 31 de Julio
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2.9 h registradas
While it's a very short game, I loved every minute of it. The puzzles are interesting and some were suprisingly challenging.
Publicado: 20 de Junio
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3.2 h registradas
If you are looking for a game with a fun and quirky story, in addition to interesting characters, this game fits the bill. If you are looking for a game with enjoyable puzzles, the first Puzzle Agent is great and a real bargain. But if you enjoyed the puzzles in the first Puzzle Agent, you may be sorely disappointed with this continuation of the game. Unlike the first game, many of the puzzles lacked proper descriptions, forcing the player to make guesses on the rules of certain puzzles. Some even required previous knowledge, which may cause some puzzlers to break from the immersion of the game to go to the internet. While the first Puzzle Agent relied more on logical and 'puzzle' puzzles, this game tended to use more visual puzzles without much logic at all. But if you try not to care about the puzzles, and ignore the visual and gameplay bugs (infinite gum!), you might enjoy what you see.
Publicado: 19 de Julio
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8.2 h registradas
The sequel to Puzzle Agent is still an easily recommendable game but it feels somewhat less inspired. The story is alright and fit to continue the first part but I cannot help but cringe at Nelson's behaviour as he unrelatably quick slips into paranoia. Director Jennings brings it to a point: "Tethers, you're embarrassing yourself." To be fair, Nelson's paranoia pace is sort of explained later in the game.

Well, Puzzle Agent 2 successfully repeats features already in the previous part, likable characters, coherent sometimes creepy sometimes funny story and of course puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.
Since you spend most of your time puzzling it's rewarding to see the puzzle evaluation being polished, more envelopes, more stamping, more feeling successful :)

+ Fell-good pencil graphics from a 3D engine
+ Coherent story
+ Very good voice acting
+ Almost no 'broken puzzles'
+ A puzzle hard to brute-force

! Pause your game with spacebar
! Find hotspots by clicking a scene
! Advance dialogue with left-click or right-click
! Waste even more taxpayer money: 97,864.10$ per puzzle attempt

- Again no skipping of cutscene-y sequences, including a lot of interaction animation
- Less puzzle variety, puzzle classes
- Unnerving susurrus, going into the woods makes my ears hurt
- Buggy hotspotting
- Incomplete sequence puzzles

Puzzles seem less intricate and more repetitive in this game when compared to the predecessor, with the occasional exception. I wonder if development felt the same and then decided to reward you at the very end with a really nice one.
There is a number of puzzles that sort of fall in the same family thus adding to the feeling of repetition. One class I particularly dislike is that of incomplete sequences asking the player to continue a sequence of number of unknown reference and extent. I dislike them because references can be randomly chosen if the sequence is not completed with what the player has to provide.
Think of "What two letters follow MTWTF?" Actually this is asking what two letters complete the sequence. So there are there is a sequence of seven letters with the given five-letter prefix that is a thing which you are supposed to recognize as such. With incomplete sequences that don't 'form a thing' there is some kind of description allowing for every possible follow-up letter or number or digit.
The three puzzles with that problem refer to a part of a no longer everyday object of cultural convention, a mathematical constant that made it into pop culture and a contrivance of an again cultural convention.

Broken Puzzles
It seems one major flaw of the first episode has been almost completely eradicated. There appear to almost no broken puzzles, i.e. puzzles with insufficient description or multiple solutions not all of which are accepted. Specifically the very first puzzle accepted three different of the 24 possible solutions. As you hear a ding whenever that puzzle is done even before submitting, I'm assuming all of those dings will lead to an "Accepted".

Mission: Rock
Insufficient description.
The assignment mentions the bouncing of the stone but fails to mention the rock doesn't enter a forest tile when bouncing as opposed to the way light reflects off of mirrors in the brain puzzle or how the snowmobile bounces off of logs in the first game's puzzles.

Gnome Appearance
Me being picky again.
Yeah, the title has "appearance" in it, so I guess this puzzle is 'sufficiently explained'. From the pictures alone there are two possible sequences, only one of which has the gnomes appear, but the accepted solution has the Moon's movement wrong. Just think about how the waxing and waning Moon develops light patterns.

When inspecting the stove for first time the text says "Ms. Garrett" with two 't'. Also, there are a number of discrepancies between written and spoken text.

Buggy Hotspotting
Sometimes we see inconsistent iconography for hotspots. Again, hotspots are revealed when clicking in the current scene outside of dialogue and puzzle. There is a green arrow for exits from the scene, a magnifying glass for things that can be looked at/investigated and a puzzle piece for puzzles.
  • Now, from the main street the way through the alley is marked as a hotspot with a magnifying glass but it is actually the way to the hotel.
  • The secretary in Olav Melhaven's cabin with the stars on its backside is sometimes marked as a hotspot with a magnifying glass but no action happens when clicked. Similary you will find 'hotspotted' areas later in the lodge that do not react to clicks.
Not really a bug but bugging me: I like to identify hotspots in a scene before deciding which one to click next. Hotspots don't reveal the extent of the corresponding area. Although usually sensibly bound to an object I found myself time and time again interacting with hotspots before knowing the complete scene.
Publicado: 7 de Julio
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3.3 h registradas
Puzzle solving game... not great but entertaining enough to give it one playthrough.
Publicado: 14 de Julio
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4.7 h registradas
This game continues the story from the first game and finishes it . And same with the first game, I love the story. I got both games on a discount as I was wanting more "thinking" type games and I am glad I did. I find the characters enthralling, especiallly Agent Nelson Tethers. So, much so that I would love to see a Puzzle Agent 3 someday.
Publicado: 3 de Junio
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3.9 h registradas
Not that great as first part.
Lost its pace due to too many stories, not all were closed.
6/10 in adventures.
Publicado: 23 de Mayo
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2.8 h registradas
Solve the puzzles and have fun with a spaceman.
Publicado: 18 de Mayo
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3.8 h registradas
We meet Agent Tethers back in ol' Scoggins again, on a hare-brained quest to sort out what the heck is really going on and what everyone is hiding, in which he basically cracks and goes all looney tunes. Good times! A must-play to at least finish the story and loose ends of the first game.

The story is a lot more interesting than the first game, with far more going on, new characters, and less revisiting the same people over again. (Which makes for a less believable detective story, but in this crazy game that's a plus.) Unfortunately, the puzzles fall down hard on this one, with everything basically being an annoying "unblock" puzzle, rehashes of the first game's puzzles with no new mechanics, or a number sequence. Every single puzzle was either solveable at a glance or unsolvable without a hint for me (I don't have a head for number sequences), so it wasn't nearly as exciting as figuring out the mechanics of various puzzle types in the first game.

Still, the good voice acting, the weird story made much weirder but wrapped up nicely, and new places and people. The only downside is that the game is so linear that there aren't even any easter eggs for revisiting old locations, like in the first game.
Publicado: 20 de Mayo
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