L'agent Nelson Tethers a tout juste résolu sa plus grosse enquête. Pourquoi n'est-il donc pas satisfait ? Aventurez-vous de nouveau dans Scoggins au Minnesota pour résoudre le mystère du "Peuple Caché" une fois pour toute !
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Date de parution : 30 juin 2011

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À propos de ce jeu

L'agent Nelson Tethers vient juste de résoudre la plus grosse affaire de sa carrière. Pourquoi n'est-il donc pas satisfait ? Il y a toujours le cas d'un contremaître disparu, d'une folie chuchotante toujours en train d'effrayer les esprits et d'une réapparition troublante de... créatures... rôdant dans la ville.
Le département du FBI de Puzzle Research a clôt le dossier -- Sont-ils en train de balayer cette affaire sous le tapis ? Ou pire, s'en soucient-ils même ? Inquieté par le fait que le cas reste non résolu à jamais, Tethers doit retourner dans la sinistre ville de Scoggins dans le Minnesota pour résoudre le mystère des "Gens Cachés" une bonne fois pour toute.

Caractéristiques :

  • Suite du jeu primé Puzzle Agent (Jeu de l'Année par PC Gamer, Meilleur jeu de l'E3 selon IGN, etc)
  • Une aventure énigmatique et effrayante avec des mystères et de l'humour noir
  • Grande variété d'énigmes difficiles mais intuitives

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7
    • Processeur : Pentium 4 1.8 GHz ou équivalent (Recommandé : Pentium 4 2.0 GHz ou équivalent)
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM (Recommandée : 3 Go de RAM)
    • Disque dur : 500 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte graphique : Carte ATI ou NVidia comportant 256 Mo de mémoire vidéo (Recommandée : Carte ATI ou NVidia comportant 512 Mo de mémoire vidéo)
    • DirectX® : DirectX 9.0c
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9.0
    • Système d'exploitation : OS X version Snow Leopard 10.6.3, ou ultérieure.
    • Processeur : Intel 2.3 GHz ou équivalent
    • Mémoire vive : 4 Go de RAM
    • Disque dur : 500 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte graphique : Carte NVidia ou ATI comportant 512 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Additionnel : Non recommandé pour les Mac Minis ou les anciennes générations de MacBooks
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3.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 16 mars
Can't stop until get to the bottom of another Scorrgins case

- Very interesting dialogue
- Story keep up with Telltales high quality level, I can't stop until the end
- Funny and some challenging puzzles
- Hints system guides player to think clearly themselves
- Simple but acceptable graphics and animations
- Great sound effects
- Great price value especially on sales season

- Some puzzle recycled from previous title
- 1 wrong answer will cause player lost perfect puzzle agent rank unless play it from new game again

Score: 8/10
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9 personne(s) sur 9 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
29.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 14 avril
Fun little time waster. Got in a bundle and in that context 7/10.
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6.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 5 mars
Puzzle Agent 2 is a game marred by plot inconsistencies and an unsatisfying story. While the characters and atmosphere pull the player in, the gameplay and story problems are overwhelming.

After competing Puzzle Agent 1, I was excited to play the sequel. Unfortunately, this game doesn't hold up. The story has suffered, as the overloaded plot crashes and burns in a chaotic confusion, leaving plothole debris everywhere. A list of which includes:
  • Agent Tethers keeps his job at the FBI despite returning to a case without authorization; breaking and entering into the local police department; tampering with government evidence; assaulting another government agent; espousing conspiracy theories to his superior; and stealing and destroying government property.
  • Mrs. Garrett did not want someone to know that Tethers was staying at her inn, but we never find out who or why.
  • It is never revealed what happened to all the missing people in Scoggins, because...
  • It is never established whether the astronauts are murdering the missing people or if this was another wild goose chase. Since there have been a few false leads in both games, intentional to the plot, there is no way to know.
  • This leads to another problem for the story: If the astronauts aren't murdering people, what's causing the disappearances? If the astronauts are murdering people, why didn't they murder Tethers when they cornered him and injected him with something to make him fall asleep?
  • It is never revealed what happened to the astronauts aside from Isaac.
  • Why did the astronauts remain in the forest for 16 years?
  • What are the Hidden People? Where was their home? What was their home?
  • Why did Glori and Isaac agree to go the Brotherhood if he was disturbed, when he never appeared to be disturbed?
  • Did the government know the space lander was in Scoggins since the first game? If they did, then why did they wait until Tethers sent back tapes in the second game to go there? If they didn't, why didn't they let Tethers finish the case is Scoggins the first time around? Why did they let Tethers stay in Scoggins after they found out he was there investigating a case off-duty?
  • This is a minor point, but Agent Tethers never draws his gun once in this game, even when his life is in danger. In the last game, I believe he uses it only once, and he misses. For some reason, the game's title card on Steam shows him drawing a gun. Again, I know this is a minor point, but why give him a gun if he never uses it? Especially since it's so easy to write in a reason he doesn't use one; He's an office agent in the Puzzle Research Division who almost never goes on field missions. There's even less of a reason for him to have a gun this time since he's not even on offical busniess. It just shows a lack of thought in the writing.

The list goes on. This is totally unacceptable and unprofessional story-writing. You can beat the game in under 2 hours (I've played the game a couple times to get all the achievements) and the number of plot-holes is unbelieveable. Why else would a game so short have a plot explanation on Wikipedia that's as long as a PhD dissertation?

I've heard great things about Telltale's more recent work, but there's still no excuse because Puzzle Agent 1 was satisfying as far as story goes. Yes, there were loose ends and mysteries at the conclusion, but the main goals were achieved and the mysteries were largely related to things out of Tether's control the whole time: He couldn't understand this odd little town, and he never would. It was over his head, and he caught a glimpse of something greater than he could ever imagine. The player is left intrigued. In Puzzle Agent 2, parts of the mystery are revealed and simply make no sense, leaving the player very frustrated.

The biggest problem with the first game were that the puzzles were inconsistent in difficulty and clarity. Here, it seems the difficulty has been smoothed out a bit, but they have lost variety and at times still have difficult to interpret rules. The biggest problem I had was that the puzzles had little to do with the story and actually broke the pace.

Not to say I disliked everything. Sheriff Bahg was my favorite antagonist from the first game, and his condescending skepticism of the meek FBI man Tethers is always so well-played. The voice acting for Bahg is excellent. The atmosphere in the game also retains it's X-files allure, and Tethers searching for clues is still exciting. Korka was an interesting new character, and she gave the story some funny payoff and comedy relief. I always liked Tethers as a character; he's an excellent straightman in a world full of insane people. He also always has this idiotic confused look on his face that's actually pretty endearing.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Since this is a point-and-click adventure game, this is pretty hard to screw up, but Telltale pulled it off. One achievement requires a perfect run of all puzzles in the game. Even if you beat the game with one failed attempt at one puzzle and go back to that puzzle after the conclusion of the story, it doesn't matter. You have to open a new file and play the entire game over and do everything perfectly. Kind of a waste of time.

Overall, the game is atmospheric, exciting and well-acted, but the gameplay and story problems are too great for these high points to overcome. Not recommended unless heavily discounted, you have played the prequel, and are looking for achievements.
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3.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 27 février
Puzzle Agent 2 is a short and ugly game. I liked it.
The puzzles are different and bring sometimes a good challenge to solve them.
Honestly, I didn't care about the main story, I was only here for the puzzles and I wasn't disappointed.
Besides, there are achievements !
And you can easily get them all !
If you like to use your brain when playing, buy it, it worth the cost.
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2.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 29 décembre 2015
Puzzle Agent 2 takes you back to Scoggins, looking for answers to the mysterious disappearances and the hidden people from the previous game.

The story progression and puzzle system is exactly the same as in Puzzle Agent.
A lot of the puzzles are similair to the ones in the previous game with a bunch of new ones thrown into it.
The difficulty varies from really easy to quite challenging.
At the end of the game you'll get 3 optional puzzles which are quite difficult.

If you were happy with how the story ended in Puzzle Agent then perhaps consider picking this game up during a sale.
If you're craving more Puzzles, Answers and more of Grickle's humor/suspence and comedic timing then be sure to buy this.

In short, it's a nice short sequel, but mainly story wise. Worth getting if you crave answers or more Grickle.
In the puzzle department it's quite okay but often returning types of puzzles.
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