"... il feeling con le armi, la musica, il ritmo, è tutto favoloso.
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"Lost more than a few hairs on this bullet-hell shooter set on British colonial Mars in the 17th century (yup). A good intro to bullethells."
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"... il feeling con le armi, la musica, il ritmo, è tutto favoloso."
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony è uno sparatutto neoclassico con visuale dall'alto per 4 giocatori, ambientato nelle Colonie Marziane Britanniche del 17° secolo. 'Jamestown' veicola tutta l'intensità, la profondità e i pixel amorevolmente cesellati a mano degli shooter arcade classici, arricchendo però la formula tradizionale con un'aggiunta moderna: un gameplay cooperativo profondamente integrato nella struttura del gioco.

Rispetto alla maggior parte degli sparatutto top-down, che forniscono ai giocatori una manciata di vite e continue, 'Jamestown' offre qualcosa di diverso. Fintantoché un giocatore sopravvive, la squadra può essere riportata in vita. Concedendo ad ogni giocatore l'abilità di salvare la propria squadra dall'annientamento, 'Jamestown' instaura un'esperienza cooperativa esilarante, dove il contributo di ciascuno conta veramente. Sia se vince, sia se perde, la tua squadra lo farà insieme.

Caratteristiche Principali:

  • Apriti la strada a colpi di arma da fuoco attraverso il pianeta Marte del Seicento, per mezzo di una squadra composta da fino a 4 giocatori in modalità cooperativa locale.
  • Goditi e meravìgliati di fronte agli sconfinati paesaggi in pixel-art amorevolmente cesellati a mano.
  • Aiuta un avventuriere a fuggire e a trovare riscatto attraverso una trama frenetica.
  • Epiche composizioni orchestrali firmate da Francisco Cerda: una diversa per ciascun livello.
  • Sfida con coraggio le frontiere marziane nemiche grazie alla selezione eccellente del migliore armamentario steampunk del 1619.
  • Padroneggia le innovative meccaniche co-op che ripropongono i fasti degli shooter top-down dell'era d'oro.
  • Metti alla prova le tue abilità negli oltre 20 livelli bonus, ciascuno fondato su una particolare regola.
  • Percorri tutta d'un fiato la modalità arcade "Gauntlet", e gioca Jamestown come se fosse il 1996.
  • Domina il peculiare sistema di punteggio al fine di scalare le leaderboard online.
  • Sblocca gli oltre 30 Achievement Steam... se ci riesci!

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Microsoft® Windows® XP con SP2 / Vista / 7
    • Processore: Intel® Pentium™ 4 a 2.4 GHz o superiore
    • RAM: 512 MB
    • Hard Disk: 250 MB di spazio libero
    • Scheda Video: Qualunque scheda con supporto OpenGL 2.0 e almeno 256 MB di VRAM
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Altro: Per ogni giocatore serve una tastiera o un pad, oppure un mouse. Il gioco supporta più di un mouse o più di una tastiera collegati contemporaneamente. Il mouse deve essere a 3 pulsanti.
    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo 2.1 Ghz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 250 MB
    • Video Card: Any OpenGL 2.0 graphics card with 256MB+ video RAM
    • DirectX®:
    • Additional: One keyboard, controller, or mouse required per player. Supports multiple joysticks. 3-buttons required for mouse play.
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Divertente sparatutto , anche abbastanza difficile a dire il vero , a livello normale.Divertente nulla di più.
Pubblicata: 23 agosto
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Jamestown might be the most refined game I've played in the last decade. A top down bullet hell shooter set in an alternate history timeline (largely mirroring early American history, only this time with aliens), it presents itself with an air of confidence, as if it realizes what a pedigree its of and is determined to make you see so as well.

You can try to break down what makes Jamestown so great into understandable pieces of a larger whole, but it's the combination of them all that pushes it beyond a decent reimagining of classic shmups, into a modern classic. The feel of the ships is relentlessly precise, the action ferocious and incredibly satisfying, and the presentation presenting a remarkably well realized world (despite how little exposition there is).

The more you play Jamestown, the more these elements shine, upping the ante at a breakneck pace, forcing you to improve or perish. However, it does so in a way that allows for a natural increase in skill, letting players ease into the challenge instead of pushing them into it right from the start like the games of the genre are so known for. It also creates a contentious stream of rewards for players that manage to improve past the point of entry, with more elaborate enemy designs, tougher boss fights, and some truly grueling challenge levels. And then you have the coop, the glorious coop, the only flaw of which is that it is sadly local only. Should you get a chance to play with some friends though, it's a fantastic experience that scales perfectly and adds even more replay value as you go through levels that now feel new once again.

At times the action is so intense that it's hard to even keep track of your ship, let alone take in all that Jamestown has to offer, but when you can manage to take a step back it's incredible the level of polish applied to even the smallest areas of the game. I was quite frankly taken aback when I first gave it a try, and this feeling was renewed even up to the very last boss fight, which was as epic and satisfying as I could have hoped for. If you have even the most remote fondness for bullet hell games, Jamestown is about as penultimate an entry point into the genre as you could hope for. Everyone with more than a passing enjoyment of the genre should have played it long ago, but if not, consider this a wake up call that you've been sleeping on something awesome.
Pubblicata: 3 agosto
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Pretty damn awesome old school shooter that gives any of the top japaense bullet hells game more than a run for their money. If you like the genre you need to play this. Also top notch presentation, artwork and music.

A really well designed game that accomplishes what it sets out to do with aplomb.
Pubblicata: 6 settembre
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Jamestown is a vertically scrolling shoot'em up which supports up to four players locally. The game has four ships each with its own unique attack style. The levels are played asynchronously. In addition to the storyline there are a number of challenge modes which can be completed.

In 1619 Raleigh has escaped execution at the hands of his own king. Desiring to clear his name Raleigh flees the Tower of London and heads to the new world, Mars. Mars is currently being fought over between the English and the Spanish armada. Unfortunately for Raleigh the Martians are loyal to the Spanish and have sided with them. Resting his hopes for clearing his name on solving the mystery of the vanished settlement at Roanoake, Raleigh heads to the Jamestown colony in search of John Smith.

Jamestown is the first alternate history/sci-fi shooter I have ever played and indeed it may be the only one that exists. Storyline is not something I have payed mind to in other shoot'em ups, but it is very present in Jamestown. Before and after every level you get a story update. Happily these can be easily be skipped and even turned off entirely. I don't mind the story, but it's not why I'm playing a shoot'em up.

Jamestown has everything you would expect in a shooter. Destructible enemies to kill, indestructible objects to avoid, bonus items to grab. But the details differentiate it. Before each stage you select a type of ship. At the beginning your options will be limited but as you play the other ships will unlock. You can plays with the Beam, Gunner, Charge or Bomber. Beam and Charge are both listed as standard while Gunner and Bomber are listed as advanced. And I certainly agree with the assessment. The two advanced ships are much more difficult to use effectively.

Each ship has two attack modes. The Beam gives you a wide radius of fire and is the only ship to natively firing range outside of what is directly in front of you. The special weapon here is a high-powered constant beam which fires directly in front of you and rapidly damages opposing ships. The drawback is that your ship moves quite slowly while firing this special attack. The other standard ship is the Charge. The basic weapon is has a smaller firing dispersal and fires fewer bullets than the Beam's basic weapon. The Charge special shot fires a slow moving ball that damages any enemy in its path. It doesn't stop when it contacts an enemy, but rather continues on damaging anything in the path. It slowly charges over time, so that if you wait to use it the ball will be larger and more destructive.

The first advanced ship you will unlock is the Gunner. This ship has a basic weapon very similar to the Charge ship and is unique in that the special weapon is always active. Using the special weapon allows you to change the direction in which the special weapon fires. Thus if you press left while using the special weapon it will fire left. When you let up on the special weapon the direction of fire will lock in place until you use it again. This weapon certainly takes some getting used to, but it is the only weapon that allows you to fire to the left, right or towards the rear of your ship. The Bomber has the weakest basic weapon, a single stream of bullets. But the using the special causes the bullets to explode doing tremendous damage.

When you destroy an enemy, it explodes into a field of golden gears and cogs. Collecting these not only increases your score but also moves increases the Vaunt
meter. Once activated Vaunt has several effects. For a short time it provides a shield around your ship. For a longer but still limited time you will double your score. Collecting gears and cogs during the Vaunt will increase the time your score increases. Vaunt also increases the damage your ships weaponry does to enemy units. The final feature of Vaunt mode is that if you press vaunt again while it is active you will get a shorter lasting shield, but Vaunt mode immediately ends if you utilize this.

Jamestown ostensibly has five difficulty levels ranging from Normal to Judgement. But make no mistake the first two: Normal and Difficult do not allow you to play the full game. If you play on Normal you can only access the first three levels of the game. You will then be forced to play the earlier levels on a higher difficulty to continue the main story mode. If you should choose to use the Difficult setting you can access the fourth but not the fifth level of the game. This was frustrating to me as a player. I recommend using Legendary (or higher) difficulty from the beginning.

Jamestown offers a number of additional gameplay options beyond the main story mode. There is the Gauntlet mode where you play through all the levels consecutively. You are given three lives per credit and three credits. The credits do not reset during gameplay. Gauntlet is unique in Jamestown in that it is the only mode where your accomplishments in one level have any bearing on the next.

There are also a number of Bonus Levels that can be unlocked. These must be unlocked to access them through a mixture of spending ducats and doing well on the challenges which you already have access to. Most of the conditions for completing the bonus levels are earning certain number of points and activating rings by flying over them, in others you simply have to survive a set amount of time.

Jamestown offers four player simultaneous play. However it is local only. The ships are clearly designed to work well together so that one player can ameliorate the weaknesses of the ship of another, or can activate a vaunt shield to protect a friend. It is unfortunate that online multiplayer was not offered.

Jamestown also offers for additional purchase a DLC pack which has more ships to choose from and bonus levels.

I really like the look of Jamestown which is a throwback to the 16 bit era with pixelization and attractive sprites. The soundtrack is also quite good. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to like it, Jamestown never captured my interest as much as I was hoping. I think that is largely to do with the fact that the game appears to be primarily designed for multiplayer co-op. If I could play online multiplayer I have a feeling my appreciation for Jamestown would increase tremendously. The other aspect that detracts for me is that each level is its own unique challenge and that your performance in one does not carry over to the next. I tend to most enjoy shoot'em ups where you can continually upgrade your weapons until you can destroy most anything on the screen without trying too hard. And then I can get a bunch of free guys so that by the time the game is challenging enough that I die even with my tremendous fire power and start again with a basic ship I have enough lives that I can brute force my way to the finish. Can't do that in Jamestown. The only way to upgrade your destructive capability is with Vaunt and choosing a more destructive ship, and you can't get any free lives. My guess is that Jamestown is a lot more fun to play multiplayer. But I think it is unlikely that I will ever get a chance to try.
Pubblicata: 3 luglio
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If you're looking to get yourself into these crazy looking shoot 'em ups ("shmups") you've seen out there, like your Touhous, your DoDonPachis, your eXceeds, your Crimzon Clovers and what have you, but still feel too intimidated by being awash in a sea of pretty projectiles decimating your chances of survival, then Jamestown may just be the perfect place for you to get started.

In comparison to all of the other shooters mentioned, Jamestown keeps things relatively simple, not only in its variety of bullet patterns, but the various underlying systems for scoring and survival are fairly easy to understand. With Jamestown you'll naturally learn various techniques that can transfer over to nearly any "bullet hell" kind of game, such as understanding your player character's tiny hitbox (if things hit this, you die!), grazing through tight openings in bullet patterns, and "streaming" various aimed attacks that come at you from one side of the screen to the other, with bullets narrowly missing you.

Key to mastering the game is understanding the "vaunt" system. Vaunting requires only a full vaunt gauge to activate and a single button press. Vaunting affords you some momentary invincibility both upon activation and deactivation, but also serves to double the points you receive from destroying enemies and picking up collectibles as well as doubling the damage you do. It's an ingenius system that can be used for newbies as a way to nullify tricky to dodge patterns and for more advanced players to milk the scoring system for all its worth. In that way, you can almost literally play Jamestown any way you want, be it for survival or gunning for high score challenges.

Though the game is relatively short (five stages total), there's still a really great amount of content to be explored. While playing, you'll unlock four types of ships, challenge maps that will further enhance your understanding of how shmups work, and a whole slew of difficulty modes that are all geared toward creating a smooth level of challenge as you keep moving up and getting better. So, even if the "main game" is a tad on the short side, the game's still feature rich enough to warrant the pricetag.

Jamestown is not only a dandy little shmup itself, but it's also a very comprehensive learning tool that can help new players to the genre come to grips and get over the intimidation factor. The myriad of difficulty selections and stage designs all feel constructed around the idea of getting better as you play. The more you put into Jamestown, the more you'll get out of it. It may be a tad too tame for experienced shmup players, but new players definitely can not go wrong here.
Pubblicata: 19 agosto
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