You are the ultimate weapon with an ultimate sidekick – Collect secret items and get power ups to become the perfect weapon.
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Data de lançamento: 20/jan/2011

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Inclui 3 itens: A.R.E.S.: Berzerker Suit, A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, A.R.E.S.: Original Soundtrack

PROMOÇÃO DE FÉRIAS! A oferta acaba em 4 de julho


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21 de junho

A "Mighty" discount!

A "mighty" discount!

Waiting is hard, so is being a believer. So in honor of the over funded attempt to resurrect one of our favorite franchises anew, we are offering an even better option, on sale even!

So for those who have been waiting for today as long as we have, and are looking for an alternative, we have decided to give a one day discount to our game at 77% off for A.R.E.S. EX to show our appreciation of retrovania games.

Thank you for supporting ARES, and those who haven't played yet, get ready for a real challenge.

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Oferta exclusiva do Steam

Carbon Stealth Suit: (Yellow)

A light weight and non metal alternative to ARES traditional armor. Proves to be pleasing to the eye.

Indigo Pulse Suit: (Blue)

A prototype suit made of special materials discovered by United Earth which was estimated to be immune to Zytron Gas.

Sobre este jogo

A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda is the first chapter in a full featured episodic hardcore action packed side scrolling platformer, in the traditions of retro classics, where you play as Ares, a combat robot created for the sole purpose of saving humanity. Can you live up to the task or will you be reduced to nuts and bolts?
You are Ares, the first Zytron immune robot. A symbol of how far human technology has come, you are the most advanced robot in existence; built to run faster, jump higher, and fire quicker. In addition to these core attributes, your design includes a system for converting spare parts and resources into valuable items, armor, and weaponry. You will need to use everything at your disposal in order to reach and rescue the survivors aboard the Zytron infected space station.

Key features:

  • Play through various locations in the A.R.E.S. universe, each a beautiful, unique, 3D environment with challenging obstacles.
  • You are the ultimate weapon with the ultimate sidekick – Collect the secret items and get power up to become a perfect weapon.
  • Come face to face with colossal opponents, learn their patterns to defeat them in battle.
  • Destroy enemies, collect their parts, and then recycle them to make incredible items, including health packs, ammo, and weapon upgrades.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core™2 Duo Processor, AMD Athlon x2 Processor
    • Memory: Windows XP:1GB, Windows Vista, 7:2GB
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 series, ATI Radeon HD 2400 series
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB
    • Sound: DirectSound compatible (DirectX 9.0c or higher)
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( 2.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 23 de junho
A.R.E.S. is kind of short, but very very sweet. While recently updated to the EX edition, also on Steam, this version costs half as much, so if you're on a budget, you can do a lot worse. The game has a very Mega Man X4 feel, with tight controls, an interesting upgrade system, and some really cool environments. Totally worth picking up, but if you've got a few extra bucks to spare, go for the EX version.
( 1.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 22 de junho
A "mighty" game!!

Comentando só pra sacanear aquele japa safado que abocanhou dinheiro dos fãs.
Mil rolas no toba dele!

Quanto ao ARES, dá surra de pau mole no tal Mighty nº9!
Captain Chaos
( 2.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 21 de junho
Pretty good mouse-aim platform shooter, as I recall. There was a boss fight I had trouble figuring out, but it was so long ago that I can't remember the specifics. Picked up the "EX" edition today based on their "Mighty" discount.
( 4.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 13 de junho
Quick Summary: ARES Extinction Agenda is a side scrolling shooter similar to Megaman, with a very short campaign. The game’s replay value comes from grinding for “recyclable parts” which are used to purchase weapon upgrades, and from trying to get a higher score on each level (faster completion and taking less damage). You’ll want to use a controller for this game.

You play a robot soldier named Ares, investigating the takeover of a human inhabited area where a mysterious gas has seized control of all the electronics (robot enemies). Throughout the game’s 5 levels you discover more and more about Zytron, the green gas responsible for this whole mess, and why it’s hell bent on killing all humans.

Ares gameplay is mostly side scrolling though there is some mild climbing and platforming. You have a double jump, but it’s not especially powerful, and don’t expect to be climbing walls like Megaman. Your life is measured in “energy” which can be upgraded by finding “data cubes” (collectibles) or by getting higher scores in levels. Energy does not regenerate so you’ll probably want to take your time if you’re a new player. There are a few weapons and outfits to choose from, but they don’t have that big of an effect on gameplay.

+The game is fun if you’re looking for a short action packed diversion. The story is okay as well, though nothing special.
+Once you’ve beaten the game you can replay missions at will, trying to get higher scores and trying to collect all the data cubes. This allows you to grind for recyclable parts pretty easily and buy all the weapon upgrades to make your “hard mode” playthrough easier.

-If you play with keyboard and mouse like I did, your aim may be better (mouse aiming) but you’ll run into the problem of keyboards not registering more than 3 buttons pressed at once. For example running, jumping, shooting, and using special moves simultaneously. This will lead to some embarrassing falls to your death.
-The game isn’t hard if you just want to play through, but if you want the steam achievements, they can be a pain. I played through the game twice and couldn’t get higher than C ranking. Maybe I just suck, but to get the high ranking you need to finish each round in half the par time, take no damage, and get 100 hit combos. I couldn’t even beat the bosses without losing half my energy.
-As mentioned before, the game is very short. It takes about 2 hours to beat the whole thing, even if you’ve never played the game before.

Overall ARES may be a short game, but it’s fun while it lasts and the download size is pretty small (graphics are good though). Give it a try if you have it, but don’t feel bad if you don’t have the game’s DLC – Berzerker suit. It just gives you a powerful weapon that passes through walls while making you take extra damage from enemy attacks. It isn’t that useful after the first couple of levels.
( 3.7 horas registradas )
Publicada: 11 de junho
It kinda feels like it wants to be both a megaman and a castlevania and it does not really pull off any of either all that well. Cannot complain too much since I got it from a bundle, I think.
( 4.7 horas registradas )
Publicada: 9 de junho
Pretty good game, very short though.
Essentially this is a kind of poor attempt at a metroid clone with only 5 stages that last < 10 min each. They could be completed faster if you could move any faster, but you are dreadfully slow. A wider screen with a faster playstyle would have made this game much better, but its zoomed SO FAR IN on your character it leaves almost no room for anything to actually be going on on the screen. I enjoyed the leveling system and upgrading items, everything carried over level to level so you could go back and get stronger for the next one... if you needed it. Its dreadfully easy even on the "hard" setting which just made you take more damage. 5/10

I would have put much less time into the game but the achievements required multiple playthroughs.
Pro Frankenstein
( 5.9 horas registradas )
Publicada: 22 de maio
First of all the game is ok, i mean the graphics are nothing special (not awesome but not bad either) the gameplay is very good and u can expect it to run well on any computer.
The big problem is that this game is very short 5 levels only.
If u wanna buy it i would recommend on sale.
( 5.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 14 de maio
A.R.E.S is a fun side-scrolling platformer, kinda like Megaman games (the first thing it made me thought of). It provided some decent challenge (at least if you play on Hard difficulty) and the storyline was a pass. You unlock 4 weapons throughout the game which you can upgrade into stronger versions, 5 levels each with its own boss, so the whole game was fairly short and could be finished within 3-4 hours. Although, there is a lot of replayability value if you want to upgrade all your weapons, find all the secrets and get perfect SS score on each level, and other things that are listed in the achievements.

For $5, I'd say the game wasn't bad and definitely worth trying. However, I do want to point out that there is a similar game called A.R.E.S: Extinction Agenda EX which is available for $5 extra (if you already own this game) and is apparently an improved version of this game with more content. I haven't got to play the EX version yet, but I'd say that this game has at least earned my recommendation.
( 5.4 horas registradas )
Publicada: 6 de maio
Somente se você gostar da série você ira gostar um pouco desse jogo. Muito curto e pouco desafios.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
( 2.6 horas registradas )
Publicada: 22 de abril
This game was a fun side scroller with an awesome story line then you get to the last boss and you realize that everything leading up to him was all a lie because this game tricked you into believing you were an awesome robot with ninja like reflexes and a heart of gold, but then BOOM boss makes you cry like the first time the doctor spanked your butt comin out of your mothers birth hanger.
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Publicada: 11 de junho
It kinda feels like it wants to be both a megaman and a castlevania and it does not really pull off any of either all that well. Cannot complain too much since I got it from a bundle, I think.
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7.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 12 de agosto de 2014
A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda é um jogo extremamente curto, pode ser terminado tranquilamente em duas horas de jogatina, recomendo o jogo para os órfãos de Mega Man e quando estiver com no mínimo 75% de desconto, caso esteja pensando em comprar esse game se prepare as duas primeiras armas deixa o jogo monótono com vontade de dormir e você acaba desistindo do game e deixando ele para depois, o jogo só melhora quando você consegue a metralhadora a terceira arma do game, a partir desse momento fica outro jogo muito dinâmico e divertido.
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2.3 horas registradas
Publicada: 27 de dezembro de 2015
Bom jogo de plataforma, com influência notável de Megaman X e Metroid. Comprei meio por acaso na promoção de fim de ano (R$ 3,99 com 80% de desconto, preço sem desconto: R$ 19,99), joguei e acabei aproveitando bastante. Ele tem um feeling oldschool que realmente me chama muito a atenção, e diferente dos vários outros jogos de plataforma no estilo, ele parece ter uma identidade própria.

✓ bons gráficos;
✓ jogabilidade precisa e não muito dificil de lidar;
✓ design muito bacana, tanto dos personagens quanto dos cenários;
✓ história, apesar de curtinha, interessante;
✓ fator replay mediano (você provavelmente vai querer jogar pelos achievements algumas vezes;
✓ cards e achievements.

✗ curto (terminei em cerca de 2h o primeiro playtrough);
✗ razoavelmente facil demais (basta você farmar bastante material para fazer os powerups).
✗ apesar da jogabilidade ser fácil, é dificil se acostumar com as trocas de armas que você precisa fazer rapidamente

Nota: 7.0
Vale a pena pegar em promoção. Diversão rapida e barata. E ainda rende cartinhas. :)
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2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
3.7 horas registradas
Publicada: 13 de março
Médio... Tem cara de indie bem feito. É mais divertido jogando pela segunda vez porque existem áreas que você só consegue acessar ao jogar novamente, pois ai você tem os upgrades necessários e armas mais fortes. Só na segunda vez pra coletar todos os items e armas escondidos também. Se for comprar, espere uma promoção.
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Não recomendado
10.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 4 de janeiro
Importante: Terminei o jogo com o Steam em modo offline, por isso não ganhei quase nenhum feito.
A.R.E.S. até tem uma boa apresentação e alguns elementos nostálgicos, porém também é muito curto (5 horas pra terminar uma vez, tem gente que provavelmente termina com 4 horas) e têm controles muito problemáticos (o pulo duplo se destaca, pois nunca funciona igual em duas tentativas diferentes), o jogo também não tem nenhuma grande inovação e possui alguns bugs simples. Só pegue se você REALMENTE gostar do estilo e conseguir um bom desconto.
Important: I finished the game with Steam in offline mode, so it did not get hardly any achivements.
A.R.E.S. have a good presentation and some nostalgic elements, but is also very short (five hours to finish once, some people probably ends with 4 hours) and have very problematic controls (the double jump stands out because it works never the same in two different attempts), the game also has no great innovation and has some simple bugs. Only take if you REALLY like the style and get a good discount.
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3.3 horas registradas
Publicada: 22 de julho de 2013
Jogo com belos graficos lembra o Clássico MEGAMAN
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7.8 horas registradas
Publicada: 30 de dezembro de 2013
Great Megaman copy....
This is not a bad thing.
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4.3 horas registradas
Publicada: 20 de junho de 2015
muito bom
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3.9 horas registradas
Publicada: 5 de dezembro de 2014
Um jogo curto com uma temática desinteressante. Você, uma ambiente em plataforma e armas, nada que fosse diferente do habitual. O jogo é fácil e, pela quantidade de itens que você pega pela fase, durante uma batalha com os chefões é necessário apenas ficar parado enquanto se cura com a grande quantidade de repair kits possíveis de serem feitos.
Gostaria de ter gostado desse jogo, que foi um dos primeiros indies que obtive na Steam. Mas para mim ele é tedioso como as "cutscenes" dele.
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2.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 18 de novembro de 2015
Embora curto na duração, é um jogo cheio de surpresas. A jogabilidade e design são muito bons; controles precisos e power-ups inspirados nas franquias Rockman e Metroid. Oferece desafio tremendo e o visual é bonito á beça!
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