Corre el año 1973. El sonido de un solitario y etéreo saxo flota sobre el paseo que bordea a la isla de Roosevelt mientras una serie de accidentes asola una obra en pleno centro de la ciudad. Los habitantes de Manhattan no prestan atención a estos acontecimientos, y mucho menos a la posibilidad de que estén conectados.
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Acerca de este juego

Corre el año 1973. El sonido de un solitario y etéreo saxo flota sobre el paseo que bordea a la isla de Roosevelt mientras una serie de accidentes asola una obra en pleno centro de la ciudad. Los habitantes de Manhattan no prestan atención a estos acontecimientos, y mucho menos a la posibilidad de que estén conectados.
La taciturna médium Lauren Blackwell y su espíritu guía Joey Mallone son los únicos que creen que algo extraño está ocurriendo, y también los únicos que pueden impedir que un enigmático asesino vuelva a actuar...

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows ME o posterior
    • Procesador: Pentium o superior
    • Memoria: 64 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Resolución de 640x400 con un profundidad de color de 32 bits. Sistema a 700 MHz como mínimo
    • Versión de DirectX®: 5.0
    • Disco Duro: 200 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Cualquier dispositivo compatible con DirectX
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Publicado el 19 de diciembre de 2015
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Publicado el 21 de marzo
After playing the Blackwell Legacy, I was totally amazed with its storytelling regardless of its somewhat simple graphics. The game certainly took me by surprised and when I saw the next game in this saga, Blackwell Unbound, I didn’t want to play it as I thought it couldn’t live up to its standards. Well I simply caved in and installed the game. Once completed, this one moved me more than the first (Blackwell Legacy) with even better character development. There were also slightly more technical improvements however the puzzle elements were the same; that is wasn’t challenging enough and lack thereof.

Blackwell Unbound takes place in 1973, meaning it served as a prequel to Legacy. The game assumes the player’s knowledge of the main character Joey and introduces a new one, Lauren. Lauren is the aunt for Rosa from Legacy and her demeanour is considerably different as Lauren is more confident in her abilities as a medium. Then again, it didn’t explain at all of how Lauren was introduced to Joey in the first place. Nevertheless it’s a refreshing outlook of Lauren’s more assertive personality considering she is a chain smoker from hell. I guess that’s the 70s for ya.

The gameplay is in the style of a point and click variety – that is you literally just do that, point at a hotspot like an item or person and it will interact. Right click the mouse for the character to analyse and left click to interact. There is some inventory management where only Lauren can access (as after all, Joey is a ghost) and the neat notebook feature is here again. What this feature does, once it gets an update prompt, you can join sentences together to form another. Yet to those who’d played Legacy, there’s a new feature where you get to control both Joey and Lauren individually. This is pretty neat considering some puzzles requires swapping between characters.

Speaking of which, there are only a handful of puzzles to solve yet thankfully, they are all logical so they are no mind-bending at all. For some, this maybe a put-off however the plotline and game’s pacing hits the spot as there’s momentum instead of having a difficult puzzle to bottleneck the tempo. Also the storyline is so well written with realistic problems that’s very welcoming. The general mood is sombre yet well fitted for the plotline.

Thankfully to enhance the sombre mood, the musical scores by Thomas Regin is nothing short but exceptional. All the scores are well suited for this game and has that jazz feel. Not overdone however very welcoming and professionally composed. It’s that good I purchased the soundtrack in iTunes for USD $10. Graphically it is powered by the Adventure Game Studio (AGS), graphic artist Erin Robinson made some alterations, mainly with the characters and done a wonderful job at it. They are all dressed up as if it was the 70s and there’s little to be said about pixel hunting. Yet the opening screen where is shows the Statue of Liberty overlooking the Manhattan skyline at night is lovely to see.

It’s pretty rare that an adventure game sucks me in as well as Unbound did. The game’s length, depending upon your detective skills I guess, could take around the five hours mark. However I really cannot let go of this game until completion as mentioned before, the game’s pacing and storytelling is simply fantastic. Granted there’s a couple of bugs where the written text and spoken words differ and at one occasion, the text is there however the voice is muted however, and thankfully so, didn’t ruin the game. There’s obvious love and care poured into this game and the game’s ending, as much as I did actually panic, feels like I need to perform a standing ovation! A definite must play.

8 / 10
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Publicado el 24 de abril
The Blackwell series is a very very good point and click adventure with pretty good voice acting.You need to play them all to really feel the story and the depth of the characters. The Finale(Epiphany) was FANTASTIC(you may shed a tear). Its one of those games where the toil of playing all those hours actually felt meaningful in the end. The Voice acting was satisfying enough to make you forget its actually a point and click game.
Some solutions to some puzzles may not be that obvious at first, but if you dont get it,plenty of guides there.

Since almost all the blackwell games have similar mechanics, didnt think of writing different reviews for each of them.

9/10 for the series. Writing this after playing all the 5 episodes.

Kudos to Dave Gilbert and The whole Team.
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Publicado el 9 de abril
The 2nd title in the Blackwell series, Unbound is a prequel to the 1st Blackwell game, Legacy. You play as Rosa's aunt and predecessor, Lauren. Game mechanics are pretty similar to Legacy, with the notebook still in use. You get to control both Lauren and Joey. Unbound features 2 cases to solve, and contains several easter eggs and some interesting Steam achievements.

  • Story - More content here compared to Legacy.
  • Characters - At first I worried I wouldn't like a chain-smoking protagonist, but it all turned out fine. The spooks were also fairly interesting, especially the female one.
  • Setting - This takes place in the '70s; the retro vibe was successfully conveyed.
  • Ability to play as Joey - This gave the game some variation.
  • Music - You can never go wrong with smooth jazz. And a piano.
  • Graphics - Like those classic old-school Sierra games; my type of nostalgia.
  • Voice acting - Lauren does "jaded and bitter" really well. I really liked the female spook too.
  • Easter eggs! - Just like the good ol' days. One involves a floating head!
  • Steam achievements - I didn't bother getting them all, but if you do that'll glean you maybe an hour or more of gameplay.

  • Length - Still too short for my liking. Say 2 hours at most.
  • Too few locations - You backtrack a lot and have to visit the same places over and over. There aren't many scenes to explore. It gets a bit tiresome after a while.
  • A bit one-dimensional - I was hoping for a bit more intrigue plot-wise. Things are too straightforward and spelled too plainly for the player.

Unbound for me was a definite improvement over Legacy in terms of game length and story breadth, and as you can see from above, there were many other things I liked about it. However the plot was all too clear-cut and lacked mystique and finesse, and game length left much to be desired. As a standalone game I would not pay more than US$2 for this.
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Publicado el 23 de agosto de 2014
Capítulo dos de esta sensacional aventura gráfica, que mejora en todos los aspectos su antecesor, con una historia genial, nos encontramos con una precuela del primero, donde manejamos a la tía de rosangela, en una de sus aventuras antes de que pase el legado a su sobrina.

El juego es practicamente igual en cuestión técnica pero mejora significativamente el argumento, y se me ha hecho más fácil, supongo que porque ya conocía la mecánica del juego y no me he bloqueado más de cinco minutos.

Desgraciadamente, quedan todavía tres capítulos por jugar, pero no están traducidos por lo que esperaré un tiempo a jugarlos a ver si los traducen, simplemente decir que tanto éste como el anterior son aventuras gráficas altamente recomendables.

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