Nous sommes en 1973. Le son d'un saxophone solitaire et éthéré glisse sur la promenade de l'Île Roosevelt alors qu'une série d'accidents s'abat sur un site de construction non loin du centre. Les habitants de Manhattan ne se soucient pas de ces évènements et pensent encore moins qu'ils sont reliés.
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Date de parution: 13 jan 2012

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"Actually the second game in the series, a very well-written experience with a good story and the amazing protagonists. Both memorable and enjoyable."

À propos de ce jeu

Nous sommes en 1973. Le son d'un saxophone solitaire et éthéré glisse sur la promenade de l'Île Roosevelt alors qu'une série d'accidents s'abat sur un site de construction non loin du centre. Les habitants de Manhattan ne se soucient pas de ces évènements et pensent encore moins qu'ils sont reliés.
Le médium aigri Lauren Blackwell et son guide spirituel Joey Mallone sont les seuls à croire qu'il se passe quelque chose d'étrange et à pouvoir empêcher un tueur énigmatique de frapper à nouveau...

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows ME ou supérieur
    • Processeur : Pentium ou supérieur
    • Mémoire vive : 64 Mo de RAM
    • Affichage : 640x400, couleurs 32-bit : Système de 700 MHz minimum
    • DirectX® : 5.0
    • Disque dur : 200 Mo d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : N'importe quelle carte son compatible DirectX
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Posté le : 7 juin
Blackwell Unbound est le second volet de la série des Blackwell. Dans cet opus on se retrouve dans les années 70 et on incarne Lauren Blackwell, la tante de Rosa. Avec l'aide de Joey celle-ci va enquêter sur deux affaires de fantômes, l'une concernant un saxophoniste qui joue de la musique sur les quais de New-York et l'autre une femme qui hante le chantier de son immeuble détruit. Pour Lauren et Joey il s'agit de leur quotidien mais quelque chose dans ces affaires sort de l'ordinaire et la nuit des deux acolytes se révélera bien plus compliquée et plus dangereuse que prévue... Cet épisode est tout aussi bon que le premier, c'est un plaisir de se plonger dans le passé pour mieux comprendre ce qui est arrivé à Lauren et à Joey. On retrouve toujours le système de mise en relation des preuves qui constituait un point fort du premier jeu. La qualité de l'écriture et des doublages est toujours très bonne et on pourra même accéder à des bonus d'enregistrement, des artworks, interviews ou à la B.O. du jeu. Le jeu est à nouveau assez court, 3-4h maximum, on aurait aimé passer plus de temps avec le personnage de Lauren qui est pas mal intéressant selon moi et avec Joey, toujours aussi drôle et sarcastique mais on se console car on sait qu'on retrouvera ce dernier dans le troisième volet.

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Posté le : 17 août
Blackwell Unbound is the second installment of Blackwell series, and it is a prequel to the first game. Here, we take the chance of experiencing the previous generation of the Legacy, with Lauren Blackwell. I have to say that the previous game left me with such great expectations, I rushed to play this one and first, was quite confused not the find Rosa. The city, the time, even Joey's attitude was different. Then I realized that finding Lauren instead, was a welcoming surprise in the end.

In this game we play as Lauren Blackwell, Rosa's witty and daring aunt back in 1970s. She is a chain smoker, a lady with an attitude and she has the guts that Rosa lacked in the previous game. She takes the day as it comes, and doesn't rest until a case is closed. Alongside Joey - the famous legacy himself - they investigate many potential cases and guide restless spirits to their after lives. In this specific period of their partnership however, they shall meet a strange old lady and end up witnessing a darker shade of what being a medium actually means.

This game is a bit grim in tone compared to the Blackwell Legacy. Dialogues carry sharp, two sided meanings, heavy with bittersweet feelings and a burdening suspense. The nature of the cases, and their resulting situation reveals a darker, shadier side to the medium business. Since we already know how Lauren's story will end eventually, seeing her venturing further down into her story is somehow heartbreaking.

Lauren is a strong character, as I briefly described before. She is so driven and so courageous, she ends up being downright suicidal sometimes. Her relationship with Joey is completely different whence compared to Rosa's relationship. We experience the advantage that Lauren and Joey already knew each other for a long time. So there is no awkwardness in their relationship. There is no "Oh no, ghosts are real?" period. I wondered if there would even be a little romance between them! I personally think this was a great opportunity to discover further background and in-depth personality to Joey and Lauren Blackwell.

The gameplay is nearly the same as before, yet the loveliest addition to the game is that Joey has become a playable character now. You are welcome to send him through walls or use his perception to check on the environment to catch a small nuance that may help you to progress in the case. I have to add that the voice acting was remarkably improved compared to the first game also. Alongside the commentary feature which we are already familiar with, you can enjoy some backdrop jokes, concept arts and various unused recordings when you finish the game.

All in all, I liked this one and now I feel more attracted to the Blackwell series altogether, witnessing Lauren and Joey in their time. Whence you look up on a family tree and compare the generations, it is not possible not to connect yourself better with given history. I cannot wait to play the third part and see what Rosa has been up to!
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Posté le : 21 juin
After the first Blackwell game I was hooked on the story, but had things I wished future entries would improve on. I'm glad to say the second game was just the kind of leap forward in quality I was hoping for.

The music was borderline inappropriate in the first game, and here in the second game it's just perfect. The art is better, the game is more stable, and the puzzle designs are more ambitious, without turning into a complete pain in the ♥♥♥. Like the first game it’s short and easy, which is perfectly fine for the story it’s trying to tell. I had a great time with it.
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Posté le : 13 avril
Blackwell Unbound is a second game in a Blackwell franchise, being yet another point-n-click adventure with pixel-art yet modern approach. This one is actually a budget prequel, starring Rosa's auntie and jazzy setting of older New York.

The engine is quite old, but trusty and should work just fine, despite sometime being weird about using anti-aliasing over the pixel-art. Mostly when characters sprites are being scaled. It has a weird thing where all dialogue would be insta-skipped after pressing Shift+Tab, commonly used for Steam overlay. Pressing Tab will fix it.

As you can see, this game is a prequel, starring Lauern, Rosa's auntie along with Joey the sidekick ghost in older New York. And as you can actually see, it feels like a prequel with more of budget animation, the pixel-art isn't more simple and isn't as amazing. Still does job done. The odd thing that annoyes me is talking animation, for some reason everybody bobs whole head down upon opening mouth. The music is heavely using jazz in pretty much anything, which gives a special atmosphere to game's setting, but I like it less than in the first game.

And yes, it's a modern point-n-click, with no deaths or dead ends. This time puzzles are a little better, though some notebook combinations don't make perfect sense. A good innovation is ability to switch between two character, though Joey doesn't have as much of use. Still makes it more like a team.

The plot starts dynamically right off the bad, unlike the first game where half of the game was you wandering around aimlessly. Here you got two seemingly unrelated cases. Yes, investigating in same time and deciding which clues belong to which one. Doesn't have big plot motivation to push you forward though. The plot also sets things going for the third game, so you shouldn't miss this game either.
Lauern is also more of mature character than Rosa, and the way that two main heroes interact with each other, with ability to chit chat, is quite fun. With unique part of being a heavy smoker.

Achievements are quite usual, and there are two that are related to amount of times Lauren smoked through the game... So in one walkthrough you wil spend some time watching her picking on cigarrete and another one you better be speedrunning. Aha.

And yes, game once again delivers on extra content. The commentaries mode is still there and this has drawing artist speaking sometimes too. Game designer's commentaries are there too and once again he mostly speaks about his experience with voice acting.
And once you beat a game, while abusing people by doing photographs, you will unlock other extra content, including voice acting bloober and now also having a collection of early versions of music and even concept art for the third, upcoming by then, game in the series. No worries, pixel art is different in final version of the third game, will not spoil too hard.

So yes, another solid entry in the series. Sets things up for the third game and is good enough to be stand-alone. Favourite among fans and developers, despite being more of budget title. Check it out.
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Posté le : 21 mai
This is my favorite game of the series. Why? Because of the setting. Their portrayal of 1973 life was accurate enough to make me nostalgic. Although I was a baby in the 70's, enough of it carried over into the early 80's that was when my first memories were forming. Things that are to become relics or already have, like wired phones, telephone books! (these were Google before the internet), cold calls, smoking everywhere, tube tvs, transistor radios, were all nice details that breathed life into the game. Thanks Wadjet.
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