Il va se passer des choses terribles en ville ce soir... La terre a été ravagée par les excès des humains, les conflits incessants et une invasion extra-terrestre. La population mondiale a été rassemblée dans d'immenses cités. Mega Primus est la plus importante de ces dernières.
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Date de parution : 15 juil 1997

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À propos de ce jeu

Il va se passer des choses terribles en ville ce soir...
La terre a été ravagée par les excès des humains, les conflits incessants et une invasion extra-terrestre. La population mondiale a été rassemblée dans d'immenses cités. Mega Primus est la plus importante de ces dernières.
2084 : en plus des conflits sociaux et d'une guerre civile rampante, une invasion extra-terrestre assiège la mégalopole.
Votre mission, en tant que commandant X-com est de combattre les aliens et de découvrir leurs intentions. Les aliens ne sont pas le seul danger : les gangs, les sectes... même la police peut se montrer dangereuse !
Bienvenue à l'apocalypse.
Comprend :
  • Troisième volet de la série X-com après X-COM: UFO Defense et X-COM: Terror from the Deep.
  • Combattez les aliens en temps réel.
  • Combattez l'invasion alien en tour à tour en mode tactique.
  • Emparez-vous de la technologie alien pour créer des armes plus puissantes.
  • Stopper l'infiltration alien et allez les combattre dans leur propre dimension.

Configuration requise

    • Interface : 100% compatible Windows 2000/XP (exclusif)
    • Processeur : Pentium 90MHz
    • Mémoire : 16 Mo RAM
    • Graphismes : Carte graphique 32Mo
    • Carte son : Sound Blaster, Microsoft Sound System, ESS Audio Drive, ProAudio Spectrum, Ensoniq Soundscape et Gravis UltraSound
    • Disque dur : 60 Mo
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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Posté le : 29 septembre 2015
I would give 200$ for a remake of x-com: apocalypse.
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Posté le : 18 août 2015
I just have to replay all the old X-Com every once a while.. I am possessed...

Anyways. My favorite one is TFTD simple because this one happen in one huge city instead of a whole planet. However Apocalypse does offer the best music out of all the X-com and XCOM game so far.

As an old time classic this one will never die out.

There is also issue of DosBox and Insert CD error when running the game. It can be fixxed by install newer version of dosbox your self and use daemon tool to mount image and do full installation.

I just wish steam or someone would release a simple patch to fix this instead of me fixxing it myself.

Anyways. This is not a game to be missed. Newer game may have better graphics or video but classic will be classic forever.

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Posté le : 10 octobre 2015
-Quick Review-
X-COM: Apocalypse was developed by MicroProse and released in 1997. X-COM: Apocalypse plays very much like the previous installments, however Apocalypse boasted a real-time combat mode, and a 3d city viewing mode, in addition to old features within the series.

-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: X-COM: Apocalypse follows the chronology half a century after the end of X-COM Terror from the deep. Possible spoiler: After the events in X-COM: Terror from the Deep, a worldwide environmental cataclysm destroyed the ecosystem forcing everyone into Bio-domed cities. X-COM: Apocalypse takes place in the city “Mega-Primus”, which is built over the ruins of Toronto Canada.

Gameplay: I should quickly point out for the causal reader: I never actually played these games growing up, so I'm reviewing these games as a newcomer (I always told friends “I could play games with minimal graphics” and I genuinely have enjoyed the X-COM games thus far. If my hours are low, it's because I plan to play more on my laptop when traveling)
X-COM: Apocalypse takes “UFO Defense” and “Terror from the Deep” and builds on that foundation to make a newer better and more UI friendly game. You would be amazed how big a difference hovering your mouse cursor over an icon and seeing a tool tip, makes for the player.
Whereas to start playing the previous two X-COM games you need to do one of two things: Find a PDF Manual online, or watch/read tutorials and introduction strategies. There were no tool tips, no tutorial, and hardly any substantial 'beginner's help' within the games themselves.

Map Mode: So you get a 3D over-world map that lets you see Mega-Primus, and there's also a 2D Map version of the city. While playing I made note that I had a much easier time looking at the map in 2d mode.
I have a sneaking suspicion that the 3D representation, was partially caused by pressure from other 3D games being released into the market in 1996 and 1997. (To list some of the best sellers: Civilization II, Warcraft II, Diablo, and Final Fantasy VII.)
While in Map mode you will micromanage your troops, watch for Alien invasion, build new bases, manage vehicles, and much more.

Combat Mode: There are now two combat modes; the standard turn-based mode that the X-COM player base experienced in the first two games, and a brand-spanking new RTS (Real-Time Strategy).

There are many other features that I don't have space to explain in my review, many of the core concepts are the same but have a different user interface, basically the whole game received a face-lift.

Achievements:There are no achievements linked to X-COM Apocalypse, however playing and beating games like these are an achievement in their own right.

Improve performance I'm adding this section to this review because your experience with the game will improve if you make a slight modification to the dosbox.conf file, change "output=surface" to "output=ddraw" or “output=opengl”.
There are many references to this change in games that implement dosbox, I would give credit to those posts but there are to many to reference. Making this small change will fix many graphical problems with dosbox games, but you need to do it to each dosbox game individually and every time you re install.

Price: X-COM: Apocalypse is priced at $4.99. If you already know you like games like these I suggest picking up the X-COM: Complete Pack for $14.99. I purchased my copy from

Conclusion: Hopefully I've been able to do this game justice. The Classic X-COM Series has impressed me every time I've played it. It boggles my mind that MicroProse was able to put so much detail into these games, the detail even rivals strategy games released today.
While the graphics might be difficult and turn away many from the game; if you can overcome that (or simply don't care about it, like me.) you will discover the gem in the strategy game genre which is the X-COM series.
Thank you for reading my review, I approve this series, and recommend it to strategy game enthusiasts, nostalgic gamers, and X-COM operatives.

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Posté le : 27 août 2015
The game does not work well on modern PCs. It runs, but that's about the highest praise I can give it. It crashed frequently, scrolls too fast, doesn't respond to clicks when it should. And all that is before talking about the problems inherent to the game. This game is a weak imitation of the XCom original. The new interface is unintuitive and clunky. If you want that original Xcom feeling, play the new XCom game
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Posté le : 18 février 2015
Oh boy, saying that this game is a priceless gem would be the understatement of the century, considering that this game is almost twenty-years-old and is still absorbing almost 400 hours of my time is an impressive feat, also this is only my time on this computer, as I have another 600 hours on other systems combined. I started playing the original X-COM when I was six and almost instantly fell in love with it, however, with this game It has so much more content (and even more planned). The thing is, I absolutely love this game, it is likely my favorite of all time, the only one competing with it is the original X-COM. If anyone from Firaxis sees this review, create a poll on your X-COM forums and ask about how many would like to see a remake (or even a HD remastering while adding the features planned for it) for X-COM Apocalypse, I promise you, it is worth a financial investment, as it will sell like hot-cakes. This is one of those few games that is so good its just begging for a remaster. If you want to see a X-COM Apocalypse remake, give this review a thumbs up!
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