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Etwas bösartiges treibt sich heute Nacht durch die Straßen... Die Erde wurde vom menschlichen Raubbau, von unentwegten Kriegen und von einer Invasion Außerirdischer schwer mitgenommen. Die Bevölkerung hortet sich in riesigen Metropolen zusammen und die allererste dieser Metropolen nennt man nun Mega Primus.
Veröffentlichung: 15 Juli 1997

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Enthält 5 Artikel: X-COM: Terror From the Deep, X-COM: Apocalypse, X-COM: Interceptor, X-COM: UFO Defense, X-COM: Enforcer

Über das Spiel

Etwas bösartiges treibt sich heute Nacht durch die Straßen...

Die Erde wurde vom menschlichen Raubbau, von unentwegten Kriegen und von einer Invasion Außerirdischer schwer mitgenommen. Die Bevölkerung hortet sich in riesigen Metropolen zusammen und die allererste dieser Metropolen nennt man nun Mega Primus.

2084: Utopia ist verloren, soziale Unruhen und Anarchie beherrschen Mega Primus. Teuflische Außerirdische terrorisieren die Stadt. UFOs schwärmen durch Dimensionstore. Die Stadt liegt unter Belagerung von einem unbekannten Feind.

Ihre Mission: als X-COM Commander sollen Sie die außerirdischen Aggressoren in Schach halten und ihren teuflischen Plan durchkreuzen. Aber Achtung! Durch Infiltration gelangen selbst Außerirdische zu Zugang zu Politik und hinterrücks können Gangs, religiöse Sekten und sogar die Polizei Ihnen das Leben schwer machen!

Der Himmel wird von der Außerirdischenflotte verdunkelt, seltsame Kreaturen versetzen die Stadt in Angst und Schrecken, das Chaos regiert... Wilkommen im Krieg, willkommen in der Apocalypse.


  • Das explosive dritte Spiel der erfolgreichen und spannenden X-Com Serie nach X-COM: UFO Defense und X-COM: Terror from the Deep.
  • Kämpfen Sie gegen eine Invasionsflotte über der Stadt Mega Primus in Echtzeit.
  • Bekämpfen Sie die Außerirdischen in Echtzeit oder rundenbasiert in taktischen Missionen.
  • Erforschen Sie die Technologie der Außerirdischen und kreieren Sie neuere und bessere Waffen.
  • Zerstören Sie die Rückhalte und Sympathisanten der Außerirdischen und begegnen Sie der Infiltration. Führen Sie Krieg gegen neue Welten in der Dimension der Außerirdischen.


    • Betriebssystem: A 100% Windows 2000/XP-kompatibles Computersystem (ausschließlich)
    • Prozessor: Pentium 90MHz oder besser
    • Speicher: 16Mb RAM
    • Grafik: 32Mb Grafikkarten
    • Sound: Sound Blaster und 100% kompatible Karten, Microsoft Sound System, ESS Audio Drive, ProAudio Spectrum, Ensoniq Soundscape und Gravis UltraSound
    • Festplatte: 60MB freier Festplattenspeicher
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Kauft euch dieses Spiel, es ist alt und sieht ♥♥♥♥e aus ABER es ist eines der besten Strategiespiele überhaupt!
Verfasst: 18 April 2014
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wiedermal Geld zum fenster rausgeschmissen
das ganze ist NUR in ENGLISCH die einstellungen fur deutsche Sprachausgabe fehlt im Menü völlig
Verfasst: 26 Juli 2014
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Short version: This game is great. Buy it, play it.

X-Com Apoc is a strange, but completely lovable creation. It's certainly an overly-ambitious game, and not all of its features were fully implemented. But it's not broken.

The cityscape is, like fans observe, a working ant-farm. Organizations raid each other, they raid you, you raid them. Aliens are a big part of the game by they are not your only enemy.

Political and military decisions directly impact on the game and on the environment. If you are at odds with certain groups, there will be consequences. Some are obvious, like not being able to buy equipments from them. Some are more subtle. If you make an enemy of the corporation that runs the public transport system, your new recruits won't be able to reach your base. How great is that?

Forget about the limitations of the (surely great) new X-Com: you can have multiple bases, and stack them with troops and vehicles. You'll need them. Each real estate to build a base have a different price tag and different spacing accommodations. As always, you'll have to choose wisely.

This games feature a very advanced version of the turn-based game mode of the classic X-Com. If you want a good turn-based experience, this game does that.

But the real gem, in my opinion, is the real time combat engine. It's simply fantastic. It's every bit as tactical as the classic turn based, but with refinements and even limited responses from the units. They will not dumbly stick around under fire, but will, while respecting their orders, move in and out of cover to fire. They will behave like actual soldiers would, panic including. You can pause at any time to issue commands, and you can also create groups.

It's a sophisticated tactical real time engine that - make no mistake - have little to do with traditional RTS games. It's a real joy to blast aliens and enemies like that. The missions are more fluid, as well. This game feature some huge maps that are a core to go through on TB but are almost a breeze on RT.

The cityscape interception combat is fully realized on this game, and you can have huge air battles between your craft and the aliens. Sometimes the local police may even help you.

Difficulty is Adjustable. It can be set to easy, and on the hardest difficulty it can give any game a run for its money.

This game is a lot of fun, and I really recommend it.
Verfasst: 8 März 2014
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My favorite Xcom game that I played tons of back in the 90s, such a great game with alot more freedom than the first 2 Xcoms.
Verfasst: 24 April 2014
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X-COM: Apocalypse is certainly the best XCOM game to start with if you are new to the franchise. Earlier XCOMs are doubly confusing, (though Apocalypse is still just as strange to a new player), but this entry eases that pain. With less aliens to deal with, a concentrated area to defend, and an interesting array of human enemies to fight, there are many pluses as to why Apocalypse is a great title. This is why I enjoyed it so damn much.

-Internal intrigue amongst the human factions in the city are so, so fun. Building relationships with arms dealers, police, service providers and infastructure moguls makes for a very different play through every single time. Really cracking down on the alien cult? Well their weapon providers won't like you much. Blowing up a Diablo gang block? The police may just pat you on the back. Having an organization supporting you makes things easier, but not much

-Premade alien portals made stationing your defense just a little bit easier. Granted, further on the game your Hovercars are going to be taking a big alien ♥♥♥♥, so its a little stressful. You never truly know whats going to happen with alien assaults, and that does get a little bit annoying. I was taking out a UFO incursion, and a stray missile of mine took up an entire block. Needless to say, I had to deal with enemy Hovercars and UFOs (though it was humerous when a UFO destroyed the enemy fleet!).

-Actual alien incursions are fun, challenging, and very thrilling. Searching for your opponents in giant Hab blocks, shopping malls, and warehouses makes for an exciting chase, and once you get down to the firefight, a brutal battle ensues. What makes XCOM: Apocalypse so unique is its combination of face-paced turns, and really amazing physics (especially for the time). Other similiar titles, like Jagged Alliance 2 and Fallout, don't have gigantic, map changing explosions, massive destruction, and just so much death. Its also very balanced. Like the former two references, you can't take on a huge alien incursion with just 4 guys unless you really plan your ♥♥♥♥ out, while in JA2, if you have 4 high level Mercs, you can take out entire bases. Expect a challenge!

-Tech development and organization managment is really fun. Equipining and specializing your operatives makes for some fun team ups. I personally never tried PSI, but I do love putting heavy weapons on my androids. Nothing says 'burnt as ♥♥♥♥ alien' then an Android firing incendiary with his Megapol Autocannon! Different armours, jump packs, stun guns, and other fun items leaves for interesting tactical situations. You can take aliens alive to study, capture alien weapons, or just Duke Nukem everything not human. Vehicles are varied, with all sorts of different armaments, and can be equiped for many different roles. I like to have a hovercar with heavy anti-structure weaponry, just to give a big 'Screw you' to any cults that may try to attack my base.

In closing, XCOM is a great strategy game for a moderately experienced player who enjoys turn based games. It is challenging, but rewarding, and the memories I've had with this game are truly remarkable. A must buy for any fan of JA2, the Fallouts, or even more conventional RTS fans looking to branch out.
Verfasst: 16 Juli 2014
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