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Voyagez aux quatre coins du globe avec Brian et Gina dans une histoire folle pleine de surprises. Vous allez croiser des pirates, des espions, des surfeurs, des soldats et même des extraterrestres. Tous réunis pour créer une expérience enrichissante et inoubliable à savourer !
Date de parution: 12 mar 2007
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À propos du jeu

Voyagez aux quatre coins du globe avec Brian et Gina dans une histoire folle pleine de surprises. Vous allez croiser des pirates, des espions, des surfeurs, des soldats et même des extraterrestres. Tous réunis pour créer une expérience enrichissante et inoubliable à savourer !
Avec des personnages adorables, un humour à tomber par terre, des énigmes à vous faire fumer les neurones et des graphismes époustouflants, Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle est un incontournable.
Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle est un jeu d'aventure qui vous apportera énormément de plaisir.
  • Un jeu d'aventures magnifiquement produit, avec des scénarios riches, un humour omniprésent et des énigmes captivantes.
  • Des centaines de lieux à explorer à travers le monde.
  • Plus d'une heure de superbes séquences animées qui donnent vie à l'intrigue, aux rebondissements et aux innombrables scènes comiques.
  • Son de grande qualité avec doublage cinématique et une bande-son originale et enivrante avec des pistes vocales et instrumentales.

Configuration requise

    Minimale :
    • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    • Pentium IV 1,6 GHz / Athlon XP 1600+
    • 128 Mo de RAM (256 Mo pour Windows 2000/XP)
    • Carte graphique 32 Mo compatible DirectX 9 (min 1 024 x 768 16 bits)
    • Carte son compatible DirectX 9
    • DirectX 9 ou supérieur (inclus sur le disque)
    • 2,5 Go d'espace disque disponible (pour installation minimale)
    • Clavier et souris compatibles Windows
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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9.1 heures en tout
NOTE: I had a lot of trouble running this game on my Windows 7 64 bit PC. It was unplayable even after attempting every fix I could find. Apparently this is due to an issue with AMD video cards. I had to run it on my laptop and use the new Steam In Home Streaming option to play on my PC. However, I still had issues with crashing, especially towards the end of the game. Keep this issues in mind when choosing whether to purchase this game.

Runaway, the Dream of the Turtle is a point and click adventure game by Pendulo. It is the sequel to Runaway, a Road Adventure, and the second in the Runaway trilogy. In this adventure, Brian and Gina are continuing their island vacation shown at the end of the previous game. Things go awry, however, and Brian must become the hero once again.

Mechanics in this game are exactly the same as the previous entry in the series. You can switch between looking at and interacting with objects using the right mouse click. Double click on scene transitions to switch quickly to the next scene.

I did not notice much of a change from the graphics of Runaway, a Road Adventure, so my same critiques apply. Backgrounds look great once again. There are more of a variety in backgrounds as well this time, which is a nice addition. Character models could use some improvement. The voice acting is mostly similar, so serviceable without any major complaints.

There are some story concerns this time around. Once again, almost zero interaction is had with Gina through the majority of the game, so it's hard to feel an attachment to her. Brian must feel this way too, since he jumps at the first new girl he finds on his adventure. I do have some issues with one of the characters, Joshua. He feels a little too much like a stereotype for my liking. The man character also dabbles in some light racism through the use of blackface while in disguise. The main character, Brian, comes off as very punchable during the first half of the game is in island attire. I believe it is the combination of soul patch and spiky hair that does it. The humor overall is funny at times, corny at others. There are some problems with pacing, with some areas done in a flash and others taking a very long time.

The puzzles are very similar in style to the previous game in the series. You will have to spend some time trying to pick up everything in the scene to see what works. There is a fair bit of combining objects to complete puzzles. Some use the dreaded adventure game logic, but there are no unwinnable scenarios or deaths so you really just need to keep plugging away.

Overall, I see Runaway, the Dream of the Turtle as on par with Runaway, a Road Adventure. There are some positive developments, such as variety, and some negatives. I would have given it the same score and my recommendation if there had not been a problem running the game. Since performance is spotty for AMD video cards, and I even had some crashes with my Nvidia based laptop that caused me to lose a good deal of progress, I cannot recommend this game.

Score: C-
Posté le : 14 août
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9.6 heures en tout
The game is bugged. Not only that there are game breaking bugs that never got fixed, on Windows 8 at least there are also severe lags in the cut sequences. Overall it makes the game really not worth getting. I played until chapter 4, but after chapter 3 the cut sequence wasn't only laggy, but simply broken and wouldn't let me get to chapter 4 at all. I used a savestate at the start of chapter 4 just to find out that there is an effect in that chapter that slows the game down to a crawl.

The first three chapters weren't that great, just solid adventure material with a few illogical puzzles and the usual "you can't do this until you did that" logic of the series. Overall that alone would still pass for an acceptable game, but with the bugs it just isn't worth it.
Posté le : 25 mai
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20.3 heures en tout
This sweetly schizoid and rather lengthy adventure is the high point of the Runaway trilogy. The puzzles are difficult enough, the story is all dreamlike insanity, the graphics are colorful and the humor is well done. It is truly unfortunate that the third and final game does not run on in the same vein.
Posté le : 30 mars
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10.4 heures en tout
Short version: 43%
The visuals, some of the more adult (usually sex-oriented) humour, and the last chapter are good, but they are far from enough to compensate for the lazily written story, the dialogues which are mostly just huge and boring plot-dumps, the dreadfully atrocious voice-acting, and the insane and deliberately overcomplicated and frustrating puzzles.

Long version:
While Runaway: A Road Adventure was a beautiful, yet clunky adventure game, which redeemed itself with the final parts of its story, it’s really hard to say anything positive about the sequel, The Dream of the Turtle.

The trademark of the series, the lavish and amazing backgrounds return, although some of them feel more rushed and lifeless than in the previous episode. Still, they remain the high point of the game.
The only high point, I might add.

Because the sound, especially the voice acting became even worse than before: it’s so bad it may even cause physical traumas.

The illogicalness of the puzzles makes a return, and this time the artificial brake on how fast you can solve certain obstacles in your path became even more dreadful. Not only you have to find out the solution of the puzzle, but you also need to figure out the exact order the developers intended you to interact with certain object and people to be able to advance one single step.

But what really kills the game is the story. The first game was about a guy who got caught up in a mafia story that in the netted him and his newfound girlfriend twenty million dollars. It was somewhat clunky, but straightforward and down-to-earth.
In this game you are faced with a clandestine government agency which wants to discover the secret of the extra-terrestrial race which visits Earth on regular occasions. Yes, this game has aliens. Real, skinny, tinfoil-suit, big-eyed, huge-headed, telepathic aliens, and you even meet them. And they give you a sidekick: the horribly offensively racist stereotype Asian guy from the first episode who does nothing in the whole story but hinder you in every way possible.
And to top of it all, the story doesn’t even end: you have to play the next game to learn anything about the many “mysteries” this title introduced.

The plot itself is a mess too. It is just all over the place and most of all it can’t decide if the game is for all ages or it’s trying to be an adult title. Your main protagonist has no qualms about cheating on his girlfriend with a flirty bartender the first opportunity he gets (meanwhile said girlfriend is supposed to be a captive of his enemies), and sexual innuendos are all over the place in the second chapter. Later one scene even involves a close-up of a decapitation.
Yet all of the last chapter is more or less a weak Monkey Island rip-off with constant 4th wall breaks and campy, yet somehow funny humour. This last chapter is the only good part of the story probably.

But there is hope, praise the gods, there is hope. In the form of the third game, which thankfully doesn't deliver anything that the end of this atrocious pile of junk promises us…
Posté le : 4 août
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0.5 heures en tout
Les énigme n'était pas assez improbable dans le 1 ?! Ne vous inquietez dans Dream of the turtle, les enigme n'ont strictement aucun sens, sans oublier l'incroyable scenario en carton, ce qui est normalement sensé être la force des point n click.
Les mec on réussi à rater les énigme et l'histoire. GG
Posté le : 25 juillet
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2.1 heures en tout
La trilogie des Runaway est à acquérir par tout bon fan de jeu d'aventure / point and click. En effet, cela reprend l'esprit des jeux de Lucasart de l'époque (Indy, Zak, Monkey Island...) de manière plus moderne.
Le graphisme très "dessin animé" / BD donne tout de suite le ton humoristique à la série.


Le premier opus donne le la avec un personne qui va devenir le héros d'un road movie qui nous emmène à travers des paysages variés qu'il faudra visiter de fond en comble afin de pouvoir se sortir des embuches dans lesquelles nos héros ont tendance à se mettre avec une facilité déconcertante. Tout ceci nous mènera à la rencontre de personnages aussi loufoques qu'improbables.


Le second opus nous mène dans une ile paradisiaque. Mais comme dans le premier, les personnages aiment nous donner du fil à retordre en allant s'écraser dans une ile sous contrôle militaire.
Encore une fois, le côté humour n'a pas été oublié et les puzzles pour s'en sortir sont presque plus intéressants que dans le jeu premier du nom.
De nouveaux personnages à découvrir, parfois plus fous que dans le premier tout en oubliant pas les personnages que l'on a rencontré auparavant. De nouveaux décors encore plus différents les uns des autres... De la fraicheur qui donne un bon teint à l'ensemble.


Dans le dernier épisode de la série, on y trouve un côté plus noir. Je vous disais précédemment que les personnages étaient fous ? Et bien là on est en plein dedans puisque c'est en partie dans un asile de fou que l'on va évoluer. Mais cette fois-ci, on va avoir la chance de pouvoir diriger la pulpeuse Gina. Un challenge supplémentaire qui n'est pas pour déplaire.

Même si les créateurs ont cherché à changer un peu le ton, l'histoire est pleinement réussie même si pas directement en lien avec l'épisode 2. Justement c'est là un rebondissement très intéressant et dois-je avouer que j'ai été agréablement surpris.
Encore une fois, l'humour est de mise !


En conclusion, l'ensemble est vraiment super colorés et drôlement bien mené (dans tous les sens du terme). En y faisant attention, des références à des films, jeux, musiques peuvent se glisser çà et là.

La musique et le scénario sont au top ce qui permet de ne pas voir le temps passé (et attention, car des fois on se rend compte que l'on est devant l'écran depuis peut-être un peu trop longtemps ^^)

Les espagnols ont du talent, et cela est prouvé à travers la saga dans son ensemble.
Posté le : 9 décembre 2013
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