New York, 2000......Without knowing how or why, Brian, a student on the verge of graduating from college, is attacked by Mafia gangsters. During his desperate getaway, in the company of a mysterious striptease dancer, he ends up meeting a wide range of unusual characters.
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Release Date: Aug 18, 2003

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About This Game

New York, 2000...
...Without knowing how or why, Brian, a student on the verge of graduating from college, is attacked by Mafia gangsters.
During his desperate getaway, in the company of a mysterious striptease dancer, he ends up meeting a wide range of unusual characters. But which ones are trying to help him and which ones are planning to blow his head off?
You will have to be very ingenious to figure it out, without forgetting that nobody is who they seem in this explosive mixture of murder, money, ambition, santeria rituals and deception...a whole lot of deception.
  • Approximately 100 settings that are visually rich, containing 30 interactive characters.
  • Characters with soft edges, real-time lighting and shading effects, camera changes, panoramic shots and more.
  • High-quality stereo sound, an original soundtrack with over 24 songs.
  • 3D characters with a cartoon look and high-impact visual features that include 2D and 3D in an unmatchable style.

System Requirements

    Minimum: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium™ 200 MMX, 64 MB RAM, 630 MB hard disk drive, Monitor and graphics card (DirectX™ compatible) with support for 1024x768 and 16-bit color, DirectX™ compatible sound card, Mouse and keyboard
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74 of 96 people (77%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
13.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2014
It's a mixed bag that I can only really recommend to old school adventure game aficionados. The puzzles can be pretty lame in their nonsensical logic or the proverbial hunt the pixel game for that one item you are missing to be able to make any headway while searching through several screens worth of pixels... also the story itself is... well amusing if you like cheesy, trite, and hackneyed plots with a supposedly genius protagonist that acts like a moron throughout.

Basically a pretty underwhelming effort that you can skip at your leisure. Give it a go but don't be afraid to just go straight for a walkthrough so it doesn't feel like too much of a waste of time.
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45 of 57 people (79%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
7.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 10
Runaway: A Road Adventure is the first game in Runaway series made by Pendulo Studios, back in 2001. It has its ups and downs, coming into a résumé of being cheesy and needlessly complicated with a crude, childish charm on the side. It is only interesting enough for an old school adventure gamer, who wouldn't mind empty character stereotypes.

Let's see... There is an interesting variety of graphic and art display used in this first game; including old school hand drawn cartoons, slightly computer animated skylines, 2D characters wrapped with vibrant colors in gameplay - similar to original Broken Sword series - and creepy plastic 3D models used in between cut scenes. It feels that someone failed to pick a homogenous art style for this game. 2D models + hand drawn cartoons is a great combination which we are already used to from older adventure titles, but 3D models? Well... I personally think the 2D + 3D artwork combination is a tricky one, and it wasn't well produced here. Some of the character designs were okay, but they mostly ended up being exaggerations of stereotypes. Brute and ugly rather than being funny, and character movement animations - especially ones from Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 - were downright spastic.

I don't know a lot about you, but a strong and unique protagonist with well-arranged character is really important in adventure games in my opinion. For the acquired immersion, you have to like the main character, or at least find him/her interesting. Brian Basco was neither likable nor interesting. For a supposed boy genius, he spoke and acted as a real dimwit who ends up becoming a Ken doll stereotype eventually. Gina - the supporting female character - isn't anything interesting or genuine either. She is there to live up to the labeled existence of being an exaggeratedly sexy bimbo.

The scenario is meaninglessly complicated and it seems that our characters have no actual control over any occurrence. On a series of quite random and unfortunate - or amazingly fortunate events - they manage to get by, but there is no exact brilliance to their progress. They always go through any kind of progress through the help of absurdly friendly random individuals with eccentric backgrounds that they meet around. The story itself is so fragmented and scattered, it doesn't really make any sense until the last chapter of the game. During the last chapter, every random plot hook are properly arranged and tidied up by yet another collection of random people - not our protagonist. In all events and occurrences, Brian Basco may be one of the most naive and ridiculously shallow characters in adventures games that I've played so far.

If we are to talk about gameplay, I have to confess that it has a ridiculously slow progressing game play for a ridiculously fast progressing storyline. There is odd repetitions in actions and with the speed Brian moves around, you'd better spare a whole day. It is a killer pixel hunt to collect items, or even notice that certain items are actually collectible. Some item combinations are just fine, the others... well, without a walkthrough I wish utmost patience for you. NPC interactions and dialogues are pretty much straight forward, but even though you'd be pretty confident about what you should do, the game forces you to either confirm that through making Brian realize the needed action, or at least try what you absolutely cannot do first as an elimination process. It ends up being tiresome after a point.

All in all, Runaway: A Road Adventure is nothing miraculous. There is a great selection of adventure games you'd enjoy without a doubt. This is not really one of them if you are not a fan of cheesy character stereotypes and crude elementary level humor. I've been hearing a lot of good things about the other games in the series - especially Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate - so I'll finish the series to get there anyhow. Apparently, story arcs follow each other with references so it is not possible to thoroughly enjoy the last game without playing the prior ones. Take this one if you are curious enough, or wait for my reviews in other titles in the series!

Please also check out Lady Storyteller's Curator page here - follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!
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21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
9.7 hrs on record
Posted: April 18, 2014
This is a good point and click adventure. It has small bits that are a bit annoying. For example the protagonist explains every action before doing it and there are several quite illogical puzzles that involve searching randomly through spots that you already 'looted' before. Anyway, the story is interesting and the locations and characters are quite unique. The game still looks very nice and the music is mostly good. Overall a very solid adventure experience :)
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18 of 20 people (90%) found this review helpful
8.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2013
This is the first in three games that form the Runaway series to date. As such it is bound to be potentially less refined than the latter two so there are some issues with it and things that detract from my enjoyment of the game. I hope as the series progresses they get better and better but for now here is my review of the first title in the series...

The first aspect is the art style, it appears cell shaded in format or what I would associate as such and it is an aquired taste as far as artistic styles go...unfortuantly in this specific case it is not a taste that fits well with me. Normally I do not mind cell shaded looking games but this is on the poor quality side where quite often I found myself looking at the shading on the characters and thinking what the hell is wrong with their face or body which maybe okay for a while for the amusment of looking at weird shaded and shaped characters as some times it was just plain freaky looking but kind of wears thin on me after a while.

It comes across as like a premature/immature use of the art style inline with the time period where the game came out which I think was early 90's and it may well be the case that the following games in series matured and refined this art style but that's more related to future reviews of those not this one. However I am sure there are enough screenshots and such online and in the community section for this game here to give you an idea of whether it is an art style you can grin and bare or might enjoy. For me it was the former and for others it may be the latter. The environments on the other hand are not too bad, some are even quite good I feel for the most part but the characters on the other hand are ugh...not to my liking and quite often look very odd or creepy.

The VO work is okay, not amazing but not too bad either. Nothing to write home about though. There were some glitches and bugs I came across when playing, screen freeze couple times and on some occasions glitches relating to the the VO/animations. I thought it is worth mentioning just incase happens to others too. It was not game breaking in the sense I was able to reload from last save and continue but it might be worthwhile if pick up this game to keep saving manually often just in case.

The introduction music track and general theme song Runaway one is catchy and a nice tune. It was a nice enjoyable peice of music but for the rest of the game there is pretty much a lack of music to add to this nice audio start to the game. The puzzles in this adventure game are also not so great in the sense for the most part yes you will be able to proceed without hinderence for a fair amount of the game just by using simple logic...but there are some that defy belief and boggle the mind in a not so good way. You will most likely need to use a guide or walkthrough to solve some just because some defy logic.

I will give just one example so not to spoil things where the game fails in this regard. There is a train and you can add water to the engine boiler by going to and from town, filling up a handheld item with water then back to the train to put it in the boiler. When you add water and check the water level it tells you the same thing each time that the water level is still very low. You can repeat this process over and over and will tell you the same thing and on the fifth or sixth try something will pop out of the chimney that you will need to progress in the game. Now here is the problem. Firstly there is no hint or anything like that letting the player know that he should keep going to and from the town and train adding the water over and over or that anything will happen or that anything should happen. The repeated phrase of still low on water after th first few times most people would stop doing it thinking it serves no purpose since game does not tell you has any purpose at this point. You will reach a point where cannot continue the game until decide to go back to putting water in for no apparent reason.

There are also ones which annoyed me in the sense I had collected items that could solve situations had the game let me combine or use them logically but the player is forced to find a different way not because your way would not work if was allowed but because the game expects you not just to solve the puzzles but to solve them the exact way the developer would solve them and this is very annoying. While there is an element of this in most adventure games, in this one it feels blatent and annoying. When you solve some of these puzzles you may feel like shouting eureka but not because you want to pat yourself on the back for being smart but because you managed to figure out what the hell the developers were thinking when they made that puzzle. I might be sounding harsh but some of these puzzles are simply bad. Not all however are so bad, some are generally okay and while you will come across bad ones there are quite a few logical and non brain exploding puzzles in there too that most people should have no problem with.

The story itself is okay, interesting in parts but average in others. The romance aspect feels very forced and this reflected badly on the characters to me. This game was made in the early 90's though so I never expected it to be up to todays standards in many areas but overall as an adventure game it felt like an average game, with a few very annoying puzzles but with good introduction song and an interesting art style provided the art style does not rub you the wrong way. I can only hope the rest of the series gets better and will be trying those in order as I go along at a later date. I have higher hopes for the rest of the series which were developed about two years apart if I recall, expecting and hoping that they improve with each new one in the series as they learned from their mistakes.

The ending was very predictable, but that is to be sort of expected given it's the first in three games that carry a narrative follow through between them from a timelime and characters perspective. I won't spoil it but it is worth noting that the series is linked in such a way so that while you could start with the second or third game and skip this one, you will not get the full story relating to the characters and and may not understand everything that's going on or why things are the way they are unless play them all in order. It's not as bad as say starting watching the LoTR skipping the first and starting on second film in series instead and wondering what's going on but there is a link between the games in this series so worth keeping that in mind.

Should you buy this? Well depends on what floats you boat but for me this was an average game, nothing making it stand out far enough to scream buy or don't buy... more of a if you are bored, like adventure games but played all the best ones already and need to start playing the average ones before making a start on the worst then this fits in that average catagory. My advice is maybe pick it up during a sale. It's not bad enough that I will say do not buy it, so I will say recommended but only for those who fall into the above catagory I just listed if your anything like me.

If determined to buy an adventure game made by Pendulos Studios I would much rather recommend (The Next Big Thing) game from them which actually is a very good adventure game compared to this one which I consider to be average.
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18 of 23 people (78%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
5.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 2, 2014
There is a puzzle in this game where the solution requires you to have had the foresight to predict that a tranvestite black woman used to be a basketball player without the game indicating this may have the been the case. Unless of course the assumption relies on racial stereotyping? This game was silly unintentionally hilarious garbage, but I have never laughed so hard at, (although I do mean AT) an adventure game as much as I had this one. To be fair, most of the puzzles are usually pretty reasonable, but the occasional leap in logic plus the game's overall very corny writing make this a work of art in the genre of funny shlock. Would recommend to anyone who likes that sort of thing. I know I do.
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12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
8.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 23, 2013
Be thankful for any series that tries to revive the point-and-click adventure genre. Runaway is a couple years old at the time of this writing, but it was still made much after the genre had "died".

But in reality, we know it's not dead and Runaway is a good game in that genre. Not the best, but not subpar at all.
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13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
8.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 4, 2015
Short version: 68%
The first Runaway game is an extremely beautiful point ‘n’ click adventure with bad voice actors, and needlessly overcomplicated plot and puzzles, completed with a last act that redeems most of the game in one swoop. Be prepared to use a walkthrough from the start though.

Long version:
Pendulo, a Spanish studio tried to revive the dying point ‘n’ click genre at the start of the century by releasing their first decent hit, Runaway: A Road Adventure. The game stood out with its spectacular, lushly coloured, hand-drawn backgrounds and cell-shaded 3D characters. (The latter technology was a big rage at the time.)
And this is also where most of the budget went, because the lavish exterior hides a rather lacking adventure game.

The most apparent issue is the audio. The main theme is catchy (albeit dated), and the soundtrack is good, but the voice acting ranges from somewhat tolerable to downright horrible.
The less-apparent problem is the writing. Initially it seems great: a rather everyday protagonist accidentally gets dragged into a spy thriller by accompanying a beautiful woman. Then it just flips out and throws in locations and characters at random without any coherence. Heck, it even resorts to using aliens and magic.
Thankfully this mess is sorted out by the end, resulting in a good mafia story, but this is a very small compensation for all the stupidity you have to endure before it.

The puzzles are worse. Remember the infamous passport sequence in Gabriel Knight 3? Imagine that as the starting difficulty, getting more convoluted and illogical at every new step you take. And the solutions themselves are on rails: you cannot do what you are supposed to do unless you find out all requirements for even the most basic actions.

At its time, Runaway was a welcomed comeback of the adventure genre, but today it is just a pretty, but dumb piece of point ‘n’ click history.
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28 of 47 people (60%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
11.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 30, 2014
When I play adventure games, usually I like to play a compelling protagonist, solve ingenius puzzles, and meet a colourful cast of interesting characters. Unfortunately, Runaway fails on all counts, and then finds some more levels to fail on, in case I was not sufficiently put off from it with it's sheer audacious ineptitude alone.

The art, while competent in it's backgrounds and interesting in the execution of the cel-shaded comic style, fell short when rendering the characters, whose bodies float around while their mouths snap into keys, a discordant, stilted animation method that only serves to both highlight the failings of the watery bodies and the limited mouth animations. The character designs ranged from by the numbers boring, to overwhelmingly offensive and reductive. Racist stereotypes pop up again and again, gentle and unassuming, as if the writers thought nothing of their inclusion, with a literally yellow faced asian lady at one juncture, and a Tojo-style bucktooth japanese stereotype popping up later. The game seemed to take great pleasure in exaggerating features that weren't part of the caucasian face. While Brian and Gina were bland to the point of soporific, some of the supporting cast were so caricatured as to make them inhuman. The resulting mashup was incredibly distracting, and often insulting. It didn't fit together well.

The puzzle design was some of the worst I've ever seen - and unquestioned in it's sociopathy. Oftentimes the solution to a puzzle is to destroy some great work of art, or a career, or simply make someone's life worse for Brian's gain. Other puzzles involve leaps of logic so great as to bring into question the world this game was made in. Filling lipstick tubes with gunpowder, for instance, apparently makes for bullets. In what sane universe would this not just melt the lipstick and cause a jam in a gun? And Peanut Butter made by heating butter with some peanuts. Not only do the puzzle solutions often not make sense, but are literally antithetical to the goal you are trying to achieve. Brian will, at times, do something that is counterproductive to his aims for no real reason other than to prolong the game's running time. He is also an incredibly inconsistent hypocrit, refusing to steal some things because "he is a decent guy" and gleefully stealing and destroying other items because "they won't miss it". The amount of unquestioned property damage in this game is staggering. I was actively rooting for something horrible to happen to the protagonist by the end, as he got everything he ever wanted and more, as he complained about being lied to while lying out of his ♥♥♥ at every opportunity, and as he made everyone's lives a living hell while they did nothing but be accomodating to him.

From the very beginning, the insufferable Brian Basco comes across as a bland, entitled dudebro, whose complete disregard for his fellow human beings' safety is only matched by his lack of personality traits. I can only sum him up as some kind of dark, unfathomable void-beast who wants to go to Berkley University. In his quest for getting the female supporting protagonist, Brian poisons, strongarms, and causes the death of all who get in his way. He is unaffected by the death of friends, loved ones, and nothing bad that happens around him ever seems to stick - upon being told to not mourn by a Hopi Ghost, for example, he instantly feels better and snaps back to being the insufferable twit that he normally is.

Mentioning the Hopi, an important point has to be brought up. The Hopi, in the game's setting, appear to be a extinct tribe that have only a presence through spirits and ghosts, when in reality the Hopi are still a political presence in Arizona, with several towns. It reinforces the awful "Native Americans are Already Dead" tropes that resonate throughout media, which is part lie and part incredible racism, of which this game has in spades.

The story is at it's heart, forgettable, but only through Brian Basco's audacious awfulness is it elevated to a travesty. The twist in the plot takes five out of six chapters to come to fruition, and it is such a damp squib of a twist that you question why you even bothered with the game in the first place. The game's setup promises intrigue that the game ultimately does not deliver on. It barely engages more than morbid curiousity, let alone any proper intrigue. The game sets up a mystical element that ultimately only serves to give our hero yet another item and a pat on the back when he loses something. The love interest element is sickeningly underwritten and overemphasised, mainly when our hero reminds the supporting cast, and the player that he is not gay. His love interest spends most of the time unconscious, indisposed, or absent. What spark they could have had is never shown on screen, just that he thinks she is beautiful, and ergo he needs her. And she wants him for an unknown reason, probably because he hit her with his car and she needs protection. She is an eternal damsel, and her story is never expanded upon, even though it is far, far more interesting than his,

Describing Runaway as a power fantasy would be completely apt - Brian Basco represents the nadir of the human being, but still gets everything he ever wanted while reassuring himself, and being reassured, that he is the Decent Nice Guy Who Gets The Girl. It is almost sickening how pornographically this game presents us our "hero", in the sense that everything he does brings him everything he ever wanted, he never faces any real, lasting trauma or tragedy. No character development, just a stagnation into the awful person he always was, and will always continue to be.

Runaway is exactly what you should do when faced with this game.
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Not Recommended
6.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 31, 2015
This game is one of the worst experiences I have had, though I suppose part of it can be forgiven considering the age of the game. The game starts right off with you saving a barbiesque girl from some thugs. The protagonist is sure to tell the audience direcly about how beautiful the girl is and that this the main reason why he won't refuse to help her. The game is contradicting at times between the antagonists wanting to kill the girl at first, but then after catching her they want to interrogate her. The game also weirdly dips into native americans and then the supernatural, before ending on a relatively normal note. The final revelation of the plot is probably the only thing interesting about it. Mostly, the game seems to take itself too seriously for how bland it is.

While the models are simple and cel-shaded, the animations leave something to be desired. Talking animations often appear to be 2-frame mouth open/mouth closed animations. Interacting with people is often delayed while they finish an idle animation they are in the middle of. Characters aside from the main ones often stomp or shuffle around in ways I can't tell to be intentional or not.

The first few 2 chapters had some decent puzzles, but afterward it is increasingly difficult to determine what you are supposed to do. There are multiple times when you have an idea of what to accomplish, but with no idea of how it relates to your current goal. As the game approaches the end, the puzzles seem more like exercises in mind reading on the developers. At one point I had to give the name of a movie director and one of their movies to another character as it was tangentally related to a solution for a problem the protagonist had at the time. There was also a time when I was to cut a "rock hard" object with a knife that had been heated, because it would cut better. A third one involved throwing a basketball to a particular character because they were secretly used to be a famous basketball player. In none of these scenarios did I find any clues to the answers.

A few other bullet points:
- One part of the game involves you performing the same task 5 times, each time taking about 6 room transitions.
- The end of the game gets pretty tedious as you repeatedly leave objects for other characters to examine, leave the room, and come back.
- There are also times when a searchable object or container will need to be examined multiple times or at different times before new needed objects will be available to be picked up.
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5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
7.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 10, 2014
Runaway, A Road Adventure, is a point and click adventure game from Pendulo studios. It is the first game in the Runaway series. Action begins in New York City, and takes you for a cross country road trip as you uncover the secrets behind a Hopi artifact while trying to avoid mob hitmen hot on your trail.

With point and click adventure games, two of the most important aspects are the story and the puzzles. The story in Runaway is gripping enough to keep you interested throughout. As the story progresses, you will uncover more and more about the artifact, while also coming up with daring rescue and escape plans to keep yourself and Gina safe from the mob. It is not without its flaws, however. A lot of the story could be described as White Knight, the game. You play a nerdy student named Brian who almost immediately falls in love with Gina, and will do anything for her. As a player, you don't have much interaction with Gina, since she disappears for one reason or another after the beginning cutscene of almost every chapter. So, sometimes you ask yourself why he is bothering to do all this stuff for her. Even though he has these feelings for her, at one point he is very quickly willing to give her up for lost, which did not gel with all of his actions to that point. It was a little confusing, and made me think that the main character is a little fickle with his emotions. The overall payoff of the story was good, and worth seeing through to the end. There is even a small set up for another game if you stick through to watch after the end credits.

The puzzles do not live up to the quality of the story. I had some issues with the fact that you will need to search through certain areas multiple times to find all the objects they contain. At one point, a bag contains three items you need, but you can only find one item at a time as the story progresses. There is also a puzzle that makes you transition through multiple scenes 5 times just to solve, which seemed like busy work after a while. For the most part, I found that a lot of the puzzles used "adventure game logic", meaning that you will be using a lot of items in illogical ways to proceed. Nothing as bad as a cat hair mustache, but a lot of things along that line. The good thing is that you can't really fail, and the characters you can speak to will give you hints sometimes to point you in the right direction. So, sometimes you just have to keep plugging along until you figure everything out.

The graphics are a bit of a mixed bag. The backgrounds for the most part are very detailed and well done. The first part of the game will have you going between a variety of areas, and you don't know where you will end of next. The entire second half of the game takes place in the desert, and while they try to mix it up by giving you lots of areas to explore, it can get rather repetitive. The characters have a cartoonish feel to them, and look generally well drawn during gameplay. The cutscenes have a noticeable drop in quality, with character faces lacking a lot of detail. Also, why do Brian's shorts have to be so short for the second half of the game?

Voice acting is not great but not terrible either. It won't distract you from enjoying the game, but I felt like sometimes there was a good amount of emotion lacking in the lines. The were some songs written specifically for this game, and one song in particular you will probably hear so much that you will get sick of.

Controls follow the basic point and click model. Left click to move, double click on an exit to travel quickly, right click to switch between look and grab. The inventory can be accessed at the top of the screen. Sometimes it was a little difficult to find the exact pixel you had to be on to interact with an object, but that only happened a few times.

Overall, I would recommend this game, but just barely. The story was enough to overcome the flaws with the puzzles, and while the art wasn't amazing to look at, it kept me interested. I was entertained enough that I want to check out the sequel.

Grade: C
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Recently Posted
15.9 hrs
Posted: September 26
Product received for free
An enjoyable point & click adventure that won't make history but that has all the right ingredients to be entertaining.

It took me about 15 hours to finish the adventure. It is not too difficult, so you don't risk getting stuck and frustrated for too long, and it is not too obvious either.

I'm a fan of cartoon-like graphics so I like the graphic style of the game.

I am starting the second chapter of the saga, we will see if it is as nice as the first one!
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4.2 hrs
Posted: September 20
As one of their first projects ever, Runaway 1 delivered a simple point-and-click adventure about a college nerd who somehow ran into the aftermath of a Mafia heist gone horribly wrong. It's shaky and bland at times, but you can see the level of complexity they put into their story and setting.
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7.3 hrs
Posted: September 12
Even though I am a big fan of old-school adventure games (such as Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis) and even though that this game has a similar approach to it , it is simply a badly executed example of the genre.

The story is ok. A little cliché but what the hell, it is bound to be like that anyway. A well executed cliché is a great taste in video games and movies alike, so there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is that they just couldn't execute it well in this game.

The puzzles are ok. They are not too hard or too easy. You can just think of possible solutions to a situation yourself. However the game is too rigid with its expcetations. You cannot be creative which is something you would expect from a video game at this age.

Having said that, some puzzles are simply ridicoulous. Especially the "SPOILER STARTS HERE" - locomotive steam puzzles. A jail key and sherrif's badge in a locomotive engine? Really? Very logical - "SPOILER ENDS HERE".

The voice acting... Oh god. Don't get me started with that.
And the musics, too. I just couldn't stand it.

Finally... The game is very slow. I don't mean FPS or any other technical aspect. It is annoyingly slow, especially the cut scenes where the main character goes on with his narration. You can see how slow the "chapter name" comes on to the screen and you just have to wait for it to finish, even after the guy stops talking. Why?

And why torture us even more with that final cut scene with the bridge and that terrible music and the closing credits? Why can't we skip all that with a click? For that terrible extra scene at the end, which means nothing at all and causes us to wait even longer for it to vanish in an eternally slow speed?

All in all, I am glad that people are still trying to make games of this genre. However, I would give a rating of 4 out of 10 to this game in general. It simply sucks as a production. I felt more torture than fun when playing it. So yeah, 4 / 10
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Cypher Vorthos
1.0 hrs
Posted: September 12
Audio issues that completely disable voice over and soud effects.
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Pain Elemental
23.7 hrs
Posted: August 21
This is my second effort at playing this game. I first played it a long time ago, until I got to the hopi village and then just got bored, which was a pity because I was quite near to the end. Look, it's a good effort by a latino studio (judging by the credits), but ultimately this adventure is far too tedious. There's lots of pixel hunting, and some of it is quite unreasonable (the key that gets blown out of the train's chimney). Some of the puzzles are pretty illogical too (a hot knife can cut open bean pods better?). There's also some grinding (filling the train's water tank). There is some fast travel, thankfully, but still the characters walk far too slowly. The game wasn't thrilling enough for me to tolerate slowly-walking characters. I didn't like the art style that much either. I just wanted the game to end as soon as possible, so ended up using a walkthrough. Some morally questionable choices in the game too, plus taking of drugs, etc. There are far better games out there, but you may have to endure this one if you were planning on playing the series.
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2.9 hrs
Posted: July 31
Ok. I knew that this wasn't one of the most respected adventure games out there but still. I mean if they wanted to make an animated movie they should have done that. This is probably the longest time from game start to interactivity I've ever seen. And why does the main character have to tell me that the game is exciting? Why do I have to wait for the character to make a plan which he then narrates to me? Why is over half of the story narration? And the game in between? Pixel hunt piled on stock puzzle.
tl;dr Seriously don't buy this.
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28.9 hrs
Posted: July 23
I started playing Pendulo games back when The Next BIG Thing came out, and I felt like revisiting their arsenal. I read through the majority of reviews before playing this game and was quite worried at what to expect. I will start out by saying that yes, I do believe it deserves a thumbs up.

[WARNING: Save regularly because the game can crash occasionally]

The immediate follow-up to that statement is that it's not a perfect game. This game has a lot of things to talk badly about, and I find the majority of mine come down to having puzzles that require nonsensical logic to complete. The answer to this problem is to have a walkthrough handy. I don't support using walkthroughs in most games, but this one actually requires one. The rule of thumb should be, give yourself 10-30 minutes of being stuck/lost before you look up the next step. Most of the time, one step will be enough to get the ball rolling, and you won't need another. A couple of the sections of the game shouldn't require looking anything up, but I'd say that 50% of them do (3 out of 6 Areas).

The story is basic, and relatively easy to see where it's going to go, and I felt a lot of nods to Full Throttle in there as well. The voice acting can feel distracting more often than not, but some of the characters redeem this issue. Oscar stands out as a lovable oaf that reminds us all of Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Another thing that might distract people in a time where female characters are becoming more complex and fleshed out, is Gina, who plays the generic damsel in distress. Beyond that fact, she also tends to be clothed in practically nothing throughout the entire game. Her male game equivalent is seen outside of a barn in one of the areas, baking shirtless in the sun, chucking beer cans in a metal tin, but I digress.

This game is a decent ride, and on sale, it's a solid playthrough. Not to mention the fact that it's the first of multiple installments. You'll walk away remembering side characters like Sushi, Lula, Rutgers, Oscar, and possibly Saturn. The art style and story are certainly enough to make the game warrant a thumbs up in my book.
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6.1 hrs
Posted: July 16
Playing this felt like drinking Sangria mixed with a Hopi potion.
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Lui Bee
0.5 hrs
Posted: June 28
This game runs very smoothly.
One of the best adventure games since Grim Fandango.
If you are a fan of point-n-click, buy this right away.
I'll show you my favourite here, so if you see what we are in common:
- Grim Fandango.
- The curse of monkey island 3 (I wish they have this on Steam).
- Broken sword: the smoking mirror.
- Syberia.
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4.5 hrs
Posted: June 13
Another segue into Sodom and Gomorrah
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