New York, 2000... ...Without knowing how or why, Brian, a student on the verge of graduating from college, is attacked by Mafia gangsters. During his desperate getaway, in the company of a mysterious striptease dancer, he ends up meeting a wide range of unusual characters.
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Release Date: Aug 18, 2003
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About This Game

New York, 2000...
...Without knowing how or why, Brian, a student on the verge of graduating from college, is attacked by Mafia gangsters.
During his desperate getaway, in the company of a mysterious striptease dancer, he ends up meeting a wide range of unusual characters. But which ones are trying to help him and which ones are planning to blow his head off?
You will have to be very ingenious to figure it out, without forgetting that nobody is who they seem in this explosive mixture of murder, money, ambition, santeria rituals and deception...a whole lot of deception.
  • Approximately 100 settings that are visually rich, containing 30 interactive characters.
  • Characters with soft edges, real-time lighting and shading effects, camera changes, panoramic shots and more.
  • High-quality stereo sound, an original soundtrack with over 24 songs.
  • 3D characters with a cartoon look and high-impact visual features that include 2D and 3D in an unmatchable style.

System Requirements

    Minimum: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium™ 200 MMX, 64 MB RAM, 630 MB hard disk drive, Monitor and graphics card (DirectX™ compatible) with support for 1024x768 and 16-bit color, DirectX™ compatible sound card, Mouse and keyboard
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5.2 hrs on record
There is a puzzle in this game where the solution requires you to have had the foresight to predict that a tranvestite black woman used to be a basketball player without the game indicating this may have the been the case. Unless of course the assumption relies on racial stereotyping? This game was silly unintentionally hilarious garbage, but I have never laughed so hard at, (although I do mean AT) an adventure game as much as I had this one. To be fair, most of the puzzles are usually pretty reasonable, but the occasional leap in logic plus the game's overall very corny writing make this a work of art in the genre of funny shlock. Would recommend to anyone who likes that sort of thing. I know I do.
Posted: October 2
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9.6 hrs on record
Suprisingly good game
has a bit of everything in it love the art.
Posted: October 11
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9.9 hrs on record
As a veteran of point-and-click games I eventually had to pick this one up (part of an heavily discounted Pendulo Adventure Pack). I have played plenty of games from the genre and they all come with their flaws and thankfully have their respective merits. Long story short - I had yet to play an adventure game I didnt enjoy. Had...

Honestly, I could never really get into this game. From the first room I ran into trouble progressing. It is no news that some adevnture games contain illogical or infuriating puzzles, but usually you get the hang of it by carefully reading the dialogue and/or exploring. I had to heavily use a guide, when I usually refuse to use guides at all, as they destroy the purpose of those games but in the end I prefer it over examinating every pixel in every room every time you progress a little bit. When you can only progress by trial and error, fun gets work and finishing this one was alot of work.
Posted: October 14
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0.2 hrs on record
The game was released in spanish, they don't care in steam. Also, I had really annoying video problems ending in shutting the game.
Posted: October 9
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10.1 hrs on record
A nice little point and click series. Not the best out there, put worth a play if you like the genre.
Posted: September 26
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Listening to the narration of this game was like hammering a whiny, high-pitched spike into my skull. It was so bad that I was unable to actually play the game, as I couldn't make it past the second interruption by the narrator without alt-tabbing and shutting off the game. Why it was considered a good idea to begin the game with a pointless monologue by the most dislikeable character conceivable, I do not know.
Posted: October 25
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16.6 hrs on record
Do you like point and click games? Me too!

Do you like pixel hunts? Do you like not being able to solve a puzzle because you clicked the nail on the hammer instead of the hammer on the nail? Do you like strong female protagonists who become incapacitated every five minutes so that the male lead can save them? Do you like to play as a bro-ish, self entitled cis male who uses people and lies, but thinks he's an outstanding dude? Do you like racial stereotypes? Me neither.

I love this genre and try never to look at the walkthrough, but this such an unpleasant experience that I stopped even caring towards the end. Often, they relied on intense pixel hunting--in one instance you actually go to the desert and have to pick up a specific rock. Some puzzles rely on truly obscure knowledge, like how you can theoretically get extra life out of a battery by exposing it to extreme cold.

I don't want to ramble. Point is, this game isn't merely "not good", it's bad. I found it painful, and Steam has plenty of alternatives in the same price range.
Posted: October 24
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3.8 hrs on record
If you're partial to a cinematic experience than 'Runaway: A Road Adventure' might just be up your alley. Although on first glances it seems like a standard point and click adventure game, you'll find out that it has a completely different individual element to it that is a rarity in modern day titles. A distinctive charm if you will.

The combination of 2D and 3D graphics is neat but alas the characters themselves aren't that interesting. The music is outstanding, but the main story itself is rather weak which is disappointing as it had so much potential.
Posted: May 18
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7.1 hrs on record
Runaway, A Road Adventure, is a point and click adventure game from Pendulo studios. It is the first game in the Runaway series. Action begins in New York City, and takes you for a cross country road trip as you uncover the secrets behind a Hopi artifact while trying to avoid mob hitmen hot on your trail.

With point and click adventure games, two of the most important aspects are the story and the puzzles. The story in Runaway is gripping enough to keep you interested throughout. As the story progresses, you will uncover more and more about the artifact, while also coming up with daring rescue and escape plans to keep yourself and Gina safe from the mob. It is not without its flaws, however. A lot of the story could be described as White Knight, the game. You play a nerdy student named Brian who almost immediately falls in love with Gina, and will do anything for her. As a player, you don't have much interaction with Gina, since she disappears for one reason or another after the beginning cutscene of almost every chapter. So, sometimes you ask yourself why he is bothering to do all this stuff for her. Even though he has these feelings for her, at one point he is very quickly willing to give her up for lost, which did not gel with all of his actions to that point. It was a little confusing, and made me think that the main character is a little fickle with his emotions. The overall payoff of the story was good, and worth seeing through to the end. There is even a small set up for another game if you stick through to watch after the end credits.

The puzzles do not live up to the quality of the story. I had some issues with the fact that you will need to search through certain areas multiple times to find all the objects they contain. At one point, a bag contains three items you need, but you can only find one item at a time as the story progresses. There is also a puzzle that makes you transition through multiple scenes 5 times just to solve, which seemed like busy work after a while. For the most part, I found that a lot of the puzzles used "adventure game logic", meaning that you will be using a lot of items in illogical ways to proceed. Nothing as bad as a cat hair mustache, but a lot of things along that line. The good thing is that you can't really fail, and the characters you can speak to will give you hints sometimes to point you in the right direction. So, sometimes you just have to keep plugging along until you figure everything out.

The graphics are a bit of a mixed bag. The backgrounds for the most part are very detailed and well done. The first part of the game will have you going between a variety of areas, and you don't know where you will end of next. The entire second half of the game takes place in the desert, and while they try to mix it up by giving you lots of areas to explore, it can get rather repetitive. The characters have a cartoonish feel to them, and look generally well drawn during gameplay. The cutscenes have a noticeable drop in quality, with character faces lacking a lot of detail. Also, why do Brian's shorts have to be so short for the second half of the game?

Voice acting is not great but not terrible either. It won't distract you from enjoying the game, but I felt like sometimes there was a good amount of emotion lacking in the lines. The were some songs written specifically for this game, and one song in particular you will probably hear so much that you will get sick of.

Controls follow the basic point and click model. Left click to move, double click on an exit to travel quickly, right click to switch between look and grab. The inventory can be accessed at the top of the screen. Sometimes it was a little difficult to find the exact pixel you had to be on to interact with an object, but that only happened a few times.

Overall, I would recommend this game, but just barely. The story was enough to overcome the flaws with the puzzles, and while the art wasn't amazing to look at, it kept me interested. I was entertained enough that I want to check out the sequel.

Grade: C
Posted: August 10
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5.0 hrs on record
This is a great point and click adventure, a real visual story that actually feels like I am interacting with it rather than some titles which simply have you play eye-spy for certain objects.
An engaging story with fun and complex puzzles, I picked this up during the Summer Sale, fell in love with it and bought the entire Runaway series.
If you haven't checked out any of the work from Pendulo studios, I recommend starting with Runaway: A Road Adventure

Posted: July 2
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10.5 hrs on record
Its a bit of a mixed bag, the art style and voices are largely good. The story isn't bad but its pretty predicabile, with a couple of stand out moments. Some cut scenes go on way too long, like the beginning of Chapter 4 (I think) which just seems to go on and on without you being to able to interact at all.

Overall I'd give it a 2.5/5. There are better adventure games out there. (I would note a few of the photos for the game on the store page aren't actually in the game)
Posted: May 25
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3.2 hrs on record
corney good point n click fun
Posted: September 1
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14.2 hrs on record
I played this game so you don't ever have to.


A beautiful but largely unplayable point & click adventure. This game suffers severely from illogical puzzles and unobvious click targets. While the scenes are quite pretty, they're typically poorly designed with regard to contrast for item discovery. You're often left to hover your pointer over every pixel on screen in order to find that one elusive item that must be in the room but doesn't stand out. There's also way too many "red herrings," scenery items you can have your character interact with but which never present a use. Then there's just bizzare item combinations and uses (not even comically), like (SPOILERS) making fake peanut butter when you've already got a jar of the real deal, or tinting a characters glasses with oil to trick them into giving you a bottle of...oil, or fishing a tool out of a trough of mud not by scooping it out with the bowl in your inventory, but by dropping in a flower pot from the second floor!

Also the protagonist comes off as a jerk.

As a lover of point & clicks I can't recommend anyone ever play this game.
Posted: June 28
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8.3 hrs on record
Random actions and item combinations, even for an adventure game, and tiny item hotspots made certain I had a walkthrough handy for most of this game.
Posted: June 28
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8.2 hrs on record
Short version: 68%
The game has astounding visuals with bad voiceover, needlessly overcomplicated puzzles and a plot that is bad until the last act, when it turns quite good. It’s not really worth the full price the publisher asks, but on a sale it can be a decent grab, if you are ready to use a walkthrough to complete an adventure game.

Long version:
Runaway: A Road Adventure is one of the most well-known titles from the start of the millennium that tried to revive the point-and-click adventure genre outside of the more and more obscure indie game market of the time. The game stood out with its spectacular, lushly coloured hand-drawn backgrounds and cell-shaded 3D characters. (The latter technology was a big rage at the time.)

Sadly, apparently that’s where most of game budget and design hours went: the visuals. Because the game seriously lacks in almost everything else.

While the soundtrack is decent and the main theme is really catching (albeit a bit dated after more than a decade), the sound effects are subpar and the voice acting ranges from bad to painfully terrible; it’s sometimes worse than in some free indie adventure games from that time.

But this would be a minor problem if the story is good and the puzzles are entertaining. But no, Runaway fails in both of these. The story is incoherent and jumps all around the place, sometimes taking turns out of the blue with no rhyme or reason as if the writer just got bored with a plotline and instantly started a new.

The puzzles are beyond Gabriel Knight 3 level of convoluted and illogical. Just to give you a vague example: in order to ask the local strong guy to help you against some thugs, you must help an absurdly offensive racial stereotype to get abducted by aliens, just so you can distract an artist so you can steal his water and fire up a railroad engine which has been derailed more than a hundred years ago. And this is one of the mild puzzles of the game. And even if you figure out a solution or use a walkthrough, the game simply refuses to accept any puzzle solutions until some additional conditions are met, including failing the puzzle on purpose or simply looking at an object another time.

So why the thumbs up? Because the game has one saving grace besides the visuals, and that’s the only major plot twist that comes around three-quarters in the story. And after that point the game turns into a simple crime novel with a well-defined goal. And the plot finally straightens up and leads to a satisfying and decent conclusion.
Posted: August 4
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9.7 hrs on record
This is a good point and click adventure. It has small bits that are a bit annoying. For example the protagonist explains every action before doing it and there are several quite illogical puzzles that involve searching randomly through spots that you already 'looted' before. Anyway, the story is interesting and the locations and characters are quite unique. The game still looks very nice and the music is mostly good. Overall a very solid adventure experience :)
Posted: April 18
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8.8 hrs on record
This is the first in three games that form the Runaway series to date. As such it is bound to be potentially less refined than the latter two so there are some issues with it and things that detract from my enjoyment of the game. I hope as the series progresses they get better and better but for now here is my review of the first title in the series...

The first aspect is the art style, it appears cell shaded in format or what I would associate as such and it is an aquired taste as far as artistic styles go...unfortuantly in this specific case it is not a taste that fits well with me. Normally I do not mind cell shaded looking games but this is on the poor quality side where quite often I found myself looking at the shading on the characters and thinking what the hell is wrong with their face or body which maybe okay for a while for the amusment of looking at weird shaded and shaped characters as some times it was just plain freaky looking but kind of wears thin on me after a while.

It comes across as like a premature/immature use of the art style inline with the time period where the game came out which I think was early 90's and it may well be the case that the following games in series matured and refined this art style but that's more related to future reviews of those not this one. However I am sure there are enough screenshots and such online and in the community section for this game here to give you an idea of whether it is an art style you can grin and bare or might enjoy. For me it was the former and for others it may be the latter. The environments on the other hand are not too bad, some are even quite good I feel for the most part but the characters on the other hand are ugh...not to my liking and quite often look very odd or creepy.

The VO work is okay, not amazing but not too bad either. Nothing to write home about though. There were some glitches and bugs I came across when playing, screen freeze couple times and on some occasions glitches relating to the the VO/animations. I thought it is worth mentioning just incase happens to others too. It was not game breaking in the sense I was able to reload from last save and continue but it might be worthwhile if pick up this game to keep saving manually often just in case.

The introduction music track and general theme song Runaway one is catchy and a nice tune. It was a nice enjoyable peice of music but for the rest of the game there is pretty much a lack of music to add to this nice audio start to the game. The puzzles in this adventure game are also not so great in the sense for the most part yes you will be able to proceed without hinderence for a fair amount of the game just by using simple logic...but there are some that defy belief and boggle the mind in a not so good way. You will most likely need to use a guide or walkthrough to solve some just because some defy logic.

I will give just one example so not to spoil things where the game fails in this regard. There is a train and you can add water to the engine boiler by going to and from town, filling up a handheld item with water then back to the train to put it in the boiler. When you add water and check the water level it tells you the same thing each time that the water level is still very low. You can repeat this process over and over and will tell you the same thing and on the fifth or sixth try something will pop out of the chimney that you will need to progress in the game. Now here is the problem. Firstly there is no hint or anything like that letting the player know that he should keep going to and from the town and train adding the water over and over or that anything will happen or that anything should happen. The repeated phrase of still low on water after th first few times most people would stop doing it thinking it serves no purpose since game does not tell you has any purpose at this point. You will reach a point where cannot continue the game until decide to go back to putting water in for no apparent reason.

There are also ones which annoyed me in the sense I had collected items that could solve situations had the game let me combine or use them logically but the player is forced to find a different way not because your way would not work if was allowed but because the game expects you not just to solve the puzzles but to solve them the exact way the developer would solve them and this is very annoying. While there is an element of this in most adventure games, in this one it feels blatent and annoying. When you solve some of these puzzles you may feel like shouting eureka but not because you want to pat yourself on the back for being smart but because you managed to figure out what the hell the developers were thinking when they made that puzzle. I might be sounding harsh but some of these puzzles are simply bad. Not all however are so bad, some are generally okay and while you will come across bad ones there are quite a few logical and non brain exploding puzzles in there too that most people should have no problem with.

The story itself is okay, interesting in parts but average in others. The romance aspect feels very forced and this reflected badly on the characters to me. This game was made in the early 90's though so I never expected it to be up to todays standards in many areas but overall as an adventure game it felt like an average game, with a few very annoying puzzles but with good introduction song and an interesting art style provided the art style does not rub you the wrong way. I can only hope the rest of the series gets better and will be trying those in order as I go along at a later date. I have higher hopes for the rest of the series which were developed about two years apart if I recall, expecting and hoping that they improve with each new one in the series as they learned from their mistakes.

The ending was very predictable, but that is to be sort of expected given it's the first in three games that carry a narrative follow through between them from a timelime and characters perspective. I won't spoil it but it is worth noting that the series is linked in such a way so that while you could start with the second or third game and skip this one, you will not get the full story relating to the characters and and may not understand everything that's going on or why things are the way they are unless play them all in order. It's not as bad as say starting watching the LoTR skipping the first and starting on second film in series instead and wondering what's going on but there is a link between the games in this series so worth keeping that in mind.

Should you buy this? Well depends on what floats you boat but for me this was an average game, nothing making it stand out far enough to scream buy or don't buy... more of a if you are bored, like adventure games but played all the best ones already and need to start playing the average ones before making a start on the worst then this fits in that average catagory. My advice is maybe pick it up during a sale. It's not bad enough that I will say do not buy it, so I will say recommended but only for those who fall into the above catagory I just listed if your anything like me.

If determined to buy an adventure game made by Pendulos Studios I would much rather recommend (The Next Big Thing) game from them which actually is a very good adventure game compared to this one which I consider to be average.
Posted: November 27, 2013
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Be thankful for any series that tries to revive the point-and-click adventure genre. Runaway is a couple years old at the time of this writing, but it was still made much after the genre had "died".

But in reality, we know it's not dead and Runaway is a good game in that genre. Not the best, but not subpar at all.
Posted: November 23, 2013
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8.7 hrs on record
Nice story,great characters, Great game for point-and-click enthusiasts. Very funny in some moments, the puzzle can be challenging. Final point, the graphics are great for its time. Worth buying.
Posted: October 18, 2013
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It's a really good game with a good story, funny characters and a surprising ending. Graphics, animations and musics are great too. And about Gina... Let's just say she IS Sexy...
Posted: January 15
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