New York, 2000......Without knowing how or why, Brian, a student on the verge of graduating from college, is attacked by Mafia gangsters. During his desperate getaway, in the company of a mysterious striptease dancer, he ends up meeting a wide range of unusual characters.
Käyttäjäarvostelut: Enimmäkseen myönteinen (180 arvostelua) - 75% / 180 tämän pelin pelaajien arvosteluista ovat positiivisia
Julkaisupäivä: 18. elo, 2003

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Osta Runaway, A Road Adventure

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Osta Pendulo Adventure Pack

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New York, 2000...
...Without knowing how or why, Brian, a student on the verge of graduating from college, is attacked by Mafia gangsters.
During his desperate getaway, in the company of a mysterious striptease dancer, he ends up meeting a wide range of unusual characters. But which ones are trying to help him and which ones are planning to blow his head off?
You will have to be very ingenious to figure it out, without forgetting that nobody is who they seem in this explosive mixture of murder, money, ambition, santeria rituals and deception...a whole lot of deception.
  • Approximately 100 settings that are visually rich, containing 30 interactive characters.
  • Characters with soft edges, real-time lighting and shading effects, camera changes, panoramic shots and more.
  • High-quality stereo sound, an original soundtrack with over 24 songs.
  • 3D characters with a cartoon look and high-impact visual features that include 2D and 3D in an unmatchable style.


    Vähimmäisvaatimukset: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium™ 200 MMX, 64 Mt RAM, 630 Mt kiintolevytilaa, Monitori ja näytönohjain (DirectX™ yhteensopiva) ja tuki 1024x768-resoluutiolle ja 16-bit väreille, DirectX™ yhteensopiva äänikortti, Hiiri ja näppäimistö
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32/36 (89%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
7.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 10. helmikuu.
Runaway: A Road Adventure is the first game in Runaway series made by Pendulo Studios, back in 2001. It has its ups and downs, coming into a résumé of being cheesy and needlessly complicated with a crude, childish charm on the side. It is only interesting enough for an old school adventure gamer, who wouldn't mind empty character stereotypes.

Let's see... There is an interesting variety of graphic and art display used in this first game; including old school hand drawn cartoons, slightly computer animated skylines, 2D characters wrapped with vibrant colors in gameplay - similar to original Broken Sword series - and creepy plastic 3D models used in between cut scenes. It feels that someone failed to pick a homogenous art style for this game. 2D models + hand drawn cartoons is a great combination which we are already used to from older adventure titles, but 3D models? Well... I personally think the 2D + 3D artwork combination is a tricky one, and it wasn't well produced here. Some of the character designs were okay, but they mostly ended up being exaggerations of stereotypes. Brute and ugly rather than being funny, and character movement animations - especially ones from Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 - were downright spastic.

I don't know a lot about you, but a strong and unique protagonist with well-arranged character is really important in adventure games in my opinion. For the acquired immersion, you have to like the main character, or at least find him/her interesting. Brian Bosco was neither likable nor interesting. For a supposed boy genius, he spoke and acted as a real dimwit who ends up becoming a Ken doll stereotype eventually. Gina - the supporting female character - isn't anything interesting or genuine either. She is there to live up to the labeled existence of being an exaggeratedly sexy bimbo.

The scenario is meaninglessly complicated and it seems that our characters have no actual control over any occurrence. On a series of quite random and unfortunate - or amazingly fortunate events - they manage to get by, but there is no exact brilliance to their progress. They always go through any kind of progress through the help of absurdly friendly random individuals with eccentric backgrounds that they meet around. The story itself is so fragmented and scattered, it doesn't really make any sense until the last chapter of the game. During the last chapter, every random plot hook are properly arranged and tidied up by yet another collection of random people - not our protagonist. In all events and occurrences, Brian Bosco may be one of the most naive and ridiculously shallow characters in adventures games that I've played so far.

If we are to talk about gameplay, I have to confess that it has a ridiculously slow progressing game play for a ridiculously fast progressing storyline. There is odd repetitions in actions and with the speed Brian moves around, you'd better spare a whole day. It is a killer pixel hunt to collect items, or even notice that certain items are actually collectible. Some item combinations are just fine, the others... well, without a walkthrough I wish utmost patience for you. NPC interactions and dialogues are pretty much straight forward, but even though you'd be pretty confident about what you should do, the game forces you to either confirm that through making Brian realize the needed action, or at least try what you absolutely cannot do first as an elimination process. It ends up being tiresome after a point.

All in all, Runaway: A Road Adventure is nothing miraculous. There is a great selection of adventure games you'd enjoy without a doubt. This is not really one of them if you are not a fan of cheesy character stereotypes and crude elementary level humor. I've been hearing a lot of good things about the other games in the series - especially Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate - so I'll finish the series to get there anyhow. Apparently, story arcs follow each other with references so it is not possible to thoroughly enjoy the last game without playing the prior ones. Take this one if you are curious enough, or wait for my reviews in other titles in the series!

Please also check out Lady Storyteller's Curator page here - follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!
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10/11 (91%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
8.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 4. lokakuu, 2015.
Short version: 68%
The first Runaway game is an extremely beautiful point ‘n’ click adventure with bad voice actors, and needlessly overcomplicated plot and puzzles, completed with a last act that redeems most of the game in one swoop. Be prepared to use a walkthrough from the start though.

Long version:
Pendulo, a Spanish studio tried to revive the dying point ‘n’ click genre at the start of the century by releasing their first decent hit, Runaway: A Road Adventure. The game stood out with its spectacular, lushly coloured, hand-drawn backgrounds and cell-shaded 3D characters. (The latter technology was a big rage at the time.)
And this is also where most of the budget went, because the lavish exterior hides a rather lacking adventure game.

The most apparent issue is the audio. The main theme is catchy (albeit dated), and the soundtrack is good, but the voice acting ranges from somewhat tolerable to downright horrible.
The less-apparent problem is the writing. Initially it seems great: a rather everyday protagonist accidentally gets dragged into a spy thriller by accompanying a beautiful woman. Then it just flips out and throws in locations and characters at random without any coherence. Heck, it even resorts to using aliens and magic.
Thankfully this mess is sorted out by the end, resulting in a good mafia story, but this is a very small compensation for all the stupidity you have to endure before it.

The puzzles are worse. Remember the infamous passport sequence in Gabriel Knight 3? Imagine that as the starting difficulty, getting more convoluted and illogical at every new step you take. And the solutions themselves are on rails: you cannot do what you are supposed to do unless you find out all requirements for even the most basic actions.

At its time, Runaway was a welcomed comeback of the adventure genre, but today it is just a pretty, but dumb piece of point ‘n’ click history.
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12/17 (71%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
3 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
10.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 5. syyskuu, 2015.
A cel-shaded video game featuring drag queens? Shante, you stay!

Also starring the damsel in distress stereotype, racial stereotypes, female sexual objectification and rather looong cutscens. If you have a problem with any of these things, then do yourself a favor and don't play this game, it's certainly not your cup of tea.
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26/44 (59%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
6.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 31. elokuu, 2015.
This game is one of the worst experiences I have had, though I suppose part of it can be forgiven considering the age of the game. The game starts right off with you saving a barbiesque girl from some thugs. The protagonist is sure to tell the audience direcly about how beautiful the girl is and that this the main reason why he won't refuse to help her. The game is contradicting at times between the antagonists wanting to kill the girl at first, but then after catching her they want to interrogate her. The game also weirdly dips into native americans and then the supernatural, before ending on a relatively normal note. The final revelation of the plot is probably the only thing interesting about it. Mostly, the game seems to take itself too seriously for how bland it is.

While the models are simple and cel-shaded, the animations leave something to be desired. Talking animations often appear to be 2-frame mouth open/mouth closed animations. Interacting with people is often delayed while they finish an idle animation they are in the middle of. Characters aside from the main ones often stomp or shuffle around in ways I can't tell to be intentional or not.

The first few 2 chapters had some decent puzzles, but afterward it is increasingly difficult to determine what you are supposed to do. There are multiple times when you have an idea of what to accomplish, but with no idea of how it relates to your current goal. As the game approaches the end, the puzzles seem more like exercises in mind reading on the developers. At one point I had to give the name of a movie director and one of their movies to another character as it was tangentally related to a solution for a problem the protagonist had at the time. There was also a time when I was to cut a "rock hard" object with a knife that had been heated, because it would cut better. A third one involved throwing a basketball to a particular character because they were secretly used to be a famous basketball player. In none of these scenarios did I find any clues to the answers.

A few other bullet points:
- One part of the game involves you performing the same task 5 times, each time taking about 6 room transitions.
- The end of the game gets pretty tedious as you repeatedly leave objects for other characters to examine, leave the room, and come back.
- There are also times when a searchable object or container will need to be examined multiple times or at different times before new needed objects will be available to be picked up.
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3/3 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
8.1 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 4. tammikuu.
I recommend this game only because of its awesome animation. It's a pure pleasure to watch these drawings, but it would be better off if this was a 2h movie rather than 8h game.
The plot is ok, it also has a little twist, characters are simple and stereotypical, jokes are not funny. Music does not stand out.
The worst part of the game are the puzzles. I've played dozens of point&click adventures and never have I seen such absurd tasks. The only way to cope with some of them is to do a mix o pixel hunt and trail&error (click everything on everything). All of these must be repeated many times as some objects appear only after the plot moves forward. The same applies to some action. It is not rare that to combine 3 pieces you need to do 1+2, and then +3. You cannot do 1+3 or 2+3 first.
Also a few very irritating puzzles which involve pointless change of locations making you click all through the locations for 5-6 times or the most absurd - bank safe puzzle.
In the puzzle you turn safe's wheel until you hear a click, than change the direction. However, you do not have to listen to the click (the character will tell you when it's done). All you have to do is click your mouse for over 150 times to change the digits one by one.
If alt+tabbing to the walkthrough does not scare you and you are a fan of classic point&click adventures, this may be still worth looking.
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