Take command of a vast interstellar empire and safeguard your species from total extinction in a procedurally generated 3D galaxy (with the option to flatten it) from 1 System to 10,000+! Prove your species' ingenuity through a deep and intricate combat system where anything (from individual components on ships to the stars themselves)...
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 20 sep. 2010

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"While the diplomacy leaves something to be desired, there's nothing like creating an army of thousands of ships and blowing up a star."

Acerca de este juego

¡Toma el mando de un enorme imperio interestelar y salva a tus especies de la extinción total en una galaxia generada de forma procedural en 3D (con la opción de verla plana) desde 1 sistema hasta más de 10.000! Pon a prueba el ingenio de tus especies mediante un completo e intrincado sistema de combate en el que todo (desde los componentes individuales de las naves hasta las mismas estrellas) se convierte en una oportunidad para hacer blanco.

Convence a otros imperios para que se sometan a tu galaxia mediante la diplomacia y ábrete camino hacia la supremacía.

Investiga nuevas clases de armas, motores, escudos y mucho más, que conservarán sus beneficios únicos a medida que el juego progrese, con una web de investigación cuyos contenidos están a tu alcance en cada partida.

Explota fenómenos interestelares como cinturones de asteroides y estrellas y aprovéchalos en tu propio beneficio o destrúyelos para que tus enemigos no puedan explotarlos. Crea y destruye nuevos mundos mediante la investigación tecnológica avanzada.

Pon a prueba tu estrategia contra un máximo de 10 oponentes (online o en LAN). Guarda la partida cuando llegue el amanecer y continúa cuando te apetezca. ¡El juego no termina hasta que tú lo digas! Entra y sal en cualquier momento; ¡los jugadores que se desconecten no alterarán la partida!

Tus armas, tus naves, tus reglas: ¡Prácticamente todo el juego se puede modificar con el Bloc de Notas! Añade al juego nuevos módulos y efectos de partículas con facilidad gracias a las herramientas de desarrollo incluidas “de serie”. Crea nuevas armas en segundos; ¡crea nuevas IAs mediante scripts! ¡La Galaxia te pertenece!

Una Obra Maestra en Evolución: A medida que pase el tiempo se añadirán nuevas características, arte y mejoras para el GUI mediante parches siempre que el tiempo y el dinero lo permita. Creación de Carreras; Facciones de NPCs; Transformación Ambiental; más Sets de Naves; Diplomacia e Invasión Planetaria más Complejas; ¡estas características y mucho, mucho más que está por venir!

Características Principales:
  • Enormes galaxias generadas proceduralmente
  • Diseño intrincado de las naves y combate emocionante
  • Sistema único de investigación
  • Interfaz fácil de utilizar, mecánica de juego compleja
  • Oponentes de IA que te pondrán a prueba
  • Amplio soporte para mods
  • Multijugador
  • Banda sonora original
  • ¡Mucho más que está por venir!

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Procesador: 2.0 GHz con soporte para SSE2
    • Memoria: 256 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: resolución mínima de 1024x768 con 256 MB de memoria
    • OpenGL: 2.1
    • Disco Duro: 300 MB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Cualquiera
Análisis útiles de usuarios
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Publicado: 2 de junio
Just finished the tutorial and... Wow! this game!.. It has got the best of every 4x game I've played till now.

So what should you expect?...
...Expect a Space Empires game (a turn based 4x) minus warp holes for inter-system travel, with RTS elements of Homeworld on a game engine like a AI War: Fleet Command. Oh! Forgot to mention, Star Wolves like pirate raids. :))

It is a close to perfect 4x RTS game which doesn't need a hefty system specifications to run on with guaranteed tonnes of hours of gameplay. The reason I called it "Close to perfect 4x RTS game" is because I havn't played long enough to be able to comment on AI. But I'm optimist it won't disappoint.

For now, 10/10 for game design and controls... Will update this review after playing a couple of hours with AI.

Update: AI
Now since I've played close to 19 hours, I guess I pretty much understand how the AI's behave.
Initially I thought AI to be easy, but couple of minutes later, game proved me wrong.

Unlike other games, where AI's target you when you are supirior to them or become a threat, in this game, they will ensure that your race is wipped off the galaxy if your race is inferior to them. If you however are superior, they are likely to give you resources and research points to stay your ally. I'm not saying they won't attack you if you are superior (i.e. leading in number of ships, research, star systems inhabited and economy), but that in my experience will only happen if there are no more planets to colonize.

AI's can also become annoying at times with constant treaty requests. While most of the AI's rely on medium ship sizes (usually 10x-50x), some will build gigantic ships (like 100x or larger) couple of minutes in the game. So I suggest you to try to build some for yourself.

Also, build a huge number of ship so that you have enough reserves for ones you might lose in battle. As if your fleet size is minimized, most of the AI's will turn their backs on you and believe me, thats disasterous!!
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Publicado: 11 de abril
+ the massive scale is amazing. You can make galaxies as big as you computer can run.

+ the scale is not just limited to the galaxy the palyer can make some massive structures like a gun that can destroy star from other star systems and ships that can be larger than entire planets

- the diplomacy has nothing to it all the options are just to make a threat, demand, allaince, or war. The playere literly just selects on of those optins form a drop down by the race which give no satification

- the economy is just one resource really and that is ore the other two resources are just refinde ore and refined refined ore so it pretty one dimensional

- the research system can be quite intersting where the player can infinitely research a tech at exponentially higher cost to continue to gain advancements in that field the bad part to this is that advancement feels very incremental for the most part which it is. This takes away a lot of the excitment from researching a new technology because the not a ton can generally be done with new research advancments.


I have defeinately put quite a few hours into this game and definitely had some fun with this game but at the same time I do not feel like I can recommend this game to others. This is mainly due to after playing for a while I do not feel this game really has much of a soul to it and in my opinion can be a bit lifeless at times. I also had this same feeling playing x3 where the whoel universe just felt overly mechanical.
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Publicado: 2 de enero
Mas de lo que muchos podran asumir. Increible, con un poco de imaginacion, este juego alcanza cotas que se salen de la escala.... muy interesante.
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Publicado: 29 de agosto de 2014
If you like Total Annihilation / Supreme Commander types of rolling economies - then this is the 4x for you.

Tired of the constant back and forth over a single star system on the edge of your territory? Simply destroy all the planets and the star they orbit and your problem is solved!

Don't like how looooong it takes to build those 1,000,000 kilometer long ships? Simply build a Ringworld around a super giant star! You can build fleets in the 1,000's in just seconds!

But wait! "Building that Ringworld is going to take too long!" Sure, while that might normally be true, all you need to do is build planetary thrusters on each of your planets and fly them all into a single system. Take that logistics!
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Publicado: 9 de abril de 2014
+/+ Unique take on the 4x genre.
+/+ Great technology tree.
+/+ Infrastructure and starships receive updates with tech.
+/+ Excellent starship construction options.
+/+ Lots of options for how you set up the game.
+/+ Well supported by developers (over 30 patches).

+/- Star Ruler is played in real time with pausing.
+/- Micromanagement is handled by the A.I. by default.
+/- Swarm style warfare.

-/- Weak diplomacy.
-/- Mediocre user interface.
-/- Little purpose to using fleets.
-/- Graphics and sound effects are weak (not that important for genre).
-/- Lacks steam features.

Verdict: 7.8/10. Star Ruler is a very unique and deep 4x strategy game. It’s a great game, but as of writing this review, the sequel is being developed and looks to expand upon the strengths while fixing most of the weaknesses (such as the UI, fleets, and diplomacy). If you’re not a huge fan of the genre or can’t get it cheap, I’d wait for the sequel. That being said, this is a worthy game in its own right.
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