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You are Garrett, the master thief. Rarely seen and never caught, Garrett is the best that ever was. Able to sneak past any guard, pick any lock, and break into the most ingeniously secured residences. Garrett steals from the wealthy and gives to himself, making his living in the dark and foreboding City.
Release Date: Jun 11, 2004

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About the Game

You are Garrett, the master thief. Rarely seen and never caught, Garrett is the best that ever was. Able to sneak past any guard, pick any lock, and break into the most ingeniously secured residences. Garrett steals from the wealthy and gives to himself, making his living in the dark and foreboding City. Here crime and corruption are commonplace, wealthy nobles prey on the poor and each other, and magic and machinery coexist uneasily. World weary and cynical, Garrett wants nothing more than to be left alone to ply his trade. But things never work out that way.
  • Cutting-edge Action Stealth Gameplay - Hide in the shadows, sneak past the guards, or ambush them from the darkness!
  • Huge Arsenal of Thieves' Tools - Including lock picks, a blackjack, arrows, wall climbing gloves, oil flasks, flash bombs, and a dagger.
  • An Entire City to Explore - Break into any building, mug nobles on the streets, spend your loot, and earn a reputation. Feel like a real thief in a cityscape of unparalleled responsiveness and interactivity.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence - AI guards that see and hear, track evidence and suspiciousness, search for intruders, fight, give chase, and perform lip synching, facial expressions, and hundreds of lines of real-time dialog.
  • Dynamic Lighting and Shadow System - Every character and object casts realistic, dynamic shadows that effect stealth gameplay.

System Requirements

    Minimum: IBM PC or 100% compatible, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, Intel Pentium IV 1.5 GHz (or AMD Athlon XP equivalent), 256 MB system memory, 64 MB video memory, Direct3D 9.0, and Pixel Shader 1.1, 100% DirectSound 9 compatible sound card, 3,000 MB free hard disk space, Keyboard and mouse
    Recommended: Intel Pentium IV 2.0 GHz (or AMD Athlon XP equivalent), 512 MB system memory, 128 MB video memory, Direct3D 9.0, and Pixel Shader 1.1
    Thief: Deadly Shadows does not support play on laptop computers.
Helpful customer reviews
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Does stealth and atmosphere better than most current-gen games today.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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Awesome game! Unique atmosphere, dark and adventurous, frightening and somehow ... charming. A must to play if you want to experience the real thrill of stealth, seek and hide.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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One of the greatest stealth games I have ever played. Not for everyone, because this game is extremely challenging and immersive.

Stealth is valued highly and resources are scarce. One of the great features about this game is the Arrows that the player (Garrett) utilizes. You can decide for example, to use one of your precious Water Arrows to remove a light source, allowing you to navigate difficult areas.
The Blackjack club Garrett has within his arsenal can kill and must be used from behind to render an opponent unconscious, but beware, for the other NPC's will come looking for them!

Killing opponents is a bad idea, knocking them out requires you to hide bodies, light is your enemy and there is quite a good amount of free roam away from the storyline. Breaking into random houses is great fun and if you are careful and plan your robbery ahead you can walk away with a hefty load of swag!

In saying this, the storyline is intense, the only weak points coming from the Hammerites lore and the lengthy tutorial at the start of the game, however it can be argued that this tutorial is essential, as the game plunges you immediately into the action.
The graphics have aged fairly well and the environments the player finds themselves in are beautiful. There are guides to improve the graphics quality/resolution via the community if you so choose.

One of the things that I have heard so many negative comments on regarding Thief: Deadly Shadows is it's difficulty. The difficulty settings in my opinion are quite realistic, considering you do have a magic eye, high tech arrows and an assortment of tools a modern day criminal would die for, coupled with the fact that this game punishes you severely for breaking stealth.
I have also heard negative comments about the bugs within the game. These glitches have a minor detrimental impact to gameplay and some are even quite hilarious.

Play this and see where Dishonoured got all it's positive traits from. Thief: Deadly Shadows is a far superior game to Dishonoured (I cannot stress that enough) and if you enjoy stealth games, then this is one game you should add to your collection.
Posted: December 27th, 2013
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If you like to explore every corner of the map and loot everything shiny that's not nailed to the floor, this is the game for you, as long as you are into stealth. Game A.I. ain't too shabby and the atmosphere is great as well.
Posted: November 29th, 2013
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Thief: Deadly Shadows is the final installment of the original trilogy of Thief games. It runs on a new engine from the previous two games, and so things work a little differently, this time around.

The first thing you'll probably notice is the updated graphics, and the second is the fidgety movement. Deadly Shadows has the ability to be played from a third-person perspective, but unlike, say, Oblivion, it seems as though the third-person control was built *first*. As a result, Garrett jitters a bit when starting and stopping movement, and you can see your hands and legs as they actually are, and not, like with many first-person games, as two sets of limbs apparently growing directly out of your face. Of course, you get used to this after a couple missions, though you won't necessarily get used to occasionally seeing things in your hands at the side of your screen when you turn too quickly.

I jumped several times when carrying bodies, all the way from the first mission to the last.

There are ten missions this time around, as opposed to Thief Gold and Thief II's fifteen a piece. To make up for this, The City serves as a free-roamy hub area where you can thief around for additional loot, sell whatever loot you're carrying, and buy supplies for future missions. There are also main story objectives to complete, along with optional side quests should you seek them. Missions themselves are shorter, owing to the smaller level designs - undoubtedly a result of the engine change and graphical makeover. The relatively small levels are then chopped into even smaller segments with load screens in the middle. While it's, again, something you'll easily get used to, it does occasionally make building layouts seem a bit odd when thought of as a whole.

The enemy AI has been improved. Guards will notice bloodstains on the floor, doors which should or shouldn't be open, and other guards missing from their posts. On normal difficulty, however, Deadly Shadows is much easier than Thief II (which was, in turn, far easier than Thief Gold). Series veterans looking for a challenge will absolutely want to play through on hard or expert. The difficulty of levels never really increases much over the course of the game (indeed, the toughest level for me was the third or fourth one I played). Though later in the game the hub world does take a couple difficulty spikes, by the final third I was carrying the maximum amount of all available equipment, with more than enough cash left over to replace anything I might use by the end.

Speaking of the end, all difficulty aside, the finale felt appropriate enough to earn a mention, here. The final level is a perfect fit for a game about burglary, and the final sequence is a perfect fit for this specific game about burglary. Even the ending cutscene wraps the series up nicely, allowing me to walk away feeling very pleased with my time spent with the series as a whole.

There are some other notable differences, here and there. There are now factions, so you can ally yourself with or against the Pagans and/or Hammerites. Levels now have loot-collecting requirements based on the difficulty you are playing on. Darkness is blueish, rather than stark black, so you can see what you're doing easier. Also it looks prettier, if you're into that (especially with the shafts of moonlight which pour in from any window they can). Lockpicking is now a little more involving. You have to get closer to knock people out, now. Stabbing requires closer quarters, as well, as Garrett now carries a dagger instead of a sword. And there's now a large emphasis on the Keepers' use of glyphs, which seem a little out of place when there was no mention of them even being a thing in previous installments.

The differences take some getting used to, but I urge you to keep playing until you do. Thief: Deadly Shadows is a worthy addition to the franchise, and once you're steady on your thief legs it's every bit as fun as the previous games. So get settled in, plug in your favorite pair of headphones, and let's take a walk on the Thief side.
Posted: November 10th, 2013
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