La guerra se ha librado en todo el reino de Myrtana. Hordas de orcos han invadido el territorio humano y el rey necesita un gran cantidad de mineral para forjar las suficientes armas como para que su ejército haga frente a esta amenaza.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 15 mar. 2001

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Acerca de este juego

La guerra se ha librado en todo el reino de Myrtana. Hordas de orcos han invadido el territorio humano y el rey necesita un gran cantidad de mineral para forjar las suficientes armas como para que su ejército haga frente a esta amenaza. El que viola la ley en estos tiempos tan oscuros es condenado a servir en la gigantesca colonia penal de Khorinis, extrayendo el tan ansiado mineral.
Toda la zona, conocida como "la Colonia", está rodeada por una barrera mágica, una esfera de dos kilómetros de diámetro, que aísla la colonia penal del mundo exterior. La barrera puede ser traspasada desde el exterior, pero una vez dentro nadie puede escapar. La barrera era un arma de doble filo: pronto los prisioneros aprovecharon la oportunidad e iniciaron una revuelta. La Colonia quedó dividida en tres facciones rivales y rey se ha visto forzado a negociar por su mineral en lugar de exigirlo.
Haz sido lanzado a través de la barrera de esta prisión. Estando entre la espada y la pared, deberás sobrevivir y crear inestables alianzas hasta que finalmente puedas escapar.


  • Uno de los mayores juegos de rol con más de 100 horas de juego
  • Una gran variedad de armas y hechizos para tu personaje
  • Un mundo vivo donde la gente va a trabajar, duerme, come y lucha para sobrevivir

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP / 2000 / ME / 98 / Vista
    • Procesador: Intel Pentium III a 700 MHz
    • Memoria: 256 MB de RAM o más
    • Gráficos: Tarjeta 3D con 32 MB de RAM
    • DirectX®: 8.1
    • Disco Duro: 4 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX
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Publicado el 1 de enero
Me lo pasé en su momento (2001) y me encantó. En 2014 volví a jugar y pasó lo que siempre pasa cuando juegas a algo aniguo, recuerdas que cuando lo jugaste por primera vez tenia mejores gráficos y era mejor en general. Pero en mi humilde opinión es un buen juego, disfruté mucho jugandolo de nuevo.
Solo hay una decisión en el juego, decidir a qué facción unirse. Esto cambia las misiones de la faccion, es decir, las que hay que completar para unirse y subir de rango. Algunas conversaciones con NPCs clave tambien se ven afectadas. El desenlace del juego no cambia.
Lo que más de sorprendió de este juego es que puedes matar practicamente a todo el mundo. Hay que ir con cuidado, pues puedes matar a alguien esencial para la historia y no se podrá continuar.
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Publicado el 13 de marzo
Mi juego favorito!!!
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Publicado el 9 de noviembre de 2015
How to launch game in Windows 7

-install Gothic
-find Gothic.exe
(C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Gothic\system)
-right click --> Properties --> Compatibility
-check box "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
-choose Windows XP
-press OK
-play as usual

Great game, you should try it!
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Publicado el 27 de marzo
- When I was washed ashore, one of the guys punched me in the face!
- They do that to all the newcomers. They call it "Standing Godfather".

This short and absurd dialogue exchanged between our nameless hero and a shadow - an agent of the old camp - basically summarizes the tone of the whole Gothic series, starting with this first installation: ruthless, cruel and challenging. Its dog eat dog world from the moment you start your game, and it won't get any easier for quite some time. Nevertheless, coming out in 2001, Gothic is one of the first open world single player RPGs where you get to choose your own progress; roaming around, choosing quests and eventually deal with one primary problem that would very much define your whole story. With this game, Piranha Bytes set the baseline for all Open World RPGs that will be eventually advanced by The Elder Scroll series and many other wondrous RPGs, changing the market expectation of a computer RPG forever.

With the opening cinematic, we are informed that there has been an ongoing war between humans and orcs for ages now, and the King Rhobar II desperately needed magical ore to finance the war. Thus, he ordered a mining colony populated with prisoners to be established by all criminals, bandits and cutthroats of the land. 10 of the most powerful mages put a magical barrier over the colony. Yet, something has gone wrong. The barrier extended beyond the intended limits; trapping all and any that were present around at the time. The barrier was harmless for the one coming into the colony from the outside, yet it was impenetrable from the inside. None would be able to leave alive... Taking advantage from this mishap, the prisoners revolted and killed all guardsmen, seizing the control of the colony. Desperate for the ore, the King came to an agreement with brigands exchanging all kind of earthly good for the ore needed and still keeping to send in new prisoners for the work force.

This is the point our nameless hero - whose "name" or its instant of not being revealed in any circumstances is an ongoing gag for the series - a prisoner of unknown crime, is sent down to the colony, to deliver a message to the Arch Mage of the Circle of Fire. We are given the message, kicked down to the colony to meet some locals - and get smacked by them as a casual welcome... From this point onwards, it's gonna be a zero to hero scenario. Our relatively mundane character will become the one hero of the land through exploration, careful choice of allies and smarts enough not to do or say certain things in certain conditions.

I must say that the setting and the story are fairly creative about the idea of a society established by criminals. Anyone and everyone in the colony are convicts or at least shady enough people with their own agendas anyhow. Most NPCs you'll end up meeting are pretty much a**holes and they'll lie, cheat and change alliances easily. Characters have motives, depth, agendas and personalities. So, not trusting anyone becomes our main motto quite easily. Even though the game world is relatively small here, the setting itself - with 3 primary gods, orc/human wars, different lore and system of different camps, the nature of magic and runes, fiends of vile realms etc. - are imaginative and intriguing, yet sadly the storyline hasn't been thoroughly developed into its full potential in this first game. As the series progress, we'll become increasingly invested in both our character and the setting of the world - especially with Gothic II, which I'd consider a masterpiece RPG.

Animations and display are nothing miraculous considering the age of the game, yet they are really good for their time. We are even capable to observe some basic facial features, mimics and remarks of NPCs while they are making comments - which was altogether quite new and fascinating for its time. The game world is kinetic too, with NPCs having routines, sharing meals and attending mundane business when you are not interacting with them. Even mob monsters do sleep according to day/night cycle!

Let's talk about the sucky parts of the game anyhow. Controls from hell are the primary problem that many people would prefer to pass this game. Mouse is merely used to direct camera angle - like an action adventure and you are expected to arrange a handful of odd key combinations for everything. If you are to rearrange key bindings, you'll probably override some other management option and render everything much more complicated than before. So... it's either getting used to hellish controls or not playing this game. You'll be expected to use 2-3 key combinations just to pick an item from the ground! That is some meaningless chore, I won't lie. But if you get used to it, you won't be even aware that you are arranging the combination after some point.

Let's make our peace with one certain fact at this point: dying is a natural and common part of Gothic series. With this kind of gameplay difficulty and somewhat bug-ridden environment, you gotta be either a hardcore fan of the series or a bit masochistic to learn and have fun from getting your a** kicked in casual ways. Combined with hellish controls, combat becomes fairly hard and disorienting sometimes. You are expected to perform a series of combo attacks, blocks or dodges to face your enemies or else, anything coming your way might make an easy meal out of you. When you bear the controls finally, you'll notice that input detection bugging quite annoyingly sometime too. AI is somewhat imaginative too; maintaining different approaches of combat for different kinds of enemies and monsters. Some will downright charge, some will hunt in packs, others will dance around you and some others will try a couple of hit and run tactics on you.

The AI and the environment texture are fairly old and buggy, so I strongly recommend installing some mods before taking on this journey; and for that purpose I'd certainly recommend GOG version of the game rather than Steam version, considering its way more stable with less crashes or conflicts. Worst case scenario, you are able to use a series of cheat commands called the Marvin Mode - which was used by developers to test certain modification - to arrange nearly anything in the game. Many things in game are left semi-developed due to time management problems on Piranha Bytes' part so installing Dark Mysteries mod + Ironforge Patch would fill in the blanks left by developers and fixing most glitches perfectly if it doesn't cause any problems for your system.

This game - with its scenario, its environment and its humor will always find a way to surprise you both in good ways and bad ways. Even after stating all its problems - and casual ways to work around them, I strongly recommend playing this game as a part of computer RPG history at this point. It is not only nostalgia, it is a classic - alongside Gothic II.

Please also check out Lady Storyteller's Curator page here - follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!
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Publicado el 26 de diciembre de 2015
The best game ever. Better than Elder Scrolls, Witcher, or Bioware-Games.
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