Entre nesta aventura interestelar impulsiva de Point-n-Tap e veja o que é preciso para ser um verdadeiro agente da Polícia Espacial!
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Data de lançamento: 20/jan/2011

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Sobre este jogo

Entre nesta aventura interestelar impulsiva de Point-n-Tap e veja o que é preciso para ser um verdadeiro agente da Polícia Espacial! Nesta realidade alternativa, se prepare para embarcar numa jornada cheia de aventuras, conspirações e do caos geral. Você terá que entrar na pele do corajoso Capitão Brawe e seguir a trilha de dois cientistas alienígenas sequestrados. Explore quatro planetas coloridos e misteriosos e conheça as personagens intrigantes e originais. Se torne uma parte desta história hilariante e revele a grande conspiração da grande Época Espacial jugando no Capitão Brawe: Um Mundo Novo do Brawe.

Três personagens diferentes: o Brawe, a Lua e o Danny
2 Modos do jogo: Duro e Casual
Conheça os piratas do espaço, o governo interstelar, os agentes secretos e muito mais

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows Xp / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 1 GHZ
    • Memory: 256 MB
    • Graphics: 32 MB 3D
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB
    • Sound: DirectX compatible
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
    • Processor: 1 GHZ
    • Memory: 256 MB
    • Graphics: 32 MB 3D
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB
Análises úteis de usuários
13 de 16 pessoas (81%) acharam esta análise útil
7.5 hrs registradas
Rather short but well made adventure game. The humour, graphics style and music seem heavily inspired by Monkey Island and The Dig. The quality of these, in addition to the animations, are quite high.

It only took 5 hours to complete, which included getting stuck for an hour on a puzzle where you have to pick up an invisible item which is a part of the foreground scenery. That one part slightly tainted an otherwise well designed game.

Another potential deterrent for some is the lack of voice acting, exacerbated by the dialogue being difficult to read due to the choice of writing style and font, as well as some slightly imperfect English localisation.

All in all, it was easy to look past the small number of imperfections and enjoy a well made adventure.
Publicada: 28 de abril
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7 de 8 pessoas (88%) acharam esta análise útil
4.9 hrs registradas
This is a pretty fun point&click adventure game. It has nice writing, decent puzzles, and a main character reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear.

Kinda short though, lacks voice acting, and the art resolution is only 1024x768.

I'd say get this one on a sale, and if you're a point & click adventure game fan you won't be disappointed.
Publicada: 4 de setembro
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12 de 19 pessoas (63%) acharam esta análise útil
5.4 hrs registradas
Put your serious side aside for Kaptain Brawe because this dim-witted hero is a few cans short of a six pack. This is about as basic a point-and-click adventure as it gets with standard gameplay elements and very simple puzzles. There's not a whole lot to rave about since I really didn't find the story all that amusing or funny. It's definitely not the worst I've played, but I can't say it left an impression either--good or bad.
Publicada: 28 de abril
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2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
4.9 hrs registradas
Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World is a comedic point and click (PnC) puzzle adventure game with no voice overs. For people who enjoy PnC games like the classic Lucas Arts games (Monkey Island series, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max), you'll feel right at home with the controls and humor. For those who aren't too familiar with PnC games, this is a decent introduction to the genre. The game offers two different modes, casual and adventure, depending on if you want clues or not. The clues offered in casual mode are mostly useless, unless you really don't pay any attention to what you have to do. There are two pixel hunts throughout the entire game that threw off my rhythm (not too bad compared to other games). Most of the puzzles are pretty intuitive. The overall story and gags aren't as good as what you would expect from the Lucas Arts games, but it still was fun overall, and you can get through the game in under 3 hours if you are sharp on detail.

Bottom line, get it if you are a big fan of the Lucas Arts series, or if you are new to the PnC adventures. It isn't one of the best games, but it is fun and humorous none the less.
Publicada: 13 de setembro
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4 de 6 pessoas (67%) acharam esta análise útil
6.9 hrs registradas
This is one that I recommend only with some rather strong reservations, and on the condition that you get it on sale with a massive discount. For one, this is a game that I replayed twice in an effort to add to my in-game achievements total. I still can't really say why, escept that it was relaxing. But, in any case, that should tell you just how short it is. When you add in the fact that it also is a bit glitchy, causing a need to sometimes go into the auto-saves and load the most recent one, thus doing some amount of replaying, in order to successfully continue the game, the issue becomes even more glaring. The in-game hint system is flawed as well, so if you do get stuck, you can't really rely on it. Fortunately, most of the puzzles are quite simple to figure out, and there are only a couple parts that might truly trip a general gamer up a bit. I managed to get almost all of the in-game achievements with little trouble before getting too bored to keep on with it, but even the developers apparently no longer remember how the trickier ones are earned, or just aren't telling, so if you're playing for that reason at all, be warned that you're mostly on your own there. All of this said, despite the glitches, simplicity, and other issues, the game is actually pretty fun if you enjoy point-and-click gameplay. I really liked the light humor, the "alternate" ending, and the look and sound of the game as a whole. Yes, it does get boring fast after the first playthrough, and the glitches are irritating when they do trip you up, but if you get it in a bundle like I did, or from a really good sale, then it's definitely worth trying out. If they ever add on trading cards or Steam achievements, I'll say that even more enthusiastically, though most of the time I don't really view those things as important. If you play the game, you'll understand.
Publicada: 19 de junho
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1 de 1 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
8.6 hrs registradas
Como um livro interativo onde você precisa juntar as páginas para ir entendendo a história, Kaptain Brawe é um point and click do gênero Aventura cômica, você é um Capitão espacial e precisa combater os piratas espaciais chamados "Kribs" que estão a procura do replicador de DNA para criar um exército e dominar a galáxia. As músicas de fundo são simples e marcantes, apenas jogando e se deixando levar pelo jogo é que da pra saber.

PS: O jogo possui o idioma portugês de portugal, mas nada que atrapalhe o nosso entendimento.

Para os amantes de Point and Click, recomendo.
Publicada: 19 de março
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