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OFERTA DE TOAMNĂ! Expiră în 2 decembrie


Cumpără BIT.TRIP.BEAT Bundle

Includes: Bit.Trip.Beat and Bit.Trip.Beat Soundtrack

OFERTA DE TOAMNĂ! Expiră în 2 decembrie


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Cumpără BIT.TRIP Collection

Include 15 produse: BIT.TRIP BEAT, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Bit.Trip Runner Soundtrack, Bit.Trip Beat Soundtrack, BIT.TRIP CORE, BIT.TRIP.CORE Soundtrack, BIT.TRIP VOID, BIT.TRIP.VOID Soundtrack, BIT.TRIP FATE, BIT.TRIP.FATE Soundtrack, BIT.TRIP FLUX, BIT.TRIP FLUX Soundtrack, BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Soundtrack, Runner2 - Good Friends Character Pack

OFERTA DE TOAMNĂ! Expiră în 2 decembrie

Cumpără BIT.TRIP.BEAT Soundtrack

OFERTA DE TOAMNĂ! Expiră în 2 decembrie


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1 din 15 oameni (7%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Postat: 12 noiembrie
Maybe you can play this game, but I sure as hell cant! :D
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2.7 ore înregistrate
Postat: 28 octombrie
Surprisingly addicting, but it's so complex, it makes Castlevania run off crying.
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2.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 7 noiembrie
WARNING: This game is hard. Hope you have great mouse skills!
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29.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 26 noiembrie
This is a great little game for the price. Very retro feeling and fun to stick on and play. I'm finding the achievements pretty difficult to achieve but it's fun trying! Can be a little sore on the eyes though! :)
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20 din 22 oameni (91%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
1.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 20 iunie
This game is some kind of pong mixed with acid, all you have to do is repel the little squares to get points and form a rhythm while you do so, there's also a boss fight in each one of the 3 stages. It's very relaxing at first, but it gets really hard and frustrating as you progress.
Grab it when it's on sale.
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10 din 11 oameni (91%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
2.7 ore înregistrate
Postat: 19 iulie
BIT.TRIP.BEAT is the offspring of one wild night between Pong and Super Breakout while they were both totally out of their minds on the wildest acid trip. Or at least that's how I imagine it, as I've never had a wild acid trip, and I'm not sure computer games can have sexual intercourse.

BIT.TRIP.BEAT is a rather simple idea, turned into chaos due to the frantic speeds and mindwarping backgrounds on the levels. It's simple - bat a pixel back from where it came from using your panel. Do it correctly and you'll add extra notes to the music. Miss too many times and you'll GAME OVER, YEAH!
Therein lies the appeal of the entire BIT.TRIP series; the concept is simple, but the frantic speeds and ramping difficulty can make for one of the most challenging, frustrating (and if you CAN succeed) rewarding experiences in gaming.

Coupled with a strangely cheerful 'chiptunes-esque' OST this game is a deceiving evil mastermind of pure puzzle pandomonium. If that's your thing, you're going to enjoy it big time.
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7 din 7 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
3.3 ore înregistrate
Postat: 12 iunie
I'm recommending this, because I think everyone should play it at least once, but hear me out because I have a lot of issues with this one:

Basically, any time I play it, I have a bad time. The gameplay and the artistic style do not go well together. If you start screwing up, then you miss out on the cool sound effects and music, which are the reasons I play this game. However, the art/effects/music are super distracting and make it harder to play. I mean, fair enough, adds to the challenge. The part that gets me, though, is that the learning curve is extremely steep. When coupled with long stages, I just sit here going, yeah, I couldn't have learned how to do that in the time I was offered (because the game does a very bad job of teaching you of the upcoming mechanics), so I lose and then I have no interest to play again because the stages are so long. It's just a massive snowball effect.

It would help if the graphics weren't so distracting to the gameplay. Maybe I'm just getting old -- I mean, I am, so that's true -- but I have a really hard time following what the hell is going on. I can barely discern between incoming attacks and attacks I've already deflected, I can't see some of the blocks sometimes due to their color, and I have a pretty hard time discerning where the hell some of the attacks are going to land. There's a part in the second stage where many attacks come in, all of which are the same color, and they're bouncing off the sides. If it wasn't so late into the stage I could probably pick up on it, but I just lose interest. It's pretty poor design, in my opinion, and that just annoys me.

I boot it up every few months because I think it'll be different; I really do like the music, but I don't get to experience it because I suck.

So yeah, if you suck at this game you're just going to have a bad time lol. I totally dislike this one because Im not good at it and I'm not willing to try to get better. The flaws irritate me and turn me off.

But yeah, check it out.

Oh, but the menus in that game suck. Click and it sends a ball/block thing. Wait a fullish second for it to hit your paddle before the thing actually goes through! And if it misses then you don't go into whatever you selected. Glorious :)
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27 din 45 oameni (60%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
1.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 20 iunie
Underwhelming. It's basically just Pong set to music with annoying backgrounds that often hinder you from seeing the objects you're supposed to hit. If I didn't get this with other games in a bundle, I'd feel cheated.
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13 din 19 oameni (68%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
1.1 ore înregistrate
Postat: 21 iunie
This game, as other said, is like pong with acid and rhythm. But there's one problem: the background. That's your main enemy. Sometimes it is even impossible to see the objects you're trying to hit!
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3 din 3 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
3.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 2 octombrie
BIT.TRIP BEAT is a very well-made rhythm game, which downsides are the hugely frustrating difficulty and the little content. If you buy this on Steam, I dare you to try receiving a 'perfect' score on all levels or even just one level on easy and if you succeed, be very, very proud of yourself, as you'll be part of the 0.4% of people (as of now) who have accomplished this on Steam. Yeah, the game is hard and also tough on the eyes by the way, because of the vibrant moving graphics. It can be quite fun but it also doesn't have that much to offer.
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2 din 2 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
3.7 ore înregistrate
Postat: 15 iulie
Bit.Trip Beat is succinctly describable as a rhythm game in the form of Pong, but on steroids. Immediately after launching the game, players are treated to a retro art style not unlike older Atari games. The game boasts bright, solid colors and blocky sprites, even with the fonts and most of the background decorations. There are some 3d objects in the game world, but they aren't as detailed and also sport a voxel look to keep in theme with the retro style sprites. Since this is partly a rhythm game, the music plays a big role and is also outstanding while fitting the retro theme. Beeps are heard when hitting back balls in time to the music. The music for each level is more or less fits the electronic genre and acts as a backing track. When the game is played well, the beeping sounds combine with the level music to sound like a cross between chiptune and general electronic music. In addition, the menu music and credits are handled by a guest artist known for making purely chiptune tracks, and they are also very catchy when put into this game.
The gameplay is really just Pong with some extra difficulty thrown in. At first you are just hitting blocks back with a simple pattern. However, the game starts throwing in blocks that move differently. Then, it starts putting in so many blocks at once that players have to hit without missing. Hitting each block makes a note, which helps in trying to deduce the pattern of blocks headed your way along with making this a rhythm game that plays like Pong. Bosses are at the end of each level, which tend to throw blocks to hit back like in the majority of the level or also imitate other old Atari games. Part of the difficulty lies in the background and graphical effects being somewhat distracting at times, making it easy to miss when something bright or flashy suddenly appears.
Yes, there is a story in this game and series. It is really confusing but it's told throughout the Bit.Trip series. Let's just say there's a person called Commander Video and he's in this one. The cutscenes are a breather from the game action, but don't make as much sense as the trippy backgrounds when playing each level.
The game may feel pretty easy at first with the first level being a decent but doable challenge. Once the second level is reached, most players will have trouble with one of the ball patterns and end up losing the level. The game is a whole is short with times of less than 5 hours for the entire game being not uncommon, but each of the three levels take anywhere from 10-15 minutes and each level must be done all at once. Losing a level forces you to do the whole level all over. This game is definitely difficult, but rewarding once players get the pattern for each level down and know the level by heart. Thus, it may take some time replaying levels to memorize what to do in each level.
Bit.Trip Beat brings some retro styled but modern video game action with great chiptune music. The gameplay is essentially like Pong, with blocks that move in different ways and sometimes en masse. The game can get very difficult, which can be a deterrent. By playing levels over and over to know the pattern for each level, the game gets fun with the graphics and music looking great and sounding fantastic.
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3 din 4 oameni (75%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
1.8 ore înregistrate
Postat: 11 august
BIT.TRIP BEAT is a Pong pseudo rhythm game for players who prefer memorization and repetition, a niche I do not belong to. With only three levels (and a bonus level), the game is incredibly short and lacks of any kind of difficulty/learning cure as a result. If the flurry of erratic zigzagging bullets wasn't enough to give you a headache, the game attempts to distract you with a barrage of particle effects and objects in the background, many of whom are the same colors as the bullets. The music is underwhelming, especially after playing VVVVVV and Hotline Miami. Rarely does a game leave me as unsatisfied as this; if this game wasn't part of a bundle I would never own it.
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1 din 1 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
0.2 ore înregistrate
Postat: 20 iunie
I like this game but every time I play I feel like I can't quite get the best experience out of it.
My 30 inch monitor is just too big for the pixely graphics and flashing colors.. its too overwhelming.

My tablet is more enjoyable in that regard, but the tablet controls are more difficult to use than a mouse.

Overall its a great game, and I enjoy it.
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1 din 1 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
1.0 ore înregistrate
Postat: 13 iunie
Its like Pong & Breakout had a baby while on every drug known to mankind.
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1 din 1 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
0.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 24 iunie
Good game. Good music.
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1 din 1 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
13.3 ore înregistrate
Postat: 1 octombrie
BIT. TRIP BEAT is just one of those games you need to play.
Not only is it extremely pleasing to the ear, has a nice challenge, but it and the rest of the games are a work of art with their story.
Unlike many games nowadays, this game and the rest of the games in the BIT. TRIP SAGA do not tell their story through lengthy exposition that bores you or dumbass cutscenes that attempt to attach you to these meaningless characters. The way the BIT TRIP games handle it is by the level backgrounds and not really revealing cutscenes. You have to look for the story in these games and interpret it as you will. And when you do discover it, it's a work of art, it's beautiful, and all of the BIT. TRIP games deserve your money.
...I actually cried at the games but that's irrelevant.
All in all, I really, REALLY recommend this game.
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Postat: 31 iulie
Bit.TRIP is musical Pong on acid. I can see where some people compare it to Audiosurf, but only insofar as both are musical games that require movement along a fixed axis. Bit.TRIP BEAT is a fantastically engaging and challenging experience well worth its low cost, especially on its fequent sales. If this game is on sale, grab it and have a ball!
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1 din 1 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
2.5 ore înregistrate
Postat: 12 octombrie
BIT . TRIP BEAT a pretty simple game to stumble upon, at least when you first look at it. This game is another addition to the well known BIT . TRIP series and it keeps the series golden with its creation not disgracing the series at all, this game unlike previous BIT . TRIP games is a mimic of the Classic Game Pong however it adds a rythem mechanic to it, hence the addition of BEAT in the title. The first minute of the game you will be wondering why you had bought this game asking why you would waste even a penny to it however as the levels progress in the game you start to realize the game isn't a peice of cake as you had originally thought, as the game progressively gets harder each second. When I had first picked this game up I had enjoyed it to my hearts content although I have to admit I enjoy most rythem games but I am in no way musically talented meaning that anyone can pick up this game and be good at it. Although this game is fun, it does have a few problems, some of which could be annoying, problems include, having trouble keeping track of the bits coming to you due to the background or having bad sight this is probably the worst problem I had to deal with as it really becomes noticable as the level progresses and this could be a major problem for people who wish to obtain a perfect in the game and they ended up missing a bit because it was apart of the background, another problem can be that you feel that your mouse is too slow to keep up with the bits however this problem can be reduced with increasing mouse movement, the final problem I had noticed was that sometimes you felt that your "player" was going to hit a bit due to your preception however you will end up missing by a inch, this may be a personal problem for me and may not affect others. Even with all the problems I would still personally recommend this game because it is enjoyable to attempt to get that Perfect for the level and trying to master the game by doing so, it is also fun trying to beat others on the leaderboard as Highscores have always been my favorite setting for games, the game also has an awesome soundtrack and as I suggested before you don't have to be musically talented to be good at this game. I would recommend buying this game when it is on sale as it can cause anger with the problems I have stated above, however this game should not be ignored when it is on sale because it truely is a great game.
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2 din 3 oameni (67%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
2.9 ore înregistrate
Postat: 18 iunie
Chiptunes meets Pong on meth.

Not a bad game by any means, but it's just not for me.
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4 din 7 oameni (57%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Postat: 3 iulie
I can't believe I paid for this game. I want my money back Valve!
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