Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, winner of multiple E3 awards as the best game in its genre, is the continuation of a saga that began in the award-winning The Longest Journey, considered to be one of the finest adventure games ever made.
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Çıkış Tarihi: 17 Nis 2006

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Gamespy.com - Adventure Game of the Year - "Dreamfall stands so far out of the pack, we believe it would have been a stellar candidate no matter what year it was released". If gaming is ever to be more than merely colored lights and sensation, though, it needs these types of experimental projects to move forward. Gaming may not yet be "art," but with Dreamfall, we're one step closer"

Read the full review at gamespy.com (half-way down the page)

Gamespy.com - #8 Best PC Game of the Year - "An amazing trip with some of the most fascinating characters you'll ever want to meet through some of the most breathtaking and wondrous scenery you're ever going to see "

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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, winner of multiple E3 awards as the best game in its genre, is the continuation of a saga that began in the award-winning The Longest Journey, considered to be one of the finest adventure games ever made. In Dreamfall, players are taken on an epic journey of exploration and adventure as they venture through a thrilling and emotional storyline. Dreamfall features a fully interactive world where beautiful music, stunning graphics, fascinating characters and unparalleled gameplay variety promises to bring the adventure genre into a new era. Prepare for a spiritual, fantastic and powerful gaming experience.

  • Unparalleled Gameplay Variety Never before has an adventure game brought this much gameplay variety! Use your brains or your brawn; sneak, fight or talk your way through the many challenges the game offers. Be polite or rude, threaten or sweet talk; in Dreamfall you make the choice, resulting in a game where you never quite know what to expect next.
  • Three Playable Characters Experience the story from three separate perspectives, and learn how their destinies blend together in an epic finale. Each character has unique abilities and world views, giving you constant gameplay variations.
  • Three Worlds Dreamfall spans three beautifully realized worlds, multiple chapters and a stunning amount of detailed locations. Travel across a futuristic version of our earth, journey into a magical fantasy realm and unravel the mysteries of the Winter.
  • Unique World Interaction Bridging the gap between the classic point and click adventure game, where you could click on any given point at the screen, and the action adventure, where you need to move up to an object to interact with it, Dreamfall introduces the brand new focus field feature. In this easy-to-use context-sensitive interface you can scan your entire visible environment as seen by the characters, and use it to get information on far away objects as well as triggering remote gameplay opportunities.
  • Mature "Thriller"-type Storyline Dreamfall delivers a mature and compelling storyline that mixes the futuristic, fantastic and spiritual with a tale of murder, deceit and a conspiracy threatening our very existence. Bringing the classic adventure game into the world of the modern action game, Dreamfall delivers a rare and special story experience.
  • Stunning Sounds and Soundtrack Listen to an emotional and epic soundtrack in 7.1 surround. Hear gripping voices as recorded by more than 50 professional actors, and enjoy soundscapes bringing players to the edge of their seats.
  • A game for everyone 50% of the players of the original The Longest Journey were women. With its cinematic approach, believable characters, mature storyline and easy-to- grasp interface, Dreamfall is a game that any teenager or adult can pick up and enjoy, regardless of their gaming background.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • OS: Windows XP (with service pack 2) only
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or AMD Sempron 2800+ or higher required. Intel Pentium 4 2.5 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 3500+ Recommended
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 128 MB with latest drivers.
    • Hard Drive: 7 GB free disk space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound
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Commander Artanis
( kayıtlarda 18.4 saat )
Yayınlanma: 2 Mayıs
Do I recommend this game? Well that depends on who is aksing me this question. I personally liked the game, but if you will like it depends. Have you played TLJ? Did you enjoy it? If so go ahead buy this game. Won`t be a dissapointment.
Do you like games that are all about their storyline and characters? Play this one, but play TLJ before you play this one.
If you consider playing a title of the dreamfall series start with the longest journey. Seriously. Sure it`s old but it is a very important part of the storyline and should be played in order to enjoy the sequels. If you liked the longest journey then you will probably like this game too. Unlike TLJ this game lets you control the protagonists directly and you can roam your surrondngs "freely". But your walking space is mostly pretty limited. At least you cannot get lost ;)
The developers added some new combat element to the game too but the controls are clunky and every fight way to easy.
Ingame `puzzles`are barely worth mentioning because it is most of the time pretty clear what you have to do.
But actually thats pretty much irrelevant. TLJ was never about good gameplay and stunning visuals.
It is about atmosphere, storytelling and characters.
TLJ Dreamfall is not as good as the original TLJ if you asked me, but it`s still pretty good. Provided you like these kind of games.
So I will recommend TLJ Dreamfall to anyone who played and enjoyed TLJ. Aswell to people who like story and character based games with sometimes poor gameplay.
I`d give it a 8/10. Not as good as the original but still a fascinating world(s).
( kayıtlarda 19.6 saat )
Yayınlanma: 26 Nisan
Both The longest journey and this game, dreamfall are fantastic. They are among the best characters, story and dialogue ever made for this media. If you computer can run it, play them in the order. You won't regret it.
If you feel too stuck on the puzzles, just get some help on the UHS site. It's great for giving hints without spoiling the fun. I say that because many people miss on these great games because they couldn't solve one tricky puzzle. But it's worth it. SO WORTH IT.
( kayıtlarda 0.3 saat )
Yayınlanma: 25 Nisan
I think this game would be really great if I could play it, but it crashes every time about 10 seconds into the first cutscene of the game. I've been trying for months, and I have yet to get it to work.
The Piper [O5]
( kayıtlarda 16.8 saat )
Yayınlanma: 22 Nisan
Just finished this gem, and I will definetly need more time to let the ending 'sink in'. - Probably come back and take more time for this review.

But I need to write something down, and tbh I normally only spent time on writing book reviews. In fact, this game took me by surprise. I experienced something we do call a sophisticated walking simulator these days - a game with unrelevant gameplay mechanics. Fortunatelly it had parts which required to move in stealth - or let find a more sophisticated way to describe it - required to stay 'undetected'. So, if you want some envolved gameplay mechanics, you wont find any. As a matter of factly, I strongly suggest to play this game with a controller (does it work with the steam controller, TBH i dont care - it worked wonderfully with an old XBOX 360 controller - had just to remap 1 button) as I couldnt cope with the Mouse and Keyboard controls. The puzzles were easy - the combat was just awful. (There are alternative solutions to avoid most combat in the game).

So if not for the gameplay, why do play it at all? For the storytelling and the story, and If you have not played "The Longest Journey - Funcom 1999" yet - play this rather classical point and click adventure first. In fact do it now. You will miss some meta-story elements which actually made Dreamfall - and its last chapters a blast for me. Oh, and besides that, handful characters and many locations from the first game had a comeback in Dreamfall.
And no, no synopsis and summary will do it - trust me on that. Some parts need time to sink in.
Futhermore - the writing is superb and rather mature compared to other games out there. The voice acting is outstanding. Within the first chapters I'd say - TLJ 1999 had the better voice acting. But after finishing the game. my opinion changed drastically. I would say its different. I missed the sarcasm and humor of the first game. But some of it came back in Chapter 8 (with certain characters). And i am sure Ragnar Tornquist had his reasons to keep the theme a bit darker/serious.

Be warned - the ending is not for the faint of heart and the weak of mind. And there is a reason why so many people wanted a continuation in "Dreamfall Chapters" (3rd game in the series)

Do your choices matter - some minor choices and decisions made in the chapters will have some minor impact on the story, but will not change the outcome or the plot on the meta level (unlike LiS or TWD Season 1)

Graphics: so this game was made in 2006 - I recently googled some of the 2006 Titles - back then this game was top notch - and I'd say, Dreamfall still looks acceptable today - it was rather awkward, because some the settings are astounding. You will travel between so many locations - and it will be impossible for you to guess what will come up next. The Characters are very well made - top notch lip-sync - eye movement etc. but the great character-art will feel awkward compared to these days facial animations - rather like blunt doll faces.
On a different level - compare this to KOTOR 2 - which was made in 2005, KOTOR 2 just looks awful compared to Dreamfall.
Dreamfall runs with all modern 16:9/16:10 resolutions.

Sound: Great support for all kinds of Soundchips from back in the day, Dolby 7:1 worked fine. The Soundtrack is amazing. Everything here from modern lounge music to non synth classical tracks played by a real symphonic orchestra.

Will I like this game?

If you rather lack in patience - do not like long dialogues. Dislike games with mediocre gameplay mechanics: better stay away

If you need to feed your hunger for a unpredictalbe story written by of IMHO best writers in the gaming industry (Ragnar Tornquist). Want some outstanding voice acting - go for it.

Is it better than "The Longest Journey"? Its different in many aspects. IMHO the pacing was better, but TLJ requires a lot more discipline to play, Especially if not using a walkthrough. (which is way more rewarding) Storywise - until chapter 8 I'd say TLJ any day, but after finishing the 2nd half of the game - I started to like both games for different reasons. If you have played and enjoyed TLJ (1999) - I'd say go for a playthrough of Dreamfall.

One final Warning - as already stated: the Ending is not everyones cup of tea - There are cliffhangers. As IMHO the story itself was mostly resolved - but the mystic metaplot kept my mind spinning (in a good way). Luckily Dreamfall Chapters are almost finished.
( kayıtlarda 0.7 saat )
Yayınlanma: 14 Nisan
The Longest Journey is great and fun to play. But Dreamfall's controls are super-awkward and it is NOT a traditional point-and-click adventure. If you hate it (like I did), you won't be able to get your money back. Bundling counts time played for BOTH games together. So even if you only play Dreamfall for 30 minutes, Steam won't give you back the $20 you wasted on it.
( kayıtlarda 10.9 saat )
Yayınlanma: 11 Nisan
I recommend this to anyone that likes a good story, because that certainly is this game strongest point. You don't have to play the first game in the series, but you will get more out of the references, returning characters, and world in general if you have played the first and gotten to know Arcadia before this game.

The controls are... a bit annoying at first, both combat and sneaking are really bad. But luckily you get used to it after awhile, so it doesn't drag the experience down too much.

The game has a variety of characters, most of them interesting and/or fun. As for our two leading ladies, Zoe and April. They are just so cute, and they both have both adorable and funny moments (which I appreciate) in the middle of this dramatic journey. They are also both flawed in their own ways, but their cuteness and capabilities outshine that, so it more adds to the complexity of them.

As for the third playable character, Kian... Here is a character that seems to be defined entirely by his gender in this story. He is about as interesting as that sword he loves waving around, which is to say not at all. He is strong, tough, manly, honorable. And all his flaws come from him being too manly, too tough, too selfrighteous and confident. None of his parts really added anything good to the story or the experience for me.

The music is mostly great. I say mostly because a few times it is really distracting There is a romantic/kissing scene, where the music makes the whole thing super cheesy, and in a section near the end the music and song pulled me out of the experience, until it stopped when I got to the next cutscene... Just so loud and distracting in a periode where I think silence would have been more powerful.

The best part of this game is the story and the emotions of the characters. And while there are times when it isn't perfect, it mostly nails it. When it needs to feel serious and dark, it does. When it tries to be cute, it gets super cute and makes me just want to hug and cuddle the leads, even if those girls are more capable and bigger badasses than I will ever be. And when it tries to be funny it is. And when it wants the story to be tragic and sad, it pulls it off pretty well as well.

So yeah, if you can suffer through the controls, the combat and stealth sections of the game in particular, there is a great story here for you. And the return of one of my favorite sidekicks, Crow! All shall fear the power of his beak, humor, and small bird-brain!
Capt. Pottypie
( kayıtlarda 11.5 saat )
Yayınlanma: 11 Nisan
Great story, good fun to play first time through.
Revists some old locations and old friends.
Has Steam Greenlight quality combat system
Looks pretty good, especially for its age
Might've come out 10 years ago, but it feels more like an intermediary, linking TLJ and Chapters together by closure of some doors and opening of the new ones.
A lot of tedious backtracking at times.
( kayıtlarda 11.7 saat )
Yayınlanma: 10 Nisan
I'm a fan of The Longest Journey, but unfortunately I can't recommend this sequel. If you really want to play it, reason being you want to see how the story continues, be prepared for boring and clunky gameplay.

The game can be broken up into a few categories: dialog/cutscenes (story), exploration, fetch quests, "stealth" gameplay, and combat. The story is solid, and the exploration is just ok. Everything else is flat out bad. The "stealth" gameplay doesn't fit and it's cumbersome. The combat makes Morrowind's combat look like the pinnacle of game design. The fetch quests are just repetitive and pad the amount of time it takes to complete the game.

If all you want is to see the story continuation, I'd recommend another avenue like watching cutscenes on youtube and reading the story on a wiki page. If you do choose to play this one just know that it'll feel like work.
as ☂
( kayıtlarda 1.7 saat )
Yayınlanma: 5 Nisan
We have been looking forward to playing this game since the first one in the series was great. Unfortunately the controls for this part have been changed, making it very uncomfortable to play. Controls with keyboard and/or mouse are clumsy and I have not managed to apply the 360 controller pad, no idea if it's even supported. It is just as bad as Broken Sword 3.

Do not buy this if you are looking for a traditional point & click adventure.
( kayıtlarda 12.9 saat )
Yayınlanma: 4 Nisan
I played Dreamfall: the longest journey immediatly after completing its predecessor, It impoves upon it in every way, introducing excellent new characters and continuing the previous storyline excellently. It is so much more playable and although the controls can seem a little clunky and reversed (especially the combat!). If you can get past that you are in for a treat, I fell in love with Zoe and Kian. Zoe like April is yet another well written strong female protagonist which a lot of developers seem to struggle with, and Kian although I believe his story is too short in this is a fantastic additional character. I loved playing this game and would throughly recommend it!
( kayıtlarda 11.5 saat )
Yayınlanma: 2 Nisan
Despite the awful combat system, the awkward stealth system, the clunky controls and - sometimes - the too easy puzzles, I would recommend this game. If you enjoyed the story of 'The Longest Journey', this sequels is really great. The universe is amazing, the story as well. I regret not playing it earlier. I had to play the 2 first games before playing Dreamfall Chapters. I was at first a bit reluctant, as it was old games. It was really worth though.
( kayıtlarda 15.7 saat )
Yayınlanma: 18 Mart
Great Story, I completed this in order to have a Diverse gaming experience with my playthrough in Dreamfall Chapters.

Even though its an older title it was still worth the playthrough just to increase my gaming experience for a more diverse story option in Dreamfall Chapters.

I would still recommend Starting with The Longest Journey First, but you get the general info that you need from this story play through.
( kayıtlarda 11.6 saat )
Yayınlanma: 10 Mart
This isn't a direct sequel to The Longest Journey, as it follows Zoe Castillo more as opposed to April Ryan. Set in the same universe, this is a rather lovely game. The combat system is somewhat lacking, and some of the puzzles can be a bit troublesome, but otherwise quite a nice game if you want to stay within the world os Stark, Arcadia, and the new Dreamtime.
( kayıtlarda 21.8 saat )
Yayınlanma: 9 Mart
this game makes me so happy
( kayıtlarda 0.1 saat )
Yayınlanma: 22 Şubat
Love this game. The story line is original and interesting with an excellent mix of puzzle, action, and some suspense. Easily one of my favorites and definitely worth playing.
( kayıtlarda 14.8 saat )
Yayınlanma: 21 Şubat
Great game.
But, please, please, before playing this, please do play The Longest Journey first. That way it will be a much, much better experience. It's the same world, same story.
Because this is quite an old game, there might be some performance glitches. The use of v-sync helps a lot.

+ Story
+ Soundtrack
+ Overall writing
+ Puzzles that make sense and are intuitive (some of the TLJ puzzles did not really make sense)

- Anticlimactic deaths/disappearances of few characters
- Some strange performance glitches on modern systems
( kayıtlarda 36.1 saat )
Yayınlanma: 20 Şubat
I loved this game. The story line is amazing! However, the gameplay was very glitchy in regards to combat/fighting and the puzzles were impossible without a walkthrough especially the troll maze. They should have stuck to a classical point and click adventure game like TLJ instead of incorporating timed sequences and stealth attacks...it took away from the storyline which appealed to many TLJ fans.
( kayıtlarda 9.9 saat )
Yayınlanma: 14 Şubat
Although I personally preferred the point and click nature of the original game, this game is still a worthy successor.
( kayıtlarda 27.2 saat )
Yayınlanma: 10 Şubat
very good game infotunatly is'nt translate but it exist some patch by the way i recommand the game but that version is full of Bug im stuck with a npc i cannot give her the object what i need to give it to him for continue playing (it a knowing bug but i dont find solution) ITS shame for steam to sell a version like that and they dont want cashback tank- u steam i ♥♥♥♥ing disapointed you broke my thurst on you
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Tavsiye Ediliyor
kayıtlarda 23.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 5 Şubat
Recently finished playing this followup to The Longest Journey.

For me it took almost half the game before it became good and interesting for me.
I loved The Longest Journey and this followup for me didn't have the story and characters to catch me until as I said first middle in the game.
The Longest Journey had my attention already from the start.

It is still a very good game and I do recommend it.
The story and characters do come around and are very interesting/good.
I find the battle sequences kinda unnecessary and they are so easy anyways.
Graphically for its age it is good.

I do seriously suggest you do play through The Longest Journey first.
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Tavsiye Ediliyor
kayıtlarda 13.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 23 Kasım 2015
Absolutely stunning game. It also has amazing Nvidia 3D Vision support out of the box. Seriously, I would have purchased this if it was released this year at full price. Great game, great story, and I wish it was longer. I beat The Longest Journey and Dreamfall for the first time this week and it has been an incredible ride.

I highly recommend both games! It also runs great with the Steam Controller.
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7 kişiden 7 tanesi (100%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
Tavsiye Ediliyor
kayıtlarda 18.5 saat
Yayınlanma: 16 Aralık 2015
Solid follow-up to the original The Longest Journey (G.O.A.T. of point-and-click adventure games). The story, atmosphere, soundtrack and locations were still there in this sequel to the original. Other than the combat (clunky controls), everything else is great about this game. Yes It follows a different style than TLJ, but a lot of the original elements that made TLJ great are still there.
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kayıtlarda 14.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 26 Kasım 2015
Dreamfall is one of the best adventure games I have ever played.
This is my second time playing, this time after playing (some) of The Longest Journey. [which is also amazing].
Still. Dreamfall I played first and nostaglia is coming back to me again, the voice acting, story and gameplay is unique! - like that of the telltale game series, this is the foundation and formula that works so well in these story driven decision games.
I have yet to play Dreamfall Chapters but am very excited to go on to that once I re-finish this game and get caught up with the story again.
I definitely recommend this for any adventure game fans, or anyone who loves a good story! :)) enjoy!
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2 kişiden 2 tanesi (100%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 13.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 16 Aralık 2015
It's a noughties adventure game, so what is there to say...
Fighting sucks.
Sneaking sucks.
Riddles are next to not existing.
And a playthrough can probably done in less than 10 hours if you don't know what to do.

If this wasn't the link between The Longest Journey and Dreamfall Chaptes I'd suggest to miss out it.

However if you're tight on money I recomand to only get the other two games of the series and watch a full walkthrough of this one on some streaming platform. Be assured you won't miss out on any gameplay for there is non in this game.
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3 kişiden 2 tanesi (67%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 18.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 12 Aralık 2015
If you can handle a complex story and have already played The Longest Journey, I would recommend picking this up. It's using a 3D engine and you can use the WASD keys to move around and explore, click characters and objects to interact with them. Unlike The Longest Journey, the player switches between 3 characters; April, Kian and Zoe. Each has they're own beliefs and perspectives, this allows the story to be told from multiple points of view. Gameplay is diverse and includes combat, dialogue, exploration, puzzles and stealth, however there are often multiple ways to get through a section. For example, sneaking past someone might avoid having to fight them, or there may be more than one way to get out of a situation. Now the story might be difficult to understand especially if you haven't played The Longest Journey, even then the ending may leave you feeling very confused. This takes place after The Longest Journey and before Dreamfall Chapters, a lot of loose ends are tied up here but many unanswered questions remain in the lore. I would suggest playing all 3 games in order, that way you will be introduced to the series gradually and avoid confusion :)
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3 kişiden 2 tanesi (67%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 11.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 9 Ocak
This is a reluctant, perhaps backhanded, recommendation, no scratch that. I don't recommend this game, UNLESS you really enjoyed The Longest Journey's plot/world. I'm not really going into the plot, visuals, voice acting, except to say I really wasn't taken with them so much. As a continuation of The Longest Journey, it is definitely satisfying to revisit the world and check in with the various characters from the original, but this is in spite of the rest of the game.

First, there's combat, and it's bad. It's awkward as hell, it plays sort of like a bad minigame from Final Fantasy or something. Basically it tries to be Rock Paper Scissors with very silly looking animations: fast attacks beat strong attacks, strong attacks beat blocks, blocks beat fast attacks, and circling beats. Enemies only ever approach one at a time, and the whole thing just comes off as a stupid, tedious affair. Not really difficult to deal with, but there was no reason to include it, or implement in the way they did. It takes away much more than it adds.

Next there are stealth sections, and they're also pretty terrible. Your character has a 'stealth mode' for movement, which is frustratingly slow. It's not required on every stealth section, but the game doesn't do all that much to indicate to you when you need it and when you don't. Patrols and security are very simple, and these sections are once again pretty tedious. I don't really feel like they added anything much to the game, and the world would be better off if they were handled more like point and click puzzles where once a solution is found you don't have to continue sighing and playing around whatever issue.

Then there are the item puzzles, which weren't all bad, but lots of obnoxious back tracking which just wastes time(really missing the ability to skip time from the first one). A couple also weren't very intuitive and of course there's the song cave puzzle which gives no hints whatsoever basically forcing you to bruteforce a 4 point permutation (or look it up because who can be asked). Basically every other puzzle in the game is: use your phone on X, use the one item other than your phone you have in your inventory, talk to that person again. I never really felt challenged, but I was a bit annoyed. Seriously, I've played first person shooters with harder puzzles.

And, guess what? The plot ends on a cliffhanger. Very disappointing. Conversation options don't really seem to matter either, that's kinda okay I can understand not wanting to bother with branching story, but the choice doesn't matter if the outcome is the same.

If they refined the above sections this game could've been like Beyond Good and Evil, well maybe it could've been. Everything about this game just felt like a half-hearted attempt, and I'd give it a half-hearted recommendation except that's really not a recommendation is it?
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kayıtlarda 11.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 23 Ekim 2014
Overall this was a pretty good game, guys!!!

If you played TLJ (The Longest Journey) then you'll like the story of this game, but quickly realize how big of a change there was in gameplay mechanics of this sequel. As a very big fan of the original, I have to admit, at the start off this game, with the different controls and lackluster main character, I was thinking I wouldn't be a fan of this one and in turn, would end up being disappointed or would avoid the 3rd game, Dreamfall: Chapters- this ended up not being the case. The story is a 3rd person adventure/puzzle (WSAD/arrow key movement, not Point & Click) with minimal fighting and frequent puzzles. The puzzles aren't terribly challenging and only 1 part of the game has you do a lot of back & forth "fetching". You swap between 3 roles or characters in the game with the main character being a new girl, Zoe. Chat can be fast forwarded with the space bar, game is saveable at any idle time (non-conversation/cut scene), and, sadly, the game does not allow full screen windowed, which is something I enjoy in many games due to my dual monitor set up.

-Game is now realized in a full 3D environment. Graphically much better than TLJ.
-Main character, Zoe, grows and changes from when introduced to the end of the game. I really appreciated this as I initially was very uninterested in her.
-Story developed nicely. It was slow in the start and middle as it built up. The last couple hours of the game I felt very attached and well immersed.
-Puzzles weren't bad and most were easily solved without external assistance. I do want to call out I always use a guide in point & click games because, honestly, I just don't have the time for all the trial and error and I really do enjoy the stories of these games.
-Once you figure out the controls, the WSAD keys, Space Bar, and Tab can control your inventory, action wheel, and every other in game action needed- very easy to play from a laid back position.

-Movement and camera control gave me motion sickness during the game, especially at the start as I adjusted sensitivity and tried multiple configurations to find the "sweet spot". Eventually I gave up and primarily used the movement turn keys to control the camera turn.
-The combat was dumb. Controls were clunky and fighting was unneeded. This was during the time where game devs were trying new features and hitting as many check boxes as possible.
-Main character was kinda pathetic in the introduction and start of the game. I really felt she started to hit her stride when she arrived at Japan.
-Focus mode was mostly pointless and forgotten the majority of the game. A couple puzzles required it, otherwise it didn't do too much.
-1 Part of the game had you go fetch quest items, back and forth, twice. I really missed the ability the double click the edge of the map to instantly move- something found in other Point & Click Adventure games (Deponia trilogy & TLJ, for example).

TL;DR/Bottom line: Get the original, The Longest Journey, and this game, the sequel, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, as soon as you can afford it. I highly recommend them both and they go on sale together for $6.24 at the lowest. The 3rd game, Dreamfall: Chapters released 2 days ago (10.21.2014) and is, at the time of this writing, receiving very positive reviews.
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kayıtlarda 8.1 saat
Yayınlanma: 16 Ocak 2014

+ fantastic presentation, cinematic feeling, great voice acting, great soundtrack
+ awesome story with many twists, fantastic dialogues
+ likeable main character, you get to bond with her
+ although in 3d person, good controls overall

- basic gameplay, more are inventory based puzzles which are fine, but the stealth gameplay is very basic and irritating at times, so are the fighting sequences
- not as good as the original gameplay wise, although the story is better in dreamfall imo and that's why i give it a solid 9
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24 kişiden 23 tanesi (96%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 22.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 11 Kasım 2014
An awesome experience that every gamer should be 'forced' to go through. This is my third playthrough of this gem, this time on Steam, and I still love it like the first time I played. If you miss this, then you lose, simple as that.

Has its faults of course, but what doesn't?

Out of the box setup for keyboard and mouse are terrible, and may put some people off, but once configured correctly as below, its a dream.


Cut scenes can be long winded, and there is a lot of running to and fro, but the story, although confusing at times, grabs you in, and actually makes you care for the characters you play. A few of the puzzles can catch you out, due to it not being clear what exactly you have to do to advance, but you can look up little hints, without spoiling the game to progress, knowing that these are just minor design flaws in the interface.

Still looks great to this day, and on the whole, is a very rewarding journey indeed!

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26 kişiden 22 tanesi (85%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 17.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 12 Ocak 2014
Dreamfall: TLJ is a 3-d third-person point and click adventure game. The game is a sequel to a classic adventure game released in 1998 called The Longest Journey. It is not necessary to play the original TLJ to play Dreamfall, but it helps a lot, since the game universe and many characters are the same. The game is very heavy on story, dialogue, and cinematics, and light on puzzles and gameplay.

Story: the story is both the best and the worst I have ever seen in an adventure game. In the last two years I have completed 12 adventure games including old classics and modern indies. Dreamfall has a very complex and compelling story involving several interesting characters, political movements, and the complex game universe. It includes elements of comedy, drama, and tragedy. The story really gathers steam toward the end, resolving one storyline while introducing several more. Then, in the middle of the gathering drama and revelations, the game suddenly ends with no resolution to the fate of a dozen major characters and a dozen major plotlines. This is perhaps the most unsatisfying ending I have ever seen in a game, movie, book etc. Even if they did plan on a sequel, this was just plain terrible. I know a lot of people hated The Empire Strikes Back because of the unresolved plot lines. This is 100x worse.

Gameplay: there are a few puzzles that require some thought, but overall the mental challenge of this game is on the light side for an adventure game. It is a little unfair to say that this is just an interactive movie, there are some clever puzzles. Unfortunately there are many times you are just sent on a mission to fetch a particular item and bring it to a particular place. The purpose of these brainless missions is to trigger cut-scenes that move the story along. A lot of the action takes place in small rooms and tunnels. This means the camera that follows you has to zoom in and out a lot. I suppose this is a problem with any 3-d third-person game, but it can make you a bit dizzy. The interface was tweaked to be more "console friendly". This makes it a little more clunky for the PC, but not terrible.

Fighting and stealth: the developers added a few fights and a few stealth sequences in the game. The fighting is flat out a waste of time. Just stand in front of your enemy and smash the mouse button and you win. Either that, or the enemy is so tough you always lose. The stealth sequences were much better, although they did not really fit in an adventure game. I like to play adventure games leisurely, with one hand on the mouse and the other hand holding a cup of coffee. I don't want action.

Graphics: the graphics are dated by 2013 standards, but they are nice, especially the Dreamcore sequence. The close-up shots of faces look the worst. Lots of cut-scenes, some of which are pretty cool.

Sound: there seems to be a lot of interesting music and sounds, much better than the typical adventure game.

Overall, from the quality of the story, to the quality of the sound and graphics, to the overall scope of the game, this had the potential to be EASILY the best adventure game of all time. Unfortunately the game was crippled by bizarre decisions by the developers: the mega-cliffhanger ending, the introduction of bad action elements, the clunky interface, the too-easy puzzles. What were they thinking?
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19 kişiden 18 tanesi (95%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
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kayıtlarda 23.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 25 Aralık 2014
As a standalone game, Dreamfall is...iffy. It's not much of a puzzle game - most things are easy to figure out, or require only some running around - but it's not much of an action game, either, as the combat and stealth mechanics are highly simplistic, without any real depth to them.

As a part of The Longest Journey universe, Dreamfall is amazing and a huge step up from its predecessor in storytelling ability. Not much of a puzzle or action game? Good, because the puzzles often detracted from the storytelling of the first game, and too much action probably would too.

Not recommended at all, or highly recommended, depending on which description interests you.
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17 kişiden 15 tanesi (88%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 26.0 saat
Yayınlanma: 18 Mart 2015
This game is mostly about listening to dialogs and running from A to B, back to A and then to C. Has an awesome story!

A sequel to one of the best stories you can find in gaming, but now you get three playable characters and very nice graphics for its time! April Ryan is back although her cheerful spirit is distored after what had happened in the previous game and therefore I recommend playing The Longest Journey first. Zoë, from the world of science, will be fighting a huge corporation while searching for her best friend. Kian, from the world of magic, finds himself torn between his faith and what his leaders tell him to do. All these three characters will get to interact with each other and controlling them, throughout the 14 hours that this title offers, is really great fun. You'll need to solve a few minigame puzzles (hacking), find ways to enter dangerous areas by putting enviroment to use and meet numerous people who always have something interesting to say. I wouldn't like to compare Dreamfall with TLJ since they are very different. They stayed similar in things that matter though and I appreciate that with 10/10. Again.
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14 kişiden 13 tanesi (93%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
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kayıtlarda 12.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 15 Haziran 2015
Beautiful game. If you like adventure genre, you gonna like this one. 10/10.
P.S: Don't forget to play Dreamfall: Chapters after you finish this one.

Controls are hard to get used to.
A lot of bugs with Windows 7/8, but at the end of the day, game works.
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52 kişiden 34 tanesi (65%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
3 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
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kayıtlarda 12.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 23 Aralık 2014
I'm very, VERY disappointed.

This game is a sequel to "The Longest Journey", a point-and-click adventure released in 1999.
I bought both games one year ago, and finally got some spare time, enough to play them both.
TLJ was simply beautiful. It had good puzzles (and a couple of difficult ones); I instantly fell in love with the world, the characters and the story.

Then I started playing Dreamfall.
You can clearly tell this game was born in an age when classic point-and-click adventures were dead, and the developers started using different mechanics for them (Grim Fandango comes to mind, but that was actually a wonderful game). Also, Dreamfall was developed in a period when consoles were the main target. This combination caused a long string of very bad design decisions that affect the game negatively.

Here are some aspects of the game I'd like to talk about.

The Controls
As soon as the first cutscene ended, I noticed a certain difficulty in interacting with the game. The controls are AWFUL. So awkward and counterintuitive. It is clearly designed with controllers in mind, so I said "Hey, I'll just use my Xbox360 Wireless Controller". But it didn't even work. And if you're planning to use one and you somehow manage to make it work, you still need some third party software to bind the triggers to keyboard keys because they won't work otherwise. So, after 30 minutes of googling and tweaking of input options, I ended up playing the game with keyboard and mouse.

The Camera
Oh, the pain we must endure. This is supposed to be a game about exploration, about searching the environment for clues and items to solve puzzles (I'll talk about "puzzles" later). The way the camera is implemented makes it so frustrating to even look around in smaller rooms. It just gets in the way. Not that there's a lot to look at, anyways. Gone are the descriptions of places, objects and such. There's so much less. And it's written so poorly.

The Main Gameplay and Puzzles
Nonexistant, basically. You have a couple of minigames that you will need to play 5-6 times during the entire span of the game (the hacking one, and the lockpicking one). They're both extremely easy.
There's never been a single moment where I was stuck in this game. The puzzles, which should constitute a good portion of the gameplay, are instead few and boring. The inventory space is very limited, but it's not a problem, since I don't think I ever held more than 5 items at the same time (counting your mobile phone and a lockpick that you always have with you, so that makes it 3). With some characters, you even play big portions of the game without any item whatsoever. At some point, you feel like the game consists only of walking, talking to people, and watching cutscenes. 10-12 hours of cutscenes.
So, puzzles are not a big thing in this one. They instead decided to dilute the gameplay with...

Stealth and Combat
Seriously, this is the sequel to a point-and-click. It's mainly story-driven. so, WHY ON STARK did the designers think that STEALTH and COMBAT sections were a good idea, I honestly cannot fathom.
Stealth sections are EVIL. Note to all devs: DO NOT put stealth "missions" in ANY kind of game that does not make stealth its primary mechanic. It's frustrating and boring at the same time, and it just has no point whatsoever. You get caught, you have to redo the section. Now combine this with awful camera and controls. Oh, the FUN!
Oh, and the combat. Dull, buggy and boring to death. I honestly don't know why they put combat in this. Luckily you don't get to fight a lot, but still... it's like Serious Sam with crosswords in it. It breaks the flow. Badly.

The Characters
You will control 3 characters throughout the game:
Zoe. She's the "main" character of the game, and gets the most screentime. Some people disliked her, but I actually liked her since the beginning.
Kian. He should play the role of the "Zelous assassin that will slowly come to question the dubious actions of his religious order". But he gets at most 20-30 minutes of screen time during the whole game, provided you don't get lost (which is quite hard in this game). They don't give you enough time and depth to actually see his transformation, or to actually care about him in general. Could have easily been an NPC.
April. By the Balance, girl. What have they done to you? You suck so much in this game. What a sad, sad person you've become. I loved you in TLJ, you were fantastic. Now you're an empty, self-loathing shell.

The Story
NOTE: I don't consider what follows too "spoilery", but I will be talking about the ending in a general sense, trying to not reveal more than the necessary.
So this game has its flaws, I got it. And I forced myself to play it, because I loved the first TLJ and I really liked the story of Dreamfall. And you get to rivisit some of TLJ locations, and assist to events that you knew happened if you played TLJ. And I think this is just awesome.
So I pushed on. And I played avidly despite the awful gameplay because, well, the story is all this game has to offer, and it's actually pretty good.
And when the story is at its peak, it all abruptly ends with the BIGGEST, most cruel cliffhanger ever done. It just ends.
They managed to close a single arc about an insignificant "The Ring Girl" character that you don't really care about during the whole game. And they leave 10-15 threads not just open, but brutally cut. Including the ones about the 3 main characters, whose fate is unknown. Hell, the fate of the WORLDS is unknown. This enraged me to no ends. I played the whole game just to see the ending, and I got NOTHING out of it. It's like they ran out of money and they had to cut this short. And by "cut" I mean "just leave it this way and maybe we'll make a sequel in 8 years where we'll (hopefully) fix this mess".
I ragequit as soon as the credits began rolling.

So, TL;DR.
Awkward controls and camera management; it's impossible to enjoy the scenery. Then again, you won't be able to analyze half of the things you should be able to in a game like this. Terrible inventory system, but it's not such a big deal since the game has very few puzzles in the first place, and they are all boringly easy. Frustrating stealth sections and dull, boring combat sections, mechanics which were hastily developed and don't belong to this genre anyways. Some great characters but some terrible ones as well. Great story, but AWFUL, rage-inducing incomplete ending with huge cliffhanger.

As much as it pains me to say so, DO NOT spend money on this game. It's a 12 hours long, frustrating, and incomplete cutscene.
If you loved the first TLJ like me, wait until the last of the Dreamfall: Chapters is released, so that you can at least get a complete story out of it.
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kayıtlarda 12.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 28 Mayıs 2014
This is a great adventure game with puzzles that challenge the brain and exercise the fingers! I really do enjoy the scenery while playing this game, the music is pretty nice, and it seems that the story has entertainment potential for the future. I look forward to putting more hours in before too long. I like it. So will you, probably. Just don't expect a lot of awesome fighting sequences.
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14 kişiden 12 tanesi (86%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 18.0 saat
Yayınlanma: 23 Aralık 2013
Great game! A must buy for adventure fans who love a good story,

First, you should know that this is a sequel to the game The Longuest Journey, also available on Steam. You should play that game first for story continuity, and it is a good adventure game as well.

The story is what made me fall in love with this game. The well paced plot keeps you interested throughout, while well written dialogue and excellent voice acting made the characters believable, and even pretty darn likable. Zoe and Kian, two of the three characters you will play as, are particularly very charismatic.

The other staple of an adventure game are the puzzles. The worst scenario for a player is to be stuck on a puzzle they cannot solve, which is not a problem at all in this game, as puzzles are relatively easy, and consequently do not slow down story progression.

The scenery is simply breathtaking: varried, colorful, and beatiful. Don't just take my word for it, look at the screenshots above. Graphically, the game still looks good (current year 2013).

Around 4 or 5 times in the game, you are asked to fight. The game suddenly changes to an action game, the controls of which are awkward, and the experience felt unpolished. But it is only a small flaw with the game that you can get by easily enough.

Also of note, as the story focuses initially on the lives of two women and their relationships, it may be more appealing to a female audience.
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20 kişiden 15 tanesi (75%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
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kayıtlarda 14.5 saat
Yayınlanma: 19 Ağustos 2014
The animation is so lifelike, the characters are so relatable. It certainly wasn't that long of a journey, but this game is a really good adventure game, with a splendid story line that is sure to impress. The beginning is kinda lame, but the soon you pass that shet, you sit on your ♥♥♥ and marvel at this gem, just like me.

91/19 I would definately dream again.
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10 kişiden 9 tanesi (90%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 9.3 saat
Yayınlanma: 24 Nisan 2014
A really great sequel to TLJ with wonderful characters and a great story. Just like the first one, the storytelling is amazing and the characterization and development is really top notch. It's a bit more interactive than the first one since you use WASD to move and sometimes have to sneak/hide. The combat system is lame, but that doesn't seem to matter in the face of everything else the game offers. Highly recommended.
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10 kişiden 9 tanesi (90%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 11.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 14 Mart 2015
Replaying this again in 2015... What this really is, a telltale games game way before there was such thing as telltale game, and just oozes with class and depth, unlike telltale games.

The graphics are aged for pc standards, but thankfully human voices haven't evolved, and its still top quality voice acting by todays standards.

If you never played tlj i'm not sure if the effect would be as strong as it carries over the background... but if you have this is amazing. You're just watching this tlj story continue and you want to come back.. for what happens next in the story story (dont bother thinking about the gameplay, not the point at all, theres quality here and its not that).

....I don't remember dreamfall being as awesome as it is when i first played it. Excellent surprise and really looking forward to chapters.
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