Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll: romanticism of the Eighties, mysteries and intrigues, betrayal and self-sacrifice, hatred and passion – all of this in the new game by the creators of the legendary visual novel "Everlasting Summer"!
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Available: 2018


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November 30

In Anticipation of the Holiday

It’s the first day of winter, which means it’s time for yet another update!

To tell you the truth, they (the updates) don’t always come easy to us, especially now, when the project is in the stage of development that doesn’t exactly allow for any groundbreaking announcements. Many of you already know that instead of this year (as we initially planned) “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll” will see the light in 2018. To be honest, we don’t want to beat the wind and come up with excuses; game development is a hard, creative process, its exact measurements are useless, etc. We are working. The project is moving forward. It will most certainly be finished. We are determined to see it to the end.

Recently, we have held a voting in our VK community to find out if the fans would like to see a new demo version (something closer to the one we’re preparing for the first backer release) that would demonstrate — better than any numbers — the fruits of our labor. The results turned out to be quite interesting, so we just may treat you guys with a gift for the New Year!

As for the details of the progress, we have made great improvements to the mobile versions: everything works fine at first approximation, and we have started the initial testing process. The final number of CGs has somewhat exceeded one hundred (and don’t forget, a single CG can have 2-5 variations that can take up to a third of any given picture), but about 90% of them already have the lineart and a bit fewer have been completely colored. Additionally, at the moment we are finishing the animations for the main heroines’ sprites (several new poses and clothes for them).

And finally, we still appreciate your help! The game can be supported financially at the old address: . The new stretch goal is just around the corner!
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October 25

Red Ocotber

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! The days grow shorter, the leaves start to fall, the air grows chilly, and the October update arrives!

To be honest, this month we don’t have too much to talk about or announce. We’re still hard at work at the first backer beta version; there’s much to change and optimize in it compared to the demo (including a completely new, for us, way to store and display textures) and we want to finish everything before we release it. This is important both for the backer convenience (the build size should decrease drastically) and for testing purposes. Overall, every part of the development process is progressing steadily.

As always, we do have something to show you today! Meet Kobayashi Jun, the head of the Kobayashi Corporation and Ellie’s grandfather! Not yet animated, but we hope you like it :)

Additionally, at the end of the last month, we’ve visited Igromir 2017! You can see the most interesting photos we’ve managed to take in this album:

Live long and prosper.
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About This Game


Nikolai, the son of two soviet engineers and a normal Japanese student, has no idea his world will soon be turned over. The familiar and dear will clash with the grim ghosts of the past in his soul. Now Nikolai will have to decide whom can he really trust and find out why those with power and money have taken an interest in him, the lives of average people insignificant to them.


Himitsu is Nikolai’s childhood friend. She is kind, caring, she always worries for him, sometimes even too annoyingly so. But is simple friendship really enough for her? Perhaps, the years of devotion earned her something more?

Catherine is Nikolai’s ex-girlfriend who left Japan about a year before the beginning of the game’s events. Their parting wasn’t the prettiest, and Nikolai still carries quite uncomfortable memories about it. Perhaps he would have forgotten them with time, but Catherine suddenly returns and, moreover, transfers into his class. Why did she return? Does she still love him? Does he still love her?

Ellie is the granddaughter of the board chairman of the school Nikolai goes to. She is a self-willed, proud girl and thinks highly of herself, but cannot be said to lack ardour. Is everything really as simple as it looks at the first glance, or is there more than meets the eye behind the image of a spoiled young lady?

Kagome is the representative of Nikolai’s class. He has never paid attention to her before, but a certain sequence of events makes them come to know each other. Kagome isn’t loved in the school, and she isn’t really burning with desire to become friends with anyone either. Is there a reason for her behaviour? What hides behind the facade of a simple unsociable girl? What secrets does she hide?

Main features

  • Four heroines, each with her own story and several possible endings
  • Over 100 backgrounds and over 100 event CGs
  • 3,5+ hours of music
  • Unity3D as the game engine
  • Over 300 000 words in the script
  • Fully animated background and character sprites
  • Multiplatform (including web- and mobile versions)

    System Requirements

    Mac OS X
    SteamOS + Linux
      • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
      • Processor: Pentium® 4 1.5 GHz / Athlon® XP
      • Memory: 512 MB RAM
      • Graphics: DirectX® 11 compatible
      • DirectX: Version 11
      • Storage: 2 GB available space
      • Sound Card: DirectX® 11 compatible
      • OS: MacOS
      • Processor: Pentium® 4 1.5 GHz / Athlon® XP
      • Memory: 512 MB RAM
      • Graphics: DirectX® 11compatible
      • Storage: 2 GB available space
      • Sound Card: DirectX® 11 compatible
      • OS: Linux
      • Processor: Pentium® 4 1.5 GHz / Athlon® XP
      • Memory: 512 MB RAM
      • Graphics: DirectX® 11 compatible
      • Storage: 2 GB available space
      • Sound Card: DirectX® 11 compatible
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