Runaway: A Twist of Fate is the adventure game of the year! Featuring a production worthy of a big 2D animated movie, Runaway follows a story full of twists and turns, and packed with comical highlights. All in all, you will be confronted with more than 200 mysteries and puzzles to keep your brain running through a big adventure that you...
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Release Date: Apr 21, 2011

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About This Game

Runaway: A Twist of Fate is the adventure game of the year! Featuring a production worthy of a big 2D animated movie, Runaway follows a story full of twists and turns, and packed with comical highlights. All in all, you will be confronted with more than 200 mysteries and puzzles to keep your brain running through a big adventure that you will never forget!

Some say that Brian saw aliens and that he killed someone. Others say that he wanders in the streets of New York, or that he parties in Hawaii. Some even believe that he is dead… But his girlfriend Gina will do everything possible to find him and prove to anyone that they are wrong. Help Brian and Gina solve the mysteries of their greatest adventure packed with humor, suspense, twists, golden chickens, lies and a happy ending… even two happy endings!

Key Features:

  • A rich scenario, hilarious humor, and stellar realization make Runaway: A Twist of Fate a great adventure game.
  • Visit nearly one hundred exceptional visual sets with unequalled detail.
  • Dozens of charismatic 3D characters perfectly integrated in the 2D sets.
  • An improved engine for better sound and visual quality.
  • Different levels of difficulty and a new, fully interactive help system to adapt itself to all players, both novice and experienced.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista SP1/Windows 7
    • Processor: Celeron 1.7GHZ/Duron 1.6GHZ
    • Memory: 768 MB (XP)/1GB (Vista/7)
    • Hard Disk Space: 8 GB
    • Video Card: 256 MB 100% DirectX 9 Compatible (1280x720 MINIMUM) ATI Radeon 9800/Intel GMA 3000/Nvidia GeForce FX 5900 or Higher*
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9
    • Sound: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • *SIS AND VIA/S3G Graphics Controllers Non-Supported
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: April 24
Wow, looking back my other reviews for the prior installations of the series - Runaway: A Road Adventure and Runaway: Dream of the Turtle - and comparing, my jaw dropped for this one. The last time that I checked, Runaway series were a train wreck consisting of badly scrambled plots, annoying character stereotypes and painfully complicated gameplay. Playing the third and the last game in the series - Runaway: A Twist of Fate - I'd like to ask an obvious question: what is this wondrously intriguing adventure game and what has happened to the Runaway series?

Without further delay, we are back to Brian Basco's life. Our story opens up with a grim situation that we are not quite used to seeing in Runaway series. It all begins when Gina, ex-stripper, full time adventurer and Brian's fateful girlfriend attends Brian's funeral... I have to be honest: that was a twist that none of us would expect at all. Through certain flashbacks, we learn Gina's point of view. During their vacation to Hawaii, Gina insisted that they'd take a trip to Mala Island. Yet, their pilot had a heart attack during the flight and the plane crash landed to the island. Brian made Gina use the only parachute in the plane... and that was the last that Gina was able to see Brian. The next thing she knows, they are in a military camp, Brian's holding a gun in his hand and a military officer lying dead before him! Needless to say, he is apprehended immediately and stood trial for the crime. The peculiar thing is: Brian didn't remember a thing! The last he did remember was taking the trip to Mala Island! Pleading amnesia, Brian was sent to an insane asylum and was attended by a court appointed psychiatrist to decide whether the amnesia was real or not. A couple weeks after, Gina learns that Brian died in a botched escape attempt from the asylum... and that's the exact point where our game begins: in Brian Basco's funeral.

Even only by watching the starting cinematic, and recalling the events of prior games, I was baffled. I started to play the game immediately and finished it in one sitting to fill the blanks in the story. I was both surprised and glad to see that the plot progression, event dynamics, gameplay logic, character depth and the genre of humor were down right brilliant in this game! This last installment manages to tie up all loose ends and bring a lively dynamic to the setting by arranging various storylines into an understandable and exciting resolution - and also tops the quality of the humor a couple notches up.

All our characters - especially Brian and Gina - became incredibly well written and well display, easy to emphasize with. Gina now has a sense of humor of her own, alongside a stronger character display. She has become much more than the helpless bimbo that we've seen her to be in previous games. Brian, on the other hand, became way more resourceful, attentive and able - managing dangerous situations by himself without the completely random and somewhat idiotic chance events that we encountered in previous games. His compassion feels sincere this time, and his resolve is actually admirable. The humor baseline in A Twist of Fate became remarkably mature and tasteful too, with witty remarks and eligible references, including an ability to needle the flaws of the setting in previous games. I am pleasantly surprised!

Display options are noticeably improved. Sure, we are still given 2D backgrounds and 3D cell-shaded animations, but the artwork quality is mastered up until this point. Animations are cute, funny and relatable this time. Art works themselves are pleasant to look at. Voice acting is clear and matching with the subtitles too. I'd like to also add that this is the first time that a game in the series has noteworthy soundtrack, fitting for the mood and the tension waiting to be built up!

The game has arching storylines where we control a couple of different characters according to the narrative timeline of events, which is anything but linear to fill all blanks left in the previous games. As expected from a point and click adventure, we are given a limited environment to search through, gather items and talk to people to resolve certain chapters in narration. Good news: there is no pixel hunting at all! + there is a joke about pixel hunting near the end of the game :) Talk about self-criticism. Solutions for puzzles or necessary item combinations are not really hard to figure out. They mostly take some decent observation, basic logic and carefully listening to main characters' comments to get an idea about how their mind works. This way, we solve puzzles and observe their personalities successfully at the same time. If you are stuck, you are given a wondrously funny and almost always useful hint system starred by a familiar yet hellishly annoying character in the series. Sorry, no spoilers but you won't be happy to see that certain someone.

I'd never think of the day that I'd see a Runaway game well done, yet here it is. Runaway: A Twist of Fate is a great adventure game which manages to correct all flaws of the series, rebuild badly written protagonists into likable characters and tidy up the collection of ridiculously random events into a brilliant ending! I still cannot advise you to suffer through previous games, yet it is necessary to grasp all nuances of the storyline; and eventually appreciate the skill and artistry of the team that managed to make a mediocre series into one great story in one game! Thus, I can at least recommend watching a "Let's Play" for previous games. Runaway: A Twist of Fate is a beautiful adventure for you to take a chance on.

Please also check out Lady Storyteller's Curator page here - follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!
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8.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2015
The twist is that they somehow fixed the series, but was it just in time?

Firstly, Runaway: A Twist of Fate is the third and latest entry in the Runaway series, the point-and-click adventure series by Pendulo Studios where you follow Brian Basco - a shy physics nerd turned into a confident adult capable to stand up for himself - and his attractive girlfriend, Gina Timmins, in their Hollywood-like adventures which take some evident inspirations from a couple of known classics, like Broken Sword in particular.

Split into a couple of acts, this time around the story starts off from nowhere with absolutely no connections to Runaway 2’s ending: Brian is dead and he left a cryptic message to Gina who was supposedly still trapped in some sort of water tank in the previous game. For the first time in this series you take control of Gina, which oddly enough feels like breath of fresh air for this series despite this mechanic being nothing new to the genre. Not only that, but the biggest complain I personally had with this series was how useless Gina was as a character in the past by bringing nothing to the story other than an incentive for Brian to save her -- damsel in distress at her finest. It also did not help her being off-screen for at least three quarters of a game each. But the developers have finally listened and addressed this issue with a newly rewritten Gina who can be clever, reliable, and funny whilst still retaining her woman qualities.

So as Gina, it is your job to find out what actually happened to Brian as you deduce that he is not actually dead. From there on, the story starts building up piece by piece into a satisfying adventure worthy of its title with enough thrills and detective work to suck you in; you really want to know what happens next. I do not know what kind of sorcery the folks at Pendulo Studios dealt with, but whatever it was, the narrative in particular is a massive improvement over the previous games. It has a certain cinematic vibe to it which works surprisingly well with what Runaway: A Twist of Fate is going for, but perhaps the best part is how you are given a certain degree of perspective from different characters on how the plot develops (or developed in the past events) over the course of the game. Without any major spoilers though, the ending does feel somewhat unsatisfying considering the events that occur in the game, even despite being a throwback to Runaway 1’s ending. At the end of the day, considering how Runaway 1’s plot took a while to hook you and how Runaway 2’s was a trainwreck after the first two or so acts, Runaway: A Twist of Fate shows that this series is capable of consistently adequate writing. In actual fact, this is perhaps the most serious Runaway game from a plot standpoint due to its evident shift in tone, but at the price of also being the most mundane from the series as it cut down on the supernatural nonsense and the number of cheesy scenarios. Therefore, fans of the original might miss some of that wacky trademark whilst those who despised Runaway 2’s “Indigo Prophecy”-like approach in storytelling might go through sensations of revelations. Cutting it to the chase, the plot is simply a retcon of the entire story of the series.

Where Runaway: A Twist of Fate truly shines is perhaps when it mocks itself. There are plenty of hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, moments and references where it acknowledges how cheesy the previous Runaway games were and even questions the clichés of the point ‘n’ click genre. Realistically, becoming self-aware of itself should have ruined any of the immersion that the game has to offer, but it actually works in its favour to drive some of the humour from this comedy-oriented flick. Still, when it works, it can generate a chunck of laughter.

Visually, the cartoonish hand drawn backgrounds in here still maintain the unique aesthetics of the series, although they do feel subjectively less memorable (than in Runaway 1) and not as vibrant (as in Runaway 2) this time around. Locations and scenes, which in fact are far less than in the previous two games, are more constrained and definitely a lot smaller in size than before. Furthermore, they are also not as exotic as before since most of setting is mainly based in urban locations. One major criticism in regards to the drawings is that some of the rooms or objects were drawn at really odd angles in respect to the camera, so to speak, making them feel out of place sometimes. The character animations are also much better now.

The puzzles follow the tradition in the Runway series of doing plenty of pixel-hunting and every so often nodding at their illogicality when characters have to “improvise” their way. For our sanity, the developers finally listened to the criticisms received from the previous games and implemented a clever hint system which gives clues (not full solutions) to the player at any given time, along with the ability to highlight all the hotspots in the scene. This allows for a smoother experience than the previous entries without hindering much of the story’s pace. As result, this becomes the easiest and shortest Runaway to complete, clocking around 6-8 hours at most. The only noticeable annoyance with some of the puzzles is when acquiring items before any real motive, thus making certain actions not sequentially logical. This, sadly, ruins a bit of the immersion that is being built. Other than that, Runaway: A Twist of Fate has probably the best puzzles compared to the other two with less temptations of looking up a walkthrough.

As with the shift in tone, the soundtrack returns to the vibes accustomed from the original game which is a satisfying feeling for anyone who unashamedly enjoyed it, especially for its cheesily sang theme tune with synth-guitars. Talking about the audio, gone are the days when you were hearing someone talk as if they were doing so through a tin can, so it is, again, relatively better in most parts than in the previous games. But the most notable observation is the change in voice actors. For instance, Brian does sound different this time around. So you may like this change or not, but I did not find any problems with the new voice actors as far as I am concerned.

In conclusion, Runaway: A Twist of Fate is easily the best and most polished entry in this series, but sadly not the ultimate Runaway experience in my eyes. The way I personally see it is that it spends too much time doing a retcon of the entire series rather than bringing something new to the table. Many of the new features and improvements implemented in here were already present in other similar games of its genre many years prior this. It might as well have been called Runaway 3: The Apology Letter To Fans instead. The only thing that Runaway: A Twist of Fate did was to catch up with modern standards. By fixing many of the series glaring issues (which is commendable), it lost a bit of its charm that made it stand out to other adventure games from its genre, whether you liked it or not. Just when it finished cutting all its badly grown weeds, it ended. Still, I am recommending this game to anyone who fancies a point ‘n’ click adventure game with a good narrative and doable puzzles as it is easily the most accessible of the three games. Luckily, it does not require to have played the previous two to understand the story and recurring characters as everything is explained in it, but in lesser detail. For a better understanding, do play the previous two even if you have to endure their respective flaws.

I believe Pendulo Studios learnt a lot from this experience and I strongly believe, based on how this game played out, that Runaway 4 would have been that ultimate Runaway experience I am craving for. Retain the design polish of this game, but bring back some of those wacky charms of the original.
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Posted: January 10
Third part of the Runaway trilogy is a good classic point&click adventure, the best of the series.
All irritating flaws of the precedessors have been corrected which makes all the puzzles logical and solvable upon thinking.
The game is fairly short (almost 2 of the hours of my gameplay were in fact idle), but fun. Plot is ok, drawings are a bit worse than in the Road Adventure. Humour is the same, which means quite poor jokes based on stereotypes (mentally ill patients, stupid marine and such).
For fans of the genre - definitely 'yes'. For others 'if you have free time'.
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Posted: April 14
Great game if you can finish it, but it keeps crashing at the same point in chapter 4 where the dialogue keeps repeating itself over and over and i have to either start from the beginning or my last save point at the start of chapter 2 even though when i choose my profile at the start it says chapter 4 next to my name, yet it won't let me load to that point.

A fix to this error would make this game something that i could recommend.
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Posted: November 3, 2014
Runaway: A Twist of Fate concludes the Runaway trilogy, giving it a worthy ending. There are already plenty of good reviews, so I'll just leave some short remarks.

As for the trilogy, this is by far it's best part. Part 1 had absolutely awful puzzles, while Part 2 although it had better puzzles, lacked pacing and failed in the story (telling) department. A Twist of Fate furthermore increased the puzzle quality and the puzzles became a mostly natural part of the story. Setting, story, dialogue, "acting" and pretty much everything got a more professional touch. Additionaly, stuff like hotspots marker and fast walking got added to the game, making it alot less frustrating.

Overall I enjoyed playing the game. Even though it might not be perfect (e.g. sometimes it's very hard to see the indication to skip scenes), it's a game I would recommend every fan of the genre. Chapter 3 was one of the best parts I've ever played in any adventure/p&c game.
I did not like part 1 & 2 of the trilogy and I'd recommend only getting part 3, as in-game dialogue and cut-scene supply you with the needed background information.

Too bad this was the last part of the series. Judging by the progress they made over the trilogy, the next part might've been a masterpiece.
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