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Necesitas el juego base Beat Hazard en Steam para poder jugar.

Fecha de lanzamiento: 16 Jun 2011
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Necesitas el juego base Beat Hazard en Steam para poder jugar.

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Incluye 4 artículos: Beat Hazard, Beat Hazard – iTunes & m4a file support, Beat Hazard Ultra, Beat Hazard - Shadow Operations Unit

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Acerca del juego

El DLC Beat Hazard Ultra añade nuevas e impresionantes características a Beat Hazard, subiendo el juego a su máximo nivel. Más modos de juego, enemigos y jefes finales. Juega en línea con o contra tus amigos. Desbloquea ventajas y súbelas de nivel y personaliza tu estilo de juego.

Características Principales:

  • Mejoras con 3 nuevas armas tácticas: Micro Misiles, Escudo Reflector y Ultra Rayo.
  • Juego en línea: Coop y Versus
  • Nuevos jefes finales y enemigos
  • Nuevo sistema de ventajas con 3 brutales mejoras
  • Modo Jefes Finales
  • Nuevos logros y tablas de puntuación
  • Una hora y media de nuevas canciones Indie
  • ¡Y ahora con un 200% de feedback visual! ¡Toma ya! (O baja el volumen al 50%, si lo deseas)
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Instead of trying to make the game more accurate to the beat of your music, they threw a buttload of new powerups, weapons, and gameplay mechanics in. Now whenever you rank up you get to unlock a perk. Using in-game credits you get for playing songs you can upgrade these purchased perks (more mini-missiles, longer super lasers, etc.). This adds a lot more depth and replay value compared to the "classic" game (which is still accessable on launch) and compared to other rhythm games on steam.

I used to prefer Audiosurf but it has aged poorly and Beat Hazard has received loads of upgrades. This is my favorite rhythm game on steam and probably one of the best available because of all the work the devs have put into it. Thank you for integration!
Publicado: 2 octubre 2011
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I bought this before the sale ended, after having played the demo, and I have to say, it's pretty damn fun. I explode a lot but that's part of the fun for me, destruction to all!!! mwahahaha. The game is wicked cool :B1: and I'm glad I bought the complete package so that I have all the nuts & bolts to fiddle with. It's interesting trying out different songs from my computer, some of them get so intense that there's so much going on on the screen that I lose track of, well, everything. Some of my songs have lulls in them where I'm sitting in space twiddling my thumbs getting the Daredevil (and the other one, I forget the name), counting up. I've only played around 26 minutes so far, as far as the in-game counter goes, but it's been fun.
Publicado: 23 julio 2013
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if you're a fan of Beat Hazard on the 360 or even PC, do youself a favor and grab this DLC, it makes the game a hell of a lot more fun
Publicado: 24 agosto 2012
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If you get Beat Hazard, you MUST get this as well.
This makes Beat Hazard 3 times as fun and full of content, with online 1 on 1 or Co-Op...
Publicado: 9 julio 2011
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The dev took his already excellent game and set the level all the way to eleven.

You get more types of enemies (bosses included), new perks and online multiplayer.

The online multiplayer features co-op and head-to-head modes and has a nifty feature: the game indexes the songs you have on your PC, usually the ones found in the same folders you've been playing. When playing against someone else, it compares both lists and any track that shows on both of them will be playable as well as the included ones.

It is well worth the 3,99€!
Publicado: 19 junio 2011
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