Saira is a puzzle platformer with non-linear gameplay and a whole universe for you to explore. The game is heavily influenced by classic puzzle adventure games and uses a new unique graphical style combining high resolution photography into a lush and mysterious world.
リリース日: 2010年3月16日

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Saira is a puzzle platformer with non-linear gameplay and a whole universe for you to explore. The game is heavily influenced by classic puzzle adventure games and uses a new unique graphical style combining high resolution photography into a lush and mysterious world.

The eponymous Saira is a photographer who specializes in digitally capturing dangerous places and animals across the universe. For reasons unknown, she finds herself as the only remaining person in the entire galaxy. Saira has no weapons, she will use only her mind and agility to progress through seven star systems and over 60 well-crafted puzzles. Over two hours of originally-scored music will help her maintain focus and unlock one of six vastly unique endings.

  • Over 60 well-crafted puzzels.
  • A universe full of surprising creatures and locations for you to explore.
  • 11 layers of high definition parallax scrolling and a two hour soundtrack gives the universe of Saira it's unique atmosphere.
  • Non-linear gameplay
  • Multiple endings


    • OS: Windows 2000 or later
    • Processor: 2.1Ghz or higher
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB for downloading the game + 200 MB for playing
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It's basically exactly the same as the rest of the Knytt games (which isn't a bad thing), which makes me wonder why it wasn't fully designed as one. As with the rest of Nifflas' games, Saira has a relaxing, airy atmosphere and lots to explore. Something that makes Saira a bit different from the Knytt series is that instead of one large overworld to explore, you're given a series of smaller, separate worlds to explore. This makes the task of exploring every nook and cranny for secrets seem much more manageable and gives the game more of a pick-up-and-play feel while still being large in scale.
Also, the space radio is a nice touch, if unnecessary.
投稿日: 2014年3月18日
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At first glance, Saira looks and in fact is, a very cheap Flash game. You will not be able to adjust any settings at all, such as the volume, and the game takes up a relatively small part of the screen. Needless to say, there are large black borders surrounding the viewable game area. The graphical style also manages to have an overly simple and cheap look, which also goes along with an overall cut-rate presentation and production. The jumping and platforming elements also appear to be designed poorly, as timing the jumps can often be awkward and unusually rough. Despite these limitations, Saira does offer the player some mildly interesting and basic interactions with the game world. As you travel to different planets to collect various objects for your project, you discover other life forms, as well as different machines that you must interact with throughout your quest. While the initial puzzles are favorable and intuitive, they will quickly become boring, annoying, repetitive, pointless, and severely lacking in creativity as you progress through the planets. The game's protagonist must put a photo camera to use in order to remember mundane puzzle hints, as well as use other gadgets in each planet. While inside the ship, one has access to a few other screens which allows for a poorly designed pinball mini game, and a radio receiver of sorts, that advertises musicians and their Myspace page links. Everything about Saira screams low production values and very poor execution. While it is true that the idea behind the game is quite interesting and promising, it is obvious that the development talent is simply not up to the task, as there is a clear gap between the concept and accomplishment. With poor showings such as NightSky and Saira, the developer has proven that the necessary skills in order to create appropriate games is severely lacking, and one can only hope that this improves over time. If all of these faults were not enough, it is also important to mention that this bore is prone to random crashing as well. The asking price is also something to be ashamed of. Saira is yet another good example of what limited game design and poor implementation is, and what should be avoided in the future. It is the epitome of what independent game development should not be like. Perhaps if it were freeware, it would be more suitable.

Saira is mediocre.
投稿日: 2014年3月20日
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Played long time ago .
I think it's an interesting game,nice music and graphic,combined to make you feel the emotion when you r playing and a little hard.
Simple but worth a try.
投稿日: 2014年1月9日
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2D Indie game
投稿日: 2014年3月7日
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