BallisticNG is an anti-gravity racing game developed as a love letter to the original Wipeout trilogy. It's fast, technical and has a large focus on modding with the same tools used to create the official content.
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May 30, 2016

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Early Access is an important tool in developing a game that the growing community wants. It enables us to implement features people want to see during the development instead of after so the final game is what people wanted from the get go.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We have no precise date, but BallisticNG is set to release rather around Christmas 2017 or early 2018.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version will not differ much to how the game presents itself now, we like to release updates at as often as possible so we hope the transition between Early Access and the full version is pretty seamless. However the full version will fix up any remaining issues that the game has, this is the most important step before we leave Early Access.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is currently in 0.9, one major release away from our full version.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game (starting 21st September 2017) costs $5 to aid us throughout the remainder of development and all post-release development we plan. Once out of early access, the game's price will increase slightly to $8.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The community's input since the beginning our our Early Access period has been a high priority. While not as responsive on the Steam Discussion board, we are extremely involved with the community on the game's official Discord, and a lot of feedback on there usually ends up getting implemented. We like to treat everybody on a level playing field with our outlook on community interaction being that we are players of our own game and as such shouldn't shoot down ideas or criticism unless we have tried out the idea or looked at the angle that the criticism is coming from first.”
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September 9

Two small updates

Hey everyone, I want to provide a small update on two things.

If you havn’t read the previous announcement, please read that first as it will provide context.

Free Package
First thing, after having re-read my conversation with Valve to double check a few points I had re-read the answer to my question on what will happen with current players. As it turns out I had misunderstood it, apologies as this was a mistake on my behalf.

As long as you do not uninstall the game you will continue to receive updates for free. I had misinterpreted the answer explaining that the free copy would be removed, this is not the case and you will only lose your free copy when you uninstall the game.

Regardless of this, we will still be sending out free keys shortly after September 21st to those mentioned in the previous announcement as this will activate the paid copy of the game and provide said people with the donator liveries.

Input Problems
Secondly I want to address a small problem with the game which some people have been posting about in the discussions and on the previous announcement. This is regarding input and it suddenly breaking.

The game is using an input library being replaced shortly which has shown for its own reasons to corrupt its saved data. In order to fix this you need to delete the game’s registry entries so they can be recreated.

Before applying the fix below myself and the Neognosis team are not liable for any damage to your computer caused by editing the Windows Registry. It is strongly adviced that you only follow the instructions below if you are an advanced user and have handled with the Windows Registry directly before.

To do this you want to press Windows Key + R, in the window that pops up type regedit.exe and press enter. On the left hand side navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Vonsnake and delete the BallisticNG folder. This removes all Unity and input preferences and input should function as normal once you start the game back up.

Sorry for this inconvenience, with the game going paid this is now a top priority to fix as soon as possible.

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September 7

BallisticNG 0.9 is now out and the game will soon be transitioning to paid - read for details

BallisticNG 0.9 is now out! This update has been about polishing up content ready for the final quality of life improvements coming in our 1.0 release. There is also some additional news about the future of the game, you can read about that below the changelog!

0.9 Changelog
  • Updated game to Unity 2017.1 running on .net 4.6
  • Removed FMOD implementation for custom music - custom music is now streamed natively into Unity using NAudio
  • Added support for Corsair’s Utility Engine
  • Unity logs can now be routed through the ingame console (use unitylog true command)
  • You can now write custom gamemodes, documentation will be coming for 1.0 - see Modding/Scripting folder for an example gamemode
  • Track pad tiles are now updated to 3d pads when playing in 2280 mode
  • Fixed several AI steering bugs
  • Loads more tweaks to 2280 mode
  • The camera now collides with collidable scenery
  • Added hunter weapon
  • Added eliminator gamemode
  • Increased hyperthrust strength by 50%
  • Increased mine deployment speed by 8%
  • Weapon warnings now announce the weapons name instead of just saying warning - voices recorded by HellfireWZ at WipeoutZone.
  • Added hidden settings for voices (will be implemented into the menu for 1.0s new frontend) - check settings.ini once you have launched the game after updating
  • Removed non-standard tracks, the focus has instead gone on improving the standard tracks by a large margin. These removed tracks will be coming back with the polish they deserve at a later date. This decision has been made because we want BallisticNG’s content to be as high quality as possible, and we feel that having these legacy tracks that we do not have time to update brings the overall quality down. While these tracks will be returning in a future update, we have a member of the community who is very interested in preserving them in their current states and releasing them as custom tracks - some of the removed tracks are compatible as custom tracks so these files will be sent over to be uploaded onto the workshop very soon.

  • Updated Cassandra, Aciknovae, Zephyr Ridge, Ishtar Citadel, Utah Project and Marina Rush
  • Updated Omnicom's logo on Harpstone
  • Added Tokyo Bowl, Underpass and Luijazui Park drag tracks
  • Updated models and textures for all projectiles, the track cameras and the rescue droid
  • Updated shield effect - now uses a convex hull generated at runtime too
  • Updated several audio effects
  • Updated menu root with a new selection tab setup which will also be present in the new menu to come
Unity Tools
  • Added 2280 speed/weapon prefabs and placer tool
  • Tracks can now be toggled as 2280 only

BallisticNG is going from free to paid
On September 21st we are going to be transitioning from a free game to a paid game - costing $5 or your regional equivalent and then $8 when we leave Early Access. A list of questions and answers are below, however because this is a controversial move based on our ethic throughout the game’s development I want to first take the time to explain why we have made this important decision.

Part 1
BallisticNG initially started off as a fan project and wasn’t really built to become what it has now, the game’s gone through an insane amount of overhauls and restructurings in a short period to suit what we believe the baseline of quality on Steam should be. There’s three of us working on the game and when development started we all had a fair amount of free time to dedicate without much worry about finances. Jump to now and we’re looking to make BallisticNG and future games our day job. We’re extremely grateful to the generous fans who have been donating on Patreon every month and the one off donations we get through paypal as we wouldn’t be as far as we are now without you guys - this support throughout the past year has been instrumental to the state of the game now.

Although we did not meet our first goal on Patreon financially, we did meet the goal regardless. This goal was to rewrite a large amount of the game’s core systems to allow new gamemodes to be programmed with support for custom gamemodes programmed in C#. As of 0.9, this goal has been fully reached.

We’re invested in continuing on with game development as an independent group, but if we are to do that then we need to take what once was a hobbyist fan project and make the final transformation into a professional game that we stand behind on the Steam storefront. We want to continue to develop BallisticNG in the long term to add additional features such as online multiplayer with a competitive infrastructure, improved modding tools with much better capabilities and as much free additional content as we can think up. In order to do this, we need BallisticNG to be our source of stable income which pays the rent and food bills.

Regarding Patreon, part of our decision to make this transition was that we believe Patreon for our specific scenario is very anti-consumer and doesn't encourage us to make a better game more than it does give us an excuse to be lazy. While this is not the case regardless, we do not like that Patreon was opening this possibility over time.

Part 2
We want to bring as many existing players over to the paid version of the game as possible, which is why anybody who has donated a lifetime of $5 or more on Patreon or Paypal will be getting a free key. With 1.0, those same people will also be getting the donators liveries as advertised on our Patreon rewards. If you have been developing mods that do not infringe on the copyright of others, we would also like to invite you over to the paid version so get in touch with us on our Discord server (tag @developers) or by sending an email to

Finally we would like to apologise for the break of the always free promise, given the scope of BallisticNG it was a naive and shortsighted decision. In an ideal world we would have wanted to have kept the game free forever. This let down is a lesson learned for future projects and a mistake we will not be making again.

When the game switches to paid, as long as you do not uninstall the game you will continue to have access to the version you were at - you just won’t receive updates or have access to steamworks based features anymore.

How much will the game cost?
The game is going to be sold for $5, we believe that this is a fair price which is affordable to the majority of existing players. When we leave Early Access we will have a more complete experience, and as such will slightly increase the price to $8.

When will you be charging?
The change is going to happen two weeks from this announcement, on the 21st of September.

What’s going to happen to Patreon?
Once we begin charging on Steam, the Patreon will be shut down. We will then be sending out your key for the game as quickly as possible after this - there’s not a large amount of people so this should take around 72 hours at the maximum.

How will I receive my key?
We are going to be sending keys for Patreon donators out on Patreon itself, people who have donated on Paypal will have the key emailed to them on the email they donated with. As mentioned above for modders, jump onto our Discord server or shoot us an email at As an additional note, active Patreon donators on our Discord server can expect their key to be sent via PM.

What about the developer branch?
The developer branch is going to be removed and the beta branch will instead take its place. It will be open to anybody who has purchased the game and will be updated as frequently as the developer branch is now until 1.0.

Will there be any DRM?
BallisticNG is going to be completely DRM free, it will continue to function as it does now where the game does not require Steam to be running and will only disable Steamworks features when no instance of Steam is found - features such as the workshop, leaderboards, achievements and in the future, online multiplayer.

Will there be any other locations to download the game?
Not for the time being, BallisticNGs downloads are going to be removed from Itch.IO and will instead be replaced with a link to the Steam store. When 1.0 is released we will aim to get the game released on GoG too.

Will there be any mac/linux builds?
0.9 will be getting the unoffical mac and linux build as normal, however we still need to coordinate how we are going to properly handle multi operating system builds in the long term. There are a few technical issues to overcome first, we do want to provide offical multi operating system builds in the future though and we will be finding a solution soon.

What’s the plan for transitioning out of early access?
We have two phases planned for the transition. Phase one is a preliminary update which patches in a new menu and integration of the Rewired input library. Phase two is the remainder of the features. It is possible these updates will be split into several smaller updates, such a 0.10 before entering 1.0. You can see the full list of planned changes/additions here:

  • A new menu - replacing the main menu and ingame menus with new controller and mouse friendly interfaces
  • A new userdata folder structure for mods and inbuilt support for automatically generating mod content categories from mod folder hierarchies that you can manage ingame
  • A built in C# mod manager which lets you decide if they are enabled and their execution order
  • Fast test feature for the Ballistic Unity Tools so you can build your track and have it load up in an instance of the game without the fuss of going through menus
  • A much more diverse and longer campaign which utilizes the XP system added in 0.8 to provide unlocks, such as alternate liveries
  • Implementation of Rewired, an input library that bypasses Unity’s input system and is well respected for its controller compatibility - this will also introduce a variety of other options for configuring axes and will allow multiple controllers to be detected for splitscreen.
  • A rewrite of the weapons system so custom weapons can be implemented into the game
  • Final ship stat and AI balancing
  • Remove legacy achievements and implement new achievements
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About This Game

BallisticNG is a love letter to the original Wipeout trilogy. Set in the year 2159 you race around futuristic tracks in a variety of locales armed to the teeth with deadly weapons to aid you in taking first place. Each team in the game offers a different play style, giving you the freedom to choose which ship handles the best for you.


  • 13 tracks set in unique locations
  • 13 teams and a lineup of super fast drag ships
  • 14 pickups to damage others and protect yourself
  • 7 gamemodes (Race, Time Trial, Target, Speed Lap, Survival, Knockout and Eliminator)
  • A (still work in progress) singleplayer campaign with many events to challenge your skill
  • Two player splitscreen with dual-monitor support
  • A thumping 90s inspired soundtrack featuring 28 tracks spanning across Techno, Jungle, Neurofunk and Drum and Bass
  • Accurate emulation of early 3D rendering with additional options to make the game look more modern
  • A fully fledged ship importer with all the variables you need to tweak your custom ship to perfection
  • An indepth layout creator with external tools built for Unity allowing you to create custom tracks with ultimate freedom
  • A C# modding API to create your own gamemodes and weapons


BallisticNG recreates the physics of a time long gone. Playing the game is all about getting into the zone and becoming one with the ship, practicing every nook and cranny of every track until you can do it with your eyes closed. Feeling the speed isn't about what the HUD tells you, but how the environment swooshes past you and timing the right maneuvers at the right time to keep the flow going. If you're looking for a quick game, lower speed classes provide you with a more laid back experience. You can even disable weapons if you want a good clean race.

Looking for a challenge? Enable hyper mode for some over the top uncontrollable speed to really push your skills to the limit.


The game's assets are made with real 90s hardware limitations in mind, everything has been designed as if it had to run on that limited hardware to create an authentic retro 3D artstyle. The game also supports options to disable all of the early 3d emulation effects and enable modern graphical features such as bloom. Tracks are rendered with a single texture atlas, making the game's rendering extremely efficient and easy to run on most hardware.

Cockpit Mode

Each ship has a unique cockpit which reflects the design you see on the exterior. When in cockpit mode the game processes the audio to make it sound authentic, complete with the sound of rain splashing on the canopy and displays flickering as you take damage from weapons, everything you need to get cosy in your high speed future racer.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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