Deceit tests your instincts at trust and deception in a multiplayer first-person shooter. You wake up in an asylum to the sound of an unfamiliar voice, surrounded by five others. A third of your group have been infected with a virus, but who will escape?
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Mar 3, 2017

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October 20

v4.0.1 - Patch Notes

Bug fixes:
  • Vote interface now no longer incorrectly says "Vote failed" before voting has ended.
  • If an execution is cancelled the audio now also cancels.
  • Players can now no longer vote out executed players. This resolves an issue where players would receive a message telling them they had died twice.
  • Unequipped cosmetics in the profile are now cleared when changing slot.
  • All escape doors now correctly show a bright white light behind them.
  • Asylum start of round screen camera is now in the correct position.
  • Fixed an issue where cosmetics could not be purchased if the player had the exact currency required.
  • Fun Sponge now no longer works on levers for completed objectives.
  • Players should now correctly be able to view the profiles of users which are not on their friends list by navigating to them through other methods such as via the highscores screen.
  • Sending a message with a comma in the main menu now no longer deletes the message.
  • The shotgun no longer incorrectly triggers a reload animation when picking up ammo for the Pistol.
  • Missing Chinese characters have been added to the client and should now display correctly.
  • Developers have now been given a special icon to verify their authenticity. When a developer is using this icon winning players will be given a special emblem to keep.
  • Increased the server capacity by tenfold.
  • Innocent players can now see players who have been voted out on the Q menu.
  • Players can now queue for Ranked games immediately after reaching level 10.
  • The Inspection Kit now also outputs a text result on the items screen in addition to the coloured emblem to improve clarity.
  • Changed naming of 'Local' to 'LAN (Offline)' to avoid confusion.
  • Various improvements have been made to spectator mode.
  • Certain assets will begin preloading for the upcoming Halloween Event.
  • A Thai region has been added to the server list.
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October 13

v4.0.0 Patch Notes

Objective Changes:
  • The first zone double objective now gives the Shotgun.
  • The second zone double objective now gives the Inspection Kit.
  • The first zone now predominately contains light items in the objectives.
  • Levers now spawn closer to the objectives they activate.
  • You now receive 3 Traps from objectives instead of just 1.

Night Period Changes:
  • There are now 3 Fuse Boxes in the first zone and 2 in the second. You need to put 1 Fuse in each.
  • If you fail to fill all the Fuse Boxes during the night period the game will go into enraged mode. If you still can't put all the Fuses in during this time the innocents will lose.
  • When the enraged period starts the fuses can be viewed from further away.

Terror Changes:
  • You can now drink blood during enraged periods.
  • You can no longer interact with fuses whilst in Terror Form.
  • Terrors now have 100 "light health". This value is affected by light items (i.e. the camera). This value affects the Terror's movement speed and, eventually, it's ability to execute innocents.
  • Terrors can't execute when they've reached 30 light health. During this period they also can't transform.
  • Light items no longer down terrors and the only way to down terrors is via gun damage.
  • After 3 seconds of not taking light damage Terrors will start to regenerate their light health. It takes 1.5 seconds to fully regenerate your light health.
  • Terrors now glow when they are hit by light items. This scales with their light health and becomes a lot more prominent when a Terror is unable to execute an innocent.
  • Terror executions can now be cancelled with light items! The Terror must be put into the "unable to execute" state for this to occur.
  • A blood particle effect has been added to Terror executions. When this happens you will no longer be able to cancel the execution.
  • The cooldown for transforming has been increased to 6 seconds.
  • There's now a warning before you're automatically transformed out of Terror Form.

Vent Changes:
  • You can now choose the vent that you exit from.
  • If you don't choose a vent within 10 seconds you will leave via the vent you entered.
  • Once you've chosen a vent there is 3 second travel time and a noise will be triggered from the vent you are exiting.
  • Lights have been added to the vents to make them more obvious.

[New item] Torch:
  • The Torch is our third light item in the game. When 'fire' is held down it produces a beam of light that will apply light damage to the Terrors.
  • Deals 30 light damage a second.
  • Has 20 seconds of battery life.

Character Select Changes:
  • You no longer select a character during the initial period of the game but instead choose a preferred character on the Main Menu.
  • All 6 players will play as a unique character in the game.
  • If multiple people have the same preferred character the game will randomly choose the character they play as.
  • New animations have been added to be shown in this period of the game.

End of Game Changes:
  • This is now shown on the Main Menu instead of in-game.
  • The way you give reputation to players after games has been improved.
  • You can see the event time line of what happened during the game on this screen. If you leave the game early it will dynamically fill these in.
  • A different environment is shown in the background based on the map you just played.
  • As long as all of your party are in this screen you will remain together and be able to requeue once you've left the screen.
  • The players you just played with are now shown in the 'Recent Players' section of the friends list. You can add them as friends, view their profile, invite them to your party or report them. Any friends you played with will not be shown in this list.

  • Our third Perk Tree has been added to the game along with new emblem rewards.
  • There's now a unique background for the Perk Tree when viewing it.
  • You are now refunded up to 5 rows worth of points after a season change. This is based on how many points you had received in the previous season.
  • New perks:
    • Blood Thirsty: Move 10% faster towards Innocents carrying fuses whilst in Terror Form.
    • Locked On: Your Terror sense highlights players with fuses that aren't running.
    • Stubborn: Levers that you've activated require more damage to be disabled.
    • Fun Sponge: You gain half a slice of Terror strength for each lever you deactivate.
    • Every Last Drop: If you respawn in human form you will only lose half a slice of Terror strength.
    • Weak Point: There's a 10% chance that a lever is instantly deactivated when you damage it.
    • Vengeance: After respawning in Terror Form you can see the person that downed you for 5 seconds.
    • Blasé: When downed, additional votes cast on you increase your respawn time by 4 seconds instead of 5.

  • Fixed some objects / lights popping in on the Arctic map.
  • Updated the lighting on the Asylum map.
  • Moved some consumable spawns that blocked other things in the map.
  • Lever spawns have been adjusted so that the screens are more visible.
  • The exits in the Arctic map now lead to somewhere...
  • Fixed some holes in rocks in the Forest map.
  • Going into the fountain on the Asylum map no longer makes your screen black.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some objectives in the final section of the Arctic map not interacting properly with players.
  • Fixed the Clean Ears perk not properly adjusting the audio.
  • Fixed multiple Traps being used up if you had more than one in your inventory.
  • Fixed occasionally not receiving any Traps from objectives.
  • Reduced the intensity of the HUD loading in game in order to resolve some crashes.
  • The Terror's arms will no longer wave around when blinded.
  • Added more checks to the Loot Booth to stop it bugging out.
  • Fixed being able to get rewards from the shoot objective after it was disabled.
  • The Shotgun no longer clips with the double objective.
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect amount of objectives spawned.
  • You can no longer transform when entering a vent.
  • You can no longer jump when entering a vent.
  • You can no longer place a trap while being executed.
  • The "Out of Ammo" tip will now only show when your pistol is out of ammo.
  • The Camera is now removed from your inventory when out of ammo.
  • Fixed a bug where you could give multiple users reputation after a game.
  • When slowed you can no longer jump to move faster.
  • Fixed a bug where infected players would be shown in their innocent form after being downed as a Terror.

Deceit Shop:
  • With the change to free to play we are altering the store and the item pricing adding a new Token package and XP booster items.
  • When you buy a token package you will also receive a number of GM credits.
  • Tokens & Credits:
    • $3.99 = 10 Tokens, 500 GM Credits
    • $7.99 = 20 + 5 Tokens, 1250 GM Credits
    • $14.99 = 40 + 15 Tokens, 2750 GM Credits
    • $29.99 = 80 + 30 Tokens, 5600 GM Credits
  • XP Boosters:
  • Boosters items when used will increase the XP gain for the time duration they are active.
    • $0.99 = 50% XP Boost for 1 Day
    • $1.99 = 50% XP Boost for 3 Days
    • $3.99 = 50% XP Boost for 7 Days

  • Any player who has already purchased the game before it goes free to play will receive a selection of exclusive cosmetic items. Innocent T Shirt, Infected T Shirt, Terror Jawbone Melee weapon and the Mills PPQ pistol item.
  • Added the Turkish language.
  • To welcome new players to the game and allow them to experience a broader selection of perks more quickly, there will be a bonus XP weekend from the 13th - 15th.
  • The locomotion animations have been improved.
  • An animation has been added for escaping at the end of the game.
  • Added a button to take you directly to Deceit's Twitch page.
  • You can now authenticate your Twitch account in game. If you've purchased anything on Twitch this will put it on your account.
  • A lot of UI elements have been vastly improved.
  • The player's main objective at the top of the screen is now more precise and will show an additional message to the Infected.
  • As an Infected player you will now be made more aware when you're enraged by a text display over your Terror strength bar.
  • Timer in the top-right is now more obvious.
  • As an Infected player you will now see your teammates name when being shown which team you're on.
  • You'll now stay in the loading screen until everyone has connected. A tick will appear next to a player's name once they've connected.
  • The numbering appended to player names has been removed due to having unique characters.
  • The Camera has a slightly longer delay between shots and does reduced damage.
  • Your language is now initially based off of your Steam language.
  • The lever handle has been inverted so that it's easier to see the screen.
  • Updated the web links on the Main Menu.
  • Lever health is now shown on the screen of the lever.
  • Health kits now regenerate 100 health over 5 seconds instead of instantly.
  • New splash screens have been added for loading into the main menu.
  • The loading screens when going into a game have been updated.
  • You can now fire both barrels of the Shotgun a lot faster.
  • It is now clearer whether or not you won on the final screen shown to you in-game.
  • Added new tips for the torch and half blood bags.
  • The current objective at the top of your screen will now fade out over time after your first few games.
  • A light has been added to the spectator camera to make it easier to see in the night periods.
  • The XP required to level up has been adjusted. Players from before the F2P update will keep their current level.
  • The "We The Best" achievement has been changed to "Level up and prestige for the first time".
  • Drop rates of items in the Loot Booth have been adjusted.
  • The daily highscores no longer give a reward.
  • You no longer get a free Loot Booth token per season.
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About This Game

Deceit tests your instincts at trust and deception in a multiplayer first-person shooter. You wake up in an asylum to the sound of an unfamiliar voice, surrounded by five others. A third of your group have been infected with a virus, but who will escape? Whilst traversing the building the power will be going out creating darkness, allowing the infected players to transform into their terror form and strike. Find allies and complete objectives around the map to better your chances of survival.

The environment has been specifically setup to cause conflict amongst the group, creating doubt about the true intentions of players. The infected will be trying to cover up their group sabotage attempts, whilst the rest will be keeping an eye out for this suspicious behaviour and attempt to join forces with people they think they can trust.

As you progress through the map you'll come across objectives that will help you survive and progress towards the exit. However, you will need to decide which is most important to you, and whether to collaborate or fight with other players over them. With each decision gives players more information and an indication to what team you're likely to be on. However, the perception of each action won't necessarily be seen as a fair representation to others about your intentions as the truth can be easily skewed.

There are blackout periods across the map which allow for the infected to transform into what's known as their terror form. In this form they are much faster, stronger, and have night vision, with only one weakness: light. In this form the infected are truly terrifying, and with an array of intense killing animations players will be able to create some scary but also funny moments.

Overall, the gameplay involves the frenzy of fast paced combat mixed with strategic map positioning, and of course the psychological aspects of determining who is infected.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 (64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD Ryzen 3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 7850
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 or higher
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R9 280X or higher
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
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