Parcourez le bois de Sherwood, allez à l'encontre de problèmes de taille royale et combattez le Prince Jean en jouant le rôle de Robin Hood.
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Date de parution: 1 nov 2002

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"One of the best Commandos clones (squad based top down stealth game). If that sounds appealing to you and you havent played it yet, give it a try."


“Le jeu a tout ce qu'il faut : décors riches qui retranscrivent parfaitement l'atmosphère de l'Angleterre du moyen-âge qui conviendra aux aventures de Robin des Bois.”
87% – ActionTrip
“…un jeu absorbant auquel les fans de stratégie ne se lasseront pas de jouer.”
87% – Gamespy
“Une bonne tranche historique, Robin Hood offre des combats tactiques solides et des animations sympathiques.”
85% – GameZone

À propos de ce jeu

Angleterre, en l'an de grâce 1190 – Richard Cœur de Lion est retenu prisonnier et son frère, le Prince Jean, règne sur de simples paysans avec une poigne de fer et la puissance pure des armes, les forçant à se plier face à l'autorité. Un seul homme résiste a l'oppression, aidé d'une bande de partisans loyaux et courageux. Son nom : Robin des Bois.

Rôdez dans le feuillage dense de Sherwood, affrontez face-à-face les problèmes royaux et combattez l'armée du Prince Jean dans le rôle de Robin des Bois, un noble légendaire. Faites équipe avec Petit Jean et le reste des Joyeux Compagnons pendant que se déroule la bataille pour le trône du roi dans ce jeu d'infiltration et de stratégie en temps réel.

Principales Caractéristiques :

  • Système de campagne non-linéaire avec plus de 30 missions différentes
  • Des types de mission types du vol avec infiltration à l'assaut du château et des embuscades
  • Combinaison d'action et d'aventure avec des éléments tactiques d'infiltration
  • Système de combat innovant, interagissez avec la souris tout en combattant pour accéder à des compétences de combat spéciales
  • Jouez en tant que Robin des Bois, Petit Jean, Frère Tuck ou même Belle Marianne, avec en tout neuf personnages, chacun avec leurs habiletés et attributs spécifiques
  • Des graphismes spectaculaires avec des conditions atmosphériques réalistes, tel que le jour, la nuit et le brouillard
  • Explorez des lieux historiques : La forêt de Sherwood, le château de Nottingham, York et bien d'autres encore

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation :Windows® XP / Vista™ / 7
    • Processeur : Processeur 1.0 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Disque dur : 1 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique comportant 64 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX® : DirectX 9.0c
    Ne supporte pas les cartes graphiques NVIDIA GTX 580, GTX 260 et GTS 250
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- 100% Completion means stealth the game without killing anyone
- Little John campaign mission starts with dead soldiers on the ground that ruin your 100% score



Since probably not a lot of people add actual reviews just dish on the terrible steam port, I really ought to write a sincere review of it.

TL;DR: Steam Port sucks, but can be fixed easily. Very old top-down strategic game with a lot of very neat stealth mechanics coupled with thrilling and difficult combat neither being the obligatory route. Given a stealth game its not very repetitive - your mistakes and playstyle can make it unique. Graphics are not realistic by any means, but fairly easy on the eye for its time given it uses static imagery backgrounds as the full environment.

So, lets get the cons out of the way immedieatly. The Steam Port is pretty terrible, due to a couple of valid reasonings. First of all, its barely even worthy of that label, given there aren't any achievements (that's understandable though), there isn't a working steam overlay and streaming it is fairly impossible. But those things you can get away with it being a single player game. Two other major issues arise though. Some players might experience flickering imagery, mainly intros and the menu. These can be fixed by having the game run with your integrated graphics card, instead of an NVidia one. Another big issue is people having quite low FPS, which can be fixed by downloading certain files, in my case I found german fonts' files (totally the same as the original) to replace in-game fonts. Surfing around the net should find you some fixes. Its still worth noting though, don't buy it if you're totally not willing to look around for potentially malitious files around the internet.
Gameplay-wise the negative attributes of this game are fairly scarce. You have to keep in consideration that this is a game easily older than 10 years old. That brings with itself repetitive speech lines, mediocre game length and limited obstacles. Even design wise there are a lot of balance flaws. A lot of abilities are simply never used, often because the player's playstyle, let it be fully stealthing things, being the aggressor and killing everyone or even a solid mixture of both, demands the use of a very little pool of skills/characters (E.G. When stealthing I've never used Will Scarlets choke or any archer's bow for anything but sherwood traps). Some abilities on the other hand are just simply rubbish, being hard and hardly rewarding, like Stuteley's net and apples and beggar imitation - basically, Stuteley sucks.
And while I do want to list it as a pro, you can easily be underwhelmed by the visuals, given you simply don't find old games appealing, which is totally fine. In that case, you might not like the visuals of this game given its obvious age limitations. I don't think you'll find a single game though from this era that'll suit your desires in that case.
Last but definitely not least - the price. I bought it for a euro and wouldn't spend a lot more. Mainly because I'm a student but also because a price above 5 euros is way more than the game deserves. The causes for it are obvious and were already mentioned: a brand new indie game with the same price could probably entertain you a lot more, albite Robin Hood being surprisingly unique; and the Steam Port has the aforementioned issues, causing troublesome discomfort.

And finally, I'll list the reasons I simply love this game and consider it in one of my top 10 all time favorites.

First, nostalgia. I have to get this out of the way. This is one of my childhood games, a big reasoning of me liking it. Thus this review might definitely seem a bit bias. If this was one of your childhood games too though, there's very few reasons for you to not buy it, especially when its on a sale.
Next up, lets bring up the visuals once more. For its time, it did a lot with very little regarding graphics. Being an isometric game, Robin Hood has very minimal mobile images. Almost anything that isn't a character, is static. This makes the game quite beautiful, as you're basically playing on a painting, with some manipulation to it. The imagery though is definitely not dull, as there are minor - but plentiful - details like puddles and animals that please the brain and the eye alike.
Production wise there aren't a lot of bugs to find. I've found only one thus far, definitely having above a houndred hours if counting in childhood gameplay.
The gameplay is a bit of a conundrum. I love it to be honest: the game is both mediocre in length and somewhat repetitive. With the two cancelling each other out. What do I mean? There are around 15 campaign missions to go through, and while the story is entirely different for each, there are mainly only 5 areas you visit during campaign missions. The settings are mixed up every time, but given the format of - people guarding something/someone/a route - knock them out or kill them - do objectives, a format a lot of stealth games follow, you might find the game repetitive. E.G. "Ughhh, I have to somehow punch through another group of 10 soldiers" or "Oh damn it another mounted knight, how am I going to do this AGAIN". But this is simply the product of having no filler cutscenes and background narration, not the actual gameplay being troubled. You can't say racing games aren't repetitive and start acusing Robin Hood. There does come massive variety from your playstyle though, as you're definitely given a relatively huge canvas to work with, e.g. disabling guards with easily above 8 abilities. So about the two traits cancelling each other out: if you still find the missions awfully repetitive, with you simply not coping with the struggle, the grind, of getting through each obstacle, you'll probably just take a brake after a mission or two, prolonging the theoretical gametime, or at least, making the gametime feel longer. Given how unique, and up-to-you this stealth strategy is, you will definitely urge to play it after a short hiatus. I guarantee it.
The storyline is actually great! Being a game about the overused english myth Robin Hood, it has got nothing to do with the fairy tale /steal from the rich, give to the poor!/ cliche'. In fact, the game covers a lot of historical elements from Robin's point of view, mainly based around King Richard the Lion Heart's capture during the Crusades, and the Sherwood of Nothingham and Prince John abusing their position to the utmost fullest, trying to get rid of both you and the king. You as a man stripped from his heritage and wealth gather up a group of old friends and struck down folk to overthrow the tyrants.
Lastly, the difficulty. The game is certainly in a sweet spot regarding this topic. Playing in the easy setting is definitley fairly casual, as the only obstacles you'll face are your own desires of doing missions with a higher score. Highest difficulties will make combat and stealth harder, and will make collectible side missions a devastating affair. In addition, as most stealth games, you can save at any point in time, allowing you to fix errors a.s.a.p.

To finsih this waaaay too long review, I'd like to say I definitely recommend it, especially if you don't care about the small array of cons listen. Mainly getting around the steam port visual bugs is a must, but its definitely not a big obstacle given how even I got around it real fast. If you've played it before you'll yearn for it again, if not you'll experience a very fun, unique and enjoyable stealth-based strategy game guaranteed if you like the genre.
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Childhood <3
/w fix works good.
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Tested it. While made for older PC's and not supporting modern OS's, it still works fine today if you're not a complete humpty and can replace a font file in the game directory.

Info and direct d/l to the working font file can be seen on this post:
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Why am I editing files on my PC just to get a game I purchased to run? If compatibility systems in windows can't fix the game, then the people selling this game should offer a PATCH to fix basic issues to get this game running.

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME unless you have a PC from 2003 that hasn't been upgraded.
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Ce jeu est une grande partie de mon enfance et c'est un réèl plaisir d'y rejouer. Mais il ne faut surtout pas l'acheter a prix plein car même si le jeu est très bon , il ne vaut pas 8euros.

Mais , si vous désirez l'acheter , ne pensez pas à l'aspect enfantin de l'histoire car le jeu dispose d'une réèlle difficulté et demande de réfléchir à chaque niveau.

Il ne me reste plus qu'a vous souhaiter un bon amusement.
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