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Après son retour dans les rues tranquilles de Paris pour vivre son destin de peintre, Gus Macpherson ne pouvait échapper à son vrai art...
Date de parution: 1 nov 2002
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“Magnifiquement conçu et tout aussi bien réalisé.”
88% – ActionTrip

“Un thriller effrayant, difficile, intelligent à l'atmosphère pesante.”
75% – JustAdventure

“Raconte une histoire irrésistible d'une manière intéressante et offre des rebondissements sur le thème occulte du meurtre.”
87% – PC Gameworld

À propos du jeu


De retour à Paris pour s'adonner à la peinture, Gus Macpherson ne pouvait pas échapper à son destin…

Le détective New-Yorkais se retrouve ainsi, une fois de plus, sur les lieux du crime : il est engagé par une femme enquêter sur la décapitation de sa sœur et de son beau-frère. C'est dans les ruelles de Paris que Gus va découvrir une conspiration écrite dans le sang.

Comprend :

  • Vues panoramiques à 360 degrés
  • Personnages riches et intriguants
  • Environnement détaillé et réaliste
  • Plusieurs façons de suivre l'histoire
  • Énigmes originales
  • Prologue à l'aventure de Still Life (nature morte)

Configuration requise

    • Système d'explotation : Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
    • Processeur : Processeur 1.0 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Espace disque : 1 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique comportant 64 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
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Un jeu qui date mais des graphismes honorables et des musiques/bruitages discrets mais qui restent efficaces ! Une jouabilité de 2002 mais qui fait en sorte de garder un certain suspense. Ce sont les points positifs.
Pour le côté plus négatif, j'ai trouvé que le scénario était très confus ! Il est bien difficile de déméler toutes les intrigues de l'histoire ! J'ai compris finalement le fin mot de l'histoire (sans vouloir spoiler bien sûr !) qu'en re-regardant les cinématiques ainsi que tous les finals (il y en a trois en tout !).
Il faut donc aimer les intrigues policières et aimer résoudre des énigmes pour savourer encore mieux cette aventure ! Pour moi cette confusion de ce tout a été un peu lassante et mon intérêt envers l'histoire s'est un peu essouflé aux furs et à mesures de mon avancement dans le jeu... >> 11/20
Posté le : 1 avril 2014
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Le jeu a plus de dix ans, il faut être indulgent avec les graphismes et la praticité de l'inventaire...Ambiance polar, personne à qui faire confiance, Paris des années folles, l'enquête connaît de nombreux rebondissmements. C'est ce qui fait l'interêt du jeu. Quelques puzzles bien corsés! Le niveau du jeu est assez élevé et il y a trois fins possibles. La jouabilité est on ne peut plus simple. La musique assez répétitive. La durée de vie du jeu est appréciable. J'avais hâte de le boucler car l'ensemble manquait profondèment d'entrain, et l'histoire principale n'a pas suscité mon interêt.
Posté le : 27 mai 2014
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I like it... for the way I played it. Until bugs.

Despite not being terribly attracted to horror games, I was impressed enough with Syberia to want to see another set of games by the same group, and I decided to start with the "prequel". I sincerely hope the others are better as games, honestly.

Based on the other reviews, I have been pretty much treating this like a more interactive version of a graphic novel; rather than pixel-hunt and flail around in the dialogue trees, I grabbed a guide almost from the start. The small amount of play I did without it, combined with my memory of the beautiful but hard-for-the-wrong-reasons Syberia games, have me very certain that I would not have enjoyed it as much if the plot was delayed by my having to figure out which items matter, which of many logical solutions the game is actually trying for, what odd result will be achieved by certain (non-reversable) dialogue options, etc.

The graphics are okay, but the majority of the scenery is designed as trompe l'oiel; flat images that (when seen from the right angle) look 3D. The problem being that even though you can only stand in certain places in each room/area, they didn't re-render the flat scenery, so depending on where you are standing, the graphics can look either very realistic, or like you have stepped into a surrealist painting. A few key structures in rooms are immune to this, as are any people or objects you will need to interact with. It's not game-breaking, but especially combined with a play style that encourages you to look closely at everything, it is very noticeable. Especially when the scenery includes people.

Despite that, I was enjoying my more-interactive-graphic-novel until I hit a bug where certain (important) documents I had picked up weren't actually readable. :-( I found there is a thread from a couple of months ago in the Discussions about someone else having the same problem. Until I can solve that, I will definitely not be playing this game any further (as not getting all the story makes this entirely pointless for me), and likely won't be playing the Still Life games, since I really would like to finish the prequel before I play the rest of the series.

So, for the moment, it would be a bit sadistic of me to recommend the game. If you are okay with the risk of game-breaking bugs and spending a lot of flail time, go for it; the parts of the game that work are interesting and well-done. If not, skip this one for a while, until you see posts indicating that the major bugs have been updated out of existence. :shrug:
Posté le : 18 février 2014
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The characters are all interesting and you can become easily consumed with trying to understand what is happening. Unfortunately, I noticed who was doing the crimes in five minutes. Then you become stuck with making sure you do everything in order or some actions will disappear completely leaving me to start a new game. Plenty of bugs in the game.

More bugs outside of the game especially with trying to use it on windows 8; before starting the game it had an error saying something about a 3D also once you minimize the game it kept crashing. Thankfully since the game is extremely short, constantly starting over wasn't bad. I probably have a bunch of hours on this game from walking away from it to snack and watch t.v. lol. You can probably finish the game in an hour. Once I reached the end, it felt dry and very unsatisfying. So i tried to go back and do different things in the game but it was pointless.

Overall the game was interesting but you can definitely save yourself money and time because it is just not worth it.
Posté le : 13 juillet 2014
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In my Steam library chock full of adventure games, from a strictly gaming standpoint, Post Mortem is probably the worst of the bunch. Despite, it has some strengths that should be commended. The horror story is strong and the graphics, while dated, do much to support the atmosphere. The exploration feels paced and open ended enough to give a real sense of private eye work; I found myself going back to talk to NPCs with new information and going back to locations for clues/objects I must have missed. This repetition, while perhaps a turnoff to some, helped the immersion in my playthrough.

Unforntunately, these assets don't come close to warranting a recommendation. The aforementioned strong plot is hampered with unconvincing voice acting, mediocre dialogue (perhaps due to translation from the original French), and atrocious dialogue trees that give the player conversational options too early and too late to make any sense. The inventory interface is convoluted; sometimes objects can be used directly with the environment, othertimes they can only be used when you click on the environment first, and other times still you need to talk to an NPC for them to come into play. What's worse, there's no classic adventure game "Nah, I don't want to do that," when you try an unfruitful combination which quickly frustrates.

I only recommend Post Mortem for an academic understanding into what Microids did far better in their Syberia and Still Life titles.
Posté le : 7 mai 2014
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