Star Wolves es un RPG espacial en 3D con importantes elementos tácticos y de estrategia. El juego coloca a los jugadores en un mundo de cazadores espaciales en el siglo XXI-XXII D.C., en una época de crisis política en el poderoso Imperio y las tres mega-corporaciones que controlan todos los mundos conocidos.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 2 mar. 2010

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Acerca de este juego

Star Wolves es un RPG espacial en 3D con importantes elementos tácticos y de estrategia. El juego coloca a los jugadores en un mundo de cazadores espaciales en el siglo XXI-XXII D.C., en una época de crisis política en el poderoso Imperio y las tres mega-corporaciones que controlan todos los mundos conocidos. La corrupción prospera en los planetas y sólo el espacio proporciona libertad al hombre, pero a un precio: el espacio ya no es un lugar seguro para nadie. Piratas espaciales humanos, malvados ordenadores IA que se han rebelado contra la humanidad y las naves patrulla del imperio campan a sus anchas a la caza de una presa fácil.

El jugador comienza siendo un cazarrecompensas, con tan sólo un viejo caza espacial y un sueño, pero a medida que avanza en el juego y va prosperando, sus habilidades de pilotaje y batalla también mejoran, y ello le permite tener acceso a naves más avanzadas. El jugador puede controlar un grupo de hasta seis cazarrecompensas, cada uno con diferentes habilidades, características y personalidad.

Las tácticas de equipo le proporcionan al jugador enormes posibilidades en las batallas cuando la potencia de fuego no es suficiente. Maniobras tácticas, la planificación y ejecución de emboscadas o el uso de las habilidades especiales de las naves proporcionan a los comandantes la capacidad de aplastar a sus enemigos según su propio estilo de juego.

  • Espectacular sistema de batallas en tiempo real y en 3D

  • Mezcla original de juego de acción y juego táctico

  • Gran variedad de misiones y tipos de misión incluyendo sigilo, ataque y huída, y asalto

  • Historia y jugabilidad no lineales

  • Misiones secundarias y secretas además de las principales

  • Más de 25 cazas espaciales

  • Docenas de armas de misiles y energía

  • Más de 40 misiones

  • Posibilidad de elegir ocho personajes para el juego, masculino y femenino, para formar tu grupo

  • Original sistema RPG

Requisitos del sistema


    • SO: Microsoft Windows XP SP2

    • Procesador: Pentium 4 a 2 Ghz (o similar)

    • Memoria: 512 Mb RAM

    • Gráficos: nVidia GeForce 6600 128 Mb o ATI Radeon 9800 128MB

    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c

    • Disco Duro: 3 Gb

    • Sonido: Tarjeta de Sonido

    • Otros Requerimientos: Acceso a Internet


    • Procesador: Intel Core2 Duo a 2.2 Ghz

    • Memoria: 1 Gb o más

    • Gráficos: nVidia GeForce 7800 512 Mb o ATI Radeon 1900XT 512 Mb

    • Sonido: Tarjeta con soporte multicanal 5.1

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Mayormente positivos (153 análisis)
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Pre Zombie
( 4.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 24 de junio
This is one of those games where it looked like the developers put in a lot of effort, story some missions and skill tree, lots of weapons and fighters and a whole bunch of good stuff.

Unfortunately the entire time I spent playing it I didn't really like it , and was like gee this is not fun at all. I wish when i bought this steam had had a sane system for refunds, but at the time it it couldn't be done.
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( 27.9 h registradas )
Publicado el 9 de abril
I'm ok with old school games mostly. Still playing a bunch of them. However, the voice acting made my ears bleed. It's so horrible than I needed play the whole game soundless. Plus, some missions can be bugged real bad (last mission included).
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( 23.8 h registradas )
Publicado el 31 de marzo
A bit finicky, and poorly polished, but the gameplay itself is incredibly fun.
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( 4.6 h registradas )
Publicado el 24 de marzo
what if homeworld was a crpg? the answer may surprise you if you have not looked at the name of the game you are reading a review of at this moment because it's star wolves.

star wolves 3 is even more of a crpg and has an open world system and multiple story branches, but the mission design is not as tight. both are good so make your choice.
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( 40.6 h registradas )
Publicado el 16 de marzo
I would recomend Star Wolves as a niche game, meaning if you like Turned/Real time strategy(you can pause and issue orders), like spacesship games, like RPG elements(skill tree), lack of resource gathering - OOPS sorry the main thing to grab is money, why, because in this game you and your comrades are merceneraries with a touch of good or bad - Good = money.
There is no telling what the developers were thinking when creating this game or could be rather mundane in its delivery. I am pretty sure though that the crisp (for their time) graphics go well with the insanely grindy,jammy, catchy metal music. Other music has that distinct cowboy on the fringe of his territory distinction, think The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in space.
Graphics shine in the fact that - you have complete control of the camera and can zoom in on explosions, which are inspiring, or ships, nice designs, low detail until you begin loading newer guns on them. Think sportscar/spaceship. While there is plenty of ships to use this brings a question if the game is too drawn out. There is one opening cinema and that is all that I seen since. Nice voice overs for News Reports and Mission Explanations, not much diversity in your pilots though as sometimes they talk over the radio chatter in game during combat and such using same voices it seems, because the action is where it is at.
Missions are contracts there to present objectives completed to meet new objectives maybe a couple surprises if you want to help patrols or other mercenaries out. It nets you more money and experience both used to upgrade ship parts and maneuver through the skills tree.
Many equipment choices is a shining point of this game. With different slots for different ships with different capabilities had me interestingly taking my time devising a working inventory to proceed with. Noone likes losing a mission, it will happen, trying some new guns or healing unit can be the difference, also technnique plays a role in the field too. You will try again and again to beat a certain part, do not worry, it will come to you and easily at that, but you get what you put into it.
Playing this game...experiencing this game is something to behold. Space is a large desolate space with sometimes blinding gorgeous backdrops, science fiction was formed through imagination that begot imagination. There is plenty of that in here, and much to see. Those are the goods!

I dont know how star wolves gets me. I can be completely frustrated over mission defeats or even losing a ship. The game is random to a degree of doing the same thing could result in a win when before reload was a loss. But thats is why every move and ability used counts toward success.
After beating the game at 40 hours, I sat back to reflect on the amazing graphics which get better the deeper you play, stylized effects and larger battles explode with newer colors 10x over than early game. But the antagonizing system will have even more disregard for your squad by forcing you to reload because of a miniscule errors which regularly is the game's miscalclations of movements. Thus it is a necessity to save often and in different slots. For instance, let autosave work when mission is complete, save after shopping/allocating points, choose next mission then save after every lull in combat/exploration or change of objective. My save file looked something like this: autosave, mid mish, new save, quicksave, then overwritng per mission. Major gripe is scavenging ship parts, tiny targetting. Missions range from easy to very difficult.
I come to grips with this being not a frustration but an infatuation. I never wanted my ships to get destroyed although I could of finished the mission anyways but chose to reload instead. I carefully crafted my own experience by making sure my Star Wolves were the very best in the galaxy and won't be subject to anything less.
At the time of my original review, I was complacent being acclimated to the steady learning curve. Then, 3rd tier ships arrived and my gameplay was evolved exponentially. This respect is utterly pure and almost a forgotten art in media nowadays.
The cast of characters become family not through conversing but by manipulating them to do whats got to be done for your mission and the sake of your choices that matter throughout the game. Does a doctor know you any better after he performs surgery upon you? Well, kind of because he/she has seen parts of you that nobody else has. Guidance is the virtue that strengthens the cooperation and this is customizable by the passive abilities afforded to the player which is shared by the whole team. Don't expect any love stories or childish affection these are the consumate proffessionals, the main protagonist whom you name at the start, rarely says a peep the entire game, but I guarantee that you know him the best by the end as he is what Star Wolves is all about, strong, silent, calculating LEADER.
There is too much to say. The music is a driving force as it gets more intense the further you play. The soundtrack is the real star of the show. Thats is the player too as it seems that each instrument is a teammate, when you get your last member he is the scientist/computer hacker, the techno parts of songs really makes more sense. The game is art. Edge of your cockpit ART!
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( 1.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 11 de marzo
Too buggy to enjoy. Twice I got stuck at the oxygen station (startup point of mission 1-2) and just couldn't get the ship going. By zooming in it seems that it doesn't touch anything, yet it won't go anywhere; it does seem to try hard to correct itself but the downside is its hull gets damaged and in the end game over. Last try my ship got stuck in the portal, at which point and after a couple hrs trying hard to like Star Wolves, I gave up. Very dissapointing.
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( 0.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 10 de marzo
10/10 voice acting. Best you can afford when buying bums from New York back alleys and having them talk into Xbox 360 headsets.
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( 2.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 15 de febrero
Seemed like it'd be great, but it just wasn't fun. It's really hard to do anything and the game is so slow.
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( 0.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 13 de febrero
Too buggy to finish tutorial.
Cannons wouldn't shoot at the targets;
missiles "worked" but each missile explosion just hung there in space, like the explosion animation was paused, so emptying my missile bays into the stationary targets left a string of frozen fires.
Since cannons weren't working and my missiles were now depleted, that left the player ship AI no other options but to playfully nuzzle the target drones, like a baby dolphin scooting a ball around.

0/5 stars for "asked for space pirates, got baby dolphins with bad voice acting."
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( 17.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 12 de febrero
This is a game I played many years ago. Since it was on steam I bought it and gave it a spin.
Still holds up remarkably well in my opinion

It is a tactical space game where you command your own mecenary unit. You pick up characters along the way with different skills, which you can develop rpg wise (both active and passive skills). There is looting weapons/systems from the battlefield. It feels like a party based rpg but in space. You have some freedom in choosing additional missions, but mostly you progress with the story line. There is a ton of interesting stuff to buy between missions, like fighters, weapons or mothership systems. Graphics still holdup well in my opinion. I did encounter a bug when sometimes shots don't do dmg and the only way is to restart the game (but to be fair it happens very rarely).

Bottom line is it's a nice little gem for space game fans
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Publicado el 24 de junio
This is one of those games where it looked like the developers put in a lot of effort, story some missions and skill tree, lots of weapons and fighters and a whole bunch of good stuff.

Unfortunately the entire time I spent playing it I didn't really like it , and was like gee this is not fun at all. I wish when i bought this steam had had a sane system for refunds, but at the time it it couldn't be done.
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4.5 h registradas
Publicado el 7 de octubre de 2014
A friend told me, long long time ago, that I would like this game. Sadly, I don't trust his video-game taste that much, so I ignored that...Until yesterday, I saw this game at 0,99€ because of a sale. Only an euro?! Dude, I get that back in two days by idling! So, did I like the game in the end?

Surprisingly, IT'S GOOD! Now, hear me on this one, the game is nowhere perfect. It has issues, and as usual, I will talk about the bad things of the game first, to take them out of the way.

The first, and worst issue of them all is the voice acting. HOLY MOTHER OF F#CK, THE VOICES ARE DREADFUL. They're not AS bad as games like Ride to Hell, but they're still terrible. I can understand it, since the game was made in Russia, though. Old Spanish games like Praetorians also had terrible English voice-acting...But it's still an issue in the end. The cutscenes also look really dull and outdated. Now, I know the game is old, from 2006, BUT FOR F#CK SAKE, THERE WERE GAMES LIKE HALF LIFE 2 IN 2004 ALREADY! Another problem I see with the game, is the IA. When you tell a ship to go somewhere, they try to go there in a straight line, instead of dodging anything that's on their way. I have already lost 2 ships, because they tried to go through a space-station. THEY LITERALLY DID THAT. JUST RAM INTO IT. WHAT THE F#CK, MAN?! Another pain in the ♥♥♥ is the resolution, I can't put the resolution I have on it, so it looks weird. It's not the first time I see something like this, though, games like Warcraft III already had that issue, because they where made for 4:3 screens, and now everything is widescreen. The last minor issue, is the music. Why is a minor issue? Well, it's really generic and dull...But you can get used to it. Or just mute it, and play something else on your computer.

Now, that being said, what's left is a weird game that's unique, or at least it was on it's time. A hybrid between space-strategy games and RPG, with bits of Rogue-like gameplay. If you want a comparison, let me just say: This game is like mixing "Knights of the Old Republic" 's chat system, "Homeworld" 's gameplay, and "FTL" 's Rogue-like and RPG elements.

You start on some sort of "Space-Burger-King", were you can read news, trade, and go into new adventures. Whatever quest you accept, will send you into a new map, with the stuff you gotta do: Escort someone, send cargo, hunt someone who was a bounty on their heads, or just plain killing spree. The more you play, the more pilots you will get to join your team, and the more you advance, the more stuff you will be able to buy.

The game's graphics might be outdated, but for a GOD DAMN EURO, this game has quite a lot to bring. If you're a fan of Homeworld, or FTL, you might like the game. If you liked them both, then there's no reason NOT to buy the game. Just get ready to get your ears blown up by bad voice acting. Oh, and if you're interested, you can get the sequels quite cheap this week as well. I think the second game was 2€, and the third one 3€. Getting them all for 6€ is quite a deal, on my opinion.
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44.2 h registradas
Publicado el 28 de noviembre de 2013
GREAT game, just started getting into it. Its confusing to learn the controls at first, their IS no tutorial in the first installment, but totally worth looking at, if your a fan of full control of up to 6 fighter units, and a mother ship (making it 7), and full scale squad tactics. If you've played eve online, think of it like eve, but with out the first person view point.
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86.2 h registradas
Publicado el 28 de abril de 2014
I've had so much fun with this game. Some good mods available on the publishers website that enhance the play as well. This game represents a playstyle that has died out sadly. Check out the first two if you like this one.
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45.7 h registradas
Publicado el 14 de julio de 2013
Star Wolves is a hard game to describe. It's probably best described as a space battle manager where you are managing this mercenary group, Star Wolves, in performing missions for the highest bidder (but you do get to choose). You don't control the crafts directly, but you give waypoints, and attack orders, missile launches and defenses, and so on. You can configure each fighter for different roles: missile defense (jamming), support, escort, attack, and so on. The mothership is also under your command and serves as repair and rearm station for all the fighters, and it is armed with multiple turrets (albeit, it can be overwhelmed). The idea is to defeat the enemy forces without suffering losses of your own by managing your resources: the pilots and the fighters, carefully. Each pilot has his or her own skill tree and can be unlocked with experience points, which opens up special abilities that can be tapped in battle, such as better accuracy, double defense for 30 seconds, and so on. There is also a bit of trading and salvage as you can often salvage weapons and missiles off destroyed enemy ships, and sometimes, even steal whole fighters. Plot is somewhat on the lame side, and most dialogs are in text only, but graphics are good. All in all, it depends what sort of gamer are you. If you want hands-on fly-the-ship kind this is NOT for you. But if you like giving orders and see them carried out this is good for you.
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29.2 h registradas
Publicado el 29 de septiembre de 2014
English voice acting may not have been their strong suit, in any of the games in the series. That said, I can definitely recomend Star Wolves (1). It's a bit limiting in it's budgetary balance, and like many old school RPGs between battle maps, towns are little more than an interface screen. The good aspects come from in game choices leading to different forking game paths. Having more than 1 ways to solve a puzzle etc.

Fighters can be reconfigured or replaced at the space ports between missions, if the item you want is there for sale. It might be old, but it is a fun game. Especially for what they are asking.
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3.9 h registradas
Publicado el 1 de noviembre de 2014
Star Wolves is surprisingly addictive game. Sometimes you'll find yourself raging after a short skirmish with the Aliens, sometimes after defeating tons of enemy ships you'll manage to steal expensive equipment - weaponry, modules, rockets, even fighters - and your evil laughter may scare the living $**T out of your neighbours. Well at least this is my experience with Star Wolves.

I really like how strategy and RPG are mixed in this game. It gives you opportunity to build your squadron to match your playstile. Star Wolves also has a decent story and some WTF moments. The graphics are not bad for a title released in 2004. Ships, weapons, stations are all well designed (coming from a sci-fi nerd) and if you're into this stuff, most of them have a description (kind of cool to read how this fighter and this gun were used in some battle not long ago). There are some bugs that may lead to unfortunate destruction of your ships (your pilots may perform excellent under fire, but when it comes to performing maneuvers near space stations...Oh dear) - recommend to use the Save option frequently. The voice acting is awful. AWFUL. But the music and the other sound effects are OK.

I enjoyed Star Wolves. It made me angry, it made me happy, it made me intrigued. Should you buy it? In my opinion, for 5 euros you get a really nice and addictive game.

P.S. Watch out for those space stations!
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42.9 h registradas
Publicado el 11 de enero de 2015
Well I was really impressed with this game. I never really enjoyed Homeworld but I really enjoyed Star Wolves. The gameplay sort of reminds me of Mechcommander 2 as far as RTS combat goes, I like being able to pause and give orders to my units. Most of the lower level weapons are useless, and there is no point keeping lower tier fighters around in your mother ship, but these faults are minor. The campaign is fairly long and the game is just plain fun, which is the way games are supposed to be. I only paid $1.39 Canadian for this and it was an absolute steal, at regular price it's still a very good buy. This was one of the best games I bought in 2014, and a pleasant surprise considering the price, highly recommend this game.
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63.9 h registradas
Publicado el 10 de octubre de 2014
Bottom line? A good strategy space game. If you dont like strategy nor space, then maybe you should pass.

So far, I've had a really good time playing Space Wolves. There is a decent amount of ship customization, and basic character building elements change how your character plays. There is a decent variety of ships available, mixing things up. The missions arent boring and you stay engaged while playing. There are some tough choices to make occasionally, so you feel like your have a say in how the game plays out. You get to select the order you play your missions, like a real mercenary. The graphics are 2005-2007ish, which still looks decent, and it can have its beautiful moments, like when you explode the enemy capital ships.

Those are all of the good things.

There are a few bad things, but they are not so bad as to overshadow the good things done here.
Firstly, you cannot (to my knowledge) customize the controls in the game. This is an issue usually, but so many of the controls are on the mouse that it hardly makes a difference. I am sure there are ways to change the controls elsewhere, but users shouldnt have to do that.

Secondly, there a few bugs that happen occasionally which are annoying. I've only encountered one, which crashes the game when you try moving ships in your inventory. It only happened twice, and now I save more frequently, so it doesnt make much of a difference.

Lastly, the english dubbing is laughable at best. The game was obviously not made by native english speakers. Alot of the common sayings in english are absent, and it makes things sound really awkward. Also, some of the voices in the game sound like they are supposed to be robotic/computerized, but no voice modulation was made, so they sound human, which is creepy. Each time I meet a new character, I laugh at their voice acting, that's how bad it is.

All things considered, it's important to remember this game is normally $5, and I obtained it for $1 on sale.
With a price like that, this was a huge deal. I very much like this game.
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12.4 h registradas
Publicado el 15 de agosto de 2012
While a bit dated, this is one of the best space RTS/RPG's I have had the fortune of getting my ♥♥♥ kicked by. The voice acting is quite bad, the game itself has some bugs left and right, and the draw distance makes it seem like you are floating in empty space. However, the customisation of your units and the multiple ways to use them put this game right up there with C&C for me. In this game decisions really matter, even financial ones.
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