Star wolves è un RPG 3D ambientato nello spazio dotato di profondi elementi strategici e tattici. Il gioco immerge i giocatori in un mondo di mercenari spaziali, ambientato nel XXI°-XXII° secolo D.C. durante un periodo di crisi globale che coinvolge tutti i più importanti Imperi e le tre mega-corporazioni che controllano tutti i mondi...
Valutazione degli utenti: Perlopiù positiva (132 recensioni) - 132 recensioni degli utenti (78%) per questo gioco sono positive.
Data di rilascio: 2 mar 2010

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Informazioni sul gioco

Star wolves è un RPG 3D ambientato nello spazio dotato di profondi elementi strategici e tattici. Il gioco immerge i giocatori in un mondo di mercenari spaziali, ambientato nel XXI°-XXII° secolo D.C. durante un periodo di crisi globale che coinvolge tutti i più importanti Imperi e le tre mega-corporazioni che controllano tutti i mondi conosciuti. La corruzione dilaga in tutte le parti del pianeta solo lo spazio può conferire agli uomini la loro libertà, ma tutto ha un prezzo: anche lo spazio non è un luogo tranquillo. Pirati spaziali umani, computer dotati di Intelligenza artificiale diabolica e Alieni spaziali in fase di pattugliamento sono alla ricerca di facili prede.

I giocatori inizieranno il gioco nei panni di un cacciatore di taglie, con poco più di un anno di servizio alle spalle. Esplorerete lo spazio alla ricerca di guerrieri spaziali con cui fronteggiarsi, ma con l'avanzare del gioco le loro tecniche di guida e le loro abilità migliorano, permettendo l'accesso a spacecracft più avanzati. I giocatori potranno controllare una squadra di massimo sei cacciatori di taglie, ognuno dotato di differenti abilità, caratteristiche e personalità.

Le tattiche di squadra daranno ai giocatori varie possibilità di gestire le battaglie, la sola potenza di fuoco non sarà abbastanza. Strategia, tattica, pianificazione, esecuzione d'imboscate e la distribuzione di abilità speciali per le astronavi, forniranno ai tuoi sottoposti la capacità di schiacciare i nemici in base al loro stile di gioco.

  • Spettacolare sistema di battaglie in tempo reale in 3D

  • Originale intreccio di tattica e azione

  • Numerose missioni di vario tipo, come quelle di spionaggio, colpisci e fuggi, e di assalto

  • Trama e gameplay non lineari

  • Missioni secondarie e molti segreti da scoprire

  • Più di
    25 guerrieri spaziali

  • Una dozzina di armi diverse tra le quali missili e cannoni al plasma

  • Più di 40 missioni

  • Una scelta di 8 personaggi, maschi o femmine, per formare la tua squadra

  • Un originale sistema di gioco RPG

Requisiti di sistema

    Requisiti Minimi:
    • Sistema Operativo: Microsoft Windows XP SP2
    • Processore: Pentium 4 2 GHz (o equivalente)
    • Memoria: 512MB RAM
    • Grafica: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 128MB o ATI Radeon 9800 128MB
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB
    • Suono: Qualsiasi scheda audio
    • Altri requisiti: Accesso ad Internet
    Requisiti Consigliati:
    • Processore: Intel Core2 Duo 2.2GHz (o equivalente)
    • Memoria: 1 GB o più
    • Grafica: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 512MB o ATI Radeon 1900XT 512MB
    • Suono: Scheda audio con supporto al multicanale 5.1
    • Altri requisiti: Supporto ad Ageia PhysX
Recensioni utili
12 persone su 16 (75%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
18.4 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 17 ottobre 2015
This is the game of my childhood. Playing this game helped me to learn english, gave me a lot of good memories and made me love Sci-Fi games. This game is amazing with it's simple graphics and i truely enjoyed playing this game <3
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7 persone su 8 (88%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
34.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 1 novembre 2015
Star Wolves is a well designed Russian real-time tactical RPG set within a futuristic space setting. This game was developed by talented professionals from X-Bow Software, a small company which later evolved into Ino-Co Plus (games which they have created include such titles as Fantasy Wars, Elven Legacy, Majesty 2 and the Warlock series). Despite being a relatively old game, Star Wolves possesses all the necessary qualities in order to leave a good impression on the player even today, 11 years after it first came out on the market.

Gameplay is the foundation of this strategic RPG. While both in-depth and intense, gameplay in Star Wolves could hardly be called original. Prior to the beginning of every assignment, the player is tasked to equip his team of mercenary pilots with ships, weapons and various systems which can be acquired on the market and are then installed on the ships. Later during the missions, the pilots operate these ships, and every piece of equipment and weaponry plays it's part in the players success. The Mothership also plays a crucial role and can also be upgraded with different weapons and systems. During in-game battles, the possible destruction of the Mothership equals mission failure, and the player thus has to protect his base ship at all costs. Every member of the team has a skill tree which develops as the player progresses in the game. There are four different branches in this skill tree all of which have different roles, both offensive and defensive. Each character in your team will have a small range of unique abilities which will also be highly important during the single player campaign, and the player must use them wisely. In-game battles are more or less predictable, and the player will often find himself reloading the game in order to prevent loss of his own fighter ships. Regardless, the way space combat is implemented in Star Wolves is interesting and full of fiery explosions, so fans of Homeworld and other space strategies will find it to their liking. During the course of their adventures, players will encounter different factions ranging from pirate scum and private military companies of mega corporations to ancient alien races and menacing robots. All of these factions possess their own unique units, and every enemy should be dealt with by means of a unique approach and strategy. Interface within the game is simple and is very easy to get used to, although sometimes the camera can be annoying due to several levels of the spacial dimension which is present in the game. For this reason, the player must learn to raise and lower the trajectory of his Mothership during missions, but this can be easily achieved and poses no problems once gotten used to. In a short summary, gameplay in Star Wolves is based on simple roleplaying elements, and better ships with good weaponry manned by experienced pilots will dominate the space. Battles usually take form of a limited scale, although as the plotline progresses, there will be certain assignments with greater sized battles.

In Star Wolves, the graphics, despite the game's age, are still very neat and pleasent to observe. While being mostly identical throughout the entire campaign, the surrounding environment will still alter somewhat from mission to mission, mainly because the player will progress throughout the plotline by doing assignments in different star systems. In game, the different variety of ships and other structures all have their unique appearance and alot of flavor text. In short, the atmosphere is very consistent and by it's quality shows that is was done with skill and attention. On the downside, the cinematics are hilarious (in a good way), even though the creators of the game obviously didn't intend them to be like that. Still, it takes special skill to make cinematic graphics, so it's no big deal. Audio is of lesser quality, although it's not terrible. Background music in Star Wolves is repetitive, but by no means annoying. The sounds themselves (lasers, explosions, etc) are run of the mill, nothing special or dynamic, but again, as stated earlier in this review, Star Wolves is about gameplay, the sound is present, and that's good enough.

As an afterword, it can be concluded with confidence, that Star Wolves is a good RPG which players will enjoy. The game does in-fact require some time getting used to, but if the player is willing to spend this time, he won't be disappointed.

Post Scriptum - Interesting fact: The future name of X-Bow Software was already present in Star Wolves, under the name of InoCo - one of the three mega corporations which struggle for space dominance. It seems that the team at X-Bow liked their own creation so much that they later decided to name their new company after it :)
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3 persone su 3 (100%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
38.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 12 dicembre 2015
Very solid space strategy with a bit of rpg. Highly recommended for Homeworld and Firefly fans. Nice story about space mercenaries with an epic ending. It's quite hard at higher difficulty. Missions fit nicely with story and are not similar to each other. Overall a very good and addictive game! :)
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4 persone su 5 (80%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
25.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 11 novembre 2015
This game is a classic. It is a squad-style RTS, but not in the sense of regular RTS, you can pause the gameplay and issue specific orders and there is no resource upkeep and unit production to worry about. I found it very enjoyable and I don't like RTS for the most part.

Good story, fun gameplay, good RTS like progression, lots of tactics and stuff to try, never ran dry.

Also I got it to run on 1080 resolution by simply editing the config file in the directory. Very basic.

In the entire time played I experienced 3 crashes:
1. Tried to put an escape pod as a pilot of a ship.
2. Tried to drag an item off of the screen.
3. Saved right before a scripted event and the save was corrupt.

Other than that, no issues!

Also to those saying it is unplayable on newer systems: on my new system it was getting 400 fps. Eat that!

To the people having control issues, you're not supposed to click the tiny fighter planes in the middle of space ffs. Use hotkeys 1-6 and ` for the main ship. Also pause in between stuff to issue tactical orders.
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5 persone su 8 (63%) hanno trovato questa recensione utile
4.5 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 8 gennaio
This is one of those games where it looked like the developers put in a lot of effort, story some missions and skill tree, lots of weapons and fighters and a whole bunch of good stuff.

Unfortunately the entire time I spent playing it I didn't really like it , and was like gee this is not fun at all. I wish when i bought this steam had had a sane system for refunds, but at the time it it couldn't be done.
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