Experience piloting and customizing massive armored units called Wanzers while engaging in high-intensity battles driven by a compelling story. The battle begins now!
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Release Date: Sep 28, 2010

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About This Game

In the year 2171, the world is a changed place. The countries have merged into rival super nations called U.C.S. and O.C.U. The human race started a massive push into space by building orbital elevators to set up surveillance satellites to watch over their adversaries. However, tension rises when a U.C.S. orbital elevator is destroyed by unknown forces. Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer, finds himself quickly caught in a swirl of destruction, conspiracies and crumbling alliances in a new war brewing between the O.C.U. and the U.C.S.
  • Third-Person Shooter Action - Fast-paced action awaits as players battle enemies in the concrete mazes of cities, the frozen wastes of the Antarctic and a host of unique locations.
  • Customization Options - Players can strategize their combat by choosing from dozens of weapons, shoulder attachments, and wanzer parts to build a war machine that suits their play style.
  • Online Multiplayer - FME is the first in its series to boast online multiplayer with a team-based mode with up to 4-on-4 wanzer-sized death matches.
  • Over-the-Top Visuals - Features breathtaking CG movies by Visual Works, the cutting-edge studio whose previous work includes cut scenes for the acclaimed FINAL FANTASY® series.
  • Battle Skills - Gain a tactical advantage over an opponent by equipping your weapons with a wide variety of different skills such as a corrosive or piercing shot.
  • E.D.G.E. System - Activate the E.D.G.E. system on your wanzer to enter a state of high-performance overdrive by boosting its power and slowing down enemies.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium D 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 x2 1.8 GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM (XP), 2GB RAM (Vista/7)
    • Graphics: 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series graphics card or equivalent
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 11 GB Free Space
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card
    • Controller Support: Mouse, Keyboard, Xbox 360 Controller
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 2GB RAM (XP), 3GB RAM (Vista/7)
    • Graphics: 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series graphics card or better
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 11 GB Free Space
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card
    • Controller Support: Mouse, Keyboard, Xbox 360 Controller
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6.0 hrs
Posted: August 27
If you looking for the satisfaction of victory after a hardly won battle, you should look further. If you put aside the outdated graphics, the cliché-filled story and the terrible consolepost controls, it still could've been a good game, but the fact all the boss-battle is pure bs, gives you nothing, but fustration, because no matter if you win, you can't kill your enemies until the very end of the game (wtf is this sh*t?).
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1.9 hrs
Posted: August 23
After playing all the old Front Missions i was overjoy'd to play this. Anyone who has played one of the old ones this is exactly what you would hope it to be.
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8.3 hrs
Posted: August 21
This game...is just....cancer to the FM series

*had a more indepth review, but steam f'ed up and crashed right as i was about to post it...figures...

The bugs....this game has more bugs then a hookers underwear, and dont expect a fix.

The bugs....this game has more bugs then a hookers underwear, and dont expect a fix.
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6.4 hrs
Posted: August 15
Man I wish there was an "EH" option for recommendations. Every positive I got has a negative.

+Neat Mech customization
-Absolutely no saving parts, you buy a new part the old one is gone for good

+Pretty fun combat system
-Melee should be more fleshed out imo

+the Single Player story is alright
-Bosses are awful and repetetive, actually the worst parts in the game imo

+Fun multiplayer maybe
-I wouldn't know, couldn't find anyone online


I still think it's worth lookin at, especially on a sale. Giant robots are always neat.
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Erudite Incubus
21.6 hrs
Pre-Release Review
Posted: August 11
Not.. a -bad- game, really.. but made the mistake of both veering wildly off course of the original content, while producing an incoherrent, unenjoyable narrative (something Front Mission previously ALWAYS got right), with horrible voice acting and writing, and a dumbed down mech management layer.

Coupled with a multiplayer layer that was at best passable, and its initial price tag.. just can't recommend it in good conscience.
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29.4 hrs
Posted: August 5
Another game with a big name behind it.
Time for yet another dual-viewpoint review.

TL;DR: Only go for it for the multiplayer. Only go multiplayer if you already know someone that wants to play it. (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FrontMissionRevival)

FME as part of Front Mission series
I've played Front Mission on SNES, including Front Mission: Gun Hazard (that it's NOT a strategy game either, it's a platformer), and Front Mission 3 on PS1.

They decided to make a TPS out of a game series that are mostly Turn Based Strategy.
The results?
- a rather short game
- the story is quite blunt. It's about 5 minutes long total. Or less.
- Wanzer Customization is quite limited. And weird.
- Forget anything "Front Mission" you played before while you play this game.

It's just a generic TPS game, using a franchise name to get attention.
Not bad, but not good, and nothing to do with Front Mission IMO (aside from weapons/part names).

FME as a standalone game
it's a robot game!!! ROBOTS!!! Who doesn't love them?
Oh wait, they are called wanzers here.
what is a wanzer? a Walking Panzer (walking tank), afaik xD

So basically you are a wanzer pilot (must enforce you are a pilot, there are a few missions outside the wanzer), and your main goal is walk a few miles destroying everything that moves, and a few things that doesn't move too.

No matter the choice of difficulty, the game is quite easy, except for the TERRIBLE vertical sensibility that cannot be configured apart from the horizontal one.

  • WANZERS!!!!

  • multiplayer mode!!! (mostly dead, there's a group for organizing matches tho)

  • Graphic quality is ok. I mean, for characters and wanzers at least.

  • Short game. very short. 5 chapters divided into 3 missions. All you gotta do is blow up all the enemies around, and there is a boss battle at the end of each chapter.

  • enemy AI. They consider you as the single target in the game, even with friendly NPC's around.

  • friendly NPC's. They got an ok AI (except if you wander around, they can get stuck pretty often). I mean... they shoot at the target pretty well, and appears to have unlimited core HP and ammo (arms and legs can get destroyed, but i never noticed any of them getting out of comission).

  • multiplayer is mostly dead. Join the group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FrontMissionRevival or send me a message if you wanna find someone to play with.

  • Achievements are either story based or multiplayer based. the first you kind you get no problems. the second kind is tricky, due to multiplayer issues already stated.

  • The collectibles only exist to extend the game, really. They are so annoying to find, you will spend way more time trying to find them than playing the game itself.

  • The radar is ridiculous. it show only arrows (red for enemy, green for allies) and objective direction (yellow star). nothing else, no terrain, or structures or map borders. For a robot system, it's such a lame guidance.

  • every stage in the game have "collectibles" and specific destroyable targets (aka sensors) and things like that. They ARE annoying to find, and you can even finish the game without noticing them at all, as they add nothing and are never mentioned, and have no real purpose for existing (except they unlock a few customization items, i think)

  • I've read the review where people complain about the terrible voice acting. I've seen no problem with it really. The content may be empty, but the voice acting is ok.

Don't play this game for the story. If anything, play it for the multiplayer, with a few friends, or join a group to find players for it.

If you are searching for a Front Mission game, search elsewhere.
If you are searching for a robot/mecha/wanzer game, i rather play Mechwarrior series, or Armored Core series, if you rather focus more on customization.
If you want a TPS, don't play this game. Seriously.

Singleplayer is terribly boring. Customization is very limited, unless you unlock it thru the collectibles, that are a pain to get. Multiplayer is fun, but again, customization is limited, this time by your rank AND multiplayer exclusive missions (intel tab).
Also, single player and multiplayer customization items are NOT THE SAME. So it's mostly pointless to do any SP scavenge hunt for customization items you won't ever be using.

I both upvote and downvote this game. Up for multiplayer, down for everything else. quite divided, i really want more player on multiplayer, so i SHOULD upvote... but the negative sides are screaming way louder. I cannot upvote with such a negative review.
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My Jiggy Hearto
9.1 hrs
Posted: August 3
Awkward Story and Voice Acting. Not a turn based Front Mission but hey Mechs and Guns along with dead multiplayer...
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7.3 hrs
Posted: July 31
Woah... what a pile.
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Buffalo Bill
3.1 hrs
Posted: July 28
your typical war shooter except this time EVERYONE has a Metal Gear. good fun. vast customization options and an enourmous arsenal of weapons to mix and match to fit your play style.
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12.1 hrs
Posted: July 28
Quick Summary: Front Mission Evolved is very different from the previous Front Mission games, abandoning turn based strategy and turning into a third person mech shooter (not a simulator like Mechwarrior). As you can tell from the game’s “mixed” reviews, there is nothing especially awesome about Front Mission Evolved, but it’s not that bad either. If you have nothing else to play, or just want a simple shooter game to pass the time, you probably won’t regret playing this game. I only ever played the first Front Mission game (Super Nintendo) so I don’t know how much the story differs with the rest of the series, but I am told that Front Mission Evolved is a reboot, so don’t worry if you haven’t played the earlier games.

During the 22nd century, the nations of the Earth are at an uneasy peace. The militaries of the world have built their armies around “wanzers” (walking panzers) which are 30 foot tall human shaped mechs with heavy weapons. Wanzers are fast moving and they actually carry large versions of normal guns. For example a wanzer could be carrying a giant shotgun, or have a big club in one hand for bashing enemies. This means weapon loadout is easily customized (just switch to another gun). If you’ve played earlier front mission games, a lot of the weapons and parts will have familiar names (Egret, Winnee, Husky MK2, etc.).

You play Dylan Ramsey, an engineer working in the United States of the New Continent (a combination of North and South America), specializing in advanced wanzer technology such as the EDGE system, which gives wanzer pilots a huge advantage in combat. A sudden and devastating attack on New York sets the world’s superpowers on the edge of war, and Dylan joins a wanzer strike team, looking for some payback.

As you’d expect, most of the game will be played from the cockpit of a wanzer, though there are a few missions where you get out and fight as a human. Movement and combat is very simple, walking and jumping just like a basic third person shooter, and for the most part the game is actually pretty easy. Enemies die really fast and there are health/ammo pickups all over the place. Only the bosses are a real challenge. Like previous Front Mission games, you can knock off enemy arms and legs for an advantage, but it’s probably better to just go for the torso and kill them. For some reason, knocking off an arm does not disable weapons on that arm, and destroying legs only slows the wanzer down.

The sections of the game where you’re fighting on foot as a human are even more dumbed down than the wanzer sections. You only have 2 weapons that can be switched out (shotgun and machine gun) and you’re more restricted in terms of fighting and movement. If you’ve played Red Faction Guerilla, the gunplay in these sections are actually very similar (except in Front Mission Evolved you can’t jump, only have a couple weapons, and can’t destroy the environment).

+Customizing your wanzer between missions is fun, just like in Front Mission 1. You can actually replay missions for more money so you’ll always be able to afford the “best” parts and guns. If you don’t like customization, the game allows you to buy “prebuilt” wanzers. I found long range weapons to be the best, except during boss fights.
+Simple combat, zooming around the battlefield in a giant mech, gunning down/sniping enemies. If you’re having trouble, you can activate EDGE, which slows down time and lets you easily dodge enemy fire.

-The multiplayer is dead. About 1/3 of the game’s Steam achievements are for multiplayer, and you’re not going to find anyone online to play with. You need about 4 people to even start a ranked match (otherwise you get no points/exp/achievements for the match).
-The game has quite a large number of collectible items that don’t actually do anything (emblems, sensors, data keys). They offer no backstory and only a tiny money reward as far as I could tell. Some of them are also super well hidden, to the point that even searching for hints online is incredibly frustrating.

Overall, my main reason for playing this game was nostalgia. It’s been over a decade since I played Front Mission on SNES, and I still remember a bunch of the weapon/wanzer part names. The graphics for this game are rather dated, but not horrible enough to disgust you. I don’t regret playing it, but I also don’t see myself replaying in the future if I have a game backlog. Just don’t go into this game thinking it plays like Mechwarrior or classic Front Mission games. This is a shooter, where you just happen to be controlling a wanzer instead of a human.
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Not Recommended
23.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 30, 2014
I used to love Front Mission, when it was a tactical RPG. Now, it's just a simple shooter.
Even if it's still a good game, it's not a real Front Mission for me.
If you've never experienced the "real" Front Mission, it's OK.
But if you know what the Front Mission games are, you'll scream !
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Not Recommended
5.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 27, 2015
I'm an avid Front Mission fan and I knew before playing that this game was bad, but I had hope that it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be, but wow, just wow.

Believe every negative review about this game, it's bad. Don't buy if you liked old FM.

- The wanzers for all they're worth are really nicely rendered.

- Crashes, a lot. It's 2015 (at the time of the review) the game was created in 2010 and it still crashes because they didn't bother to fix its bugs forcing you to replay missions especially on foot sections.

- The story is bottom barrel garbage. It's like an extremely incoherent version of the worst Gundam story mixed with a poor interpretation of Front Mission: Gunhazard's story mixed with a heavily Americanised story akin to modern FPS at the time. Instead of crafting a compelling side story in the universe of Front Mission we've come to know, we get the "it's a reboot" trope with everything starting in New York like in the movies, I'll let that sink in. It has no saving grace.

Sound and Audio
- The sound and audio are mediocre at best nothing stands out. The game's score has that Hollywood feel which you'll recognise from the start screen and is extremely generic and lacklustre. It doesn't have the inventive score capacity displayed in the prior entries.

- Wanzer weapons feel so underpowered, either that or the enemies are enormous bullet sponges.

- Customisation is garbage whether you're an old Front Mission fan or a newcomer. You earn money in levels to buy parts to customise your wanzer so it should be great and a saving grace right, wrong. Before buying parts you'd normally select the parts, see how it looks on your wanzer then look at its stats against what's currently equipped. Well you can see the stats but you don't get a preview of the part, all you get is a picture with poor resolution under the stats. So if you want to view it on you wanzer you'll have to waste money purchasing it and once you buy it there's no way to re-equip your previously equipped part unless you repurchase it...I'll let that sink in as well.
- You can now paint each part(limb) separately, it sounds nice until you realise how much of a hassle it is. Each part can be coloured differently via a colour picker however it's rather fiddly and doesn't remember colours when you want to recolour other parts so if you want to use the same shade of a colour throughout your wanzer good luck remembering and finding the colour.

- Why do you even have companion AI partners if they're going to be utterly useless? Your partners basically do nothing throughout the game. Sure they can shoot the enemies but what's the point if they do no damage and I mean no damage at all. Here's an example, missiles do a decent amount of damage, 4 missiles can reduce basic enemy health by a 1/4 however when one of your partner fire their missiles full barrage of 4 the enemies take no damage...I kid you not. I stood behind a building (so that the enemy wouldn't agro on me) in amazement as my partner fired barrage after barrage and watched its health and it stayed at full health regardless.
- Enemy AI is even worse than your partner's and I'm not taking in a dumb kind of way, I mean in an unfair kind of way. If there's a fire fight between your partners and enemies, the enemy AI's aim is potato but once you get into the picture their aim goes to pin-point laser assisted. Also they become affixed on you no matter what, disregarding your partners altogether.

On Foot Sections
- The on foot sections are so generic, under developed and buggy I wonder as to why they were even included. When you dismount you're equipped with an assault rifle and a rocket launcher which can take down enemy wanzer with 4 shots Now you might be saying "4 shots that seems overpowered" and it is considering it takes 16 missiles while in wanzer to destroy basic enemy wanzer. Before anyone says "But, you could've dismount in FM3 and Gun Hazard" while true once you'd dismount you either had to run for your life or find an unpiloted wanzer as you're squishy and only eqipped with a pistol which did 1 point of damage. If it takes 4 rockets to take down a wanzer what's the point of being in wanzers to begin with.

Out of place Wanzer Designs
- The wanzers designed specifically for this game do not match the current long standing design the series has or is known for and come off as being out of place when compared. What you get is some more akin to concept sketch or anime with unnecessary sharp edges, curves and skulls as opposed to the rectanglular or circular constructs.

You know you're in for a rough ride from the beginning cutscene where they pronounce wanzer as wanzer instead of vanzer. I tried to like it but it's a terrible game with or without the FM series applied biases. It brings nothing new to the table while poorly accomplishing everything which existed prior. Everything about this game is a let down, from the incoherent story, poor customisation, forced game sections, on foot sections, generic audio offerings and unlikeable characters. Square-Enix should've had more confidence in itself and released a turn-based tactics game with the improvements which FM5 made as that was the most perfect version to date.
Can I recommend this game to long-time FM fans who may think "that it's not that bad, right?", no. Can I recommend this game to mech fans hoping for a new game to play, no. This game has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. If you're looking for a FM game to play do yourself a favour and play FM:Gun Harzard, FM3, FM4 or FM5 instead.
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 15, 2014
FME is a great game. The single player is great, BUT the multiplayer? If you are getting this game for multiplayer prepare to face... nobody. if you want to play with your friends tell them and then you can play a LAN game, but other than that, it's empty. Even though the game has no multiplayer it is a great single player experience. Thank you, and i hope this review was helpful!
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9.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 1, 2014
Alright, let's talk about a game I bought because it was cheap and I based only on the screenshots. NOTE: I never played a front mission game before, I know its more of a strategy game but I am basing it off what I was presented with ingame.

Gameplay: The combat in my opinion is VERY satisfying, explosions are loud, your enemys explode violently and their husks ragdoll to the ground. You can dismember enemies to weaken them or just shoot the center mass to kill them outright. I am pretty sure when you dismember them you weaken their overall armor but I only noticed this with the boss fights. Combat is pretty tough, I died 22 times throughout the campaign on normal You can also skate around like every japanese mech game ever which is basically when you slide around using jets and somehow not scraping up your mech's feet. Combat is somewhat on the faster pace with the skating with you and enemies and the general low health of both parties. Also the game does a good job making it feel like you are controlling a mech, with your mech stomping around when you are not skating and the screen shaking (not the bad shaking where aim is crap, the good shaking where your crosshair does not move) Most of the guns feel powerful aswell. Customization is fun and not that restrictive. You make a 'Wanzer' (from the German word "wanderpanzer"; wander for "walking, and panzer for "armor") using differant arms, legs, torsos, weapons and backpacks. I must admit I am disappointed at the lack of digitigrade legs and tank treads, but their is plenty of parts to choose from.

Graphics: The graphics are nice, characters look like humans and the mechs look like mechs. Cities are detailed and blah blah its a game from the modern age all games look amazing nowadays. Enemies can lose limbs (well you blow off the armor to reveal the inner workings, which looks cool as hell)

Sound: The sound is good, the guns sound cool and explosions are loud. The voice acting sounds a bit weird at some points of the game, but its not that bad.

Story: Alright time for the story, you play as Dylan Ramsey as an engineer working to make wanzer prototypes and while going on a test run, some major sh!t goes down in New York. Time to head into battle with little thought! You mainly are looking for your father but its kinda dangerous because enemy wanzers, troops and tanks want you very dead. That's about as far as I will go with story because I don't wanna ruin it. The story was not the best in my opion but it kept me intrested all the way through, course it has everything from violance to romance (lots of ♥♥♥♥ blocking, may I add. (why is that word blocked? What if I use it in a non vulgar way such as setting up a gun for firing?)) I also will add that the bosses are puss!es and run away alot, BUT when you do kill them its sastifying.

Conclusion: I went in with low expectations, but I was pleased. The game is fun and I played all the way through in one go. The game is 6 (My profile says 5.9 so I am rounding) hours long, this includes retries from death. I do have a complaint for the story, difficulty spikes and some cliche crap here and there, but I had fun, that's all that matters, right? I never played Front Mission before and I know this game is very differant from all the others as the others are turn based strategy and this is a thirst person shooter. I can see how fans of the series can be disappointed but I say, atleast give this game a chance. I give it an 8/10.
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Not Recommended
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 9, 2014
I played the previous Front Mission games and they were brilliant! none of them failed to entertain me. However I can see they've tried something new, a real time action game. Being a fan of the previous series, I bought this game. It's an okay game, but its very repetitive and gets boring. The graphics aren't the best either and the weapons variety is very low. Weapons look the same... and I was looking forward to the FV-24B vulcan from the previous games. I did not see it unfortunately :(. Ah wells... I can see they're trying a new thing, but it hasn't gone well and the Front Mission series has officially been announced. Over.
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Not Recommended
10.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 21, 2015
Well, this game turned out to be a disappointment.

I bought it remembering the amazing experience I had with Front Mission III on the original PlayStation. Sadly, this can hardly be compared, let alone even be called a FM game. While FM III was a turn strategy RPG, FM Evolved is a third-person shooter - a rather huge step away from the franchhise's original concept. However, this alone would not bother me that much, provided that the game was enjoyable. Sadly, this was not the case. Here's a list of 10 things that in my opinion make this game a failure:

1. Generic plot - insert "save the world" template here and supplement it with a handful of overused cliches.
2. Boring characters - a yet another bunch of two-dimensional cliches you couldn't care less about.
3. Unconvincing voice acting - there is more emotion in the sound of a flushing toilet than in the voices you hear in this game.
4. Failed customization - even though there is a variety of wanzer models and parts to choose from, the default model is so OP in comparison that you will always go for it.
5. Annoying enemy AI - this game should be called "Dylan must die" because every single enemy is hellbound on targeting you. It doesn't matter how many allies you have in the mission or how much closer they are to the enemy than you - every single hostile unit will aim and shoot at you regardless of the distance or circumstances.
6. Failed role system - because of the enemy AI, you basically cannot play as anything other than mid-to-short range brawler. Wanted to play as a sniper? Forget it - the enemy will never leave you alone, regardless of the difficulty level.
7. Annoying bosses - fighting bosses is almost entirely luck-dependent as most of them have one or two ridiculous attacks that you can either hardly avoid and/or survive.
8. Failed ally AI - your allies are useless. Completely and always.
9. Human mode glitches - when running around as a human, prepare for some uncooperative controls and random kicks to Windows.
10. Lack of a save option - the biggest failure this game has to offer. You simply cannot save by yourself and are subject to the mercy of the autosave and elusive check points. You will have to replay a lot when the game kicks you out to Win, and trust you me that it freakin' will.

Not worth your time.
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Not Recommended
8.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 10, 2013
This game is abyssmal. The only reason why I finished was because I put money in it and I didn't want it to be wasted. With that said let's get to the trial. Where to begin; it's boring, I just wanted to quit halfway through the game, but you know, money spent, and with that said lets get down to the boring aspects. My biggest gripe is the weapon system, a single gun alone is underpowered, I went into battle weilding two, in addition Front Mission Evolved puts an emphasis on shooting body parts, such destroyed body parts leave the enemy at a disadvantage, which really doesn't matter because you blow them apart seconds later for the effect to be relevant.

The gameplay is very linear, the game won't let you play certain missions unless you have a sniper rifle, kind of legs or something or other. The controls are also pretty clunky, mouse movement is fine but the controls on your keyboard are a different story.

Speaking of which, you get a relatively small variety of weapons, rifles, SMG's, swords, sniper rifles, shotguns, and shields (why the ♥♥♥♥ are these here?), but you also get should mounted weaponry, which are pretty nice, mainly missile launchers, rockets, miniguns. These help out a lot, because as I cannot stress enough, your guns are pretty weak. Not to mention the sniper rifle is useless in boss fights and around the end of the game. The guns also have an overheat system, as do the shoulder weaponry, pretty annoying, like the SKATE's recharge. However you can also utilize just a sword and shield if you want a swordsman style gameplay but I'll touch upon that later.

Then comes along the movement system, walking is mind numbingly slow, as such the only way to get around is to use the SKATE System, and the disadvantages mean life or death in some cases, burning out the entire charge for SKATE forces you wait 8 seconds for a recharge (or less depending on customization), a lot of stuff can go down in the time, especially near the end of the game, and that's time nobody has either! You also get the EDGE system, time slows down, you become invulnerable and deal out godly amounts of damage, the EDGE system is recharged through fighting.

The enemies are all cookie cutter-type enemies, they pose no challenge, little threat, their just...there pretty much, yet they remain durable enough for me to need two guns, at times a new type will be introduced but really it's just the same thing with a different gun or body type. This all makes the combat and gameplay repetitive, as the only things getting changed up don't make an impact, and there are no enemies that try something dramatic or pull a twist., it's 5 types, they're all fodder. There's also bosses, and around the end you fight 4 you met earlier and you fight them alone, pretty darn difficult, only interesting moment really.

The story, CLICHES GALORE and it's dull and typical like a lot of things Hollywood pumps out. Unknown bad guy decides to be a terrorist and destroys space elevators to make a statement about the world, and the young perky engineer guy (protagonist) must rise and stop him. No plot twists, it's just...bland. Which brings me to the characters! Oh boy are you in for a treat! One dimensional! The characters don't change, they don't adopt new viewpoints, get different outlooks on life, you know the symptoms, voice acting is fine, but the catchphrases are a pain. Hope you like cutscenes, you'll get endless amounts to progress the story.

With that said lets get down to the maps, LINEAR ON-RAILS SHOOTER HO! Summarized it, you're forced down a path with the same enemies (stated earlier) all to get to something. With occassional breaks into large areas to move around and fight enemies, bosses, only to be shoved down the same forward path again. But it's got collectables laden along the way, a ♥♥♥♥ton, have fun finding 20 sensor nodes in nooks, crannies, you name it. However there are three emblems per level, these unlock decals and emblems for your mech, basically the only collectables that matter.

Now from time to time, you won't be fighting in a mech you'll sometimes be on foot in third person, and the weapons selection is small, rifle, rocket launcher, shotgun, grenades, and the enemies this time around are just as cookie cutter! The on-foot segments are a change of pace, but they don't break the monotony, as it all delves back into the same formula as when driving a mech. Same goes for gunship landing segments, however, I did find those a bit fun, mainly because I got guns that were actually powerful, but it all boils down to 'circle area, and land.'

Are we done? Nope! Remember when I mentioned that bit about swordsman style, well were getting into customization! Now to the games credit, customization is pretty nice (of course, they posted it all over the videos and pics). You get to compare weapons, body types (this is the armor), backpacks, legs and arms, and really you can customize to some pretty big lengths. There are three types of legs, bi-pedal, multi-leg, and hover, their all just about the same though as what really matters is the skate system, but multi-leg does let you carry more heavier weaponry while hover gives you more manuvering. You can change up your weapons to become like, a dual sword weilding person, a heavy sniper, or just do what I did and fit as much OP stuff on as possible.

Backpacks give you all kinds of benefits, more energy for SKATE, anti-missile systems, more power for carrying heavier weaponry, faster recharge, movement and such, and the game won't force you to use a certain kind of backpack for missions. And while were on customization, you can choose decals, colors, you know the jist.

But the biggest incriminating factor about this game is the fact it has multiplayer, BUT NO ONE PLAYS IT, it's dead. makes the DLC pretty useless, along with the customization and decals mentioned earlier. Also to addon is that the end of the game, the final part, is very unforgiving.
All this combines to make little to no-replayability.
The designs and looks of the mechs are pretty nice though, that's the only redeeming factor.

TL;DR: Front Mission Evolved is boring, linear, on-rails, and it's a massive time sink for such boredom, multiplayer is non-existant, the story is dry and flat, and it's all stuffed behind pretty graphics. Don't buy it. It's not worth anything.
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Not Recommended
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Posted: January 2
Front Mission Evolved is a third-person mech action game published by Square Enix. Overall it's something I'd expect from perfectly average game. Graphics and sounds are ok, whole action part is just about shooting and punching tanks and big mechs while controlling a big mech (except the on-foot parts). It's not a bad game but it doesn't deserve a recommendation at all as there are so many better games in TPS action genre.

- Average gameplay. Don't expect something to get really excited at, just shoot or punch everything and try to enjoy it as much as you can.
- Modify your mech. More assault rifles, more rocket launchers,... or just a better design, spray mechs like your cars in Need for Speed style! Or if you just don't want to customize your mech, you can select a premade one.
- Steam achievements.

- Partners' AI. Don't expect much help from them, enemies will even focus on you anytime. They don't die, they don't help. They want to watch and make you feel like you are not alone.
- Story. Just expect cringeworthy and really uninteresting story, this game is based on action.
- Dead multiplayer.
- Linear campaign progress. That wouldn't be bad if it wasn't so obvious. You just see that's always "beat those enemies to move to another sector".
- Average gameplay. You can spend your money better, buy this only if you are really bored and there's nothing better on sale.
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Posted: September 19, 2014

FRONT MISSION EVOLVED; is a third person mech shooter attached with occasional third person shooter, mowing down other mechs called Wanzers, tanks and human soldiers. (SPOILER BELOW)

Story 5/10: Nothing significant or different from any other giant mech stories(anime to be precise). Basically you, son of the E.D.G.E system's creator (it's a special wanzer engagement system) have to save the world from a terrorist threat and an A.I that is...... it's basically Eagle Eye, MGS4, Terminator all over again......but it's with rideable wanzers... I guess that's a sell....
oh yeah and you'll have a relationship with a girl who has PTSD so that's a plus.

Mechanics 6/10: The controls are easy enough to comprehend......and perhaps its too simple
There are two parts of this game which are; The mech battles and the third person shooter combats.
You can upgrade your wanzers by customize four parts which are: head, right and left arms, and the legs.
You also can costumize the colors of your wanzer extensively. This includes; The color, camo pattern, decal and the glossiness of your wanzers.
Your wanzers also can be equipped with melee weapons and shields for close-quarter encounter, standard firearms (rifles, shotgun etc...), extra guns/missile batteries mounted on both of the wanzer's shoulders and a backpack as a passive aids in battle. Each of those weapons and parts can equipped with skills cards (of some sort) to enhance your arsenal's ability like explosive ammunition and so on (though they are pretty limited. The E.D.G.E system is basically the Devil Trigger so okay.
The third person part is pretty simple; you got your rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher and grenade at your disposal but no personal collection of your own weapons so no customization here.

Gameplay 6/10: Most of the time you'll be killing wanzers or blow stuff up either as a wanzer yourself or occasionally, a turret section from a carrier. The boss battles aren't as varied as most of them just behave like any other wanzer, just more aggressive and equipped with better weapons. Though there are two boss battles that is actually fun to fight which are the mobile fortress and the AI Core in the final boss battle.

The game is relatively okay, no part of the game is broken or glitched
The gameplay is bearable but a bit too simple
The graphics is pretty nice
If you're a mech lover, this might interest you
If you're not, skipping it wont hurt anyone
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Posted: January 24, 2014
If you ever played any of the Front Mission series before or if you are a fan of the Armored Core Series then you will enjoy Front Misssion Evolved.

The movement, mech customizing and game experience is very much like the Armored Core series putting you in the action, allowing you to boost, skate, hover, use melee, fire weapons from your left and right hands and your left and right shoulders.

You can buy and equip upgrades to your mech, allowing you to change the arms, legs, torso, left and right hand weapons, left and right shoulder weapons and your backpack.You can even customize the appearance of your mech. You will also find a nice assortment of weapon upgrades to equip; light machine guns, medium machine guns, shotguns, shields, melee weapons, gatling guns, bazookas, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, missile launchers and more.

So really, if you are a fan of any mech style game then you will enjoy Front Mission Evolved.

This is definitely a game worth adding to your Steam library. :)
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