Experience piloting and customizing massive armored units called Wanzers while engaging in high-intensity battles driven by a compelling story. The battle begins now!
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Дата выхода: 28 сен. 2010

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Поддерживаемые языки: Английский, Французский, Итальянский, Немецкий, Испанский


Об этой игре

In the year 2171, the world is a changed place. The countries have merged into rival super nations called U.C.S. and O.C.U. The human race started a massive push into space by building orbital elevators to set up surveillance satellites to watch over their adversaries. However, tension rises when a U.C.S. orbital elevator is destroyed by unknown forces. Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer, finds himself quickly caught in a swirl of destruction, conspiracies and crumbling alliances in a new war brewing between the O.C.U. and the U.C.S.
  • Third-Person Shooter Action - Fast-paced action awaits as players battle enemies in the concrete mazes of cities, the frozen wastes of the Antarctic and a host of unique locations.
  • Customization Options - Players can strategize their combat by choosing from dozens of weapons, shoulder attachments, and wanzer parts to build a war machine that suits their play style.
  • Online Multiplayer - FME is the first in its series to boast online multiplayer with a team-based mode with up to 4-on-4 wanzer-sized death matches.
  • Over-the-Top Visuals - Features breathtaking CG movies by Visual Works, the cutting-edge studio whose previous work includes cut scenes for the acclaimed FINAL FANTASY® series.
  • Battle Skills - Gain a tactical advantage over an opponent by equipping your weapons with a wide variety of different skills such as a corrosive or piercing shot.
  • E.D.G.E. System - Activate the E.D.G.E. system on your wanzer to enter a state of high-performance overdrive by boosting its power and slowing down enemies.

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • Процессор: Intel Pentium D 1,8 ГГц или AMD Athlon 64 x2 1,8 ГГц
    • Оперативная память: 1 ГБ (для XP), 2 ГБ (для Vista/7)
    • Видеокарта: с 512 МБ видеопамяти, NVIDIA GeForce 7800 серии или аналогичная
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Жесткий диск: 11 ГБ свободного места
    • Звуковая карта: совместимая с DirectX® 9.0c
    • Варианты управления: мышь, клавиатура, геймпад Xbox 360
    • ОС: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • Процессор: Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 ГГц или AMD Athlon 64 x2 2,4 ГГц
    • Оперативная память: 2 ГБ (для XP), 3 ГБ (для Vista/7)
    • Видеокарта: с 512 МБ видеопамяти, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 серии или лучше
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Жесткий диск: 11 ГБ свободного места
    • Звуковая карта: совместимая с DirectX® 9.0c
    • Варианты управления: мышь, клавиатура, геймпад Xbox 360
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5.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 27 января
Весьма крепкая игра, прошлась за 5 часов, так что скучать не давала) Хороший сюжет, музыка и живые достаточно персонажи) Широкие вожможности тюнинга своего робота, приятное управление позволяющее спокойно играть) Немного дисбалансно оружие - ближе к концу почти только одними наплечными самонаводящимися ракетами пользовался, и после миссии "Вавилон" настоятельно рекомендую влепить их на оба плеча, так как с предпоследним боссом помучился из-за нехватки урона) Рекомендую к приобретению, если вы хотите расслабиться, пострелять и увидеть неплохую историю)
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3.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 7 апреля
По прежнему, как и в 2010 году, великолепная игра из жанра старых, но очень хороших игр. Можно вечерком за ней по сидеть. Мультиплеерная часть сделанна плохо, лучше бы разработчики не тратили свои силы на это и сделали бы уже готовую компанию немного лучше чем она есть... Хотя куда уж лучше) Великолепная игра, гемплей, сюжет, даже графика хороша. Ставлю 8/10.
Из явных плюсов:
-Очень сексуальные женские персонажи.
Из явных минусов:
-Очень мало женских персонажей.
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29 из 38 пользователей (76%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
Пользователей, посчитавших этот обзор забавным: 2
1.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 2 января
Front Mission Evolved is a third-person mech action game published by Square Enix. Overall it's something I'd expect from perfectly average game. Graphics and sounds are ok, whole action part is just about shooting and punching tanks and big mechs while controlling a big mech (except the on-foot parts). It's not a bad game but it doesn't deserve a recommendation at all as there are so many better games in TPS action genre.

- Average gameplay. Don't expect something to get really excited at, just shoot or punch everything and try to enjoy it as much as you can.
- Modify your mech. More assault rifles, more rocket launchers,... or just a better design, spray mechs like your cars in Need for Speed style! Or if you just don't want to customize your mech, you can select a premade one.
- Steam achievements.

- Partners' AI. Don't expect much help from them, enemies will even focus on you anytime. They don't die, they don't help. They want to watch and make you feel like you are not alone.
- Story. Just expect cringeworthy and really uninteresting story, this game is based on action.
- Dead multiplayer.
- Linear campaign progress. That wouldn't be bad if it wasn't so obvious. You just see that's always "beat those enemies to move to another sector".
- Average gameplay. You can spend your money better, buy this only if you are really bored and there's nothing better on sale.
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19 из 31 пользователей (61%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
8.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 13 декабря 2015
I just finished the single player campaign and came away pretty dissappointed.

1. The story is the most cliche'd nonsense conceived. Things happen, no real believable development and it sounds like an 80s cartoon with so much focus on the gameplay gimmick, all wrapped up in your standard pretentious references. The acting is bad, but ....given what's there.. can't be expected to be better.

2. Given it's essentially Armored Core lite, you would think they would stick with the gameplay in the former series, but nope.. not a chance. The part selection is rather shallow, the AI is somehow dumber than in the former series, your partners aren't good for anything and the most serious fault is the on foot sections. Why include the onfoot sections? They are an interesting idea, but the execution is like an afterthought. The control/feel for the on foot section is really bad. You could call the overall mech game weak, but the onfoot sections are terrible. At least the aiming in the mech sections is forgiveable.

3. The sound effects in this game is straight out of Transformers the movie. It is terrible, nonsensicle and has such a presence that I was annoyed from start to finish. The music is generic "epic" and forgettable.

4. I played through the campaign and resolved to uninstall it right away, so I have not tried the multiplayer. The mech sections were not that compelling, so I don't think whatever community happens to be there would be worth my time.
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6 из 7 пользователей (86%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
7.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 3 марта
TLDR; A excruciatingly mediocre game.

The gameplay starts off bad, piloting/designing a mech is extremely basic, the combat is dull and the AI presents no challenge what so ever. After playing the first two levels you will have seen all of what the game has to offer. It only gets worse from there though with a poor attempt at "variety". Turret sections and then still worse is on foot sections that feel like what i'd expect out of a mobile game from 5 years ago.


If you stick with it what you're in for is a cliched story, poor music, graphics, voice acting and absolute crap level design.

Only square enix could think it would be a good idea to put all its marbles on expanding the franchise by turning the series known for its turn based strategy elements/depth into a shallow outsourced one off failure of a action game that desperately tries to appeal to a western audience.

This is one of the worst handled franchises by square enix, even though most of the games never came to the west they ended up being fan translated. FM: Gun Hazard (snes) spinoff from 20 years ago offers far more compelling story/gameplay/mech building then this game does.

Only reason i even powered through this is because i had a morbid curiosity of seeing how bad this abomination was and what killed off front mission for good. It wasn't worth it.
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