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L’originale ‘Simulatore di vita di corte’, Stronghold HD ti permette di progettare, costruire e distrugere castelli storici. Impegnati in una guerra medievale contro i nemici IA in campagne per uno o due giocatori o campagne online a cui possono partecipare fino ad 8 giocatori.
Data di rilascio: 19 Ott 2001
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Informazioni sul gioco

L’originale ‘Simulatore di vita di corte’, Stronghold HD ti permette di progettare, costruire e distrugere castelli storici. Impegnati in una guerra medievale contro i nemici IA in campagne per uno o due giocatori o campagne online a cui possono partecipare fino ad 8 giocatori.

La storia

Con 21 missioni per mettere alla prova il tuo carattere e quattro lord ribelli da sconfiggere, sta a te riunire l’Inghilterra medievale e riconquistare le tue terre occupate dagli infidi signori Ratto, Maiale, Serpente e Lupo. Le missioni variano da difenderti da assedi ed impossessarti di castelli nemici ad accumulare denaro e tenerti alla larga da attacchi nemici. Inoltre è inclusa una campagna economica dettagliata, che richiede ai giocatori di raccogliere risorse e costruire armi in un tempo limitato.

Edizione HD

Con la nuova grafica ad alta risoluzione tu hai molto più controllo di prima sui tuoi soldati. La nuova panoramica in HD sul campo di battaglia ti permette di ampliare la visuale e giocare in tempo reale, con tutta la mappa in un’unica schermata. Avanza fino all’ingresso del castello mentre impegni il nemico in una battaglia sull’altro lato del castello, fingi una ritirata e spingi il tuo nemico in una trappola mortale o stai indietro e guarda mentre avviene la distruzione.

  • Prendi parte alle battaglie dell’Inghilterra medievale mentre fai ritirare le forze del malvagio Lupo.
  • Progetta e costruisci il tuo castello, con un’economia funzionante ed aree di sterminio brutale.
  • Combatti in 21 missioni basate su storie diverse, difendendoti da attacchi nemici e dominandoli.
  • Assedia famosi castelli storici in modalità di gioco uniche come “Assedia quello!” o crea il nucleo dei tuoi possedimenti in una campagna economica senza guerre.
  • La grafica ad alta risoluzione ti permette di vedere tutta la mappa in un solo schermo.
  • Si può utilizzare Steam Clouds per i giochi salvati.
  • Aggiornato per Windows XP, Vista, 7 e compatibile con Windows 8.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 1.6GHz equivalent Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 512MB RAM
    • Video: 64MB video card with hardware Transform & Lighting
    • Hard Drive: 2.5GB uncompressed free space
    • Sound: DirectX 7 compatible sound card or higher
    • Direct X/reg;: DirectX 9.0c (included) or higher
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This game is absolutely amazing... If I were to rate it 0-10 it'd be a 20. The amount of things you have to do to sustain your village and eventually castle, it's ridiculous but that's what makes it fun and keeps your attention. Played it for 8 and a half hours straight after I got it.
Pubblicata: 28 Novembre 2013
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12 years later, and the beatiful pixel art castles, landscapes and characters of Stronghold 1 still amaze me. I was overjoyed to see a high resolution release at a reasonable price!

The game's deep micro/macro management castle-building gameplay, tongue in cheek narration and hilarious (authentic) English regional accents all play key roles in SH1's lively and detailed medieval world.

The military campaign is particularly well paced and challenging when played on Normal or higher, and there's even a level editor, freebuilding and multiplayer mode to explore... great replayability.

At £3.50 there's really no reason not to buy this outstanding game.

Pubblicata: 26 Novembre 2013
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Loved it so much I bought it again on Steam after owning the CD. Has aged very will and the new HD improvement make it very easy to pick up again. Highly recommended!
Pubblicata: 27 Novembre 2013
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caaaaaan't place that there milord
Pubblicata: 11 Febbraio 2014
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This is a long review, so if you just want a summary of why I recommend Stronghold HD then skip to the Results section and reading from there.

Firefly Studios makes a brilliant castle simulator game, Stronghold. Then over ten years later they bring it back in HD, finally you can play this epic on modern machines. For those who never played a Stronghold game and for veterans alike this is a great game to get into.

This game is based on its campaign; a very interesting story involving you, a young man, bringing down the monstrous villains who murdered your father in cold blood. You embark on this quest with a small band of soldiers still loyal to your father to retake the kingdom. With a few allies along the way you vanquish the foes of the king one by one. In this epic campaign you meet series’ most notorious villains The Rat, The Snake, The Pig, and The Wolf; each one of these criminals crueler than the last.

This game introduces basic elements of castle simulation, mostly focusing on combat. You construct a castle, manage taxes, harvest resources, and construct weapons. In order to bring about this balance you must maintain popularity and income within your castle. Villagers will move in until your houses are full and you've got to make sure you can support them.

Some of the missions are near impossible even on the easiest difficulty. On the other hand some missions are so mind-numbingly easy even on the hardest difficulty. There are no achievements for this game and cheating is always an option. In order to beat the Pigs Castle the second time I had to use cheats (the gold cheat) so I keep building new catapults with my Engineers. The map took me for ages to beat, but other than that one mission the rest of the game was rather simple.

I would recommend shifting the game speed throughout missions. When you start each missions putting it at the lowest speed, 10. Then once you've got all your buildings in place raise the speed up to 30 or 40. When you know you have won the map move the speed up to 90 again in order to speed up the victory process.

If you like city builders, enjoy real time strategy combat, and prefer macro-managing to micromanaging then this is the game for you. I would recommend this game regardless of whether it is on sale or not, its a great game and you can easily get 12-hours out of the campaign alone. For an older generation game Stronghold is leaps and bounds beyond its competition.

+You not only build a castle, but you also manage it politically.
+Military units require villagers as well as weapons/armor in your armory.
+The campaign offers a very riveting story that takes you across the Great Britain.
+The combat is rather intense and can require the usage of multiple siege tools.
+The market allows you to buy and sell goods in order to meet tough deadlines.

-Sieging a castle can be near impossible unless you outnumber your enemy 100:1
-Some missions basically require you to cheat in order to win.
-Building an army quickly can be ridiculously hard because of the prerequisites (most missions I built a market and bought weapons rather than building them myself).
-No skirmish mode
-Poor unit mapping, many times units will spread out rather than clump causing enemy archers to shoot them (units hit by arrows will stand in position until they die rather than move themselves to avoid being hit).
Pubblicata: 27 Febbraio 2014
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