L’originale ‘Simulatore di vita di corte’, Stronghold HD ti permette di progettare, costruire e distrugere castelli storici. Impegnati in una guerra medievale contro i nemici IA in campagne per uno o due giocatori o campagne online a cui possono partecipare fino ad 8 giocatori.
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"A genuine castle sim that is complex, colorful and can fit on a floppy disk. A lot more building options than the new sequel with the fear factor system"

Riguardo questo gioco

L’originale ‘Simulatore di vita di corte’, Stronghold HD ti permette di progettare, costruire e distrugere castelli storici. Impegnati in una guerra medievale contro i nemici IA in campagne per uno o due giocatori o campagne online a cui possono partecipare fino ad 8 giocatori.

La storia

Con 21 missioni per mettere alla prova il tuo carattere e quattro lord ribelli da sconfiggere, sta a te riunire l’Inghilterra medievale e riconquistare le tue terre occupate dagli infidi signori Ratto, Maiale, Serpente e Lupo. Le missioni variano da difenderti da assedi ed impossessarti di castelli nemici ad accumulare denaro e tenerti alla larga da attacchi nemici. Inoltre è inclusa una campagna economica dettagliata, che richiede ai giocatori di raccogliere risorse e costruire armi in un tempo limitato.

Edizione HD

Con la nuova grafica ad alta risoluzione tu hai molto più controllo di prima sui tuoi soldati. La nuova panoramica in HD sul campo di battaglia ti permette di ampliare la visuale e giocare in tempo reale, con tutta la mappa in un’unica schermata. Avanza fino all’ingresso del castello mentre impegni il nemico in una battaglia sull’altro lato del castello, fingi una ritirata e spingi il tuo nemico in una trappola mortale o stai indietro e guarda mentre avviene la distruzione.

  • Prendi parte alle battaglie dell’Inghilterra medievale mentre fai ritirare le forze del malvagio Lupo.
  • Progetta e costruisci il tuo castello, con un’economia funzionante ed aree di sterminio brutale.
  • Combatti in 21 missioni basate su storie diverse, difendendoti da attacchi nemici e dominandoli.
  • Assedia famosi castelli storici in modalità di gioco uniche come “Assedia quello!” o crea il nucleo dei tuoi possedimenti in una campagna economica senza guerre.
  • La grafica ad alta risoluzione ti permette di vedere tutta la mappa in un solo schermo.
  • Si può utilizzare Steam Clouds per i giochi salvati.
  • Aggiornato per Windows XP, Vista, 7 e compatibile con Windows 8.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 1.6GHz equivalent Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 512MB RAM
    • Video: 64MB video card with hardware Transform & Lighting
    • Hard Drive: 2.5GB uncompressed free space
    • Sound: DirectX 7 compatible sound card or higher
    • Direct X: DirectX 9.0c (included) or higher
    • Multiplayer: GameRanger software will be installed for mutiplayer matchmaking support
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Le tasse sono un po' troppo alte.
Non posso pagare tutti questi soldi!
Vi prego sire, ho una famiglia da mantenere.

Cosa significa "Niente cibo"?
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la nostalgia
fa male
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Un Must have.


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Pubblicata: 10 luglio

Ahh, Stronghold... A slice of nostalgia, and a damn fun game to boot. I'm going to go on a bit of a rant here, to be perfectly honest, so for anyone remotely interested in this game I'll give you a quick overview right now. Stronghold is a classic real time strategy game with a focus on replayability, base building/management and careful positioning over the micromanaging tactics that tend to dominate many RTS games today. If that sounds up your street, I'd buy it at full price. The game is WELL worth £3.50 and I must have sunk at least 40 hours into creating new and interesting siege maps and swapping them with my friends to challenge one another alone.


Onto the more detailed rundown...


Ummm... Yeah, this isn't why you should be playing this game. It was made back in the early 2000's, and it looks like it. This 'HD remake' does little to help it there. There's no reworking of the graphics or anything like that, and the opening cinematic still plays in a hilariously tiny box in the middle of a great big black void. Fortunately, in-game itself is treated very nicely indeed with the new resolutions... There's definitely a charm to the animations, and the little details like the cinematics that play out on your minimap when you select certain buildings or to mark events are welcome... But there's not much here to recommend beyond the rustic medieval design of the game's interface as a whole, which still stands up to some degree despite the game's age. I suppose one bonus of this is that you certainly won't have to worry about upgrading your rig to meet any requirements...



So we're talking about the campaign then! Honestly, the campaign isn't why I ever played this game... But it helps. Particularly on returning to it, I'm surprised at how good the campaign story gets once you get into later sections. This is a simple story of revenge and honour in a historically ambigious version of England. And yet the game does manage to go beyond a simple framework that leads your nameless character from point A to point B to fight Lord C because... Well because Daddy issues. No, it actually manages to create something that you can invest in to an odd degree. Mostly though it's use of larger than life, fun characters.
Your two main advisors are a fun pair of Lords that bounce off each other in a way that's mildly amusing, but it's primarily the villains of the game that get the best moments. The four lords, The Rat, The Snake, The Pig and The Wolf (going by their nicknames) are each clearly defined, given backgrounds and range from freaking hilarious to pathetic to loathsome. The game does a great job throughout of giving you great reason to want to crush these four villains both in and out of gameplay itself, with the dialogue not stopping once your in-game itself. (Apparently medieval Skype calls were a thing. Who knew?)
The voice acting for these parts is... Well, this is going to be the divisive bit. It works for me, in an odd way. But if you've got any kind of ear for actors, you're quickly going to pick up on the fact that there's basically one, maybe two (three at a push) guys voicing EVERYTHING IN THE GAME. And yes, I said guys quite intentionally, as this includes the women. The game, however, appears to be well aware of this deficiency and plays it up for all it's worth (Most notably in the case of the mother's wondering around your keep who let you know how lovely the morning is in their best Monty Python impersonation) with some success. It's a matter of taste, but I find it pretty entertaining, and within the campaign itself it does add a kind of charm to the whole proceedings in regards to the storytelling nature of it's plot.

7/10 (6/10 if you don't appreciate hilarious voice acting.)


Ah. Here we go. This is what it's all about. Simply put, Stronghold is a fantasticly fun RTS. There are a variety of units that serve basic purposes, but the game knows not to go too far with it. When the time of a siege is approaching fast and you only have limited moments to decide whether to split your resources between your economy, your castle walls or your military, it's important that you know exactly what every soldier is there to do. The game does an excellent job of setting up a simple, but useful roster of troops to choose from. Without going into extreme detail here, just be aware that this is one game where zerg swarming the weakest units isn't going to get you very far if you're trying to siege anything beyond a very basic wooden set-up... Not if the defender is at all smart with their pitch and engineer set up, that is...
There are counters to pretty much any unit type, and as of such this often becomes a game of out manouvering your opponent or careful planning rather than sudden quick decisions. The siege mode which is entirely focused on the combat and a single siege (obviously) is certainly more exciting in that sense, but even during battles the game is not a fast-paced affair. It is exciting primarily in the scale and degree of strategy you must deploy to break through seemingly impregnable sets of walls and defences, or ensure that those damn trebutchet don't get set up out of your archers and crossbowmen's range... And if they do, whether it's worth sacrificing your precious few knights in a charge to try and destroy them this early on. All in all, Stronghold is an oddly relaxing game inbetween battles. Every decision matters, but the game's soothing soundtrack and charming graphics, combined with the focus on placement and management over micromanaging and quick reflexes gives it a very laidback feeling compared to a lot of modern RTS installments. If you haven't played a game like this before, this may seem a bit 'off' to begin with, but give it some time and I think you'll soon grow to appreciate it. Unless, of course, you're a twitch gaming junkee that just needs his next fix, in which case why are you even looking at an RTS review? You weirdo. Sheesh.
Oh and I suppose we should talk about replayability. You want to talk about replayability? This game comes out, walks up to most games that talk about replayability and just slaps them across the face and then suplexes them into the corner, screaming like it's Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior's unholy love child. Stronghold's map creator is probably one of it's best features. The base maps themselves within the siege and invasion modes are already great fun, but the map creator allows you to basically do whatever you like, however. It's a standard other RTS games should look to achieve.
If I were to lay any complaints at the floor of Stronghold's gameplay, they would all come from dated limitations. It is possible to flatten the world and look at structure layout by pressing spacebar, which helps make sure that you haven't missed any gaps but camera positioning IS an issue. For the most part, it's fine, but I am now spoilt by modern games that give full use of a camera that allows seemless positioning and zooming. This game allows you to switch between looking at the map from four different directions when you hold down right click and select a compass. And yes, I know that I've been particularly fair on the game given it's age before this point, but this IS the game's one major failing. It's not a big one, honestly, but it's one that should be mentioned. All I can say is, thank god they thought to add in the spacebar option.


Stronghold is a very good game. Have I said that yet? I think I have. Maybe I'll say it again? Yes. Stronghold is a very good game, any limitations it has mostly come down to the game's age, but with this HD remake it's greatest limitations (actually being able to play the damn thing on a modern computer screen) have been fixed. I would HEAVILY recommend it given it's reaonable to the point of criminal price.
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Honestly, this game and Stronghold Crusader (HD) are some of the best, if not the best RTS games of their decade. There have been a few developers that have tried to replicate the success and capture the magic that these two games had, but none of them have succeeded. A must-play, and an excellent rock-solid RTS. I've spent many, many hours on these games and I still love them to bits.
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Can't place that there Mi'lord
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Wood needed
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Pubblicata: 21 ottobre
A game where I get to play a basterd lord of my fictional stronghold Scrotumshire, striking fear into my peasants, forcing them to live in filth and suffering while keeping the nobles fat and filled with wine. Pretty much sounds like a Game of Thrones set up.

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Can't place that there, M'Lord!

..... Now with steam trading CARDS!
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Pubblicata: 3 ottobre
Greetings, Sire ! Your Stronghold awaits you !
Best RTS I know.
Build a damn castle, set up economy, build up strong army and CRUSH ANYONE WHO STANDS ON YOUR WAY.
Has long campaign, amazing plot and missions are quite hard (at least last ones are).
Also, free building mode and additional campaigns. Historical sieges ! A lot of things.
Nostalgia, men.
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Retire my lord?
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Pubblicata: 4 ottobre
When this game first came out, I played it incessantly. It was clear from the beginning that the devs put a lot of nuance and original thought in this game. The campaign is really fun and brings a lighthearted story as you build your castle and prevent it from being overrun.

The music is excellent and brings an authentic mood and flavour to this game, as does the voice acting.

The graphics are dated but as a medieval castle sim they aren't a drawback. The HD rerelease adds very little to it, however.

As I'm sure the publisher found out this game proved to be successful and they released a string of games in this series. Quite honestly the move to 3D didn't do much and actually took away from the authentic feeling that came with this game. I didn't find the 3D graphics that good in the 2nd stronghold. The crusader series was equally interesting and unique and the Crusader Extreme release was insanely frustrating and crazy what with the AI rushes.

The only maddening thing about this game is that sometimes it is difficult to accurately gauge where to build stone for your castle wall. You sometimes need to draw down the wall option to allow you to see the ground, because I have spent hours building a castle only to have it overrun in seconds because the enemy AI ran through a small breach that was otherwise undetected. Other than that a very good game overall. Sad to see that the franchise has not improved over time...
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This game is just as good as I remember it. The screams of invading soldiers as burning pitch is dumped onto their heads is still as satisfying now as it was all those years ago.
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Even after more than a decade

still struggling to complete mission on normal difficulty.

watching my whole castle destroyed by 3 bandits then wolf pack comes along and pawned them makes me feel good

would try again and get my castle destroyed 10/10.

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Sometimes I make ♥♥♥♥♥ shaped moats.
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Pubblicata: 24 ottobre
This game is the MOTHER of every other Stronghold game ( I mean it's the FIRST Stronghold you could buy ) everyone who loves the middle age, knights..fights and economical gameplay should BUY this game.
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Pubblicata: 6 luglio
The best castle RTS game ever!
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Pubblicata: 14 luglio
You know, the first Stronghold game I've played was Stronghold Crusaders. That's where I got a lot of my hobbies as well. The music in Crusaders was awesome, and in Stronghold HD, it's even better. Yeah, this game is pretty awesome.
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