Zombasite is a zombie apocalypse action RPG set in a dynamic, evolving, fantasy world for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
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Aug 23, 2016

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November 24

Zombasite patch 1.016

This patch makes a few quality of life changes and fixes a bunch of minor issues in preparation for the Orc Schism expansion.

1.016 change list:

  • can now click on town attack icon to mute town attack sound (until there is a new alert) (Strix)
  • added repair all button on crafting screen (Obviously Unsound)
  • fixed NPCs getting too much money and no longer doing any activities (probably doesn't happen in real life much)
  • fixed an getActivityChance issue with npc completely overriding world modifiers
  • fixed not getting xp for disarming traps (Mnemovore)
  • fixed a bug allowing rescue/escort quests to add a vendor to your clan (would show up as Generic class) (Reginald CZ)
  • fixed vendors not coming to town sometimes when paid (were just an NPC not a quest) (Reginald CZ)
  • fixed saurian mages sometimes getting stuck in casting lightning (Krysle Quinsen/Reginald CZ)
  • made it so you can't see over level boundaries again (was causing some problems) (Reginald CZ)
  • fixed a couple problems with NPCs getting stuck in town sometimes when lots of NPCs gather in a small space (Mnemovore)
  • happiness, sanity, and morale item magic modifiers should no longer show up on player only types of items like bags (Throwback)
  • fixed a collision issue in most of the town layouts
  • fixed skins on unique zombie hellhounds
  • ancient monsters now fight each other also
  • added new rarity effects for monsters - new ones show up at Captain, Warboss, and Demigod (Destro*)
  • now clean up quests with 2 clans like deliveries when either of the clans is destroyed (rawrkite/Reginald CZ)
  • now make sure NPCs don't try to interact with other NPCs that are in a different level (hunting, raiding, adventuring, etc)
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 67
  • changed game version to 225
  • randomized physical evidence drop distance some
  • added house in town burned down print
  • changed order of how menus and submenus handle mouse input
  • fixed not getting highlight text on money, points left, help, and close buttons on skills screen
  • now attribute & skill points left highlight text tells you how many points you will get next level up (Obviously Unsound)
  • TextureChangeFrom/TextureChangeTo now handles level having multiple of the same texture
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October 30

Zombasite patch 1.014

This patch fixes too many insanity chain reactions, adds new clan friend bonuses, makes DoTs much better, improves targeting, makes font crisper, and fixes a bunch of other minor issues.

1.014 change list:

  • decreased all insanity friend mults to 1/4 of previous values (might be causing more insanity chain reactions than intended) (Throwback)
  • tripled damage inflation of DOTs
  • can now switch bags easier
  • now more skills auto aim to nearest enemy when used
  • added Soft Lock Target option to allow players to turn off the selection mechanism that keeps you locked on a target without basically selecting another target (this will make it much easier to switch targets, but a little bit harded to stick with the same target, if you click multiple times)
  • made font crisper (also added r_higherResFontsMult var that lets users change this)
  • added Heart of Gold bonus financial sense (+100 money find)
  • Little Titans now have the recruiter trait (Throwback)
  • made rumor cost bonus from Little Titans better (Throwback)
  • made sabotage cost bonus from Fang better
  • made rumor cost bonus from Reptilian Terror better
  • made buying guards from Eternal Darkness cheaper
  • halved food cost from Order of the Moon
  • Frenzy are now much more likely to raid a clan that is raiding an ally
  • Eviscerators are now much more likely to raid a clan that is being raided by an ally
  • alliance with Inferno now gives clan fire resistance bonus
  • alliance with Dragon Claw now gives clan lightning resistance bonus
  • fixed too many uprisings of the same monster type guaranteeing that all monsters spawned in that level would be uniques of that monster type
  • quadrupled increase in relations for killing a shared enemy NPC
  • no longer bleed neighbor levels into a level that tries to generate too many times
  • fixed spawning extras on Poisoned Supply quests (Throwback)
  • fixed quests not showing their instigator correctly in quest text
  • now when healthstone is being attacked turns on being attacked icon
  • made it easier to click around large/huge monsters (only uses half of scale above 1 for selection purposes)
  • made skill_damage mult work with melee attacks (I had this commented out so it's possible this breaks something else)
  • now oil always catches on fire if hit with fire damage
  • fixed a problem where blocks connection would get confused with overlapping blocks
  • fixed mining, horror, and treasure level modifiers not spawning more of the correct chests
  • fixed Mystic Brotherhood not getting 2 traits and sometimes getting hidden ones
  • now staff/wand will be marked as better than current staff/wand if spell damage mult is higher
  • now if have a better guard, door, or relic in inventory shows you the weakest one that is equipped
  • increased spy chance mult from 2.5 to 4.0 for spying clans
  • fixed hates/likes class personality stuff
  • now other clans should only offer and specific item to sell to player once
  • increased hulk health mult from 1.25 to 2.0
  • made mine special rooms better
  • increased money needed for NPC donations by 50%
  • increased reinforcement chances by 50%
  • now some monsters can get above the normal reinforcement chances cap
  • fixed some problems with completing group quests without killing proper enemies
  • now if any quest starts too many new quests its priority will be increased to indicate its increasing threat
  • improved searching for a quest group when the leader has been killed
  • horrors (normal and zombie) now have more resistances
  • increased guardian health 100%
  • lower level NPC gifts now much better at changing repution (now use 0.9 mult instead of 0.75)
  • fixed people clan power (NPCs in player clan counted twice and their items) - will make power comparisons closer to reality
  • now other clans start with some relics, doors, and guards (how many depends on their level) - will make other clans more powerful and they might have more money
  • now soul stone shows up on edge of minimap when out of range but in same level
  • increased gem gift happiness change by 400%
  • increased jewelry relation/happiness to match gems
  • fixed always getting the same avatars
  • fixed monsters stopping long attacks when player moves out of range (scorpion tail attack, zombie saurian breath attack, etc)
  • now many quests modify the xp reward based on the quest's main monster's xp mult
  • fixed several of the totems auras not working
  • addDatabaseEntryIndex is now guaranteed across network
  • fixed Bolt of Gloom and Shadow Bolt inflation
  • delivery quests between clans are now optional (rawrkite)
  • can now pay gold to search for obsidian for teleport stone
  • soul stones no longer get deleted after a period of time or purged when need entity slots
  • happiness level no longer changes how often a renegades changes into a ghost
  • can now see across level edges (if nothing else blocks)
  • no longer respawn monsters in levels that aren't currently loaded (postpones for 10 seconds)
  • changed whirlwind to not need an enemy so a little easier to use
  • now uprising uses quest specific monster type before parent's
  • now player won't get more than 1 taunt every 5 minutes
  • fixed bag comparison when same size but different values
  • added cheat_escalateRandomQuest to test some things better
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 66
  • changed "Clan lifestone health" to "Clan healthstone health"
  • now can put quests in empty towns
  • got rid of duplicate LevelModifierPirate
  • got rid of duplicate ChestUniqueHC
  • added test_objectSpawn, test_chestSpawn, and test_trapSpawn
  • changed save version to 222
  • added a GameLoadCount to make some things easier (like random trigger names that stay unique over loads)
  • now can close locked doors
  • torches will now light when hit by fire and stop when hit by ice
  • liquids now spread in more of a line
  • improved map blending a little (weights main pixel more, corner pixels less, etc)
  • edges with same areas on both sides on open much more often
  • added closed block print now says which level file and center position
  • fixed some issues with trying to not have duplicate level names (not taking into account large areas and fake areas)
  • lighting is now consistent across a large level
  • fixed secretGate icon not being a power of 2
  • random models for monster types now uses monster/npc random seed so a little more controlable/repeatable
  • fixed effects that spawn slower than their max age
  • fixed CriticalHeal translation
  • fixed left click to hire recruit text (has a ##4## in it)
  • fixed missing translation RewardChestAvailableInHouse
  • fixed raiding dialog having victim and attacker backwards
  • changed item names that are gold to dark gold so would be a little different than default selected color in lists
  • only mention Can't be repaired on items now if they can be lose durability in some way
  • NPCs will no longer talk about strongest or weakest clan if they are unknown to your clan
  • fixed unique stalker names (a bunch marked as suffixes when supposed to be prefixes)
  • now guard breaks free always works (assuming there is a guard to break free)
  • fixed a few deep wounds magic modifier names
  • fixed replacing items on userslot bar so that running out of ice potions didn't replace it with something like a love potion
  • doors are no longer considered sentient :)
  • fixed left/right now working to loop through relics, guards, and doors for comparison purposes
  • coordinated attack messages now tell level and clan name
  • now tornadoes show up on minimap/world map (purple dot and named)
  • now tornadoes always send across the network if in town
  • increased chances of tornadoes
  • made monsters move around more often
  • now show level of guard items on ground that aren't monsters (traps mostly)
  • made furies a little bit larger
  • scree now clump a bit more
  • increased range where monsters do their idle behavior
  • a known gate now shows up on the minimap for the entire level not just when you are close
  • made dryness level modifier only apply to levels above ground
  • if you drop a gem onto itself it no longer gives you a warning of no gem slot
  • fixed NPCs using skills like whirlwind out of range of enemy
  • no longer get most powerful clan message if your clan is the only known clan
  • fixed guard item displayed when on ground and in higher difficulty
  • added description to guard totems
  • added happiness change to gift print
  • deadly poison now shows up as a happiness problem
  • focus drop boxes on clan screen now go over "Basic Clan Statistics" words
  • no longer get talk and other icons on map for someone that has gone insane
  • fixed another issue with level of guard item on ground and inventory not matching
  • fixed highlighting aura not giving correct status effect data (just showing level 1)
  • aura status effect data now shows inflation adjusted amount
  • fixed large shield being too large
  • fixed sometimes not playing attack animations if attack was faster than animation
  • Erillin avatar no longer has a sword
  • improved icons and descriptions for totem guards
  • fixed missing localization BagIsFull
  • made randomHeadTextures, chest, legs, etc stuff much more generic
  • liquids that spread no longer keep the same rotation
  • changed mining prefix/suffix from gold to mining type words to be more consistent
  • fixed not replacing destination gate when going through a secret gate
  • guardian death no longer has random speed (makes sound timing off)
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About This Game

Zombasite is a zombie apocalypse action RPG set in a dynamic, evolving, fantasy world for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The dark elves have always played god by creating and enhancing underworld slave creatures. As they watched a horde of zombies destroy the huge demon city Kraval, the dark elves were tantalized by the devastating power of uncontrolled zombies, and desired to control and increase it. When they wove their dominating magic into a few captive zombies something went horribly wrong!

They hadn't known the powerful necromancer, Ciglio, had created these zombies. To control his huge armies of undead, Ciglio permanently bound his zombies and their infected victims to him. This binding was so powerful, their loyalty surpassed his untimely death. In the dark elves' pride and lust, their magic twisted into Ciglio's binding, fusing into a new, uncontrollable creation, the Zombasite.

Zombasite is a nasty, voracious, all-consuming Zombie Parasite. It doesn't just reanimate the dead into mindless zombies. It is intelligent, insatiable, and unstoppable---infecting and killing the living, spreading faster and in more ways, helping the dead utilize many of their original skills, and mutating the dead with new powers. Dark elf zombies are terrifying!

So what does this have to do with you? You are the leader of a clan trying to survive the apocalypse. This is easier said than done. When a follower dies, they can't be saved by any means. The Zombasite is highly contagious and zombies are quickly ravaging the world's surface. Food is a critical resource that must be obtained. Vendors are rare and have limited supplies. Some of the stronger monsters have survived and are as dangerous as ever. Clans of humans and monsters are fighting over what few supplies are left. Even within your own clan it isn't safe. Humans living on the edge are even more unstable than usual. So yeah, survival isn't easy.

  • Survive the zombie apocalypse in a fantasy world
  • Experience uniquely created worlds for every game, with different areas, monsters, items, and quests
  • Explore a dynamic, evolving, living world
  • Lead a clan of followers who have their own personalities and skills
  • Navigate relationships with rival clans using diplomacy, trade, war, and raids
  • Adventure with your friends with co-op multiplayer
  • Your choices truly impact the game!
  • Customize your experience with many character and world options including turning off zombies and clans.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: XP or newer
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core Duo (or other equivalent)
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 2 or better
    • Storage: 350 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.4 or newer
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core Duo (or other equivalent)
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 2 or better
    • Storage: 350 MB available space
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Core Duo (or other equivalent)
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 2 or better
    • Storage: 350 MB available space

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